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  1. LOL .. if it wouldn't continuously crash (reproducible) when I try to do that :-)
  2. But ... not really ... let's wait for build 59 ... :-(
  3. So you think there's a bug in the document setup? Seems like if you don't do it right at the initial setup ... you will not be able to set up the pages accordingly afterwards ...
  4. This was the dialog "document setup" ... after I created the document. Does it mean you can't change the document to the required dimensions and setup later with this dialog?
  5. Empty A4 page ... 1 textframe with 3 column text. Pasted 6 Word pages plain text and my system is slowed down to a degree I can't work any more (tablet does barely work any more ... cursor move stepwise 20 px per seconds). Mouse is still acceptable ... wanting to distribute the overflow text by shift-left clicking the eye at the bottom right column leads to this crash:
  6. Fully agree ... and despite the fact everybody is screaming and cheering like hell ... it seems way to go ... curently it seems OK for a poster/leavlet ot brochure when the beta bugs are gone... Jens, thanks for the hint but that does not work at all. After copying lots of random text from the clipboard into the textframe AP completely blocks my system. The cursor moves 2 cm every second. And clicking the overflow Icon in combination with shift does not have any effect ... As I said above AP is not at all prepared for many pages ...
  7. Currently it seems AP is build to generate flyers, single page documents or maybe documents up to 10 pages ... but not long text documents ... most of the features for these kind of media are missing ... (no criticism, but just a fact) ... Of course I hope that "long document" (e.g. books and magazines) support will come one day ...
  8. Still doesn't work for me ... :-( You document setup looks like that for me ...
  9. Oh, thx!!! I always did the Arrangement wrong since I thought it would be a horizontaly layout ... Great!
  10. Trying to test a book layout ... 300 pages ... facing ... each page 2 columns ... any chance to get the columns preset for all pages? All text frames connected ... Or starting with one page (double column masterpage) and AP automatically adds all necessary pages to fit the imported text into columns of all pages? Or is AP currently more designed for flyers and small print projects? Cheers, Timo
  11. Wow ... impressive. But honestly ... I don't know how you did it ... and I'm not capable to reproduce it :-( ... Seems like I haven't found the necessary setting yet ... despite your example :-(
  12. I was trying to setup a brochure in A5 ... horizontal orientation with the facing pages on the long side (like a horizontal calender - binding on the long side) ... And I need 4 vertical columns on each facing page (so setting up the document as A5 vertical with facing pages is NO option) ... is AP capable of that (maybe I just did not get it) - if not: any chance this will be implemented? Cheers, Timo
  13. I wonder if this topic has been looked at by serif development and if there were any plans to improve basic workflow in these handling topics? I may add that I do not see any need for a differenciation of floating and docked mode. Docked windows get tabs at the top of the screen and can be combined with undocked ones anyhow. It would be helpful if thearea where a window can be docked is made significantly smaller since quite often one un-deliberately docks a window even though you just want to shift the floating window somewhere at the top of the screen. The automated resizing mentioned above would be a really, really (did I mention REALLY) great feature to get and lwould improve the workflow significantly. Cheers, Timo