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  1. My lens (Nikon 18-135mm zoom) is not supported by default so I needed to download & install the Nikon SLR lens profiles. Here's a link to the tutorial. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahBF2_On_rA p.s. Adobe Lightroom does NOT provide a profile for this lens -- yet another reason I'm glad I switched to Affinity Photo!
  2. This is fixed in APub Beta
  3. Jon, Excellent! The updated index how shows "affinity 1-5". Kudos to you and the dev team for the quick turnaround!
  4. Jon, Hmmm, maybe I'm misinterpreting your notes but both seem not quite right to me. The problem isn't that the "index can be out of date" -- the problem is that the index is wrong -- it's out of order. I created the six pages, added "marked" text to five of them, created the index and bang, it's wrong. Also, your comment that my "Right frame" is on the left and vice versa sounds incorrect. In the Demo2 .afpub file, the "Left text" (Frame text) is on the left facing page and the "Right text" (Frame text) is on the right facing page. I hope this helps clarify the problem (as I see it) -- I don't mean to confuse the issue.
  5. Jon, I've attached an even simpler Demo2 .afpub file. It occurred to me that Page 1 is Page 1 whether a '1' is displayed/printed on Page 1 or not so I removed the two TextFrames that contained the PageNumber fields (left and right facing pages) from the Master page. I also removed the groups (Verso and Recto) because they were just there to make it easier to reorder the Verso/Recto layers. Here's the newer/simpler Master Page in the attached Demo2 file. The Index, of course, is still out of order. Thanks, Doug Demo2_bug_index_page_number_order.afpub
  6. Yes, that's very strange. Even though the index for my Demo .afpub is out-of-order, the page numbers themselves are OK -- i.e. pages 2,4,6 are on the left and pages 1,3,5 are on the right.
  7. Nope, I created the attached Demo .afpub file just as described and as the screenshot shows. I added the Recto/right layers first so they're on the bottom and the Verso/left layers next so they're on the top.
  8. The page numbers in the index are out of order. See screenshots below and attached .afpub Demo file. The index should show "affinity 1-5" -- NOT "affinity 1,3,2,5,4" I created a 6-page document with "facing pages". and modified the default Master Page: add two Groups ("Recto" and "Verso") each containing two Text Frames inserted a page number field into one Text Frame in each group I then typed "affinity" into the other Text Frame for pages 1-5 and marked each as an Index item. I then added a Text Frame to page 6 and inserted the index. The page numbers in the index are out of order. Note that if I swap the Recto and Verso groups on the Master Page and then delete and re-create the index, the page numbers are correct (i.e. "affinity 1-5"). This seems like a bug to me. IMHO, I should not need to create the layers on the Master Page in some mystical sequence to get a proper index! At the least, this is very confusing and took me hours to figure out. Actually, two very helpful users on the Publisher Forum figured it out. Thanks for your time and attention. Demo_bug_index_page_number_order.afpub
  9. The unexpectedly large file size isn't a show-stopper for me but still quite a nuisance. The 200 images in my .afpub file are 'linked' but the file is still 1.5GB. I'm actually quite impressed with how responsive Publisher is with this large a document but it does cause several problems. I don't know for sure that the large file size is causing all of these problems but I didn't run into any of them until the file got over 1GB. .. the fan in my Macbook runs a lot because Publisher is consuming 100%-200% of the CPU while I'm working. .. I sync my Documents folder to Apple iCloud and since the uplink rate is about 1.5MB/sec, it takes 15-20 minutes to upload the file every time I save it. .. Publisher just quits every now and then so I'm inclined to save frequently -- but see above :-( My background is computers -- not publishing -- and in that world "linked" has a very specific meaning which is definitely not "embedded." Hopefully Affinity plans to actually link the images but if not, I wish they would call it "connected" or "coupled" or something else. Calling them "linked" is very confusing.
  10. OK, @Old Bruce and @walt.farrell -- some good news. I put the triplets (image, caption and page number layers in the Master Page) in a group for each page (left and right) and then swapped the groups so the Verso/left page bits are below the Recto/right bits. I then deleted the Text Frame that contained the Index, created a new Text Frame and clicked Text -> Index -> Create Index and voila, the page numbers are ordered correctly. I'm working on a simple/small document that will (hopefully) reproduce this "out of order page numbers in index" problem and, if successful, will open a bug. Thanks again for your help. Doug p.s. There is still a disconnect between the six layers on the Master and (now) eight layers on the 'real' pages but I'll work on that later.
  11. Hey @walt.farrell and @Old Bruce Sorry but there is some basic piece of info that I'm missing. I added and deleted several index items but nothing changed in the index. Also, per Walt's suggestion, I tried to click Text->Index->Update Index but it's grayed-out so there must be something else I need to select or click on or something. Also, bad news -- after swapping the recto-verso layers on the Master page, the 200+ photo-caption pages got weird (see screenshot below). The Verso triplet is now at the bottom (yea!) but there is now a new layer -- a second "Verso Photo" layer that's at the top and contains the actual photo. The 'old' Verso Photo (Picture Frame) is empty. This weirdness (Page layers don't match Master layers) and the flipped even/odd page numbers seem like bugs to me. Why would re-ordering six Master layers result in seven Page layers? Who would want an index entry "Foo 3,2,5,4,7,6" instead of "Foo 3-7"? Again, thanks so much. I'm sure you guys have "real" work to do. I can't tell whether these issues are "me the newbie" or "Publisher the beta". Doug .
  12. Hey Old Bruce, Good catch! Yes, all of the out-of-orders are switched even/odd (left/right) pages. Per your suggestion, I reordered the layers on the Master page (see screenshot below). Previously, the Verso triplet (photo, caption, page number) was above Recto so I moved Verso to the bottom. I then clicked the "update" button on the index panel but nothing changed. Maybe there is something else I need to do to get Publisher to rebuild the index? Thanks! Doug
  13. Hey Walt, Thanks (again) for the quick and helpful reply. The .afpub file is 1.4GB so I don't think you want a copy Unfortunately (for me), the text frames are not linked. In fact, I just learned how to link text frames a few minutes ago (for the index that I'm working on). I don't know why this should matter but all of these pages share a Master page that has (on both facing pages) one Picture Frame and two Text Frames -- one for the caption and one for the page number. The caption, of course, is different on each page so the "Caption" layers have a dashed orange vertical line on the left and when I move the cursor over the layer, a pop-up says "Unlinked Attributes: text". For this book, I want the images, captions and page numbers in the same position and with the same 'style' so using a common Master page. However, the relationship between text styles (character, typography, paragraph) on Master pages and the corresponding text styles on the N "real" pages is still very confusing to me. I'll see if I can reproduce the problem with a smaller example. Thanks, Doug
  14. I just created an index but the page numbers are out of order (see screenshot below). I've read the Help doc and searched the forum for 'index AND page AND number" but don't see anything addressing this problem. I've certainly done something wrong but can't imagine what or how to tell Publisher to sort the page numbers. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks Doug Running Affinity Beta Publisher on macOS Mojave
  15. Thanks for the quick responses. I think I understand but just to be clear -- if I have .. single Master Page 'A' containing a Text Frame with a Paragraph Style of "Body" .. 300 page book all using M.P. 'A' and I want to change the Style to, say, "My New Body 1", then I have to manually change the Text Frame on all 300 pages. Is that correct? I would like to know if Affinity has any plans to change this behavior. What's the best way to ask -- open a bug? other? Thanks, Doug