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  1. Hello, If you guys could add these contrast ratio feature in Affinity, it would be a really great tool. Here are some links that checks the contrast of background and foreground color. https://coolors.co/contrast-checker/112a46-acc8e5 https://colourcontrast.cc/ https://webaim.org/resources/contrastchecker/ I also attached a video explaining the feature request. Regards, Hossein Affinity-Feature-Request.mp4
  2. Hello World, Here's what I have done so far by creating a design system using Affinity Designer. I also have attached my Affinity Designer source file. Feel free to download and play around with it. I have developed a UI Design based on this using HTML and CSS. If you are interested you can sign up with the coupon code Here is the link: https://www.udemy.com/course/uxdevelopment/?couponCode=UX-DEVELOPMENT Regards, Hossein Finance App.afdesign
  3. @GarryP WOOOOW Garry you just saved my day. Such a nice trick to make the artwork snap exactly where you want. Thank you so much for this tip. I think Affinity maybe should consider adding a feature so that we don't work our way around this. Since I have around 20 screens = 20 artboards. This task would be a bit challenging but at least I found a solution Thank you again
  4. Hello, How can I make the artboard snap to the keypoint on the grid ? Please see the video attached. Thank you, Hossein artboard-snap.mp4
  5. Hello Affinity, I would like to give you my money NOW. I really don't want to pay Sketch or Figma or inVision or Adobe XD or Framer X or Protopie or Webflow or UX Pin. I would love to buy a software from Affinity that enables the prototyping feature. Maybe a merge between Personas with added plugin to buy. OR maybe call the software Affinity Prototype or Affinity Interactive or Affinity Hybrid. I have been creating lots of Websites and User Interfaces, but I can't quickly prototype it to get my idea across. I have been working collaboratively with a multidisciplinary team of 50 designers/developers/business analysts. And when it's time for me to pitch I have to manually go into my Visual Studio Code Editor and create it from scratch using CSS and JavaScript. Still waiting for release date, Thank you
  6. Hello world, I have created this simple typography logo. You can watch the timelapse on YouTube with this link Logo Timelapse
  7. i kinda found this link too @Pšenda https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/designer/desktop/video/301628435/
  8. does anyone know to create your own asset with .afassets file extension ?
  9. @Pšenda that looks like a great UI kit. Do they also have affinity design files or can I import it into my asset panel ? I only have iOS 12 kit by the way.
  10. Hello, I design lots of UI for websites using affinity designer. I was just checking the Affinity Store to see whether there is a UI kit to buy. I noticed there were mostly brushes for sales. If you could maybe add re-usable UI kit for sales on Affinity Store. Thank you,
  11. Hello, As I was working I noticed that the dropdown appears on the opposite side when I hover over it ? I was just wondering why is it not appearing on the right side ? It causes a bit of confusion. Thank you, Weird_Dropdown_Behavior.mp4
  12. @walt.farrell thank you for explaining. It is such a long process to cut and paste when I am working with 50 pages of book in Affinity Publisher. Hopefully Affinity introduces a new toggle switch function in near future.
  13. Hello, For some reason I cannot switch between between artistic text and text frame ? How can I convert or switch modes between texts ? Thank you, Text_frame.mp4
  14. @firstdefence thank you for teaching me. i do appreciate learning new skills how can i turn the circles into brushes in the first place ?
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