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  1. I noticed in the first beta of this series of releases that a bug regarding the application of guides on masters – which i originally reported here – has been addressed - thank you. However in this latest beta I have noticed that the guides on a master page aren't being applied to the first page in a document now. Thank you for all the hard work Screen_Recording_2021-03-19_at_17_00_30.mov
  2. Currently the selected colour changes on a tool by tool basis. For example I choose a blue while I’m using a paintbrush but I switch to the fill tool and the colour changes to orange, which was the last colour I used to flood fill a layer 3 documents ago. I don’t personally understand the logic of making the active colour tool driven, rather than context driven. Mask layers are a case in point. The context of working in a mask or on an adjustment layer is that you are working in black, white or grey, yet the active tool and whatever colour you selected dictates the colour in this context. I appreciate I might be missing the grand plan here, but surely I’m not alone?
  3. Hi @MEB thanks for getting back to me with the info. The concept learned from years of retouching in PS of adding masking to adjustment layers is hard to shake! The built in mask does make more sense, so I’m glad to now know it’s there.
  4. 2021 and I back this! The suite is packed full of features but unfortunately with new features come new bugs. Bug fix and UI/UX improvements should take precedence
  5. Hi @MEB I’m on Mac (big sur) running photo 1.9.1 purchased directly from affinity rather than via the App Store. I’m happy to provide the afphoto file and my psd exports if it helps
  6. When I export a psd with layer adjustments the masks get stripped out. I’ve tried both export options, preserve editablity and preserve accuracy but the result is exactly the same. Am I missing something?
  7. @walt.farrell you sir, know your oats and your publisher! it was set to language unknown (US) selected English and sure enough my problem went away! weirdly this was an imported idml. On a fresh document the language defaults to British English. I should have known it was adobe’s fault! 😂 thanks Walt!
  8. capitalisation makes zero difference and affinity on right click wants to suggest American spelling
  9. Not sure about the capitalisation of the word Walt. Will check. However this should be working on a case insensitive string match. As for Mac dictionary. It isn’t being used as the Mac dictionary recognises both jewellery as being the British spelling suggesting or offering the American spelling as an alternative.
  10. Even a simple word like jewellery is in the concise OED. I respectfully disagree with Walt, it is not the onus of the user to fiddle around with dictionaries in the background, especially for English/French/German/Spanish... I could understand it if we were expecting Affinity Publisher to ship with dictionaries for Taushiro or Bahing.
  11. I think a different model for the dictionary needs to be used than the Hunspell. It's flagging the british spelling of jewellery as incorrect. Even though my system prefs are set to British English and publisher likewise. For a british company to favour american spelling.... tut tut tut 😂 ps. I've also tried the workaround posted elsewhere about downloading and adding a new dictionary. Still no joy
  12. Apologies I didn’t realise that, just spotted them dancing around and wondered if related. I’ll have a look at grids next time I’m in front of my desk.
  13. In the second video - did you noticed your close minimise expand buttons (top left) jumping around? Wonder if it’s related?
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