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  1. I wonder if this topic has been looked at by serif development and if there were any plans to improve basic workflow in these handling topics? I may add that I do not see any need for a differenciation of floating and docked mode. Docked windows get tabs at the top of the screen and can be combined with undocked ones anyhow. It would be helpful if thearea where a window can be docked is made significantly smaller since quite often one un-deliberately docks a window even though you just want to shift the floating window somewhere at the top of the screen. The automated resizing mentioned above would be a really, really (did I mention REALLY) great feature to get and lwould improve the workflow significantly. Cheers, Timo
  2. Great, that's what I was looking for! Thx!
  3. I wonder if there's a way to turn of the display of pathes (these pink lines remaining visible even though you are not working with the object) in AD when the layer containing them is not selected? Cheers, Timo
  4. DarkClown

    Live Filter and Mask Layer Thumbnails

    The problem also sometimes occurs with copys of pixel layers .... In my case the thumbnails remain black (same with above described mask layers that stay bnlack as well) just FYI Cheers, TImo
  5. The only irritating fact is: the current status of the layers is not correctly stated by the checkboxes (they still indicate that every layer is displayed even though only one layer is shown) But I consider that as a minor issue ...
  6. True, and I'm aware of that. Some habits are hard to give up and anything new comes across as a more complicated solution - even though it might not be. And as I mentioned before: Turning of all layers just works differently - but it's not less good than it PS. So I can live it it since this is just about me getting used to a different way to achive the goals. Fair enough. On the other side I see how things work in PS and compare it to AP and it's just so much less workl to achieve the same goals - and at this stage my critic starts ... If AP wants to do things differently that's ok - but in that case they have to be at least as good as existing tools or even better!
  7. I fully agree with you ... a good workflow is not an easy thing to achieve. On the other hand I've been pointing out workflow topics for 2 years now and they continuously get ignored. Serif focuses far more on new features and new products instead of improving workflow issues. I by now gave up on commenting on all the things that I wish would be running more fluently - and as a result I sadly still find myself working with PS6 instead of using AP.
  8. I'm using it constantly on PS ... and was desperately missing it in AP ... Besides the fact that "workflow" from my perspective is the weakest point in AP in this case it is just about "knowing how to". Once you get used to it it will do the job as ALT-Click+checkbox does in PS ... So thanks everyone again for helping me out in this case.
  9. AH, ALT+Click on the thumbnail does the Job! (Even though it's a bit irritating that the checkboxes of the now invisble layers remain checked) - But at least it's what I was missing ... Thanks!
  10. Nope, that's the same for the ALT GR key ... and yes ... I'm using a german KB with german layout ... but that should no affect the use of the ALT key ...
  11. Nope ... the ALT key does nothing when clicking on a layer on my system!
  12. So ALT+Click on the bottom layer (with the original picture) makes every layer but the button layer invisible for you in AP????? Clicking it again makes all other layer visible again? If that works for you that's all I'm looking for ... but it doesn't work for me - on my system with the latest beta! The ALT key does not change any behavior when clicking any layers on my system ....
  13. DarkClown

    Gaussian blur still not scaling with objects

    Fully agree with you and in fact it seems to be "on" .... but currently the checkbox says differently ..
  14. I want to make all layers invisible except the one I do an "Alt+Click" on ... and by repeating this I want all layers visible again ... (This is what PS does already for a long time)