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  1. Well, I would rather call it an ommission than a bug. In Preferencies I can change shortcuts for Increase and Decrease of the brushes. What I miss there is Inc/Dec of Refine selection brush.
  2. Stanislav is right, the way used in Affinity to set stroke/fill colors is really not perfect (better to look at than work with)! I think using such key modifiers is a good idea.
  3. This would be really usefull! At least "Delete guide" is a miss!!!
  4. For selecting multiple objects in Layers panel you can use Shift-click method: click on first layer, then Shift-click on the last one = all layers between them will be selected. There is a little bug if the Shift-clicked layer is a text (artistic or text frame) causing that the text layer's Show/hide toggle is switched. If you continue Shift-clicking on the text object, the fun continues too: - second Shift-click switches the toggle back, - every next Shift-click switches the toggles of all the layers in the selection! This bug is in Publisher and Photo too.
  5. Are you sure your suggestion works in Publisher? Your link is for Photo. I think that warzmanda is right, the Crop tool in Publisher misses all the features of Crop tool in Photo. What's the shame, it is crippled even in Photo persona! Yak? I can create cropping rectangle without such a "special" tool. BTW, the Crop tool in Designer deserves those features too. This way they are just a shortcut to creating cropping rectangle and not crop tools.
  6. Thank you! Both ways work, but "all layers" method opens a box of troubles - too many objects to snap to ;o)
  7. Is there any way I can enable snapping to "simple" objects (rectangles, ellipses, curves and images) that are on Master page while editing a page with that Master page applied? It works with texts, tables and frames, but the other objects are ignored.
  8. Playing with keyboard shortcuts, after a few modifications or additions, any key I try to enter results in a message "DeadCharProcessed" in the key input box: From there on I can't modify or add any shortcut. I have to restart the application and then I can add or change just a few more shortcuts before the same "DeadCharProcessed" comes back. Looking around this forum I have found that this bug was reffered to in version 1.5.x already: The topic is about APhoto, so there is a chance this bug is in whole range of Affinity apps.
  9. This bug is still there in version 1.7.2! Can we get the fix, please? PS: I have found that, if you copy + paste such an artboard on the master page, this pasted artboard is shown correctly on the pages. But only until you change the artboard again.
  10. Well, so many functions are missing in the list for shortcuts! On the other hand, there are "inc/dec brush size" options for every type of brush. Do you want to change this? You have to change it for each one separately! Why? Is there any situation I will simultaneously work with two or more brushes and change their sizes at the same time??? Please, at least give us an option to change this for all brushes at one place!
  11. The ability to change values in input boxes using mouse wheel is really helpfull. Even the support for Ctrl and Shift as multiplier shifters ( x0.1 and x10, respectively) is. Why aren't the Ctrl and Shift keys used the same way in combination with arrow keys for nudging? I am aware of the option "Modifier nudge distance" for Shift + arrow keys and of that someone would prefer this. But I think, there would be better consistency in using the product achieved. And one more proposal ;o) What about Alt + arrow keys for 1 pixel movement, independently from previous settings?
  12. +1 This would be really usefull. And not only for web designers, there are gamemakers that would welcome it, too!
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