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    Updating linked images?

    Yeah, those GIANT file sizes are real non-sense. Well, the management of embeded images in AD is, how to say it, at level zero. You wanna a PRO designing app so have "PRO" filesizes. Take it or leave it. Linked images could present a solution to this, too...
  2. I have an isometric grid shown with planes created and Isometric studio open. If you change the Current plane in the studio, the grid is not redrawn to reflect the change. You have to toggle Edit in plane to force redraw of the grid. It's weird becasue it worked in previous betas as I can remember.
  3. Hi Sean P, if "linked should not be available in Designer" as you say, what is this option in New Document dialog for?
  4. Thank you! Anyway, I really like the idea of a "connector point" that JET_Affinity mentions. But this sounds more like a feature request than bug...
  5. Let's have a text frame with some text in it. 1. Having the text frame selected (NOT text inside it!) only upper part of "Text > Capitalisation" menu works (i.e. Small & All Caps). The bottom 5 entries in the menu have no effect. Is it intentional? If yes, should they be greyed out? 2. To make them work you have to select some text. But then, if you select more than one word, troubles begin. When you try to click on "Title case" in the menu Designer closes without warning and creates a crash report - included. Crash-report-Capitalisation.zip
  6. For the sake of clarity I am including a video: smoothing-handle.mp4 smoothing-handle1.avi
  7. Sorry, I'm off my computer, so let's try it without video: 1.Using Pen tool create a curve with 3 cusp nodes and 2 straight line segments; 2.Go to Node tool and drag one of the straight segments to make it oblique; 3.Now if you select the middle node you can see the "before" state of weird situation = a cusp node with one handle; 4.Try to click on the handle with both left and right mouse buttons. That should smooth the handle but you get the "after" state = icon of node changes to smooth (which is nonsense, just try to move the handle and cusp node icon is back) and handle stays unchanged. Hope this helps, if not I will try to take the video next time at comp.
  8. Really like the additions to Node tool, e.g. smoothing handle function. There's just small imperfection (maybe a bug, if not take this as a proposal): A) Situation where it works how expected - before and after B) Situation with weird result - before and after Is it correct result? Should not it be like this?
  9. I'm not sure how it's supposed to work but I can't reproduce the behaviour from this Ben's video. I have isometric grid with created plane set, then: open Isometric studio, select Top (or any) as a current plane and turn on "Edit in plane"; switching to any shape tool (rectangle, ellipse...) turns "Edit in plane" off, so turn it on; when I try to create any shape in selected plane it creates regular (non-isometric) one AND turns off "Edit in plane" again (becomes annoying); ok, so I use "Fit to plane" - this works well; turn on "Edit in plane" again and try to rotate-in-plane - in vain, the rotation is non-isometric! Now I am confused, what am I doing wrong? BTW the remaining four functions in Isometric studio work well.
  10. +1 This would be really usefull. And not only for web designers, there are gamemakers that would welcome it, too!