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  1. On topic... why publisher doesn’t default CMYK documents to a default set of CMYK colours is a mystery. I created and shared my own here
  2. But shhh don’t mention/criticise anything about UX/UI on here.... you’ll get the “windmills don’t work that way” defence! For me the UX/UI is really letting the software down. It’s a quality issue - details matter. I wish they’d prioritise the UX and bug fixing before releasing new functionality.
  3. In Publisher on Mac in both the light and dark theme, I see no difference when using the Artboard Background Gray Level slider. Am I missing something? Or is it superflous?
  4. I noticed this a couple days ago and thought it was a bug. So raised it in the bugs sub forum initally, but have since removed it. I first came across this in the New Master Page Dialog when you have dark theme on MacOS selected either in app or at an OS level. The visual feedback for the selected state of Single or Facing page toggle is ambiguous with the dark theme, but is reinforced through OS accent colour in the light theme. Dark theme: Relies on pushed button metaphor, yet the control - to me at least - looks/looked like a segmented control, suggesting that Single is highlighted. The context informed my opinion as the Dimensions Tab below is lighter and selected. I assumed that Lighter = selected. This "pushed button" metaphor is fine where there are more than two options using it and where one option has more than two choices. As seen in the preferences pane (below) the control with three options shows clearly which is selected. Not only does the wording of the context help but the selected option is the odd one out. From this I can infer which choice is selected in the control above which only has two options. However, when light mode is enabled (see below) ambiguity is reduced as the selected choice is reinforced through accent colour. TLDR: Could the colour accent used in the light theme be applied to the Dark Theme too please?
  5. @wonderings couldn’t agree more re: default palette for what it’s worth I shared a new default palette that’s a little bit more sensible for print designers over in resources
  6. I find publisher takes ages to cold boot ever since the 1.9 update My purchase route was direct from affinity and not the MAS Big Sur 11.2.1 iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015) 3.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5 32 GB 1867 MHz DDR3 AMD Radeon R9 M380 2 GB
  7. Path offset is a tool I’ve found I’ve used a lot in illustrator. Glad to see designer has included something similar - just hoping they iterate and improve upon it so that it works a little more intuitively I.e keeping the original path in place and creating the offset as a copy
  8. On reflection the use case for this is quite rare. I used the feature once in a design where I had a series of full bleed images and running heads. The design included a knockout behind the text to allow the text to be read - like a highlight - and the knockout’s max-width was related to the length of the words in the head plus padding left and right. Setting a max width wasn’t possible as some heads ran long and others short and i wanted the Knock-out to grow and shrink accordingly. Not a problem, if I wanted to achieve that look in publisher I can work around it manually. i simply wondered if the function was there or if I was somehow missing it.
  9. I had an issue with guides set on master pages being applied incorrectly to child pages/spreads. Posted in Mac bugs but crashy bugs are naturally/rightfully taking precedence
  10. Hello. Does anyone know if it's possible to create auto/flexible width text frames in publisher? I've looked high and low and haven't uncovered anything thus far. I've used them in the past for running heads set on the master page without text. Configured to take a single line of text ranged left or right with an inset left and right. Possible or not as yet?
  11. @Ravi.For what it’s worth if you want to make the clear and dropper icon big in publisher again go into preferences and (I think general) select use monochrome icons. It doesn’t do anything you’d expect, but it does change the size of the clear colour and eyedropper icons! 😳 The change also seems to persist on restart and for new documents
  12. Line count would also be useful for a given text box. As that is something key to devising solid typographic and picture grids. Surely this could be incorporated into the UI (bottom status bar springs to mind) To be brutally honest. I’d rather affinity concentrate really refining the basics now and making them rock solid rather than adding more bells and whistles. It’s already got the majority of the functionality of ID but it lacks some really basic things and some other basic functionality just doesn’t work. Not to mention some glaring UI/UX inconsistencies. To quote Mies Van de Rohe God is in the details and Less is More
  13. AFPub 1.9 Mac OS 11.2.1 Trying to apply a specific master page to a single page in a spread results in the whole spread getting the master. Steps to recreate 1. Create two master pages with differing guides 2. Either drag master page onto specific page or right click and apply master to specific page masters.mov
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