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  1. When working with undocked documents and AP is closed and restarted again all documents are docked again ... is there a setting anywhere that will preserve the position of undocked windows after restart? Cheers, Timo
  2. Thanks Mark!
  3. Well... frankly spoken ... it should not matter what tool is selected! Grabbing the frame of a window shoul be easy with any active tool! And I'm not looking for a "workaround" .. I'm just waiting for a serious workflow disability beeing corrected ... It really upsets me that everybodys talking about "new features" and updates in the latest beta that corrects a "bug for an 1969 Exakta Camera file import format in the color conversion under low light conditions" or a "CMYK color deviation in Fogra39 export when ligh UI is activated" ... but the basic daily work doesn't get done ... (sorry for beeing a bit grumpy and cynical - maybe it's due to the fact that this small topic is just one out of 100 of the same kind that really hamperes daily work! ... and I'm desperately waiting to be able to properly work with the software)
  4. This is a bug in the floating windows handling .... it's hardly impossible to resize a floating window in AP .... please check and work on this! See attached video! It seems this does not occur on developers machines - elswise that would have been taken care of long time ago ... it is close to impossible to change the windows dimensions! (In conjunction with the desasterous floating windows handling in AP please check this for improvement!) - there are people out there that really try to USE your SW - professionally ... please keep that in mind ... and don't igore their workflow needs! Cheers, Timo window resize.mp4
  5. To be able to add and adjust proper sharpening to a document it needs to be in the final resolution. This can't be accomplished in the export persona since setting the required final resolution is the last step and appropriate sharpening can't be applied after that. So the full size picture already needs "guessed" sharpening values in the photo persona (that will most likely not fit the final resolution) before switching to the export persona ... Thx MEB ... (of course sharpening is specific to each picture) ... so I will keep my workflow in the photo persona unable to utilize the export persona ....
  6. Nearly a year later ... it looks like the dev team really wants to stick with this mask-opacity behaviour. And even though one might be able to somehow argue with a (from my perspective) twisted logic why the current behaviour makes sense - if customers don't understand the logic due to the very high level of complexity and lack of comprehensibility you will loose them (see above) ... an intuitive and easy to understand mask-behaviour would from my perspective be the preferred soloution
  7. Hi stokerg, thanks for your answer! Hmm, I think I did understand the original concept of the Export persona ... my problem: I've got a 30MP full res. main picture and want to export it for the web in e.g. 900x600px ... this would result in a degree of sharpening what would completely ruin the original size picture but would be OK after resizing. Additionally: sharpening the 30MP does not give me any idea how the resized picture will look like ... so sharpening in full res to properly suit the small websize will always be a "good guess" ... as a consequenz the export persona seems useless if you want proper sharpening applied to a picture - because what I'll have to do anyhow is resizing the pic in the photo persona to the output sizefirst and apply sharpening afterwards ... but than I can as well use the export command from the photo persona because the export persona does not give me any more benefit ... (OK, maybe the slices - so export persona is for web developers only?)
  8. Love to hear this .... great!
  9. I do acknowledge and appreciate the concept of the export persona ... if just ... ! If just sharpening wouldn't need to be done in the final resoloution- what can't be done here ... so usage of the export persona is limited to bulk actions, exporting any and multiple kind of documents ... just without the final touch. Or is there something I'm overlooking? So is it true that I'm stuck with the export option in the photo persona to get maximum results with required sharpness and all other balls an whistles? Cheers, Timo
  10. Wouldn't it be a good idea to be able to drag (and drop) a layer from one document to another within AP? Life can be easy if you support the users workflow ... Cheers, Timo
  11. I'm aware that the focus of development has not been on essential workflow elements but I seriously beg you to have a look at some of the basic daily work topics for daily work users (it's not features that differentiates AP from PS ... it's workflow!) Taking a closer look at the windows handling: Dragging a window from the docked position to a free floating position leaves the windowns in XXL size instead of adjusting it to the current document size - it's a nightmare! Is there a chance to center the document within an optimised size of the window adapting to the current size of the document (within the current zoom state)? The situation gets even worse since the handles for adjusting the windwsize are active in such a small region that it's extremely hard to resize a window to the desired size. There's probably 2 pixel space that makes the cursor change from horizontal to diagonal and vertical resizing (or simply clicking in an unused space) ... why don't you make handling easier? Why don't you automatically center the document within a given window but leave it to the user to center the document with much effort? I would as well appreciate a button that releases all existing documents from a docked position to a free flaoting position, automatically rezising and cerntering them - what an easy programming task but a big improvement for the users ...if you want to be competitive (you got the features), start with meeting the basic handling requirements! Cheers, Timo
  12. The NikCollection is free. You can download it here: https://www.google.com/nikcollection/
  13. I do have some quite significant problems with the pen tool. I have to cut out complex forms and use the Pen Tool to create the outline. Within AP it often happens that points close to each other are not set (instead the last point gets pre-selected). Effectively a new point can't be set within a certain distance to the last point (so constant zooming in and out is required to set nearby points!). Not always beeing aware of this since I'm setting hundrets of cornerpoints the curves closes unwanted and a new curve starts. This is very annoying since I have to go back in history or even delete many points since I did not instantly realise that a new curve has been created. Comming from PS where I never experience these problems it is a serious hurdle in AP and one of the reasons I still get back to PS for this task since the workflow is far less error prone and it takes up a lot less time. In PS you can't accidently close a curve, getting to close to the last enterd point will add a bezier-curve instead of a line what is not a big deal. Maybe someone can have a look into this and improve the handling of the pen tool to make usage more efficient. As well the history function sometimes fails when working with the Pen Tool (experienced that in other situations as well). Cheers, Timo
  14. Thx ... that improves handling quite a bit ...
  15. Thanks for your answers ... I guess that's what I was looking for ... appreciate it! But frankly spoken: that's a nightmare! It took me 40 minutes to get a clone result close to what I was looking for ... (instead of 2 minutes with PS) ... why make it easy if there's a far more complicated way to get the same results. I still haven't figured out how to reset the clone source once you need a different starting point from the source. So I ended up adding new sources over and over again from the same source picture to have additional clone starting points (OMG) - instead of simply defining the new clone starting point within a seperate document and painting in my existing picture. It is NOT intuitive at all! (Workflow!!!) - Is there any advantage of making a simple task that complicated (by adding an existing documents first to a "Source" panel again and again to define different staring points for the clone tool)? Maybe I simply did not get the benefit from this increased complexity (source window) ...