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  1. You make me feel guilty now ... Thankfully this has nothing to do with the programmers ... it's a basic feature decision - most likely not taken by the programmers. And it's been on the list for more than 2 years. (Btw: it's not about "Skew" ... Designer can skew. It's about trapezoid and other perspective transformations)
  2. Pretty hard to believe and very disappointing ... such a basic feature for a vectorial program! NOT HAPPY!
  3. Hi Mark, could you be a little bit more specific with regards to the required picture type/content? Do you prefere highISO pics, special lighting situations? ... or would any RAW crap that will be chucked out soon do the job as well? Cheers, Timo
  4. Ohh, love freshly grated parmesan cheese ... with some drips of good extra virgin olive oil ... maybe a hint of fresh red basil .. And Chris ... you screwed it ... take you wensleydale and nibble away ...
  5. Chris ... I always thought you were a nice guy ... but reading all this ... scares the hell out of me! But I might queue up for Bri-Toons out-of-this-world pizza (add a bit of extra cheese and I love cheesy crust!) :-)
  6. I was actually referring to the colour of the selected active entry (and I did not see the moving very slight colour change since the first entry "Normal" was still highlighted from my perception), I would hope for the highlighted entry to move when pressing cursor keys. But as you mentioned correctly I can confirm that the scrolling works for the adjustment filters but not for live filters! Cheers, Timo
  7. Hi Walt, now that you mention it I see it as well .... it's just barely to recognise - and I'm working on an high end calibrated monitor. (even in live filters). I guess one hast to drastically increase the gamma to be able to really see it. I would expect the marking from the "Normal" entry to move down and up ...
  8. Sorry, forgot to mention it's on a windows 7 64-Bit machine and this was the latest beta version. Thanks!
  9. When selecting a blend mode I prefere selecting the drop down field and stepping through the various blend modes with the cursor keys. Currently the switching of a blend mode by keys is not reflected by the selection bar in the drop down box so one never sees what mode is currently active. See attached video. I'm aware it's a minor 'mishap' but it's still annoing in the workflow ... Blendmodes.mp4
  10. Very helpful suggestion!! Thx LarsDaniel!
  11. 16:9 == 2,35:x (where x is the factor for y canvas increase) -> x=1,322 When you have your 2,35:1 document open, got to Document>Resize Canvas in the menue Unlock the lock-symbol between hight and width and multiply your y dimensions with 1,322 Set the ancor point to the middle and press OK. Now you can fill the newly created areas with black (or whatever you like them to be)
  12. Jak, what exactly want to do? Just start a new document with the aspect ratio of 16:9 ... or use the crop tool with a custom ratio of 16:9 on an existing document.
  13. Latest Beta When playing around with shapes I ended up with this ColourSelection dialog that looks to me like a bug: Even clicking around in the large red colour selection field the selected colour sticks to varieties of blue (top right corner). Also see video: colour selection.mp4 Cheers, Timo
  14. I wonder if there are any plans to enhance the layer assistant to create a first layer when you try to flood fill in a new document ... ? Currently the command still adds a FloodFill entry in the history but effectively does nothing ...(not even an error message)
  15. Now it's been a year that I posted this list of improvement suggestions ... looking back hardly any one of them has found it's way into the latest beta. No one of the serif staff could even be bothered to comment on one of the topics for over a year. I should sign in as a new user for each suggestion I make ... So what is it supposed to tell me: all suggestions are useless crap? We hear you but we ignore you? I'm just trying to get the message behind it ... (an no, I do nor expect that everything I suggest should be implemented - but at least it would be nice to understand why from my perspective sensible suggestions are ignored or simply discarded) I'll try to split up my suggestions again into seperate topics (as I started a sepeate "window" topic already - until now fully uncommented) ... not very encouraging!