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  1. It is definitely a bug. It started off as a general issue affecting all OS'. It got fixed, but it looks like it was Ventura specific.
  2. That's correct. I can replicate it on an a Monterey machine. But wanted to see if it's fine for you on a Ventura machine too.
  3. This appears to affect macOS 12 and before. Do you have a macOS 13 that you can try it on at all?
  4. We don't force anyone using the beta process if it's not something they have time for. If you choose to use it, you have to follow the rules.
  5. This is a different issue. Your original video was about applying different table formats to a table already present on canvas. This is drawing new tables and not using the text format. I see why it does it. It's on the same lines as the original issue, as you still have some local formatting from the previous table. But I think it should create the new table "overwriting defaults" in that case as it's a new table. I will get this issue logged. We cannot do this as you're using both forums to report a mix of issues and cannot really be moved around. What rules are you struggling with? As we can help you out understand where bugs should go, and this will reduce all this back/forth dance of figuring out what type of bug it is. In the beta forums we ask people to report only issues that are new to the beta. It is the reporter's responsibility to check the retail version and see if the issue is new to the beta or not. If it's new, it goes in the beta forum. If not, it goes in the regular bugs forum. In the regular bugs forum we ask people to report only issues that affect the retail version.
  6. I'm not sending you from left to right. I'm asking you to follow the same rules as everyone else. The text format works fine if you don't have any local formatting on that text ("no style" applied to it).
  7. This is expected. Applying a table format will not overwrite any local formatting. Also this is not new to the beta. Please use the regular bugs forum when reporting issues that affect the retail version.
  8. Interesting. Can you try and sort the LUT category by "date added" rather than by "name"? Then try to add a new preset in the gradient map.
  9. I think I may know what's going on. When you start the app, don't move the cursor away from that monitor until the app start up. See if that make it render correctly.
  10. Hi! One image is in 32bit, one is in 8bit. Have you tried to use the same bit depth?
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