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  1. Hi @Hangman, Good catch, I've been able to replicate this issue and it has now been logged with the developers.
  2. @GarryP Thanks for sending over the file, Without even needing to place it in an existing doc, simply opening it on my PC causes Publisher 2 to go unresponsive and slowly begins taking up all available Memory. V1 has no issues with this file so it's failing to interpret/load something within the file in V2. After renaming it to an .afpub extension and then opening the file it rendered page 2/3 but the document is entirely frozen and it will eventually go into an unresponsive state. I'll get this logged up with the developers to investigate further.
  3. Hi @Luko, As of update 2.0.4 this issue has been resolved, could you try this again?
  4. Hi @GarryP, It does certainly sound like it caused a mini meltdown, do you mind sharing the referenced V1 file and let me know what your system specs are? I've provided a dropbox link below for uploads. https://www.dropbox.com/request/457IQSnrcCKdjTqs9EJ9 Many thanks
  5. Hi @Fravin, I've not been able to replicate an issue with the app freezing with Verdana Pro in the Glyph browser, if this is something that you can replicate every time with this font, have you tried removing/re-installing the specific font(s) that are causing this issue?
  6. Hi @Daniel Gibert, Many thanks for providing detail, this issue does appear similar to what Loukash has previously reported but has manifested in a different way, so I have logged it with the developers for resolution.
  7. Hi @Maddy Bakerand @CUOFFICIAL welcome to the forums, This issue has been logged with the developers, I've bumped the issue with your reports.
  8. Hi all, Many thanks for the additional details, I've been able to replicate this issue on an M1 Macbook and it has now been logged with the developers. 🙂
  9. Hi @Brian Tinson welcome to the forums, This isn't something I've been able to replicate on 2.0.4, could you confirm the same occurs after updating you app to the latest version? If it does, could you additionally confirm the below: Are you using an Apple Pencil to move the layers? What iPad model and iOS version are you using? Can you replicate this on multiple/different files? Could you provide a screen recording which demonstrates this occuring? Many thanks in advance. 🙂
  10. Hi @walt.farrell, Good catch, i've logged both of these inconsistencies with the developers, many thanks.
  11. Hi All, Many thanks for the detailed contributions, i've been able to replicate this and it has now been logged with the developers. 🙂
  12. Welcome to the forums @piesniewski, I've moved this over to the feedback forum as it better fits here. 🙂
  13. Hi @Derkaziam, Could you advise if you are still experiencing this issue? By sign in do you mean the app is prompting you to register/activate Designer upon each launch or are you referring to signing in to your account under the in app 'my account' menu where resources are usually accessible? If you could provide any screenshots of the page you're referring along with additional detail on the issue that would be beneficial. Many thanks
  14. Hi @Intuos5, From what I understand and following your steps to reproduce, this looks like it's by design. After selecting the nodes and splitting the curve in step three, If I then move the second segment away and then using the node tool and select both curves without selecting a node, Join curves will automatically join both curves together based on the nodes with the closest proximity. If, I instead with both curve segments highlighted select an individual node, the join curves option is disabled, because I would then need to select a second node to that I want to join this node to, This could be on the same curve segment or one of the nodes on the second segment. I hope this makes sense!
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