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  1. I tried it and @SrPx is right, his "copy/paste-as-SVG" workaround works. Well, yet another workaround to the stack...
  2. Thanks for the interesting idea of "installing" color palettes 😉!
  3. Sorry then. He mentions linework in Designer, that mislead me ;o)
  4. On Windows use Ctrl + drag to create a copy of selected object(s)/layer(s) in Move tool. BTW it sometimes doesn't work as expected, in my experience. Better workflow is then: first start drag (object will move with mouse) and then press Ctrl (original object will reappear). While holding Ctrl drag new copy where you want it and drop (release mouse button).
  5. Many thanks, @GarryP, for these improvements! Glad to see this promising tool is alive.
  6. I agree with @zzbrufador! The way it works "by design" IS WRONG and is NOT as useful as it could (SHOULD!) be. This way we have crippled control over making complex selections in LARGE documents. I understand it is not a bug for now. But, @Gabe, can you, PLEASE, move it feature requests?
  7. A ja som zas tušil, že si/ste Čech - Lukáš nie je moc obvyklé slovenské meno 😉 Musím uznať, že tá "skôr pasívna" znalosť slovenčiny ma zmiatla, klobúk dolu! 👍
  8. Jejo, slovenčina na fóre, to som tu ešte nevidel! 🤩 Ako vravím, s nastavením kláves som sa hral svojho času a s úľavou uvítal, že "Apply to all" urýchlilo nastavovanie štetcov (sprvu ma desilo ich množstvo, hlavne vo Photo). Všetko bolo super, až kým som nenarazil na tento jeden jediný štetec, ktorý sa nezmenil a nebol ani v menu. Pre istotu som si to znova overil, ale musím skonštatovať, že na Windows to takto stále nefunguje. Refine brush zostáva fixovaný na [ a ] (čeknuté pridaním US klávesnice a prepnutím na ňu).
  9. Have tried it, me on Slovak keyboard using ô and § - not the same position as US/UK's [ and ], and noticed that "Apply to all" helped with change of other brushes, but this one :o( Since then I haven't tried this "workaround", just checking if it was added in new release of app. Well, it may sound weird to play with pixels in Designer, but it was not my idea to add Pixel persona there 🐵. The fact is I have found the omission of shortcuts by accident and just wanted to better my favorite app.
  10. You can even add a list of keyboard shortcuts that exist, but are not changeable. E.g. "[" and "]" for Refine selection tool in Designer:
  11. Personally, I like the wealth of all the options we've got in Node tool. But there are so many it is sometimes a kind of a mess. So it deserves some tidiing (e.g. get rid of two different modifier actions and use single action to toggle the state of a node) and maybe better user guidance (like cursor change) would be welcomed too.
  12. Welcome to the crazy club of disappearing drawings! ;o) According to the response of @Sean P I assume this is a bug and not an intended functionality. We just have to hope it will be addressed, better sooner than later, or the club of crazy users will grow...
  13. I think there IS something wrong - it is NOT user friendly! Serif staff keeps complaining about the lack of modifier keys, especially on Windows. So why do I have to use (on Windows) Alt-click to sharp node AND click + Right click to smooth node instead of easy double click on node to change between the two states?
  14. Well, yet another workaround in ever growing list. And this one proves that the application CAN do it, so why do we have to use any workaround if there is a panel for it? Sorry, I know this is not a question for you @loukash.
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