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  1. Sure? I experience an Affinity document being opened in the unit I did save the file before, regardless of the app or persona I use to open it. So, either the AI files of the OP were saved in Points, or Affinity ignores or doesn't recognise their unit when converting them.
  2. It is a feeling, nothing more. To me it feels strange when I shall understand myself as one of various Personas, limited to a certain surrounding. Though it is a common term inside Affinity I would not call it proper. There was not only no need at all to invent this term as a name for an item of new Affinity UI but also the term appears to be common already with a different meaning in software development , where it is similar to a specific individual of a target group, and a term of marketing this way. "Persona" in Affinity does neither make the communication clearly nor is it relevant for documentation. For instance having the term "persona" doesn't support to know what Affinity features are available as "Develop Persona" and what belong to the "Photo Persona", or when they may export as any Persona and when they need to switch to be the "Export Persona". Actually the toolbar buttons to switch to another persona don't need this additional suffix, in practise the user switches e.g. from APub to Photo, toggles between apps and features, not personas, within certain limitations (inside APub, "StudioLink") or without limitation and entirely leaving one app and working in another (File > Edit in...). To me it simply feels more natural (human persona) – and less like being treated as an object of marketing – to speak instead about "mode" or similar abstract terms. I am glad I don't have to be the "Separated Persona" when activating the Separated Mode. And luckily I don't have to become an RGB persona when working in this color mode or space, nor do I have to be a text frame persona when using the Text Frame Tool or Panel – or a forums persona right now.
  3. (Actually I don't know what "font traits" means, so I only see/judge its menu). I assume the "Font weights" will cause a simulated look whereas "Font traits" use + display the really existing weights: Only the latter have according files for the font (what you detect as "names"). That's why, as mentioned before, Affinity appears to prevent you in purpose from selecting a trait unless it knows a family – no trait without family – to avoid conflicts, which might begin when you change the 'parent' style's family, which possibly doesn't have the according trait you had set before in its 'child' style. In your initial post you mentioned explicit "italic". Did you follow the hints of R C-R and tried using the "italic" checkbox instead, not the menu?
  4. Can you print from Affinity if you log-in to your mac as a different user? Sorry, I doubt it will work for Pink, since there are various macs affected. But maybe it works for @Dave124 ?
  5. Just in case this post caused the current turn in this thread from its initial explicit "look" (see topic title) to "legal": This comparison wasn't posted for legal concerns but rather because of "look", which always is also related to "known", "common", "boring" versus "new", "never seen before" or "interesting". From a professional perspective it can be right to hit any of those feelings – the decision depends on the goal. The author, editor, publisher and designer usually have different ideas about this goal, or at least how it can be achieved. Not to mention buyers and readers. In mind we are all professionals.
  6. Can you explain what makes you think so? In my experience Affinity requires rather processor power, CPU or GPU, than much (= all available) RAM of a system. It wouldn't make sense to expect to have an amount of RAM installed according to the total amount of used files + linked resources, would it? Though there seem to be situations where even 90 GB aren't sufficient – which makes me think it's rather a matter of memory management than of memory size. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/search/&q="personabackstore.dat"&search_and_or=and&sortby=relevancy
  7. In my understanding it is no bug but a feature of care. The good reason is related to the fact that the available Font traits always are related to their Family – and just unknown without a family. Not every font family offers the same traits, so if you would define your style with a certain trait that doesn't exist any more as soon you change the family then this should have to cause a conflict. The Affinity decision was obviously to prevent this conflict in advance. (yes, another approach would be to pop-up a warning message as soon a conflicting user setting occurs – but this might be annoying, too, and a new field for errors.) Even with "simple" and quite usual traits it can become conflicting, for instance if one family has a trait named "regular" while the other has one only named "normal". For us users the difference might not matter much but for a software algorithm it can get hard to judge whether "regular" = "normal" or if "italic" = "kursiv" or "condensed" = "narrow", not to mention bold, fett, heavy etc. It's just that font trait naming isn't standardised.
  8. Sorry. Same result here in APhoto, regardless of application or document palette. Again, how about typing the desired suffix manually?
  9. To me it adds the suffix .afpalette by default when I choose a palette for export in AP 1.8.4 on mac. What if you type the suffix manually?
  10. For a test, you can alternatively rotate the page by 90° in the print options with changing the page orientation.
  11. I can't replicate the issue, I get 3 selected text frames exported as expected, clipped to their dimension in PDF, JPG and PNG (+ transp) sucessfully. Do you experience this with all your documents? If not, what if you copy/paste the affected frames to a different or new document? If it still resists, can you upload an .afpub with affected items for a test?
  12. There is no active object to get cropped in your video. To have an object activated do either/or... – single-click on the canvas before dragging – click on the layer in the layers panel to select it
  13. You seem to look in the Context Toolbar – take a look in the Transform Panel for the desired values ("W", "H"), as Walt recommended before.
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