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  1. There are currently far to many limitations to macros to be of any help overcomming the deficient workflow. Certainly when you discover the lacking workflow acessing macros themselves (it's not possible to assign keystrokes to macros, administring the library panel, many commands can't be recorded ... etc)
  2. Sadly enough I have to agree ...
  3. Well, serif has a serious issues with workflow. I've been commenting on this for more than a year. Pointing out all the lacking details and suggesting better ways. One has to re-enter values each time you call a dialog, the standard settings are complete useless, nothing is saved, irritating non-modal dialogs, even window-alignment is a nightmare not worth looking at etc.. It seems as if nooene ever worked with the product on a daily base... improvements primarily seemd to be focussed on serious bugs(!) (not mentioning the useless non-bug "by design" implementations - aka "we know it's there but we're not gonna change it") and features. Lets hope that one day marketing will swiftly move on from goal 1 (desperately gaining new customers) to goal 2 (keeping professional customers) ... but until than I'm forced to continue with PS CS6 for my daily work ... and doing the Affinity bug-searching task for serif free of charge as many others - waiting for better times to come
  4. Regretfully this hasn't been debugged yet :-( ... I wish there would be more focus on workflow issues ... hoping for the next beta ...
  5. affinity designer

    Excellent work!
  6. Thanks for confirming.
  7. Nope, happens in both .... Short explanation: I'm dragging an external jpg into AD, adding an asset, adjusting the settings, exporting the document - and trying to do the same procedure again! Attempt 1 Export1.mp4 (got killed when dragging another picture) Attempt 2: export2.mp4 (Instantly got killed) Attempt 3: Export3.mp4 (This is the normal situation ... clicking on export finishes the app ...) SInce I was trying around a bit with the circumstances this bug occurs: it seems to be related to the setting I make the first time in the export dialog. Maybe switching to bicubic or reducing jpg quality to 80%. It did not occur, when I kept the settings as they were ... Cheers, Timo
  8. I should make it a general topic. The problem exists in AP in the same way (I assume it's the same codebase) ... No way I can export more than one document without an unhandled exception. Cheers, Timo
  9. Reproducable crash the second time you try to export a document. Works fine for the first time, crashes the second time when you select the menu "export". After restart same behaviour ... Cheers, Timo
  10. Thanks for the quick answer! I'm more than happy to support you with a list of dialogs and topics where saving settings and presets from my perspective is essential. With support of other users we might be able to get a comprehensive list of areas where to focus on (from a users perspective)...
  11. My pleasure
  12. Since I'm trying to work with AP and AD nearly on a daily base I'd like to point out one of the (from my working experience) most anoying and down-slowing topics of AD and AP. It's the lacking ability to save hardly ANY (user defined) setting within the program! Mainly when it comes to content of dialogs, standard presets, program or document relateds setting ... hardly anything is saved and can be recalled in any way so one hast to start all over and over again entering the same values. What a constant waste of time you are requesting from your users! Setting the gaussian blur values for each photo again and again, changing from a bilinear sample method to bicubic, an unsharp mask filter that always and unchangeable starts with unsuitable initial values ... this list is nearly as long as the featurelist of the programs. And sadly enough the standard setting in many ways are completely useless! I'm very aware that there is quite some programming effort involved to change this ... settings can be document depending, session depending or a general setting. It may lead to changes in document format and program setting (what is obviously something developers try to avaoid). But please tell AP and AD users, that you are aware of this problem and you're trying to fix it! Cheers, Timo
  13. When I close the standard "iOS" asset category in the asset panel as well as all the sub-categories and start my own asset category with subfolders. Than I select this category and close AD.The next time I start AD the "iOS" category is open again and - even worse - all subcategories are opened again. This bug is time consuming an annnyoing! Is the only way to overcome this user- and workflow-unfriendly behaviour by deleting the "iOS" category - or did I miss out on some hidden setting to make the asset panel remember what category I'd like to work with? In case this is not a "feature" or "by design" (or both) please consider a user selected standard setting for the asset panel (for new documents) as well as a document depending setting ... (saved with the document). Cheers, Timo
  14. Maybe even as some kind of "Asset" functionality (library without the "instance" part) ...
  15. That's a good start ... we already agree here ... In case you missed out on my smiley ... But getting back to some facts: My comment was by no means ment to offend people. Face it, requesting a different coloured UI has for the vast majority of users no practical value gain (and of course there might be some special cases where people really require it - I was not generalising but talking about a majority!). It is a bling-bling feature ... nice to look at. If that's your primary and major concern for a new product release one seems to have no other, more important issues to sort out. As a consequence these users did not come across more important issues within the product. Looking at the shear amount of positive, constructive suggestions for product improvements that will change what you can do with the product and how you can do it this means that a user with priority on UI colours has never encountered these issues. This leads to the reasonable conclusion, that the in-depth level this user has worked with the product never scratched the surface of professional usage! Stating this is NO OFFENSE (unless everyone perceives oneself as a serious PRO - in that case I'm willing to confront a distorted perception with reality). People have different levels of needs - even more the more complex a product is. AP and AD are professional tools but placed in a consumer friendly pricerange. They offer a multitude of professional features for everybody. This is an exceptional good thing! So it's likely to see many non-professional users amongst the customers. This is part of an important customer base. And I'm personally happy for everybody who found a product that fullfills all their needs and who's most urgent wish is to get a light UI. We fully agree on this point! But seeing that quite some reasonable development effort is spend on theses kind of topics makes me clench my teeth - having in mind what would be urgent (of course from my very personal perspective). I'm very aware that marketing hast to fullfill these needs to satisfy this customer base since they are financially essential - and most likely the majority. If my way to communicate comes accross a bit to agressive for some people this may be due to an outspoken personal attitude, cultural differences, lacking language skills and maybe slightly thin-skinned participants I'm constantly trying to give constructive and detailed feedback, suggesting new features and reporting bugs. I'm convinced that's what brings the product forward.Complaining about the same lacking "workflow" is inevitable, since trying to work with the product on a daily base brings me back to these shortcommings again and again - but I'm trying to avoid it. Of course I'm selfish ... trying to get attention for my requests ... but seeing that kind requests, or harsh comments, multiple inputs - either way do not show any change - is kind of frustrating. And seeing the amount of time many people as well as myself put into bug searching and reporting (generating screenshots and videos, writing long comments explaining issues) this seems to be taken for granted, without results. It's all a bit of give and take .... So help me out. What makes sense? Seeing the amount of time spend on the feedback channel ... and the results of the efforts ... I'm considering to pull back and just let things happen. Sooner or later Affinity will get there. The two reasons I'm currently with Affinity is the "subscription policy" (incl. the "no posession" policy!) of Adobe and the fact, that AP/AD has the potential to play in the same arena as PS. Workflowise I'd still be working with PS! I could as well live with a subscription policy (quarterly fee with constant updates) where I still own the product when not taking part at the updates any more, but I will not allow (at least as long as I can prevent it to happen) a software company to blackmail me by ending access to essential software I paid for. BTW: Thanks for the interesting link.