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  1. As it says - this snapping mode refers to the handles of the rays - not the point where you grab the curve. But in fact using this to manipulate the single rays does the job as well. It's just that you have to edit both handles instead of one - on the other hand it may be even more flexible. And I guess one needs to be rational what to suggest as additional features.
  2. Why would various/different points on the curve be "pre-selected" before I grab the curve? Not need for it, if it doesn't matter. And if you just drag "the curve" it should not matter where you grab it - but the point you grab is essential for how the curve looks after dragging. So we are talking about a specific point when you grab the curve - why shouldn't you be able to place this specific point at a specific location (snapping point)??? It would be an essential feature for symetrical "constructions" (of course you will find workarounds).
  3. This video shows a line (path) from the pen tool. When selecting the node tool, you can see that the (preselected) point I'm trying to grab is placed on the path as well as on the grid (snapping to grid). When I grab the point and try to move it, the point (supposed to be located at the tip of my mouse) does not snap to the grid or to anything else any more! When releasing the point I can grab a new point and this will again be snapping to the grid and the line again. grid.mp4
  4. It would be really nice to have a hotkey to toggle or circle between open documents in an affinity product. (similar to toggeling applications in windows by pressing ALT+TAB) Cheers, Timo
  5. True! The export dialog itself is a sad example .... aka "unfinished symphonie" and for people who do a lot of exporting a real nightmare ...
  6. Abslolutely true - but that's not the problem. This is just a killing argument for any sort of criticism and justifies basically every (not) taken program development decision! There are a multitude of program improvements that have been mentioned for many years that constantly get ignored because (and this is my personal perception) they are just workflow improvement and less sales aspects. Most of them undoubtfully just significant improvments and not discussion worthy program behaviour.
  7. Hi Walt, I don't think users complain about additional options and features (they probably complain about the way they are implemented since it's not what they expect or need them) Since I've been working in graphical SW development & support for many years I'm well aware how difficult the situation ist. Customers with different levels of knowledge and needs/requirements and personal wishes (giving a shit on sw concepts or product categories) on the one side. Developers, marketeers, sales and distribution - each of them with their own goals (each keeping an eye on their interest the is hardly ever in sync with customer requirements). You face features that sell excellent to the press and therefor getting prioritised while basic product care (aside bug fixing) can hardly be sold and create a significant workload. Developers would have done everything totally different anyhow ;-). Of course topics like "workflow" only affect existing cutomers. They hardly generate new revenue while new features attract new customers. But this concept seems to be put in place so strictly by serif, that even afer 6 years many basic workflow hickups have still not been adressed. Of course most customers only realise this after they bought the product (within the 30 days of testperiod you hardly use the product in productive environments). It seems to be forgotton that a good product needs to keep all different aspects of a product in spec. So my criticism is fully taking the difficulty of sw creation and design into account. But even considering the twisted situation it's hard to accept that productive customers are of least concern.
  8. That's probably a bit of "over-engineering" ... we should be very happy if Affinity Products start remembering settings at all!
  9. Of course ... it seems like dragging a curve does not snap to anything (maybe because the initial mouseclick is not considered a "point")
  10. (Affinity Designer V2) I wonder if there's a way to snap a dragged point of a curve. I made sure all possible snapping option are enabled. The node tool snapping modes are enabled and I want to drag a point of a curve to a grid point. But it seems no snapping mode will allow this. Any ideas? Cheers, Timo
  11. Thanks for your answer, Chris. Don't you think in case you have a primary category which you use predominantly in a majority of projects this category would most likely also be the one you used last? The way AP V2 currently works it is ensured that the default category 100% will be the one you don't need. Of course saving settings with the picture could be a start - but in case you mostly work with new pictures (e.g. you get a watermark from you assets) you again will have a 100% wrong selection as long as new files come up with default settings. I still perceive the "last selected" as a program wide saved preset as the best solution. But even if you could set a default category in the program settings this could be helpful. Cheers, Timo
  12. Really embarrassing for me: now that you mention the snapping I do remember that I had the problem long time ago already.
  13. Unlike AP V1 the version 2 does not remember the last selected asset category. This can be a real pain because each time you start AP you have to reselect you working asset category over and over again. Cheers, Timo
  14. Affinity Photo V2 For some reason I'm getting theses pink frames around every single object in assets that I insert in a picture: These are not selection frames! And I have no clue where they come from, what they are supposed to be good for nor how to get rid of them. I disabled all possible setting in the view menue already - but they remain. Most likely it's just me beeing stupid - but can't find anything. This effect did not appear in AP V1. Maybe it's just a setting I overlooked. If someone's got any idea please share. Cheers, Timo
  15. Yes, I'm well aware that you're supposed to stick to one topic threat once it has been brought up. On the other hand ... The 7 year old problem still persists in the highly praised V2. New version - new topic. How ignorant can one be. As I continuosly keep saying: Serif gives a shit on most important workflow and essential usabillity. They have no focus on people seriously working with their products on a professional base. If I'd just be an occasional user I'd probably not care about such a topic. And of course users needs are different. Even professionally working on a single project for weeks this kind of workflow would not matter. But as a photographer who's dealing with hundrets of files daily for different customers efficiency in workflow for me is significant time (money). I brought this problem also up for the export dialog that still is a nightmare if you need to export multiple files in a row. I wish I'd see even the slightes movement on serif side ...
  16. It would be nice if "Save As ..." would remember the last saved path ... But remembering things seems to be one of the hardest challenges for Serif products ...
  17. Thx, Walt - of course you are right. I meant APub! I corrected it.
  18. Haven't been working with APub since. Files were (I assume) saved on a network drive - but the network connection was not lost.
  19. Chances are .... And it was more ment as some kind of information for the developers. No serious bug, nothing important or worth making a story out of it
  20. Until now I did not install anything else but the offiocial version (no beta). of course I can't tell exactly what version was installed before the "update"
  21. I can only confirm that it's a Windows issue ... (here Win10)
  22. Hmmm, I currently don't see the advantage of that. The export options are buggy as it looks (at least presets are available but don't seem to work) - you select WEBP (High Quality) and the file format remains PNG. WEBP options are nt available - it looks like the presets are selectable but without any effect at all. As well the export options don't seem to affect the output file. Despit that I tried to work my way through the so called "Help" I could not get sufficient information on how the dialog is supposed to work. I also don't get the difference between the "Defaults" and the "Selections" tab. So aside that I don't really understand the logic and functions behind the export persona, they also don't seem to work as expected. Where would be the benefit of using the export persona? Could it seriously save me this significant amount of unnecessary and repetitive clicks and effort?
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