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  1. Compound Masks will help you https://affinity.help/photo2/English.lproj/pages/Layers/compoundMasks.html
  2. How did William Overington know the artwork includes no date when you posted an example with a date?
  3. Yes, that is precisely how I produced the smaller version of the OP's document that I attached earlier. Be aware that Pixel objects would actually undergo colour conversions, though, and so their appearance may change to some degree.
  4. I provided you with a link to information about that.
  5. Your document is RGB, but it also contains large latent CMYK profile "ISO Coated v2 300% (ECI)". My RGB attachment has the much smaller latent CMYK profile "U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2". resaved TimeSeriesDatabase.1.afdesign More info:
  6. Yes, and he ignored me, so now I want another Serif person with a more robust ego to deal with this topic.
  7. DWright is the problem! DWright initially misdiagnosed the OP's problem and then chose to ignore my clear and simple example.
  8. Still broken in current commercial release and current beta. Could a Serif person acknowledge and log the bug, please?
  9. Point Transform Tool is in Designer Persona of Publisher on macOS. You might need to manually add it to the tools bar, though.
  10. In all Affinity apps on macOS, hold down cmd key while scaling. I guess that will be ctrl key on Windows. Also works with shearing.
  11. In all Affinity apps on macOS, hold down cmd key while scaling. I guess that will be ctrl key on Windows.
  12. If the object's fill is opaque, a workaround is to use a centre-aligned stroke with Order set to 'Draw stroke behind'. The inner half of the stroke will be obscured by the fill and so you will need to specify the width as double the amount you want rendered outside of the object.
  13. No, it looks more like a stepped blend from a keyhole shape to a larger head shape.
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