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  1. Hi @EricP, I can't replicate this here. Can you attach a screen recoding of this in action?
  2. I believe this is just the first launch after a reboot, right? Subsequent runs should be ok.
  3. Thanks. We are aware of this issue. If you have any FX or strokes that use raster textures, it will only render it within the original (pre-warp) bounding box.
  4. It's not what we want them to see, but a consequence of using slow/fast render passes. It behaves the same on desktop if you have automatic retina rendering.
  5. Hi @Gnaciux, Sorry for the delayed reply. Can you attach the EPS file in question?
  6. Hi @emil.underbjerg, Sorry for the delayed reply. This behaviour is expected. When you draw, that portion of the screen is using a faster(less accurate) rendering. Once you finish drawing, it will render using the high quality engine.
  7. Thanks. We don't have an option to change the decimal place on iPad. So what you see is kind of expected. I'll log an improvement
  8. Everything seems fine on my end. Do you have all the fonts installed used in that document on your iPad?
  9. Sorry for the delayed reply. Mine seems fine too. Can you attach a screen recording to see what's going on?
  10. Sorry for the delayed reply. You should not be able to place a symbol inside itself. Issue logged.
  11. Hi @ahnungsloser, Can you use this link to upload a file that's crashing on open please? https://www.dropbox.com/request/hLiCh5B4UwnwXXFs8QRv
  12. Thanks. Issue logged. The it looks like it's something to do with the pressure, as resetting it seems to fix it.
  13. Hi @Sheens, Sorry for the delayed reply. Can you use this link to upload the file please? https://www.dropbox.com/request/rM1p3VotmFmnogKggv7K
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