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  1. Hi @GabrielM! I am sorry, it's still there. See, this video: confused-grid2.avi
  2. Well, so many functions are missing in the list for shortcuts! On the other hand, there are "inc/dec brush size" options for every type of brush. Do you want to change this? You have to change it for each one separately! Why? Is there any situation I will simultaneously work with two or more brushes and change their sizes at the same time??? Please, at least give us an option to change this for all brushes at one place!
  3. The ability to change values in input boxes using mouse wheel is really helpfull. Even the support for Ctrl and Shift as multiplier shifters ( x0.1 and x10, respectively) is. Why aren't the Ctrl and Shift keys used the same way in combination with arrow keys for nudging? I am aware of the option "Modifier nudge distance" for Shift + arrow keys and of that someone would prefer this. But I think, there would be better consistency in using the product achieved. And one more proposal ;o) What about Alt + arrow keys for 1 pixel movement, independently from previous settings?
  4. More specifficaly, the change from pixels to mm. Have a document with pixels as units and set any pixel grid in it. Then change document units to mm and change grid using mm as units. The grid will reflect your new setting, but only to the moment you try to do something (just select any tool or drag-selection...). At that moment the grid will return to previous -pixel- settings. The other way (mm -> pixels) works fine. Haven't tried any other units combinations. I know, it is very specific worklflow, but it still seems as a bug.
  5. I totally agree with GarryP! Working with gutters in a grid was quicker and far more intuitive. Now you need nearly high math to set an equivalent document to the "old gutter style". Please, give the gutters back! BTW, if you open pre-1.7 document with gutters set they work well, so where is the problem? The code is still there, only gutter setting is hidden...
  6. Sorry, I have only win version. But on the Mac beta forum they say there is this feature from version
  7. You need to install the latest Designer beta, i.e. version After very first start of this beta the panel is open. If not, try menu View > Studio > Appearance.
  8. Rudolphus

    How to fix this...

    This is an old feature/bug, I am affraid, and has nothing to do with the current Isometric or Appearance panels. When you create two touching objects as you did, you can sometimes see the background through the gap between them. Well, even though our logic says there's no such a gap, AD has, apparently, other opinion. Color of this "see through gap" is a result of aliasing. Solution of debraspicher (hinting to whole pixels) may help to some degree. But there are situations (objects with {nearly} same color, non-vertical or horizontal sides of the objects...) when it won't work for 100%. See this:
  9. I agree with Mark Ingram, they serve two slightly different purposes. It's up to you which one you use/prefer and there is even use for both of them simultaneuosly, IMO.
  10. Well, this is not using blend modes, but as an example: As you can see, there are six fills in total: one white solid and five with radial fill and 0% opacity at one end.
  11. Rudolphus

    Updating linked images?

    Yeah, those GIANT file sizes are real non-sense. Well, the management of embeded images in AD is, how to say it, at level zero. You wanna a PRO designing app so have "PRO" filesizes. Take it or leave it. Linked images could present a solution to this, too...
  12. I have an isometric grid shown with planes created and Isometric studio open. If you change the Current plane in the studio, the grid is not redrawn to reflect the change. You have to toggle Edit in plane to force redraw of the grid. It's weird becasue it worked in previous betas as I can remember.
  13. Hi Sean P, if "linked should not be available in Designer" as you say, what is this option in New Document dialog for?
  14. Thank you! Anyway, I really like the idea of a "connector point" that JET_Affinity mentions. But this sounds more like a feature request than bug...
  15. Let's have a text frame with some text in it. 1. Having the text frame selected (NOT text inside it!) only upper part of "Text > Capitalisation" menu works (i.e. Small & All Caps). The bottom 5 entries in the menu have no effect. Is it intentional? If yes, should they be greyed out? 2. To make them work you have to select some text. But then, if you select more than one word, troubles begin. When you try to click on "Title case" in the menu Designer closes without warning and creates a crash report - included. Crash-report-Capitalisation.zip