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  1. This has not been fixed I'm afraid. Sorry
  2. There are no symbols in the file you've attached. Can you upload the file you've used in that video?
  3. Is there any specific reason why your document is in 32bitHDR? Those snowflakes only seem to affect 16/32 bit documents, and I've logged it with our developers.
  4. Hi both, This might be indeed the recipe to create linked files Very nice finding. That other topic is a different (but similar) issue. That pasting issue is not technically an issue. You're pasting from Clipboard, and the way data is passed across does not include the image's name. Not a bug, but more of a feature request. Feel free to create a new post here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/56-feedback-for-the-affinity-suite-of-products/
  5. Gabe

    Bitmap fill tiling issue

    Sorry. I see what you mean now. Issue logged
  6. I also need you to export the asset, from the Asset Studio.
  7. Gabe

    Bitmap fill tiling issue

    Well, that's exacly what's going on. The image is 90x90 and you apply it to a 150px document. At some point, when you stretch the texture, your texture pixels will not fall onto the pixels of your document, so will shift left/right/up/down. It is expected. You cannot have half pixels so something must happen with those fractional values.
  8. Hi both, What you describe is not a bug, no. However, that new swatch that's being created is a bug, as it should not create any swatches from a pixel layer. Thanks, Gabe.
  9. Gabe

    Bitmap fill tiling issue

    Hi @antonkudin, I cannot exactly tell what's going on without seeing the afphoto file, but I believe it's so small that the pixels don't align to whole pixels, and what you see it the anti-alias being clamped to whole pixels by the threshold adjustment. Thanks, Gabe.
  10. Hi @Nikos, Thanks for reporting this. I've logged it with our developers. Gabe.
  11. Hi @Nixart, I know this sounds obvious,but what you're describing happens when you use the eraser end of the pen, instead of the tip. Thanks, Gabe.
  12. Hi @loricreations, Welcome to the forums. Can you attach both the afdesign and the asset so we can have a look? Thanks, Gabe.
  13. Hi @benscottarts, Can you attach one of those documents here? Thanks, Gabe.
  14. Hi @Daniel Gibert, That would be Apple's Finder playing up. We do not have our own File explorer, so only rely on Apple to call the Finder Window. So, unfortunately, there's not much we can do or control, as it's not our window. Thanks, Gabe.
  15. Hi @frodofine, Welcome to the forums. Thanks for reporting this. I've logged it with our developers. Gabe.

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