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  1. I am attaching a free PDF called “Affinity Photo from Ten Thousand Feet.” This is a 41 page book that explains many of the concepts and questions that forum members ask frequently. Much of the information is based on presentations given to my local photography club. Some of it is based on a series of articles written for the club’s newsletter. Much of the book is newly written material, based on years of working to understand digital photography, how color works, and how Affinity Photo fits into that picture. Please enjoy the book. All I ask in return is that you look it over and leave a comment. Affinity_Photo_from_Ten_Thousand_Feet.pdf
  2. From the Library panel, click and hold on the "hamburger menu" at the top right. Select "Import Macros..." from the drop down. Navigate to the "Film Grain.afmacros" file on your hard drive and click Open in the dialog box.
  3. A few weeks ago, I downloaded beta of Photo, and was really pleased to note that my Brush categories alphabetized themselves. Not only that, but the alphabetizing was "live," in that I could rename a category and the drop down menu would re-alphabetize to put that renamed category in the right spot. I just upgraded to the retail version of Affinity Photo (v1.9.1), and this feature is no longer there. How come? An alphabetic list of brushes would allow me to put categories in whatever order I might like, and would make finding those brushes simpler. The idea of alphabetizing them was definitely a good one! What happened? Can we expect to see this feature's return?
  4. I have noticed a similar problem. I created a short book in version 1.9.0 (the Mac version, purchased from Serif) and have had NO problems with page display. However, when I open this same document, any and all elements added from a Master Page appear only momentarily (less than 1 second) and then disappear. This includes text which flows across multiple pages, within text frames added to the Master but text added to the page itself. Any page elements added to these pages directly (for instance, pictures and their captions) display without any problem. If I quit the Beta and re-open the file in the retail version, no such problems are noted. Additionally, if I open the file in the Beta and export a PDF, that PDF seems to be fine even though the Master Page items cannot be seen within the application except momentarily. I am on a 2019 iMac and MacOS Catalina. Turning Metal on or off does not seem to change this display issue.
  5. Hi @Dechen... I agree that we seem to be arguing about how many angels can dance on the end of a pin. But the original response from LibreTraining makes a decent point – advertising that requires something in return can be a bit of a turn-off. I think that was the point that he reiterated about 4 posts up, indicating that advertising by way of a "free sample" should get into as many hands as possible. I can only speak for myself, and I find that vendors who require me to create an account, leave an email, and so forth are at an immediate disadvantage. Just give me a sample of your product, and if I like it I will return to purchase the items that are not free. This was the point of posting the link to "10 Minute Email," which is a free (truly free) website created to get around just this sort of gotcha. I believe that you will probably get more return (paying) customers if you do not require them to leave an email address, because you will get more potential customers to download the sample in the first place.
  6. I don’t really have a dog in this fight. But I cannot help but comment that the statement quoted above is the very definition of defining a thing that is not free.
  7. I've noticed that the Brushes now sort themselves alphabetically. This seems to be live, as well, since renaming a brush category causes the list to re-alphabetize. Although I think it's only a partial solution to a true brush "organizer," it's a nice addition. I may spend some time renaming my brushes to things like: 01-Brush Name, 02-Other Brush Name, and so forth. That way, I can group them and organize them in a more appropriate manner.
  8. for your consideration... https://10minutemail.com/
  9. It’s free in the same way that Facebook is free. As long as you understand that “you are the product,” it is most definitely optional, too.
  10. In the Channels panel, right click on the Spare Channel and choose “Load to pixel selection”.
  11. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if the OP weighs back in...
  12. Assuming you want to save a “marching ants” type selection, use the Channels panel and (with the selection active) right click on Pixel Selection and choose Save to a Spare Channel.
  13. They are .png files, and consist of white (snow) on a transparent background. Although they may appear to be greyed out, they are probably fine. Just drag one onto your existing image (make it the top layer) and you should get the snow effect.
  14. This is the "elegant" version. Watch... Blending Skylines.mp4
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