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  1. In my opinion, the Styles palette in Affinity is one of the few not-so-well-done features. I can't edit, search and replace styles and I can't sort the styles in the palette. The whole thing makes a somewhat unfinished impression.
  2. If it's just me, then wait for the final version, no problem. In the meantime, I have updated the operating system to OS X 13.5.1 and restarted everything. Publisher and Designer are 1954 and the small error can be reproduced at any time. I have also tested 2.1.1 again and everything is fine. Bildschirmaufnahme 2023-08-21 um 16.51.30.mov
  3. Is there anything specific you are doing before changing persona? Nothing. I have just tried again. Bildschirmaufnahme 2023-08-21 um 11.14.35.mov Bildschirmaufnahme 2023-08-21 um 11.15.31.mov
  4. When I switch from Publisher to Designer Persona, all handles disappear and I can no longer select them. Only when I zoom back and forth do the handles reappear. Is there a new function that I have overlooked or is it a bug? iMac Intel, Mac OS 13.5, Publisher 2.2.0 (1954) Bildschirmaufnahme 2023-08-18 um 18.04.31.mov
  5. The current beta version again brings long desired improvements such as Object creation data entry and Move data entry and new keyboard shortcuts. But the possibility to assign a keyboard shortcut for Text Horizontal Scale is still missing. I often use this for justification in justified text.
  6. I could use lines for my work, like drawing (1). In principle Affinity can do that (2), but it is missing the possibility to set a distance for the second line (3). This would also make it possible to draw nice parallel lines. Another wish would be these simple line ends as in illustration (4).
  7. Does not seem to work for me. Could it be because my purchased version 2 is from the Mac App Store? Here the preferences are in >Library>Containers ... . Or should it still work?
  8. A small mistake in the translation ūüôā for this very good function.
  9. Ich habe mir das Cover geöffnet. Alles ohne Probleme. Arbeite allerdings mit Mac OS X. Aber das Problem könnte vielleicht auch hiermit zusammenhängen, da hatte ich ähnliche Probleme: I have opened the cover. Everything without problems. However, I work with Mac OS X. But the problem might also be related to this, I had similar problems:
  10. Thank you for the answer. Now I know what I can do if it occurs again. I first helped myself to delete the item "recently opened files". That also helped. But I hope in 2.1 it is solved anyway. My Application Support for Affinty has a slightly different path, I don't know why. But there are the mru files. BTW: Please can you add a Shortcut for Text Horizontal Scale, need this often for manual paragraph fine-tuning.
  11. @Dan CHelp, I have a big problem. Since a few days I can only work with Affinity programs when the server is available. Even if all the files for my work are on my computer. As soon as I open an Affinity program, it automatically loads the server. If the server is not available, the program crashes completely. What can I do to solve this problem? Is the above solution only for Photo or also for Publisher? I have the problem with Publisher. Can I delete files directly from the library without terminal? Mac OS X 13.2.1/Affinity 2.0.4
  12. Hello again, so this now really not a big problem, I just thought, oops, how come that and I may have missed something. So here again the actual file, which clarifies the task a little better. Line02.afpub
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