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  1. Unless they don't start calling it a "feature" I'm pretty sure the experts will figure it out 🙂 Btw: thanks for the "it's a fair cop" ... I had to look it up ... as the germans would say: "Again what learned"
  2. Point is - it works fine without any delay with a new file generated from clipboard content (I'd assume it's more or less the same operation). Maybe when pasting the same content into an existing file there applies a rule that allows someone, somewhere to harvest bitcoin with my processor power for 20 minutes ... we need further investigation 🙂
  3. Thnks for you answer Dan. What do you mean: AD technically never crashes? I assume you say that with regards to this special case. I'm well aware that there is a difference between "not responding" and "crashing" ... still, when "not responding" takes more than a couple of minutes from a users point of view this is comparable to "crashing" - it's hard to tell if the system will ever return to life or is in an infinit Loop (I'm still alive .... I'm not dead .... ensure you I'm still alive .... it's just a neverending loop .... but still alive🙂 ). Reminds me of the old times: 10: Print "Still alive" 20: Goto 10 Still alive but never returning. Thanks for that smile 🙂 And yes, the layer has a bit more than 4000 instances of a symbol. If I understand symbols right we are not even talking about a copy of an element but just a reference (instance) - you can hardly get less data. That should be a no-brainer for AD. I remember a tutorial where you were presenting a new version dealing with half a million real objects (or even more) and showing how quick the system stil was performing. So let me put it this way: I am seriously surprised(!) that the system took 20 minutes to copy 4000 instances. And seeing that the system can handle the same amout of symbols in milliseconds when creating a new file from the clipboard with the same content (what I would have expected) I'm surprised that you are surprised 🙂 I'm convinced you'll find the bug and fix it since it will be hard to explain that copying one instance of a single circle(!) on an high end processors and a very quick graphic card takes roughly 0.3 seconds 🙂 Cheers, Timo
  4. Take the attached afdesign file, copy the "Golf Ball Structure" layer. Create a new document (1920x1200) and paste the layer into new document (CTRL+V) - Affinity gone (aka "program not responding"). It does not crash when you generate a new document from Clipboard. Cheers, TImo Golf Ball Structure.afdesign
  5. That was basically my workaround .... not using a selection but setting up an artbord to define the required area. This artboard gets exported correctly.
  6. Thanks for confirming. Quite surprising that this fairly common issue comes up after all the time the product has been in the market. For the time being i'll find a workaround.
  7. Yep ... that's what I used to know and what I did expect. But I guess it might be related to the clipping mask I used to limit the original size.
  8. Did uplaod the file ... The selection was based on the cropping mask - but just the layer with the mask shows the same issue.
  9. I'm trying to export the area of a selection. Until now I never had a problem with this topic but for some reason I canÄt get it to work as expected this time. As you can clearly see in the picture I selected the object I want to export. But when choosing "Selected Area" you can see in the dimensions that it still is exporting the whole document. The selected area is square. I'm pretty sure it's a problem between my ears ... but have no clue what could cause this behaviour. It actually makes no difference if I choose "selected area" or "selection" - still wants to export the whole document. Any ideas?
  10. That's true - but only if a point is selected. As long as you have the node tool active (even if the curve layer is selected) the transformation panel is not in use. Secondly: I was referring to the menu command layer>transformation>xxx. Even with node tool active this is not affected by the data input in the transformation panel so could as well perform e.g. a mirror layer transformation..
  11. Yep, that caused it ... I had the node tool active and that caused the issue - works fine with the move tool. Same for the transform panel as well as the layer menu entries. Hard to undestand why transformation is not available with a different tool since it is a global layer operation. But obviously my mistake. Thx Walt!
  12. If you select a curve layer, go to the layer menu>transformation all sub menus are disabled - unlike you select a shape. Same with the transformation panel with a curve layer active. Maybe I'm substantially doing something wrong - but I havent figured out what it could be .... sometimes you don't see the obvious.
  13. It seems the layer transformation in Affinity Designer does not work for curves - only shapes. This from my perspectivce seems pretty hard to understand since rotating or mirroring a curve is basically the same as transforming a shape (basically take the bounding rechtangle and perform the transformation). I can not even enter mirroring or rotating values in the transformation panel for curves. Did I do something wrong? And how would you mirror a curve without starting to construct complex gridlines or similar to lock to? Cheer, Timo
  14. I guess eventually this will be a designers question. I could imagine that a list comes up with all slices preselected for opening and the option to deselect whatever you don't need to open. Maybe even with the option afterwards to apply the sharpening setting applied to one slice to selected or all of the others. Just some thoughts ... (Maybe with the last suggestion to apply sharpening to other slices, we are getting closer to the "frequency separated intersections between penguins and octagons" I mentioned above ). I learned to lower my expectation when it comes to workflow.
  15. This is a valid point. Just as a suggestion for an easy to implement intermediate (or maybe even final) solution: Why not include a checkbox in the export dialog that will automaticall open the exported file in a new document in AP for further devekopment?
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