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  1. Take a look at this liquify screenshot with the according preferences ... You can see the artefacts, the mesh going wild - and the preferences with enabled HW acceleration
  2. Just to clarify: in my picture we are not looking at "display" errors but real pixel errors resulting from liquify calculations ...
  3. OpenCL was on ... wit Nvidia GTX 1660Ti - latest driver.
  4. Jowday, it looks like a similar technical issue ... but we also should discuss your photopgraphy topics 🙂 (LMAO)
  5. Not sure if this is a beta-specific problem - but these artefacts occured in the latest Beta (852) after applying a liquify edit. Cheers, Timo
  6. Kann ich allerdings bestätigen ... Schmuckfarben/Volltonfarbenhandling ist nen Alptraum ... Ist es eigentlich auch möglich eine solche Farbe nicht nur Dokumentspezifisch zu speichern, sondern global für zukünftige Projekte auch bereit zu stellen? Selbst im eigenen Dokument ist es ja mit detektivischer Investigation verbunden, die selbst angelegten Schmuckfarben wieder zu finden ...
  7. I updated to latest Beta and it seems to work now!
  8. Yes, maybe my description was no precise enough ... thx, Carl
  9. Hmmm, maybe I don't get what you mean. When working in Designer and you select "Edit in Photo" Designer stays active with no document open any more.... obviously you want to go on working in Photo but Designer stays active. So you proceed working on the document in Photo and sooner or later you want to continue again in Designer ... You click "Edit in Designer" and Photo stays actice .... but obviously you want to continue in Designer ... And end up with an empty surface in Photo and have to manually switch to Designer again ... I don't get where there is an increase in processing speed
  10. When switching a document from Designer to Photo or vice versa the original applications stays active (but - obviously - doesn't show the document any more) ... This may be by design but is pretty annoying and certainly not useful with regards to workflow. Cheers, Timo
  11. When trying to register from within the program I get an "Internal Server Error" ... (Beta 843) Cheers, Timo
  12. I wonder if it is possible to form a pixel layer by only dragging one corner. Obviously it's easy to resize, rotate and change the aspect ratio - but I need to project a photo on the the wall of another photo ... therefor it is required to be able to adjust cornerpoints independently. I tried it in AP and AD but could not figure out how to do it: Any help is appreciated. Cheers, Timo
  13. It seems that the problem more often occurs, when you work with high intensity calculation operations. E.g. masked filter layers in "multiply" mode ...
  14. This occured during active hardware acceleration ...
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