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  1. Just a random thought (from a non-programmer). Since the selection(s) are feathered, the amount of selection in any given pixel in that feathered region varies between 0 and 100 percent. Inverting the selection seems like it should just give the exact opposite selection. However, since the residual is a really thin "line" is it possible that this represents a "rounding error"?
  2. I just developed a Raw file in the AP Beta. Here's the Lens Correction filter from after the development. The camera, lens, and focal length are correctly identified.
  3. I almost never do my Raw development in AP, so I can’t tell you from memory. I will check this out tomorrow morning, and get back to this thread.
  4. The Picker can only be activated if you click on one of the color ranges (the 6 right-most circles) rather than the “Master” circle, which is what is chosen by default.
  5. This is a screen grab (just made a few minutes ago) from Beta build 127. I'm on a Mac, but Focal Length has been in my EXIF Summary for multiple builds, now.
  6. IndigoMoon... Focal Length has been added to the EXIF Summary, as of version 1.7.
  7. So, I didn't initially realize that the top picture was pre-processed by the drone, and the bottom picture was the one you were having problems with. I have never had Affinity Photo do this to a panorama, but I also have ZERO experience with drone photography, and perhaps this is part of the problem. Nonetheless, you can still use the Mesh Warp tool to correct that unfortunate bend on the right side (and could apply it in multiple places, if the situation warranted it): Un-Bend Horizon.m4v
  8. When I've had curved horizons (whether from stitching panoramas, or from lens distortion) I've used the Mesh Warp tool very successfully. It's simple, but it's destructive, so you might want to do it on a duplicated layer. See the short video below... Un-Curve a Horizon.mp4
  9. smadell

    gradient tool - bug? or not

    I can’t say which method I like better. I don’t use gradients that often, truth be told. I can see benefits to both. It is a radical enough change that it will upset a few apple carts, of that I am sure.
  10. smadell

    gradient tool - bug? or not

    So, I was thinking about it and I realized what another of your issue was. The gradient dialog box is the place where we typically have gone to set additional nodes (above and beyond the first and last one) and to set the mid-points between those nodes. It turns out that once you lay down your gradient (with first and last nodes) the cursor turns into a variation on a Node tool cursor. If you position it over the gradient line, you can add additional nodes, and you can move all of the mid-points around. If you make an existing node active and press the Delete key, you can remove that node. So, a lot of the work can be done right on the gradient itself without going through the dialog box as an intermediary. I can see where this would be quite helpful in positioning nodes (as, for instance, in creating vignettes) and so forth.
  11. smadell

    gradient tool - bug? or not

    If you look at your workflow, once you have laid down the gradient on the Fill layer, one of the nodes remains active. Because this is the case, clicking the gradient color selection tool in the Content Toolbar gives you the color wheel - this is to set the color of the selected node. Once you click on the Fill Layer in the Layers panel, it deselects the nodes. Because of this, you get the typical Gradient color chooser so that you can first pick a node with which to work. If you think about that way, it is not causing you to increase the number of steps you take; it is decreasing those steps. I'll admit it will take some getting used to, having gotten accustomed to the "old way." But, if you think about it, it makes sense that you can set the color directly once the node is active.
  12. As noted in Build 118, user parameters for macros are still mostly missing in the latest build (120). No gear icons found for most steps when using "Edit Macro..." and the User Parameters programmed for my existing macros (mostly) no longer show up. See also:
  13. Thanks again for everything, Andy.