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  1. You're not my mom and I don't even know you. Cast a stone to your self, Karen. Getting tired of these opinionated responses that are trying to lecture me about how I say things. I'd better talk to Affinity representatives. Edit: How do I mute the notifications from this thread?
  2. All you said is irrelevant and merely fueled by opinions and emotions. None of which has represented what I said since, how do I say it, you're not me. Thanks for trying to explain to everyone what the inner-workings of my brain is all about.
  3. I noticed significant lags when too many installed fonts are installed. I uninstalled most of the fonts that I rarely use and it helped.
  4. I have cloned my disk to a new SSD and I have multiple backups since I do have a lot of work that needs backup. In fact, my current copy of Windows is the exact same OS that I have been using since Windows 7. Hardware malfunction is not a threat to me. I also keep my software copies in DVDs. 😀 Yes, that's what I came here for. I'm just waiting for some helpful information. I'm currently working on a branding project and 75% of the actual, useful work are accomplished in Affinity Publisher; the rest is completed in my CS apps. I don't know that some random Karen has criticized my c
  5. So what's the point of answering and quoting what I said and pointing out anything about anything? What's the problem? You can own CS apps forever that are more functional than the updated versions of Affinity apps, LOL. Stop pointing out anything that is correct. And I decide what I want with my own money. Everything you said does not help me decide which software to buy. LOL. I came here for information on Affinity version 2.0. Whether I would buy it or not.
  6. What's your point? I'm not asking any questions. As you can see, I only made a remark. End of story. Here's the remark I made. I don't demand answers. I choose which option is best for me. I use Affinity Publisher for PDF creation over Illustrator and InDesign and I am not planning on purchasing the 2.0 version. Photoshop and Illustrator will be my primary tools for graphic design. And nothing can replace Lightroom in my workflow. "I'd better stay with Adobe CS apps for now." Which means that I don't need to upgrade at the moment unless something I need will
  7. In the recent update (1.8.4), not yet. I agree. I work on brand guidelines a lot and without an eyedropper tool for copying text and object style is a drag. Time is money and this tool should be implemented before version 2.
  8. The option to customize the shortcut for inserting hyperlink to selected text was available in version 1.8.3. I wonder why they have removed this in the recent version so I reverted back to 1.8.3.
  9. I don't need logic. When you talk about business logic doesn't apply. Anyway, what I was saying is that you can own Adobe CS apps forever compared to the current pricing of Affinity apps which requires payment to update to a major release. I know. I am currently updating my copy of Affinity Publisher to 1.8.4.
  10. Also, if you're running Photoshop at the same time, check your settings on performance. Adjust memory allocation for Photoshop:
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