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  1. Free 'Nature' and 'Atmosphere' brushes for Affinity Photo (in one place). Even though I uploaded them, I still have trouble finding them on the forum so I thought I'd put them in one place... I am attaching the 'step-by-step' guide on how I created my 'Nature' image brushes in Affinity Photo. Its a MS Word document and explains how to create a 'Butterfly' brush in Affinity Photo using multiple images. The process is the same for any image(s) whether butterfly, rock, stones, tree, shrub, moss, lichen. At the end of the tutorial I explain another process to create a 'moss' image brush which uses simple selections that you export individually. There may be other and easier ways to do this, but this is the way I have done it because it is a method I use to create them in Corel Painter. I am not so experienced in Affinity Photo, so I don't yet know where one saves seamless textures that you create to re-use; in Corel Painter, you save them in the 'Patterns' Library. The 'step-by-step' tutorial explains... 1. How to Create a Brush Category 2. How to Remove the Background from an Image 3. How to Save the Butterfly as a .PNG (Transparent Background) Image 4. How to Create a ‘Butterfly’ Brush (Multiple Butterfly Images) 5. How to Duplicate a Brush 6. How to Rename a Brush 7. How to Create a ‘Moss’ Brush using Multiple PNGs ...which are the steps you must take to create your first image brush. You can create an image brush just by selecting a single layer, but you need to convert it to a Pixel layer first. I wanted to explain how to create one by selecting it and extracting it from its background. More complicated, but once you have done it once, you can use the same process to create any image brush. I would advise you to experiment and test out all the different brush settings. To load the brush category in Affinity Photo Save the DelN's Free Brushes.afbrushes file Locate the location where you saved the file Open Affinity Photo Double-click the DelN's Free Brushes.afbrushes file. An 'Import Brushes' message will be displayed 'Brushes Imported Successfully' Click OK Click 'Brushes' tab Locate new DelN's Free Brushes Start using the brushes I also attach several images of the brush strokes and their brush names in my DelN's Free Brushes.afbrushes. Enjoy! DelN's Free Brushes Pt1.afbrushes DelN's Free Brushes Pt2.afbrushes DelN's Free Brushes Pt3_Atmosphere Dust & Smoke Brushes.afbrushes DelN's Free Brushes Pt4_Atmosphere Dust & Smoke Brushes.afbrushes How to Create a Butterfly Brush_Multiple Butterfly Images.docx
  2. Love the banter between you guys! Great fun to read... 🤣
  3. No probs, PaulEC. I look forward to seeing what you create... Any questions, just put a post here...
  4. And the Word file... 🙂 How to Create a Butterfly Brush_Multiple Butterfly Images.docx
  5. Hi PaulEC, I'm glad you like them. There are 4 brush files. 2 parts to the 'Nature' brushes and 2 parts to the 'Atmosphere' brushes. I had to split them cos the file sizes were so large. I also uploaded images of what each brush stroke looks like and it's name, also a step-by-step tutorial in Word on how I created them. So you can create your own. It covers masking out backgrounds and brush settings... Hope you saw these. Let me know if you don't find the other 'Nature' brushes... DelN's Free Brushes Pt1.afbrushes DelN's Free Brushes Pt2.afbrushes
  6. Hi Iconoclast, Yes, well spotted. Thanks for highlighting it. In hindsight, I should have spent more time on the gold one. He-he! I made the alpha and numeral examples really quickly - with just a quick brush stroke - so that I could upload them and show that Affinity Photo brushes can be used in so many different ways. I enjoy creating illuminated letters like the monks used to when they created the beautiful manuscripts in the monasteries between 1100-1600. I even animated them in the past in Adobe After Effects, and in my animated PowerPoint portfolio when I was looking for a new job. This was before I discovered Affinity Photo, and used to use Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Painter and CorelDraw to design. I find I am using Affinity Photo more and more these days. I don't use Photoshop at all now. Not since they forced their users to RENT their products. I used to spend hundreds of pounds each year on Adobe products. And I used to use E-on Plant Factory and Vue to create my trees and shrubs and misty valleys. But you have to rent that software too now, so I stopped using it... Affinity Photo and Designer are such good design tools, and great value for money...
  7. Hi, I 've been trying to create a mist-laden forest using masked-out trees, some mist that I painted on individual layers, trees in the foreground which are clear, while those in the distance are coloured by the mist; many of the ones in the distance I filled with the colours taken from an image I found in Pinterest, which I used for inspiration. I love the mood these ghostly, atmospheric mood pieces evoke... https://www.pinterest.co.uk/search/pins/?q=misty forest&rs=typed&term_meta[]=misty|typed&term_meta[]=forest|typed If you find one you like, you can create a colour palette in Affinity Photo really easily by opening an image and, in the 'Swatches' palette, clicking the small horizontal lines (top right), then clicking 'Create Palette from Document', then selecting either 'As Application Palette' or 'As Document Palette'. I use 'As Application Palette' so that I can use the colour palette in other documents. You can always 'Export Palette' if you want to save the colour palette for later use. I created a few colour palettes from images of misty forests and use them to colour the trees in the distance to get the same look as the image. I also drop a couple of mist and fog layers (that I painted using my 'Atmosphere, Mist and Fog' brushes) between the tree layers, thereby creating the look of a mist between the layers of trees, which, hopefully, I have achieved. Some of my favourites to use are the 'Atmosphere' brush, the 'Wipe on Texture_White' brush and the 'Paint on Atmosphere' brush (see example brush strokes below). There are quite a few layers in the Affinity Photo file (see below). I also include a screengrab of the 'Swatches' palette and the 'Ghostly Blues' colour palette. Check out Pinterest page https://www.pinterest.co.uk/search/pins/?q=misty forests&rs=typed&term_meta[]=misty|typed&term_meta[]=forests|typed, which is 'Misty Forests', and https://www.pinterest.co.uk/search/pins/?q=mist and fog&rs=typed&term_meta[]=mist and fog|typed, which is 'Mist and Fog' or do a search in Google... And a simple brush stroke of one of the Atmosphere brushes makes a great background for text made from the 'Nature' brushes, which I love experimenting with...
  8. My free 'Atmosphere, Mist and Fog' brushes for Affinity Photo can be found in the link above, further down the page...
  9. Just posting the link to my free 'Nature' brushes and 'Atmosphere, Mist and Fog' brushes. They are both split into two be cause they are quite large files. If you like them and use them, let me know and I will upload other brushes I use. Or better still, post artwork here that you have created using them (I'd love to see it!)
  10. I'm still fascinated with the amazing brushes you can create in Affinity Photo... I like to try and capture lost forests and rocky ravines, the moody, mist-laden forests of the movie 'Avatar' which surely must have been inspired by the Sci-Fi book 'Hothouse' by Brian Aldiss - one of my favourite Sci-Fi & Fantasy novels of the 1960s and 70s. I cannot believe no one has filmed it yet! Same for 'Stranger in a Strange Land' by Robert A. Heinlein. Why has no one filmed this yet? The works by famous and unknown (to some) Sci-Fi and Fantasy writers of the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s are astonishing! Check them out if you are into Sci-Fi and Fantasy writings. Writers like Frederik Pohl, Frank Herbert ('Dune'}, Ray Bradbury ('Something Wicked This Way Comes', 'Dandelion Wine'}, Isaac Azimov, Anne McCaffrey, Aldous Huxley, Philip K. Dick, Arthur C. Clarke ('Rendezvous with Rama'), Ursula K. Le Guin, Anthony Burgess, Robert A. Heinlein ('Stranger in a Strange Land' - David Bowie wanted to play Smith, but the film never got made; he made 'The Man Who Fell to Earth' instead), Stanislaw Lem ('The Cyberiad' - so funny!!!!), Larry Niven, Kurt Vonnegut Jr., John Wyndham ('The Midwich Cuckoos', 'Chocky', 'The Day of the Triffids'), Roger Zelazny, Thomas M. Disch ('Camp Concentration'), Philip José Farmer, Michael Moorcock, Andre Norton, Piers Anthony, Samuel R. Delany, Brian Aldiss ('Hothouse'), And book cover artists like Boris Vallejo and Frank Frazetta (who did the artwork for 'Conan' and many book cover designs for sci-fi and fantasy novels in the 1970s. My favourite being 'Egyptian Queen')... But this is my monolith rising up out of a mist-laden valley being struck by lightning. All made by brush strokes created from snippets of images that I turned into brushes. I did it in Affinity Photo...
  11. Wow! I can't believe they're vector... You have such skill using the Pen tool... So much detail... They're amazing... You should be designing concept cars in the automobile industry...
  12. Hi, I have been trying to create some atmosphere in a concept art piece of two towers rising up out of the mist in a valley filled with lush vegetation. I used Affinity Photo to create it, painting much of it with the free 'Atmosphere' and 'Nature' brushes I uploaded on the Affinity Forum (plus some other brushes) to create it (links below). I am fascinated by the matte painting technique used by digital artists for all the main film studios to create a visualisation of important scenes that will go into the finished film. Films and series like Vikings, Alien, Dune, Mary Poppins, Ghostbusters, Titanic, Raiders of the Lost Ark, King Kong, the Jurassic Park series of films... and the new 'Rendezvous with Rama' that is (hopefully) in production. All of 'em, really... This is from Wikipedia: "A matte painting is a painted representation of a landscape, set, or distant location that allows filmmakers to create the illusion of an environment that is not present at the filming location." If you are interested in matte painting or concept art check out the following links. There are lots of tutorials too: https://conceptartempire.com/concept-art-tutorials/ https://conceptartworld.com/category/training/ Introduction to Matte Painting Free 'Nature' brushes link (also includes a Word document on how to create your own brushes): Free 'Atmosphere' brushes link:
  13. Hi Ryelemagne, Yes, use them where you like. I uploaded them so anyone can use them for whatever purpose they want. and in any creative way they like... I would like to see what other people do with them. Personally, I create 'Micro Worlds' or compose scenes using the brushes, building up the layers in Affinity Photo with rocks, sand, soil, then plant-life, trees, branches, shrubs and adding moss, lichen, flowers, grasses, painting on mist and fog between the layers to add atmosphere, sometimes adding a derelict building... But I find that you can create really interesting type using the brushes with just a few brush strokes as well, just changing the brush sizes. The '23' below was created really quickly. I love mysterious and often disturbing alien atmosphere you can evoke with them... Have fun with them... 🙂 Del
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