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  1. I also have this bug, not all the time though. I had it on the V1 version and I have it on the V2 version. I have a 2020 MacBook Pro Intel with MacOs Monterey. I don't have any Cloud drive installed such as Dropbox. Is there people from Serif team coming to this forum ? We would apreciate some communication from them, even to say they are working on it.
  2. @kenmcd I'm not sure to really understand. Does it mean that the person that created the Illustrator file should have done something when saving their document ? What can I say to my collegues for me to be able to open their files in the future ? Also Serif says that Affinity supports AI file format for importation. So I guess it is not a full support and it should be mentioned in this page somewhere : https://affinity.help/designer/fr.lproj/index.html And I'm also very surprised with the lack of communication from Serif regarding variable fonts... It's not mentionned anywhere on the documentation and they havent' been given any clear answer about it on twitter or on this forum.
  3. Sometimes, without any obvious reasons, Affinity Designer 2 crashes. The app just closes itself and then I get the Apple crash report that I can send you in private if needed.
  4. @kenmcd As I said on a later post, it doesn't look fine with the variable font, the letter spacing is odd, but the weight seems to be good, as you can see on this screenshot : Thanks for all the explainations, I haven't understood everything though. The thing is that I'm working with other people from other companies, it seems a bit complicated for me to tell them not to use specific kind of fonts because my software doesn't support them, they'll tell me to use Adobe as everyone else. I've never met someone else using Affinity and I'm always the kind of guy saying that Adobe is bad and I'm using a way better software etc. But I feel a bit ashamed now having to tell them that my software isn't supporting such a basic thing as variable fonts. I'm not saying it is simple for the dev team to implement it but I'm saying that variable fonts are now everywhere and I have no authority to tell people not to use them. I really don't wanna go back to Adobe... but I might since there is more and more documents I'm recieving that I cannot open. This really breaks the workflow are makes me loose time. And I also would apreciate a lot if someone from the Serif team could say something about it. They stay pretty silent about it, I think we need an official answer. Are they planning on adding this feature ? Are they working on it ? Do they want to implement this ? I think users need to know.
  5. @lacerto you're right. I'm on macOS and the letter spacing is odd. Hopefully Affinity apps will handle variable fonts soon because it seems like people working with Adobe use them a lot. Then I always have to ask my collegues to vertorize their document before sending them to me, but then I'm not able to edit the texts.
  6. @N.P.M. This document has 2 .otf fonts and one .ttf I can use those fonts in other Affinity documents without any issue
  7. I have the same issue, it happens with many ai files I tried to open with Affinity. And this just happened again with Affinity Designer 2 as you can see on the attached image. Also the file was sent to me with the font it uses so I have the fonts installed. I also attached the ai file so you can investigate it. Thanks background_theatre_ipadmini.ai
  8. Hey, I just got the V2 and the first things I've noticed is the loss of the group preview in the layers panel. In Affinity apps V1 we had a preview of the grouped elements in the layers panel that makes is easy to know what the group is about. In V2 we just have a folder image, so there is no way to know what group is it about.. Unless renaming the groups of course, but it takes time. Please bring back the previews
  9. Hi, I have a Macbook pro 2020 with Intel chip and the pinch to zoom also stops working once in a while. I have to restart the app to make it work again.
  10. EDIT: Ok just found out how to change that thanks to @pbasdf answer here. This is really odd that I have to open a contaxtual menu that is not present on my context but that has an effect on it. If the text frame panel has an impact on the Artistic Text tool then it should be possible to open it from that tool. I have the same issue on a document. Every text I create using the Art text tool or the Zone text tool has a pink background. I don't get how to change it, I can't see any options Enregistrement de l’écran 2022-07-22 à 12.29.06.mov
  11. Ok I will, thanks. What I can say for now is that is not file related, it happens on every files.
  12. This doesn't happen all the time, I can't really find a logic. Find attached the full uncut video, you'll see I've made multiple tries before this bug happen. This document on the video is pretty new, I created it this morning (it's now 2pm from were I live). This is usually what I do to be able to move the right layer. From what I see it always happen on an already selected layer. But moving a layer that you just created is very common, at least for me. Enregistrement de l’écran 2022-06-07 à 13.26.36.mov
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