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  1. Can you check/compare with Resource Manager, pls? I experience bad update issues with multi-page pdf. For instance once the shown pdf content is correct on APubs document page but wrong in Resource Manager – or vice versa. Or it's right on page & Resource Manager but wrong in pages panel preview. So I don't know/can't tell, which shown content of the placed pdf is fact until I export/print the document. Correct in Resource Manager, wrong on page: Correct on page, wrong in pages pane:
  2. thomaso

    change images?

    @Lars, du hast vermutlich die Auto-Update-Option in den Programm-Prefs nicht aktiviert, richtig? Funktioniert es, wenn du Auto-Update aktivierst? Bei mir macht APub dann live-Updates, sobald ein Bild geändert wurde. Ich erhalte auf dem Monitor für jede geänderte Datei ein Benachrichtungsfenster. Es ist nicht nötig, das Dokument oder das Programm neu zu starten oder den Resource Manager zu öffnen. @Lars, you probably did not enable the auto-update option in the program prefs, right? - Does it work when you enable Auto Update? For me APub then makes live updates as soon as a picture has been changed. I get a notification window on the monitor for each changed file. It is not necessary to re-open the document or program.
  3. thomaso

    change images?

    Doesn't work here: When I select in Recource Manager more than only 1 missing file then the button "Replace" becomes grayed out (and all 3 other buttons, too).
  4. thomaso

    change images?

    @fde101, do you know where I can find an option like "replace all" when, for instance, files path changed? I only discovered a pref for auto-update, which, indeed should solve one part of lars' issue:
  5. thomaso

    change images?

    Yes, me too! It would be very useful not only when image files have changed but also for altered folder names or file paths.
  6. thomaso

    bug export

    @larsh, um Missverständisse zu vermeiden, kannst du den Titel deines Themas auch nachträglich anpassen (klick auf "Edit" unter deinem 1. Beitrag), zB in "JPG export pixel size". (Deine spätere Verwendung des jpgs spielt für das Thema kein Rolle. So ist "for printing" hier besonders missverständlich, weil zum Druck eine hohe Auflösung sinnvoll ist, während ein Verkleinern eher fürs Web gewünscht wird.)
  7. thomaso

    bug export

    I get the same unexpected result like lars: A custom jpg export document dimension (px x px) has no effect for the resulting dimension but results in document page dimension with lower, jaggy, quality. A switch of document preference from Millimeters to Pixels has no effect on this bug. A switch of document resolution from 300 dpi to any lower has an effect – but the bug of not respected custom export pixel dimensions still remains.
  8. Oh, no! Thank you, A_B_C, I haven't noticed that button before. - Now it works as expected.
  9. Unfortunately not I have a grayscale JPG, the Resource Manager recognises its icc profile as "Schwarze Druckfarbe ..." (Black print ink) – but the resulting pdf shows content in all 4 channels. The Resource Manager does not tell its color space correctly: instead grayscale it tells the documents color space - for any placed image.
  10. @Dave Harris , in an 16 bit .afpub there is no compression working even when downsampling is necessary and is set in export and in more options. So there is a bug either in GUI or in export code.
  11. On mac usually a "Cancel" button in a window does cancel any change one did in this window. This way one can be shure not to have changed anything. The "Cancel" in Export window appears not to work like this: a change of for instance a preset + Cancel does not cancel the change but the export only. Also a "Cancel"-button in "More"-options would be useful – if it would work properly. On the other hand I still do miss that the Export options remember my recent settings. Instead I have to select again and again from pulldown menu "Current page" when I want to export the current page again and again, for instance to test different "More"-set results.
  12. Walt, I know how it works. I simply don't understand nor see a reason why it was designed like this. A preset can be selected at 2 places, you never can see both at 1 time. If it would be in 1 window only, a topic like this might have not happened Also I miss a "Cancel" button in "More" – and, much worse, I miss the "Cancel"-button in export options to work
  13. I miss it, too. Though it is not a technical problem to tell/show the scale % and to enable to set a % scale (without the *x% workaround), I assume the team momentarily is still involved in other, also related issues. You might have noticed that in Resource Manager a placed image dpi value changes with the documents resolution – which is a bad bug to me. Also it is not solved yet that an image size on canvas is related to its file format: for instance a PSD gets placed in real/expected size whereas the same file as JPG gets placed in a size related to its dpi. – Just give them time. For now APub might not be a good one for your reasonable needs.
  14. It was humble hidden in the file name: "...downsampl-bicubic.pdf" And, possibly, could you change the web-preset to bicubic? Finally: It is not very clear nor helpful, that a change of the preset in the export options also results in a change of the "More" options. I'd expect - like lars did, too - that they are either independent or, at least, remain once I altered them. Also, it would make things easier (less confusing) to b able to make all export settings in 1 window only, means to see the "More"-settings in the same window as the export options.
  15. The problem/bug in Martins case was that APub does not export 8 bit from a 16 bit document. One needs to set the document to 8 bit to achieve an failureless 8 bit export.