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  1. Yes, this feature needed. Miss this most from Illustrator and CorelDraw. It is the heart of geometric repetition and evolvement.
  2. This would be miles better if the Gradient tool recognised that the user was in stroke editing mode and editing a stroke rather than always defaulting to Fill and needing to be changed to stroke in order to edit the stroke's gradient. Perhaps renaming the tool to just "gradient" rather than fill gradient would help discoverability, too.
  3. Of all the horrible things to badly copy from Adobe Illustrator, the eye dropper was the worst. How do I, with an object selected, sample and immediately apply a colour from something else?
  4. That this isn't default seems like a terrible oversight. I'm not sure how you'd create this kind of system and not think that there should be that double click on conflict, and the search facility. Just about every other keyboard shortcut editor has these things. Including Maya, and they're hopelessly behind all UI and UX trends.
  5. On your first point, I can't support this enough. Coming from environments that handle editing shapes really well, this is easily one of the most annoying aspects of using Affinity's tools. INFURIATING doesn't begin to describe it. Made worse by the fact that their individual node editing is pretty good. I think they should add something like a command + delete shortcut to break and deleted a selected node, plus a right click with command held down on a node to instantly delete and break, effectively deleting the curve between the two previously adjoining nodes. Similarly, Command plus right click on a curve, not on a node, should break and delete that section of the curve, to its two nodes. ----- On 2, if you use the menu item, this works. It doesn't work from the shortcut. Which is annoying me.
  6. Perhaps Connected: Command + A I use for select all. I think this is standard. When Entering Corner Tool, Command + A does nothing. If I choose a vertex, it still does nothing. However the menu choice, from the drop down, it works correctly:
  7. I'm glad, in a weird way, that there actually is something wrong. I thought something was wrong with me for the longest time. I was picking up and dragging and testing and trying to figure out whys it wasn't working for ages, and actually went back toooooooo something that won't be mentioned, to do some quick iterative stuff. btw, I edited one of the sample files and then tried to save it. That didn't work, so then I tried to copy out what I'd done, and closed the sample file, to then make a new file and paste my experiments into the new file. That didn't work as the clipboard was empty. Which was weird. It works all the other time, just not out of a sample file.
  8. On shortcuts, do you think you could add something that jumps me to the place where the conflict is when I assign a conflicting shortcut, but want to use it and change what it conflicts with? And the ability to add more than one shortcut for a single command. I'd like to have both Command+D for Duplicate, and just plain D, too. However it being just plain D causes problems if the focus is on a text or numeric data entry field, as it enters a d rather than performing the operation. Hence needing Command+D sometimes, but not all the time.
  9. Have just tested in the new store update, by way of changing shortcut to Command+D, and it's working fine. The issues I describe above were happening in the last beta and then the store update, but that was a carryover shortcut. Having reassigned it, and created a conflict with Deselect and then fixed that conflict, it's now working as it used to work. THANK YOU!!!
  10. I've always had a shortcut assigned to it, of just plain D, no modifier, which might give you some idea how much I tend to use it.
  11. Sorry. Perhaps I'm not asking clearly. Why is there now a Duplicate that is NOT Power Duplicate? I have only ever known (and heavily relied upon) Duplicate always operating as you describe the operation of what you call "Power Duplicate". And I only ever want Power Duplicate to be how Duplicate works. But, unfortunately, Duplicate is no longer doing the "Power" part of the duplication.
  12. When did the change from Duplicate to Power Duplicate occur? For me, Duplicate was always Power Duplicate. Until now.
  13. I've entered a new shortcut, the one I want. It conflicts. The warning is there. It tells me what it is in the most succinct way possible. Now how do I get to that conflicting original operation so that I can change its shortcut so that it no longer conflicts?
  14. It used to replicate the last activities of the transforms to an object in subsequent duplicates. Now, nothing at all happens. What is going on? Latest Designer Beta.
  15. In an era in which words are buttons, it is absolutely insane that the words "Noise" and "Opacity", when clicked on, are not buttons, but the little circle of colour that looks like a part of the slider is a button for the state of the slider, not a value of the slider... surely someone is having a lark.