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  1. Hi @Allon, Welcome to the forums. Do you happen do have a document in that state, or a recipe to consistently replicate it?
  2. Hi @AdamsofRye, We are aware of an issue where different DPI documents affect strokes of objects if you copy the group. However, copying the object should be fine. Have you got a sample file that we can have a look at ?
  3. Hi @Seneca, Thanks for spotting this. Issue logged.
  4. Hi @Joachim_L, Setting it to "Never" once it has already found errors will not delete the finings. You're just stopping the "live" process of finding (new) issues. Existing issues will still show up until you resolve them(and manually check for new issues/change the search criteria/change the check options).
  5. Hi @AFY7, Sorry for the delayed reply. Can you upload your project file (including any resources) to this link so we can have a look?https://www.dropbox.com/request/vw5zRPqEKMhk4PzgbXYn
  6. Hi @Burny, Sorry for the delayed reply. Can you attach the psd?
  7. Hi @John_Smith, Sorry for the delayed reply. Issue now logged. I'm afraid I can't find a workaround for this issue, other than the obvious one - Keep the text frame and the pinned object on the same page.
  8. Hi @stewart_whaley, Sorry for the delayed reply. I can't replicate it here. Can you attach a screen recording of this in action?
  9. Hi @walt.farrell, Sorry for the delayed reply. I could not replicate this in our latest beta. Can you confirm this please?
  10. Hi @MartinB78 Sorry for the delayed reply. Here's a link: https://www.dropbox.com/request/XuL3MIN2bvtOvh7oGihc
  11. Hi both, Issue logged. For the meantime you can either change the font, or Export to Pdf and then print that PDF.
  12. Hi all, Sorry for the delayed reply. It is indeed the same issue as @thomaso linked to.
  13. That's because PDF tries to honour gradients without being rasterised, whereas jpeg is a raster format.
  14. Hi @JamesA, So that we are able to investigate bugs thoroughly could you please follow this link and update this post with the followings: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/71-bug-reporting/
  15. Hi @Joachim_L, This is expected. The pop-up stoke panel is still visible. Your first click (anywhere) will close that panel, and your second click will act as a duplicate.
  16. Only PDF/X1 is affected by the wrong order (it's not that obvious in your case). So, what you see in your X3 is correct.
  17. Hi @PopstarNZ, Welcome to the forums. When you converted your NEF to TIFF, that software "developed"/processed the file. If it was a 1 click process, it most likely will noise reduct/sharpen your image, more like an in-camera processing when shooting jpeg. We don't add any sharpness to the developing process, as this can be controlled by the user in Develop Persona.
  18. Still no luck replicating it here. Do you get the same hand if you try to export an empty document? What are your export settings? Where do you export the file? Local drive / network drive / cloud?
  19. It seems to be that specific gradient. Try dragging out a new gradient and you should be fine Issue logged.
  20. Very odd. Try this for me please: Close Publisher. Navigate to %AppData%\Affinity\Publisher\ and rename 1.0 to 1.0.backup. Reopen Publisher and see if you can still reproduce it.
  21. Thanks. I can't replicate this here. Any chance you can attach a screen recording of this in action?
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