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  1. Ah, yes, obviously. (btw: aren't you using your "MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) Mac OS 10.12.6 | " any more? To me this signature part gives the impression you do see AfPub in 10.12.6)
  2. Ah, good point, I forgot about the OS keyboard setting. There I have German and English (with british flag icon;) The menu results in: (2x English - no US, no Canada)
  3. I do see the issue in macOS 10.12.6.: Anchor's naming window is always black, both in dark or light UI – in light UI the label text is invisible or Black. @Old Bruce, "default" indeed? – I don't have that option for "UI style".
  4. "Unknown", indeed? – To me it's "None" in English app language on German OS. Do you remember whether it has shown any language before your app language pref switch? (mine was "None", too.) Also in English app language on German OS: – I am not allowed to alter the spelling language in Character Style panel from "Deutsch" to "None" or "English", as long there is no object selected: regardless what I select in the pull-down menu, it always jumps back to "Deutsch". – Whereas I have free choice with a text frame selected any new text frame is set to "None", regardless what language I used in the recently selected frame. It seems to force me to assign a language for every text frame – instead of keeping the last choice. British humor
  5. Adjective. Indian, accordian, ... "Some bluish sounds of accordianish instruments"
  6. Really? - Why should not a combination of dashed and brushed become enabled instead? I would rather say that the UI would win on newly arranged sections (and/or their options) to make those properties at a glance visible that interact with each other. (btw., the 4 stroke style buttons imply to be mutually exclusive – whereas their settings are not.)
  7. Indeed, that's it. – More precisely: – A pressure profile appears to be assigned all time, but once it is other than default a dashed line does not appear. – Even with a customized pressure curve, you can switch from brush to dashed and define dashed properties but 'simply' won't see them as dashed. – There are 2 places to assign pressure, and obviously they may appear contradictory: – There are 2 places to assign line width, which may show different values (pink): – As soon you alter Width in the section titled "Stroke" (too!) which opens by click on "Properties", then its Pressure pop-up jumps from "None" to "Pressure". Bit confusing, buggy UI. (which might be related to not functioning of both brush options "Variance" as an AfPublisher Persona).
  8. I am able to assign a visible dashed line to this frame after first resetting its fill & stroke via the Defaults button in menu bar. Possibly one single corrupted object? How was it created on that page?
  9. Oh. That didn't work for me in macOS, and I did not try again after reading a moderators posting about that feature not working yet, a couple betas ago.
  10. What do you exactly mean by "whole sentences"? Searching for more than 1 word and words + punctuation marks do work for me, for instance: "Description, Body text block with several lines and then –> back to style 1 (Year)." In case a search contains "invisible characters" like line or paragraph breaks a simple copy/paste into F&R does not work, instead you need to replace those manually in the search text field via the pulldown menu to its left to make them work. Also, a search may fail if it gets restricted by the filter list (< gear icon top right):
  11. Yes, update from app doesn't work yet. – Here is direct download link: https://s3.amazonaws.com/affinity-beta/download/Affinity-Publisher-Beta- The announcement always gets updated in the forum section "Report bugs in Publisher beta..." –> "Affinity Publisher Public Beta - ...", for instance for Windows & v337:
  12. Yes, it can be tricky. As PaulEC mentions the Publisher.app does not create the print option window content alone. It is rather an additional mixture of print options of your computers system and the software options of your printer hardware (the "driver"). I recommend to look for any, may be contradictory, setting in your options window and sub-sections where the page turn might set, too. For instance to me on mac it is not necessary to manually activate double sided printing in the printers options when I have set it in the application's print options already.
  13. Not directly. And not within PDF export. As workaround you could either/or... – view the PDF with full-screen mode and click through its pages with arrow keys. – export in Publisher pages as single images, JPG for example, and click through them in full-screen mode with your OS tool. And, but possibly not your approach: There is a way in Publisher to export a PDF with interactive elements included (see hyperlinks panel), which enable you to jump on click to particular PDF pages. More work for you than a pure slideshow, because you have to layout and assign interactivity.
  14. Yes, that's what I mean. In page height there is no need to take care of it beeing centered
  15. Reverting to defaults works fine to get rid of unexpected/ unwanted text formatting. But I experience difficulties to alter the Default text style. How do the two UIs (button/menu) work to redefine this defaults setting? It appears to me that – the button "Synchronize ..." has no function. – the menu "Edit" > "Synchronize..." has no function – the menu "Edit" > "Save" has no function ––> only a combination of choosing both menu Edit > "Synchronize" + "Save" in two steps appears to work and redefines a Default text style. Also, I'd like to understand in what situations the button "Synchronize..." is grayed-out – and when it's clickable. Sometimes it appears to grayed-out even with an object selected – whereas the button "Revert" never appears as grayed-out, even with nothing selected. >