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  1. Thanks for the quick responses. I think I understand but just to be clear -- if I have .. single Master Page 'A' containing a Text Frame with a Paragraph Style of "Body" .. 300 page book all using M.P. 'A' and I want to change the Style to, say, "My New Body 1", then I have to manually change the Text Frame on all 300 pages. Is that correct? I would like to know if Affinity has any plans to change this behavior. What's the best way to ask -- open a bug? other? Thanks, Doug
  2. Problem: I changed the Paragraph Style for a Text Frame on a Master Page but the change is not applied to the associated Publication Pages. When I roll the mouse over the Text Frame layer (dashed orange vertical bar on the left edge) on a Pub Page, a pop-up shows "Unlinked Attributes: Text Frame." I'm new to Publisher but have read the Help doc, searched the forum and read the release notes for Affinity Publisher Public Beta - and (running on macOS Mojave). I can't find any description of this behavior or how to change it. I would like for changes to Text Frames on Master Pages to be propagated to the applicable Pub Pages. It seems to me that this is a key purpose/feature of Master Pages. Any pointers to tutorials or instructions would be most appreciated. Thanks, Doug
  3. Hey Walt, Wow, thanks! This is really clear and helpful. The AP help for Index and Index Panel made no sense and I couldn't find a tutorial either. After reading your short "tutorial", I had my index up and running in about 10 minutes. Best, Doug
  4. Walt, Thanks -- you're correct. I re-added the Picture Frames to the double-wide Master page and then, for each interior page, dragged the two images from the old per-page Picture Frames to the new Master Picture Frames and then deleted the old (now empty) Picture Frames on each page. As you suggested, the Resource Manager now lists all of the jpg files and shows them as linked. Thanks for the heads up and link. I've now got some reading to do w.r.t. Master pages, symbols, linking and syncing and all that. One each interior page, under the Master page, some of the Picture Frame layers have a solid vertical orange bar and some have a dashed vertical orange bar. I'm not sure why or the implications but it's probably caused by some difference in the steps I used to drag the images from the old frames to the new Master frames. Again, thanks for your help.
  5. Hi, I'm creating a photo book and therefore looking for the same feature as ekweb to ensure that the size and location of photos is consistent across multiple pages. I'm new to Publisher (running build 227 on macOS Mojave) and naively added Picture Frame Rectangles to a double-wide Master page and merrily proceeded to add lots of pages off this Master, each with different images. It all seemed to work fine. However, when I opened the Resource Manager, none of the images are listed. As an experiment, I moved the image folder and to my surprise, nothing changed in the document -- all of the images stayed in place. Since I specified "Prefer Linked" when creating the document, how is that possible. I've read all the Help and Forum bits I can find but what does/does not work is unclear. I realize Publisher is Beta so I don't actually need to know what's going on but it's very confusing. I guess my real question is -- will Picture Frame Rectangles work at GA? Thanks, Doug
  6. Dominik -- thanks! I knew it had to be easy, I just couldn't find it.
  7. Hi all, Env: Publisher beta on a MacBook running Mojave 10.14.1. I'm new to Publisher and trying to create a book dust jacket. I've created the front/back flaps and front/back covers and everything has worked great. I'm impressed with the speed, stability and ease of use of Publisher. I'm now trying to create the spine and need to add two text frames (title and author) with a vertical orientation. I've watched the tutorials, searched Publisher help, searched the forums and clicked on every panel and menu I can find to no avail. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks, Doug