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  1. Thanks for the info, myself and another member of the tech team have tried to replicate following this but this works as expected without any additional entries within the hyperlinks panel being generated, the only differential I noticed was that when I copied/pasted the actual text the hyperlink panel immediately updated with the new link, however when I copied the text frame it only added the hyperlink to the panel once I edited the text or the hyperlink. It would be beneficial if you could try this on a new blank document as well and provide a screen recording in case we're missing something key here, I've linked an FAQ post below which details how you can provide a screen recording if you're unsure. 🙂
  2. Hi @Macromancer welcome to the forums, I've not been able to replicate this yet, after copying/pasting the text in a different location it creates the second hyperlink and does not create any further entries after I rename the duplicate within the Hyperlinks studio panel. It's likely your workflow is different to mine, could you provide a screen recording demonstrating this along with a sample file? Many Thanks
  3. Hi @PatrickMeadeV welcome to the forums, There is a similarly logged issue with the developers which relates to vertically justified text being pushed outside the boundaries of the frame but this is specifically when it is used in conjunction with columns, so it would be helpful if you could send over the file (or just part of it) where you are experiencing this issue so we can look further into this. Understandably if you don't wish to share this file publicly I've provided a private dropbox link below. 🙂 https://www.dropbox.com/request/p4TBgALB6smprsagFqoo Thanks!
  4. Not all 3D applications will push your CPU to 100% usage which I've had Affinity do before (typically with some live filters) which is why I mentioned trying Prime95 as a proper stress/torture test, but fair enough. If you could send me a sample of some of the files you're working with I'll take a look on my PC (also Ryzen based) and compare. 🙂
  5. Hi @entropywelcome to the forums, Have you perhaps considered this problem from a hardware perspective? Affinity can push your PC quite hard depending on what task is being performed and it is quite irregular for a complete system shutdown to occur which the Kernel Power event indicates. Could you try setting the application core/threads affinity from 16 to around 8 or 6 in task manager for Photo before trying any of your workflows? Another user encountered a very similar issue in the below thread. Also, have you tried running any CPU stress tests such as Prime95 to see if the problem relates to temperature, voltages etc?
  6. Happy to hear that that file size has now dramatically reduced, which has confirmed the issue is likely related to the M1 file size increase problem, in terms of the crash reports, could you send them over as an attachment so we can take a look? The below forum thread details how to find the files via Console. You can detach content for editing/transforming on the current page from the master page by highlighting the Master page layer and selecting 'Detached' on the context toolbar or alternatively by the default keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + D. The dotted orange line is to indicate master page layers which have had their content edited or have been transformed on the page. https://affinity.help/publisher/English.lproj/pages/Pages/detachLinkMasterPages.html
  7. Hi @bk_chelly welcome to the forums, You can Resample an image to increase it's overall size whilst simultaneously increasing the number of pixels contained within the image however there's always going to be some form of quality loss when upscaling an image. There are a few different methods of resampling with various degrees of quality and processing times, I've linked the help guide below which details these. https://affinity.help/photo/English.lproj/pages/SizeTransform/imageSize.html
  8. Ik heb de onderstaande Helpgids-artikelen gekoppeld die de verschillen in selectiemethoden moeten helpen schetsen (excuses dat het in het Engels is, maar er zijn andere talen beschikbaar) https://affinity.help/photo/English.lproj/pages/Tools/tools_selectionBrush.html https://affinity.help/photo/English.lproj/pages/Selections/selections_freehand.html Opnieuw installeren zou geen van uw bestaande foto's op uw Mac moeten verwijderen en kan in dit geval het proberen waard zijn, aangezien geen van de eerder genoemde suggesties uw probleem heeft opgelost. ----- Re-installing shouldn't remove any of your existing photo's on your Mac and may be worth a try in this case since none of the previously mentioned suggestions have fixed your issue.
  9. If possible I would try this on the older intel Mac, there is an issue currently logged with the developers which relates to file sizes dramatically increasing on M1 Macbooks with some files when saving.
  10. When Designer/Photo was originally deleted from your iPad this also deletes the Affinity folder in the Files app which would've contained your files before you removed the app. Unfortunately there's no simple way to restore these once the app has been deleted. If you have an iCloud backup of your iPad you could try restoring to a point when the app existed before and then save your files to a different file/location. https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT204184 There are some 3rd party apps which may be able to restore files but I can't make a recommendation.
  11. Gebruikt u het gereedschap Selectiepenseel in plaats van de selectiegereedschappen uit de vrije hand/vormkader? Deze worden bewaard in een apart uitklapmenu voor gereedschappen, zoals hieronder weergegeven. ----- Are you using the Selection Brush tool instead of the freehand/shape marquee selection tools? These are kept in a separate tool fly-out menu as shown below.
  12. Hi @Ignoto, Thanks for sending over the files. It looks like Affinity has cached a lot of the remotely linked assets which has caused the file size to significantly inflate, on my side many of the .TIFF images (which are generally large) which are missing are still very high resolution. Since I don't have access to your linked resources, could you initially try the below: Open up Resource Manager Click on 'Size' to organise the file size from largest to smallest Set the first 5-6 images in the list to 'Embed' and save the file Go Back to Resource Manager and set the resources back to linked Save the file again and check if the file size has reduced. Additionally, could you confirm which operating system you're using and if you're on an M1 Mac. Thanks!
  13. Hi @Jarulex, The app(s) should be downloadable again from the app store if you've purchased them previously without the requirement to purchase them again. Have you checked that you're logged into the Apple account which the content was originally purchased on?
  14. Hi @Jumpshotcrazy_3, Have you tried enabling 'Snap to object bounding boxes' along with 'Include bounding box mid points'? These options are not included within the 'Page Layouts' snapping pre-set but will allow you to centre align objects.
  15. Hi @Philipp Thomann welcome to the forums, Sorry to hear you're having trouble, I would initially suggest checking that you have the updates installed listed in the linked thread below, if not please download and install them. If you're still having trouble after confirming these updates are installed and rebooting, could you please provide us with a crash report, the below thread details how to find these.
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