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  1. As far as I'm aware I'm not using any clipboard manager ... (but as you can see it's not "crashing" either)
  2. Hm, on my Win7 system I don't get a crash still the program behaves extremely strange when playing with the suggested commands. Try to reproduce this
  3. I know someone will hate me for this... 1) WORKFLOW (I know everyone gives a shit at that) !!!!!!! See here: 2) Suggestions (Ok, based on V. 209 - but many things still valid):
  4. Hmm, ETA is not that important from my point of view ... our job is to cause awareness - if that is given Serif will put it into their schedule - and I guess we can be sure they will if it's a major feature that was wrecked in development (by no means meant in a bad way - that can happen!). The layer topic is something that annoys me a lot more ... selling the "no-layer-at-startup policy" as "by design" and than starting to build heaps of workarounds that people can work with this ridiculous "design" feature gives me the impression that it will NOT change ... Frankly it's OK to try something new ... but it shows real size when you can admit that the first approach was a nonstarter. But it doesn't look like that ... so I presume we will have to live with this "by design" concept ... and as well deal with the fact that not ALL assistant functions, implemented to overcome the weaknesses of the design, will be put in place (since they had been pointed out 1.5 years ago already!) ... wait, did I say ETA is not important? :-) And no ... I won't mention "workflow" again ... I will not ... not again ... bummer ... sorry
  5. Ohh, another "no bug, but feature" :-) Thx! I'm curious ...
  6. Hi Gabe, what did you find (and even more important) What did you log? :-) Cheers, Timo :-)
  7. DarkClown

    add to curves mode

    Nice ... did not realize that before!
  8. DarkClown

    Unpredictable window redraw

    Hi Mark, thanks for getting back to me on that one. And no, the effect occurred in my case when the "View" tool (hand) was selected. And it seems even when I use the "view" tool for just moving the picture smoothly from one side of the window to another I don't get a smooth movement but a constantly interrupted "shaking" movement - could be related to a redraw as well. It seems like the picture goes back to a spot it has been before and than tries to keep up with the mousepointer ... And as I said - at least with my screen capture program (active presenter) the effect does not appear any more when I start it (It must change something in the environment).
  9. I thought the problem was gone but it still seems to be there. If I just move the cursor over a picture without even pressing a mousebutton the window (including content and window scales at the side) randomly but frequently does a complete redraw. This is independent how far the movements are. It can happen between 5 times a second to every 5 seconds - unpredictably. This of course results in constant flickering of the window when you work with it. First I thought it was related to my wacom tablet but it happens with the mouse as well. I tried to record it with a screen capture program but all the time screen capture is running it does not happen at all. The redraw does not affect the AP program elements e.g. toolbar or even floating panels over the window itself. Cheers, Timo
  10. DarkClown

    add to curves mode

    Can you explain in a little more detail what you mean?
  11. Don't worry - This is not the only problem with the gradient tool - it basically is completely wrecked (for a long time already) ... try to insert new color stops and move them Adding to the problem: AP does not automatically come up with an empty layer (this is - as I was told - "By Design". What surely makes a lot of sense since many people use AP to work completely without any layer /sarcasm_off) ... For many other operation the problems caused by this "designed feature" can be overcome by telling AP to automatically add a layer. Regretfully this does not work for the fill feature (meaning also not for the gradient tool). So if you forgot to add a new layer but edited a complex gradient structure nothing happens - but adding a new layer NOW makes the gradient tool forget everything you entered before ... such an amazing professional workflow
  12. Is "Bigger Thumbnails" a setting you can adjust somewhere? (I'm struggling with the thumbnail size for quite a while)
  13. Hmm, works fine for me ... must have been your specific installation ...
  14. DarkClown

    Basic operation performance

    I checked with the beta and the same pictures. It's still not "impressive" but there is a significant improvement in the behavior - so it seems something has been done in the beta to overcome the problem but I do see quite some space for improvement!
  15. DarkClown

    Basic operation performance

    Well, the problem is not that I used a brush or anything else ... I did use the "Move" tool and just moved the top picture (or later resized it) ... but while "Moving" it as well did a resize (I did not release the mousebutton) .... And of course the overall performance is a complete no-go. Here are my Performance settings (and turning of "Use precise clippings" does not change anything in terms of performance!):