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  1. I'm aware that the opacity shortcut topic has been discussed earlier. I wonder if there's any chance to get the increase/decrease opacity functionality implemented on the Wacom TouchRing (Intuos Pro). WOuld be neat - but from what I see it can't be just added by a simple "keystroke". Any ideas/experience with this? Elsewise it would be a suggestion for serif to look into this. The Touch Ring would be ideal for increasing values between 0 and 100. Cheers, Timo
  2. On my machine all shortcuts for Studio Presets are lost after a restart ... (so currently it is useless - but I assume that bug will be solved soon ..)
  3. Sorry, I don't get what you try to do ... can you explain in a little more detail please?
  4. I got the notice on Publisher and Photo but not on Designer ... maybe just a local hickup ...
  5. Unlike APh and APu the Affinity Designer 1.8.5 does not recognise an available update after program start on my system (Win) - had to install it manually Cheers, Timo
  6. I'm aware of this ... but you can't ommit the background in JPG!
  7. I'm really excited .... JPEG Export now seems to work without background as well (Transparency?) Since I was offered to select between "Selection with background" and "Selection without background" I don't think this is purely a spelling mistake - Regrettfully the exported JPG did not show up with transparency ... but I wasn't to disappointed *G*
  8. Histogram distortion looks similar ---
  9. Nope ... playing around a bit I realised that it's not enough to just select 12 layers to rasterise and crop them (This obvious and logical way is not implemented - Affinity is not really into workflow) you have to group all layers first and than "Rasterise and Crop" works ... *bangingmyhead*
  10. Nope ... even after 4(?) years I did not get the sense of adding a complete additional section just for "export features" ... certainly since this section doesn't meet any requirements for an easy "Export" I'm aware there are "Slices" in the "Export" Section - but this "Idea" seems to be driven by some people who financed the whole program I guess ... ... for the majority of ordinary user (I presume) this most likely is not an "workflow improving addition" ... but hey, it's there an not disturbing anyone ... and in this case it even seems to be offering a feature that could be useful for me (a checkbox in the export panel would have done as well .. ) .. I'll check again ... mayby one day I'll grasp the "Exort Panel Concept" ...
  11. Histogram bug from an imported PSD file ... Document shows OK, but histogram is screwed ... and remains this way, when you add filters or other changes in the doc. Any idea? Cheers, Timo
  12. I have some objects in Designer that overlap my document on transparent BG. My goal is to just export these Elements with the parts that remain on the document (PNG). Now going to export and choose to export selected elements without background leads to a PNG that includes areas that are not part of the actual document any more (Basically the surrounding rectangle of all elements even when they are outside the document). Is there a way to set this up the way I would like it - only getting those parts exported that are on the document? Of course I can trim (crop) all objects but I'd like to keep their complete shape for later changes. And another thing that kind of leaves me disturbed: when I select all (!) elements and click on "Rasterise and Trim" only the first element gets resterised an trimmed ... so it looks like I have to manuall go through all objects and do the trimming seperately for each one ... what am I doing wrong? Cheers, Timo
  13. Looks like at least us two have the same card
  14. Hmmm, I just checked and it's surely related to the open CL setting. With OpenCL turned of AP/patch works as expected ... BTW: I experienced all sorts of strange behaviour. Arefacts outside the selected path area (but within the selection boundaries). Strange opacity (semitransparent overlay in the patch area) or just a rectangular crop after applying the patch. Hope that helps you narrow down the problem, Cheers, Timo
  15. I can confirm really strange behaviour ... (I get black patches in the selected areas of the patch tool) See before and after .. Cheers, Timo
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