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  1. It sounds like you have not set up your colour management properly. You only need to add your profile in the Devices tab, and leave the Advanced > Device profile to sRGB. https://pcmonitors.info/articles/using-icc-profiles-in-windows/
  2. Hi @Atlus, XP pen tablets/drivers are known for their poor compatibility. High precision uses Wintab to give us input history and sub-pixel precision. Not just for new tablets, but for any tablet with a properly working Wintab driver. Low precision also uses Wintab, but just the most basic parts of it (no history, no sub-pixel precision). It's like using a mouse but with pressure. Some drivers only seem to work in this mode. Windows Ink also gives us input history and sub-pixel precision, but not quite as good as Wintab.
  3. Hi @umauma, Welcome to the forums. This is not a known issue. It's the first time I've seen it and I'll get it logged. Is there any specific reason why you use EMF instead of PDF or SVG?
  4. Hi @BeetRoot, Welcome to the forums. Thanks for spotting this. Issue logged.
  5. Thanks. It seems to be related to drawing fast strokes. I'll get this issue updated!
  6. Hi @Boss, Welcome to the forums. I'm afraid we have no plans to expand languages at the moment.
  7. Hi @hm zrh, What iPad Model is that? I can't replicate this here.
  8. Hi both, We are aware of this and it has already been logged with our developers.
  9. Hi @sarituulia, I managed to replicate this issue here. It seems to be caused by having a pixel layer clipped inside a different pixel layer. Issue now logged.
  10. Hi all, Thanks for spotting this. Issue logged. We do seem to treat eofill (even-odd) tag as fill(non-zero) at import.
  11. What if you change the Tablet input in Designer > Preferences > Tool to Low Precision and run the app normally (not as admin). XP Pen tablets are known for their poor compatibility The worst I've seen is the XP Pen Artist 12. The pen hover detection is so bad, that when you're in close proximity (0-5mm) it randomly registers clicks/drags so it's impossible to do anything.
  12. Thanks for your help with this bug. We have now resolved the problem and will make the fix available in the next release of Affinity Photo on your platform.
  13. That is very odd… Can you check the compatibility tab on the shortcut that does not work? You should be able to turn Windows INK OFF if you run it from the other shortcut that works fine. Windows INK on/off does not seem to behave any different with the XP Pen Deco 3 I have here.
  14. Hi @AndrewR, Welcome to the forums. Can you please attach a screen recording of your entire workflow?
  15. Hi @kenjibailly, Welcome to the forums. Can you use this link to upload the broken file? https://www.dropbox.com/request/ny80fBWThW4simAUmwxZ We're no aware of any issues with places PSDs, so it must be something isolated or triggered by a certain recipe.
  16. Hi @internetfreak, Can you use this link to upload the PSD file please? https://www.dropbox.com/request/6Z5SkhSYQeGVXf9YNOUJ
  17. Hi @Joycecherie, Welcome to the forums. We are aware of this issue and it has already been logged with our developers. This only affects portrait RAW files when opened from within the Photos app. As a workaround, you would load them from a different location(cloud, local storage, external storage, etc)
  18. Hi all, it does look like an .net. Can you check your Event viewer and see if you have any more hints? Event Viewer (Local) > Windows Logs > Application
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