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  1. Reading the Help ( https://affinity.help ) as kind of a reference manual might help to understand how the app thinks & works. ( I wish Serif would offer it as printed brochure, or PDF at least ) I guess you talk about the "Pixel Selection" layer. Possibly you hit a layers icon with the Strg/cmd key pressed. That would change the content of the default "Pixel Selection" layer.
  2. I do appreciate to read, too, and do prefer, in particular at the beginning, a reference manual rather than tutorials. The quite rich Help content ( https://affinity.help ) unfortunately is neither available as print nor as PDF yet.
  3. The "Use Baseline Grid" option is rather a general setting, it works for the entire document. Whereas "Ignore Baseline Grid" additionally enables you to exclude detailed, particular text frames from using the grid while all others still use it. Note another possibly unexpected behavior: The "Baseline Grid Manager..." enables you to activate "Show Baseline Grid" without getting it displayed. It just doesn't work unless having "Use Baseline Grid" ticked. Also you can activate the grid without showing it.
  4. In case you want to transfer your current custom settings and preferences to the new PC this post might give info – Note that files/folders in this description relate to a beta version according names.
  5. Interesting & good to know. I haven't been aware that .aphoto is this kind of nondestructive when cropped. I think what we see is a work in progress with content of various previous states, in particular the masks seem to have been painted for a former layer content. (A pity that the shiny fork layer is hidden behind the plate.) By the way, how would one 'really' crop = get rid off exterior parts + reduce file size?
  6. Old Bruce, consider that the uploaded .aphoto contains only a cropped area of the entire OP document, so some layers content might have been outside this area before cropping.
  7. Your issue appears to be related to the pixel selection layer: After clicking its "invert" icon I am able to brush-erase the coffee steam.
  8. Could you upload the .aphoto file (or a cropped area around the coffee cup)?
  9. What you see at before vs. after is the same text content but with its characters in different order. If you set both samples to the same font the similarity will be more obvious. Arabic language uses Right-To-Left ("RTL") which isn't supported in Affinity yet. There are some threads about this, in one some months ago somebody posted a website link which switches a pasted text for your further use. Unfortunately I don't remember the forum and thread, possible someone else would tell or you might find it via forums search for "arabic" + "html:\\". Edit: it's in this post by @Areeb: www.arabic-keyboard.org/photoshop-arabic/
  10. I wonder if the OP's offset in kerning results from the assigned font width. Unfortunatly Affinity says "99 %" for a selected text frame even if only the first character is stretched that way. It can result in a visual offset of 1000 ‰ kerning:
  11. Possibly a value above 1000 ‰ would not make sense if 1000 ‰ is a max as are 100 % of a color channel, like 100% in a circle diagramm or coffee in a cup, which is just full once it's 100% filled. So a kerning (or tracking) value would not define a distance from 0 to x pts, mm or pixels – but a limited percentage of covering of two chars on each other. Whereas this dimension of a char is defined within the font file ('width', 'flesh') and sets this 100 % limit. – So possibly the 3 layers of the letter H in the OP aren't defined correctly?
  12. I obviously had misunderstood the OP's issue in my posts above, Sorry! Concerning alignment & perfect fit it appears to work for me, at least in these two sample fonts (which aren't layered like the one in the OP). So possibly it *IS* the specific font file of the OP which prevents a correct alignment with kerning?
  13. Ah, thank you, Old Bruce, for this hint. I had tried kerning before only with characters selected. Now with just placing the cursor between B and C I can assign custom values. And again it appears there is no numerical but only a visual limitation: the left edge of the first affected character (like for tracking).
  14. In my experience I still can't apply a custom value for kerning but for tracking only. There I can apply diffefrent values within a paragraph and/or word. In this sample the second line shows two different values (–400, –3500) assigned to the characters BC when they were selected. The third line shows the same pair of values but assigned with the cursor just placed between B and C (and no character selected). I don't experience a limit for the numerical value – instead the limitation is the position of the first affected character: no char can be moved further left than the first affected char. That means, above a particular value, though I can increase the value it won't change the char positions. I also noticed, that the given value in Character panel > Tracking can show wrong values if more than 1 value exists in the selected text frame. This, I guess, is still the already reported issue with value fields and their lack of an UI which makes clear if more than 1 value is active (e.g. by showing a value in gray color or brackets). Also it appears to happen occasionally for high values (I can't detect a rule) that I get different visual result in the text frame depending on whether value is either typed into the field or set by the arrow up/down triangle buttons.
  15. thomaso

    Word Balloons

    In case you need to do many of those it might be easier to use circle shapes (not Callout...) + draw the connections in ADesigner with brushes (with the connections width) + convert these strokes to shapes. Finally you can use again Geometry > Add to merge circles with connections.

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