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  1. It really would be helpful to get the 1-Bit mode implemented. It's been on the feature request list for nearly 4 years now .... Aside the above mentioned areas you need it for supplying coating layers for print.
  2. Thanks everybody for supporting me and adding you knowledge. I'm not a font expert and never experienced any font issues until now with any other program before! I really appreciate your input to solve Affinities SW bugs. Regretfully I don't own any of the above Font products to sort out font issues. Also I would not even know what kind of problem I should look out for (I hope that's excused since even Affinity doesn't seem to know anything! about fonts and these kind of issues) - and I wouldn't even know, how to solve the problem with one of the font managers. Frankly spoken, there are two topics: 1) Can we expect a professional Desktop Publishing SW to handle any kind of font problems that might occur - with ease (as ALL the competitors do)? I would assume since font handling is THE only thing that matters as a base competency: yes, it's something you can expect. And if a font is "bad quality" just don't integrate it (not nice - but a suitable workaround). But screwing up the complete font list is just far to much! It's like building a high performance car but only running on Shell fuel and breaking down with BP fuel while everyone else copes with all of them. 2) This is a typical bananaware issue. I assume everyone at affinity is aware of the problem (that's - again I assume - why they don't comment on this topic). I can spend another 3 days on figuring out what might be the cause of the problem. De-installing all Font managers, deleting all caches, deleting all fonts except the once installed by the system, de installing all possible additional software that might affect the system - until we finally find out what crappy sw bug caused the problem. I see absolutely no interest of affinity of solving this ESSENTIAL problem themselves or in cooperation with the users... (I do see them discussing pros and cons of new features big time). They just wait for customers to come up with a proper bug report leading to the real problem. In this case it goes far beyond "beta testing" ... (certainly since the screwed SW is implemented in the final version already) ... Feels for me like they are waiting for us to tell them where the bug is. I currently don't have the time to reconfigure my system just for Affinity. I'll try all of the above suggestions, when my projects for my customers are finished. Projects I really tried to realise with Publisher. Got myself an InDesign subscription until the project is over ... a very painful decision. I'll get back to the topic, when i've got spare time or Affinity starts to support working on major bugs again. I'm happy to help, but hate to be ignored ... Cheers, Timo Thx again for all your support!
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, but no! ... aside the fact that it will be of no use anyhow - at least it's a way to express how (now be kind, Timo) "upset" I am. And my claims are many things - but not unsubstantial! I appreciate your political correctness - something, I'd like to call "luxury" one can afford and flirt with when one is not depending on functioning SW for customer projects. AP is not supposed to be "alpha" any more. And in this case we are not looking at a specialised, hardly ever used feature - but basic functionality. And no, it's not Affinities fault that there are badly designed font (I never said that) - but it's in their responsibility to deal with the fact that there are badly designed fonts around and not let these wreck the whole AP bio-system. Just don't access corrupted fonts or exclude then in other ways ... But by the looks of it Affinity lets "something" (and no one really knows if the behaviour has got anything to do with bad fonts - that's only been some vague assumption since no one from Affinity comments on the problem) screw up the whole font system. At least on my system. And is forcing me back to InDesign...
  4. I'm not sure what makes a font that bad, that AP completely screws up it's font system. Even if a field in the font description is not filled in properly or completely that should be no reason for AP not to be able to display proper fonts any more ... can't be that hard - others can to it as well ... and seriously I would expect developers of a a DTP system TO SPEND AT LEAST A MINIMUM OF FOCUS on implementing proper font technology. But anyway - seems like this topic is of absolutely no interest for the Affinity guys. I checked my System fonts folder again - starting with "H" there currently is only the Adobe font folio Helvetica in there - nothing unknown any more. So I guess another font screws things up (if it's a font in the font folder at all - nowbody knows - maybe it's just a screwed up code within the publisher). And I can't check more than 100 fonts internally for something I don't even know what to look for ... In fact currently still 1 or 2 Helvetica fontfamily typefaces are offered by AP - ungrouped on the top level and they do vary as well each time I restart AP. TransType is a nice tool ... but you need to know what kind of errors you are looking for ... Hard to find a workaround for bananaware unless you have a good Idea what they screwed up ...
  5. I'm aware not everything works smoothly with LO ... but I have far less struggles with fonts in LO than in Publisher. Grouping of Typefaces works differently but even though things are structured differently they at least still work - unless in Publisher! I'm not an expert in font technology ... more the "user" kind ... what makes it hard to know the reason why things don't work properly. But I would expect Publisher to even work with a semi-well designed font - as others do as well. I do use low cost or freeware fonts occasionally for economic reasons. But when customers provide me with their highly paid fonts for a business project I do expect them to work on my system. Considering I de-installed all font managers. Cleared my windows font cache and tried to get rid of my freeware crap and cheap stuff ... (ashes on me) .... I would need some support on how to get the professional stuff running (not from you guys - I'm really thankful how much effort you spend into helping me to find a solution) ... But for Affinity this should be a "red alert problem" ... a DTP system that cant handle font-families issues ... seems like McDonalds not even being capable of barbecuing burgers (but they still have fancy sauces) . I don't expect Adobe fonts not to meet proper requirements in terms of naming. So despite other problematic fonts that should work out fine. I'll check again for the font names in the windows folder. But it feels like doctoring on the symptoms ... Thanks again for your insights and your help. I'll keep you posted if cleaning up the windows font folder is of any further use. And if the problem is caused by other fonts it will be of no help if you provide me with a surely working Helv 51 set - I would expect that this was delivered by Adobe anyhow already. Despite that - It wouldn't be in the financial scope of the customer. But thanks for offering. I'll keep your expertise in mind if I come across font problems in the future. By the looks of it I'll have to get back to InDesign - Just because it's for the customers project. Never wanted to and I hate the thought ... but I just need to continue working on what gets me the money ... Don't want to think about the time I wasted on Affinity Publisher without being able to solve basic topics ... Thx, Timo
  6. Either way .. Font Manager or F&R ... would both do the job ... but currently neither one does
  7. How would you enter a font name that is not in the font-list offered by Publisher? (and if you type it you'll most likely misspell it anyhow ) ... The font manager already knows about missing font ... so you would only have to exchange the action "Substitute" for the action "Replaced by"
  8. I would like to see an option in the font manager to not only "substitute" a font but to permanently exchange it for another font. Since "Find and Replace" only searches for existing fonts this is of no help. Only the font manager finds non-existing fonts - but will not replace them ... :-( (or I missed out another option to achieve this goal) Cheers, Timo
  9. For my current document I only want to use the Adobe "Helvetica Neue LTStd" including their 51 Typeface. I uninstalled everything else related to Helvetica. Will check the font folder .... but seeing that font names are quite often cryptic it's hard to say if every critical font surely was removed ... And again: Why can most programs handle fonts properly and more or less comfortable (at least they were shown and work!) but Publisher??? <irony>Seeing the "intense participation" of mods with regards to this topics it doesn't seems to bother anyone at Affinity/Serif ... I guess font problems are of minor interest in a DTP software </irony>
  10. @MikeW: I just wonder why only Affinity has this problem. I tried out many other programs like LibreOffice, my CAD System or even Write and they are not struggeling with Font-Families...
  11. No worries ... I take evey chance to sort out the problem and I'm greatful for your help!
  12. Thx .... wasn't aware of that option ... but sadly it doesn't offer a setting to reset the font chache :-(
  13. I'm aware that there are some crappy fonts in the collection. I deinstalled all of the "unprofessional" stuff before I made my last comment. So only the Adope "Helvetica Neue STD LT" font family was active. (with all 51 typefaces). Same problem. I also deinstalled the fontmanager - no change. After cleaning the windows fontcache it worked once again properly - but after a restart of Publisher I had the same problem again. Would remain the question how to clean the Publisher font cache? (Can't think of anything else) On the other hand I would expect Publisher to handle a fontmanager properly - and even to deal with badly named fonts. Assuming that Adobe has a proper naming system at least this font should display properly and not be affected by other naming problems. Currently I only get to see one or two random typefaces from a proper fontfamily of 51 typefaces - and my document is screwed without me knowing how to restore it properly!
  14. Im using MainType... But frankly spoken that should not matter. I only use it to organise fonts and to install/deinstall fonts. Its turned of when using publisher.
  15. Thanks Lagarto for some hints. I tested a bit and the situation is even more ridiculous. I uninstalled all Helvetica Fonts and re-installed only the HelveticaNeue STD LT family that comes with 51 typefaces. After installing them Publisher showed them in the right way as expected. I could also work with them in the tree structure. After restarting Publisher, only 2 Helvetica typefaces (seems random) were shown any more (out of 51) and displayed seperately in the font list. Each restart shows different Typefaces (sometimes just 1, sometimes 2) of the family in the list. The fonts in the document were substituted and the font famlily wich I place in "favourites" is not shown there any more. This is seriously screwed. Seems like before starting Publisher I have to re.install all my fonts again and hope the Publisher won't crash so I don't loose any fonts after restart ... BTW: This is a problem in Release and Beta version!