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  1. Oh, indeed, this looks easy... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Py9CHZkHh4U
  2. v_kyr, thank you for clarifying it. – But then, isn't this behaviour a bug and Affinity should respect the svg specifications, – or aren't they so strict or clear and one would say Affinity just doesn't support the SVG format entirely?
  3. ..."always" ? – I am not really experienced with .svg but I would expect not to cause rasterisation at least for certain effects, e.g. blur. This w3schools page lists some code-only filters / effects, click the "Next" button to experience the blur in svg without rasterisation / bitmap. If I drag the attached .svg file onto a browser window it shows a blurred rectangle, though the file doesn't contain bitmap but text only. What is my misunderstanding? blur.svg
  4. Possibly a workaround – though it can get cumbersome in certain situations...
  5. It appears you are missing Global Layers. Unfortunately APub doesn't offer this feature yet. Sometimes a workaround with master pages may be helpful. – But depending on the number of pages and the complexity of your layout this workaround can become time quite consuming during layout to enable later simply toggling a certain master layer on and off: The requirement of working inside an according master layer and therefore of "detaching" this layer on every document page again and again will slow down the workflow ... and make the workaround inefficient this way. However, you might want to add your comment or wish to one of various existing feature requests for Global Layers ... https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/search/&q=global layers&type=forums_topic&nodes=65
  6. When you use floating panels and place them within the main window area – as in your example – then the document workspace continues behind the floating panels. This will lead to undesirable situations, for instance at certain zoom levels, in particular fit-to-width or when double-clicking a spread in the pages panel. Also the document scrollbar, the document ruler and tabs of several open documents can get covered and reduce their accessibility which would require to move the floating panel slightly down. To avoid this issues you would reduce the main window size and arrange the floating panels outside.
  7. As a workaround you can choose menu Window > Separated Mode and additionally menu Window > Merge All Windows. Separated Mode enables you to freely arrange all panels and both toolbars, Merge Windows keeps documents in 1 frame with tabs. Unfortunately the Separated Mode can cause various issues, even in situations where you wouldn't expect it to influence at all. (for instance app crash when using "Save As..." with same file name or UI misbehaviors, e.g. in the Resource Manager)
  8. Just in case: after this thread was started in APub / AD an additional button got invented: "K Only" in context toolbar. Though it is a compromise only for missing 1-bit capabilities it allows to colorize images of different file types with 2 clicks. Depending on their color space an applied fill color affects differently, for instance:
  9. Hi Uwe Königsfeld, Welcome to the Affinity Forums! As mentioned above there exists a kind of auto-save function in APub. With an according interval setting it would avoid to lose the work of 3 hours in case of a crash and would restore at least most of the work when the app gets relaunched and if then a possibly appearing restore option doesn't get deselected. However, this auto-save feature doesn't replace the need of saving the document when the app gets closed manually, in that case it will pop up a warning message and ask / offer to save each unsaved document before closing the app. An additional option can be enabled in the menu "File" to save the document History with a document before closing it. If activated it will offer the entire undo-history in the history panel even for earlier sessions, for instance of other days. (If deactivated this panel displays the undo-history for the current session only.) I suppose this experience is related to Apple's apps only as parts of macOS, e.g. TextEdit, Preview, iTunes, QuickTime Player, Safari. It does not exist for all apps on a mac, respectively not for "any other program", e.g. Adobe or Microsoft apps in my experience. I don't understand what you mean by "temp issue", maybe you can tell details? For Apple's Time Machine maybe this article helps: https://support.apple.com/HT201250
  10. I doubt the disturbing X appears because a picture frame may contain several objects. Note here the affected image was placed by the Affinity resource auto-update feature. As @carl123 pointed out there is an additional issue with the UI for specific file types (e.g. SVG), which may be related to the useless and confusing X of this specific topic when updating the OP's resource:
  11. This sounds you want to achieve an image according to a certain idea, rather than to the "true" visual impression. There are quite a few enthusiasts around, discussing different approaches and workflows. For instance: https://photo.stackexchange.com/questions/43028/how-to-have-colors-in-milky-way
  12. I see the screenshot of AP1.9 with a lot more obvious (more single steps) and additionally even colored (magenta) banding – don't you? To me each of the 3 screenshots tell their current 100% zoom level. (AP: 100%, LR: 1:1)
  13. Hi mc416, Welcome to the Affinity Forums! It's hard to judge what exactly went wrong, quite likely a combination of various reasons. If you use different settings you will notice improved results: • ISO 100 – 200 (instead of 3200, to reduce noise) • Aperture 5,6 – 8 (instead of 4, to increase sharpness by coming closer to the 'critical aperture' of this lens) • Exposure Auto / or a series of variations (the 30 in your sample appear overexposed, assuming the sky was black/without dust) • RAW (instead of sRAW) A detailed review about your lens: https://www.lenstip.com/267.4-Lens_review-Sigma_10-20_mm_f_4-5.6_EX_DC_HSM_Image_resolution.html
  14. I must have misunderstood the initial post which seems to include the ":" in the search: Indeed, with "word" only (= no punctuation) and active "match whole word only" the result varies and handles : different than , . - !
  15. It seems to work here in APub v184, with both activated / not-activated "match whole word only" I get this result:
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