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  1. Ok. I understand. I'll have to live with that (or go back to Illustrator and Photoshop).
  2. In the native Apple apps the print dialogue is as unusable as in Affinity 1.8. This is a known problem since Mojave came out so I can't expect a solution from Epson/Apple. I'll stay with 1.7 then …
  3. In macos Mojave Apple changed the way printers work. This resulted for some printers in completely unusable print dialogs in Apple applications like Pages or Preview. All the printer specific settings are now in one long list with contradicting settings. The pre-1.8 versions of all the Affinity applications did not have these new dialogs (see screenshot from AD 1.7.3): The new 1.8.x versions do have the new dialogs: The list of settings in the dialog is actually much longer than what you can see in the screenshot above. But the two paper size settings show that something is definitely amiss … I know that this is in part a problem of Epson and Apple. But: Why did you have to change this behaviour in the new versions? Why not keep the old print dialogs? Adobe Applications do not have this problem because they use their own print dialogs.
  4. After reading a few of the other posts with color management issues I found out another thing: In the Navigator panel the colors are ok, but in the main window they are wrong ... (see attached screenshot). Strange!
  5. Hi Here is the file - a simple grey gradient. I had to make a zip archive because the form would not allow me to upload an TIFF file. Greygradient_ProPhoto.tif.zip
  6. There seems to be a problem in Affinity Photo with viewing files that are in a different color space than the working color space set in Preferences. Example: I have a simple file with a grey gradient (16Bit TIFF, ProPhoto RGB). When I open this in Affinity Photo there is a slight orange color cast in some of the dark greys and a slight blue color cast in some of the not so dark greys. See attached file "AP-vs-PS.png" (screenshot of the same file open in AP (left) and Photoshop CC (right)). The file is not changed by AP. I can work on it - ignoring the color casts - , safe it again and open it in Photoshop and there is still no color cast in Photoshop. The problem is just the viewing of the file in AP. In this example I use a file with an embedded ProPhoto RGB profile. But I have the same problems when using a file with an embedded eciRGB or AdobeRGB profile. Color settings in AP: RGB color profile: sRGB; convert open files to working space unchecked (see screenshot "AP-color-settings.png") Color settings in PS: Working space RGB: sRGB; Profile Mismatches: Ask when opening checked (and when opening, I choose "use the embedded profile (instead of the working space)") (see screenshot "PS-color-settings.png") As a workaround I can set the working space in AP to the same as the embedded profile of the file I open. But this is not how color management should work! Others have asked similar questions but I don't think they were ever answered.
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