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  1. @R C-R Thank you so much. That exactly solved my problem.
  2. i exactly want to modify the word spacing. in the paragraph panel there is no option to adjust the desired word spacing. justify is the only preset option to adjust the space. there is no manual way to adjust space between words ?
  3. Hi, How to add space between words without adding space between letters in a whole paragraph ? Everytime I add space it also modifies the letters, I just want to add word spacing. Thank you letter spacing.mp4
  4. thank you @Lee D and GaryP. looking forward buying the book soon
  5. Hi, Is there going to be an Affinity Publisher workbook getting published anytime soon ? I have already bought the workbooks for Designer & Photo. Waiting for the publisher Thank you,
  6. Boroji

    Stroke Weird Behavior

    thank you for the feedback. i am glad that it is being resolved in the next update
  7. Hello, I was working on a project and I had to retrace some icons. As it can be seen in the video, As I expand the stroke the shape acts in a weird way. The shape gets deformed for no reason. The nodes move to another position. I have also attached the file I was working on, you can download it and expand the stroke. Thank you expand stroke.mp4 expand-stroke.afdesign
  8. Hi Sean, Thank you for your feedback. Looking forward for it getting fixed in the next update. Regards,
  9. Hello, I wanted to use the isometric grid system, however the snapping is not aligned properly. Is there something that I should do ? Please watch the video to see the behavior. Thank you isometric-grid.mp4
  10. Hello Guys, Thank you for your time explaining in details and for the video explanation. I do appreciate it. Hopefully Affinity adds this feature, so we could perform boolean operation with stroke and shape. Thank you
  11. Thank you for your feedback. I am currently doing this manually because centering text with the irregular shapes is something that is necessary for my diagram designs. Can this feature be implemented in the next Affinity Update ?
  12. Hello, when I draw a line with as a stroke, I cannot cut the shape! As it can be seen in the video, I would want to cut the right-hand shape, like the shape on the left side but I cannot cut the shape with strokes ? I found another solution digging deep and I realized that I have "expand" the stroke then I would be able to execute the operation. However, with regular stroke, I would not be able to cut the shape? cut shape with stroke.mp4
  13. Thanks for the feedback guys. actually I want to center the text to the enclosed shape, I don't want the bounding box to take effect. Since the bounding box is a square, it does not center the element exactly in the center. Does Affinity have an option to turn off the bounding box?

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