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  1. @Kirk, with the way Affinity Photo handles Alpha channels (merging masks into flattened images) .. this is not a tool for professionals outside of painters and photographers. I can't imagine an game developer being ok with the "required to flatten an image for alpha to be used". It's beyond moronic. You can not edit an alpha otherwise. That is stupid beyond measure!!! Game Developers should currently avoid this program..for a few reasons.. like TGA-Alphas not existing no matter how many have mentioned it... or the alpha channel workarounds required which can make you sea sick with wasted time. 'but I would avoid Aff.Photo simply because of how the developers here act like Apple forum users... They assume shit that isn't correct and they're arrogant about their ignorance. I have 20+ years in digital art..these guys are digging their own graves. At least Aff. Designer is decent.
  2. Hi @ MEB... please do not be offended by this.. (I registered JUST to post this in reply to the willfully-ignorant comment of "very specific areas nowadays" regarding TGA 32 bit RGBA.) ..but you must not like money and you're obviously living under a big, heavy, dark rock. • How are you not aware that the video game artist market is massive beyond measure at this point and growing stronger each year ? • Without FULL TARGA support ..and perhaps without PNG alpha support(think superpng) .. you guys are just being willfully ignorant and ignoring the open wallets in the hands of people screaming out "TAKE MY MONEY!". The other formats do not negate this issue. No one wants to use 3rd party conversions batch processing as additional work steps. • ALPHA CHANNELS RULE MANY VISUAL and Visual DATA MARKETS. - think of the 3d arch cad market.. think of the game market.. think of VFX needs... geeshh.. you're ignoring millions in revenue!!! I have 16+ years in various development areas of various industries. I am a 3d technical tools/game engine tools/photography tools/web tools... all sorts of tools.. development specialist. ... this is not a post from some lame wanker... this is a post from a very experienced multi-industry lame wanker. *ahem* Summed up: mind blowingly odd guys.. just WHOA * N. ----- • How would I contact the owners(CEO/CTO/COO etc) of Affinity, directly ? .. this situation is just mind boggling knucklebrained. If Affinity was a hobby studio.. I'd understand..but it is a business.
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