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  1. Tell us about this us? To the two of you, give the guy a break. He's right, the writing is atrocious. The publishing pathetic, the layout greatly lacking. All things a company making presentation software should have absolutely nailed.
  2. 5. seems to be the best option. Limited as it is. Blend functionality sorely needed for AD
  3. What are the ways to draw a wreath in AD such that it's editable in terms of radius, numbers of wheat grains and the rate of size diminishment from base to tip of the wheat strand?
  4. How can Ableton Live and Blender use two different methods of drawing interfaces from two utterly different commercial paradigms, on all major platforms, and get it all right, make it tight and spritely, and fully scaleable and theme-able?
  5. Same settings in Affinity Designer. Though I switch from Metal to OpenGL frequently, hoping one will be better than the other. They're not. The redrawing is ridiculous. Can't you cache the rendering so that zooming and panning is smooth? Why are many of the effects still not rendered accurately, instead changing their dimensions and other qualities based on zoom level?
  6. I used to think it was the old Intel and AMD combinations that were the problem. It isn't. Performance on a maxed on m2 Max Mac is atrocious, too.
  7. I know all of this... and am specifically asking for all the ways to open the Colour Gradient Editor because these modes of operation aren't as good as using it.
  8. Do you know all the ways to get the Gradient Colour Editor Open? I'd like to find one that's least effort. Preferably one that can be assigned a shortcut.
  9. How to activate snaps such that all 8 vertices of an octagon created with the polygon tool become snapping targets?
  10. You are seemingly further from understanding what's being discussed than at the beginning of the conversation. Try to take a step back and understand what's being asked, and why it's being asked, and perhaps ask yourself if you're at the quality of vector design usage where you understand any of the potential needs. You might not be.
  11. All of them. It pisses me off in all of them how I have to keep opening this thing to do refinements... Like you, I want one open, permanently somewhere, or a shortcut (keyboard, at the very least) to keep popping it up when I instantly need it.
  12. I know. And it's so badly designed, and operates so poorly, and is done in such a careless manner that it's beyond a joke.
  13. What are all the ways to open the Gradient Colour Editor in Affinity Designer?
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