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  1. To visualize luminosity selections/masks, try this:
  2. Hey, ekeen4... I've found Photo Supreme to be a wonderful way to catalogue my photos. It's available on both Mac and Windows (I'm on a Mac) and gives me a great escape route if and when I want to switch to another DAM (hint, hint, Serif...). Also, Photo Supreme CAN handle Affinity Photo native files (although I suspect that the display is just the embedded jpg - it's a catalogue, so why is this such a big problem?). First, open the File Handling portion of the Preferences drop-down. Add ".afphoto" to the list of File Extensions at the bottom. Now that Photo Supreme is allowed to import .afphoto files, you can do so. Here is a screenshot of a sample folder with a RAW, Affinity Photo, and JPG version of the same photo.
  3. We were all newbies at one time. This forum is wonderful - it is quite active, and the vast majority of people are immensely helpful. It’s a kind of “pay it forward” scenario that works well. Trust me, in a year you’ll be the one answering questions for someone else. It’s really quite nice, and very satisfying.
  4. When you use Save As... you will always create a native Affinity file (with file extension .afphoto). You cannot create a JPG using Save As..., even if you try to manually type .jpg after the name. To create a JPG file, you must use the Export... command from the File menu. This will create a JPG file (or a TIFF, PNG, PSD, etc) and should get you what you’re looking for.
  5. Hey, Patrick... The Update process was smooth. Two things I noticed: (1) As others have said, "extracting" took quite some time; and (2) as your own screenshot attests, the Software Update window tells me that version is available, but tells me that I have 1.7.0 (note: it does NOT tell me that I have build .139). It might have been confusing if I did not know ahead of time what to expect. Hopefully, a minor and certainly less-than-consequential glitch.
  6. Under the View menu, choose “Separated Mode” again. This will un-check the menu item, and get you where you want to go.
  7. You can try these... https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/27214-luminosity-masks/&tab=comments#comment-132021
  8. This would be stupendous, BUT I’d like to be able to override it on a per-line basis, and insert hyphenation manually in an otherwise non-hyphenated paragraph. But, a great feature suggestion.
  9. Suggestions for Guides and the Guides Manager... 1) PLEASE let us re-order guides from Left to Right and from Top to Bottom 2) Allowing the User to specify Color (and possibly Opacity) for guides would allow them to be grouped by user-defined purpose 3) Allow Guides to be placed Behind or In Front of visible page items.
  10. Yes, unchecking visibility in the Layers panel keeps a layer from printing. But it also cannot be seen. The request is to keep an item visible on screen, but suppress printing of that item.
  11. Thank you, Walt! Can't believe I didn't try those keys, but I appreciate the rapid response!
  12. There are keyboard shortcuts in APub's menus for navigating to the Previous Page, and the Next Page. For the life of me, I can't figure out what they are. On the Mac, Command + [something] for both Previous and Next pages. What is that something???
  13. Just discovered the Fields panel, with clickable metadata items to place into text boxes -- nice. Would be really nice to have the ability to add additional fields beyond that which is listed. In particular, adding "Static Text" would be great. As an example, I am creating a monthly newsletter for an organization. I have a customized field created in QuarkXPress that contains the current issue's month and year. Entering that into a footer on a Master Page makes each issue of the newsletter easy to update, and feeds the relevant text to a variety of places throughout the document.
  14. Publisher does not handle the entry of a tilde correctly. The little squiggly over the "n" in some Spanish words - like doña, or España. Affinity Photo handles these quite well, exactly the way I would expect. However Publisher ends up making an extra tilde over a blank space, like this: ˜ñ I am using macOS 10.11.6 (El Capitan).