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  1. Hi @garrettm30, Thanks for reporting this. I have logged it with our developers.
  2. Hi @Joachim_L, Thanks for spotting this. I logged it with our developers
  3. Hi both, This is the expected behaviour. Even though the file is the same, it's going to have a different modified date. However, the files should only be "modified" in the resource manager, so would be sufficient just to update them. What you can do is tick "Automatically update linked resources when modified externally" in Preferences > General, but beware that this will auto-update every resource when modified externally without asking.
  4. This is because technically, it's not a problem. The "Auto Clean Brush" is a feature you would like us to have, we don't have it. We have no ETA on implementing feature requests I'm afraid.
  5. next time it happens can you please check the console and see what the error is in there?
  6. Gabe

    Frequency separation

    I'm afraid we don't have an ETA. Sorry The workaround, for now, is to disable Metal.
  7. Hi @Fina Welcome to the forums. Are they slow on your iPad? Or on your desktop?
  8. Hi both, Can you attach a sample file illustrating this?
  9. Hi both, Can you still replicate this in the latest beta?
  10. Hi @Johann Seidel, I'm not kidding, but I had the exact same issue this morning. I turned my PC Off and On and it was fixed... Check your event viewer > Administrative events and see what it says. In my case it was failing in .net runtime Faulting module path: C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\clr.dll
  11. Gabe

    Frequency separation

    Thanks. I logged this with our developers.
  12. Thanks. I will log this with our developers.
  13. Your screen cannot fully display AdobeRGB, so you will probably not be seeing any difference. A colour profile does not help to eliminate banding, but a greater bit depth. For web, you should be using sRGB as nothing ever gets colour managed and it's treated as-is, so things will look different if you're using AdobeRGB. Take this for example. This is an sRGB photo. And this is the exact same but with a WhackedRGB profile (red is swapped with green, green swapped with blue, blue swapped with red) Because this is not colour managed, it looks completely wrong. If in doubt, load this image tagged with Whacked RGB where you want to upload your image. If it shows purple, you know they don't colour manage, and your AdobeRGB will look different
  14. Gabe

    Crash crash crash :/ !!!

    Try to untick it, reboot the ipad, tick the box back and see if it still crashes in the same scenario.
  15. You're not converting the file in file in Affinity, but you do in Photoshop, so that's probably where the difference is coming from. If you open the same TIFF with the embedded ProPhoto ICC in any app that reads the ICC profile, you will see the same result (a cyan cast). It's not a bug or an issue, but just a consequence of having using a profile that your monitor cannot fully display the document profile. As a test, open the attached file in both Photoshop and Photo. You will notice the same cyan/blue cast. That's just a standard message. Lightroom does not know what you're going to do with the image. There is no reason in your case to work in ProPhoto RGB for a grayscale image. Export as 16bit Grayscale and you will have a grayscale image. Why do you use ProPhoto in the first place? Your monitor profile does not come even close to the whole ProPhoto RGB spectrum, so there is no advantage in using it. I suggest you stick with sRGB unless you require ProPhoto for a specific workflow. The big spectrum is ProPhoto, next one down is your 4K profiled monitor, and the smallest one is sRGB. Affinity-sample-photo.tiff

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