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  1. Przemysław

    Importing brushes

    I usually drag and drop files into AP and AD - much quicker than going through menus.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to find out how to place a multiple-page PDF into document, but I can't find an option where I can change which pages to place. It places only the first page and I want to place first and second (or all). Any thoughts? Thanks
  3. Przemysław

    Inpainting after rasterising layer

    Thank you for looking into it. It just behaves differently than in other programs (or in and not as it's mentioned in one or two tutorials made by James. I'm afraid it may cause problems with other tools such as Create Colour Palete from Document. Also, option in Menu>Edit>Inpainting is always greyed out.
  4. Przemysław


    I use IWLTBAP made by Benjamin Lambinet. They are not free, but really good, and there's a simple previewer available too.
  5. Przemysław

    Inpainting after rasterising layer

    For some reason the inpaint function in Menu>Edit is always greyed-out (it's the same tool anyway?) and the keyboard shortcut Alt+Backspace doesn't work. The way around is to inpaint on a new pixel layer with Current Layer & Below function turned on. That works OK (but still the function in Menu is greyed-out and shortcut doesn't work). Still, I think it's a bug and it's not how inpaint tool should work (according to James' tutorials), because it doesn't recognise that a current layer has been rasterised - keeps getting information from outside the canvas. Also inpaint option in Menu>Edit is always greyed out and shortcut Alt+Backspace doesn't work.
  6. Przemysław

    Inpainting after rasterising layer

    So you think the area is too big? I have completely erased the area after rasterising and then tried to inpaint, but it brings back the data from outside anyway (which should not exist in the document anymore as it's been rasterised). I'm confused.
  7. Hi, I have cropped a photo to size. I have rasterised the layer, but when I'm using inpainting brush, it keeps taking data from outside the canvas, but as far as I know, it shouldn't, as the layer has been rasterised. The inpainting tool behaves as the layer has not been rasterised. Am I doing something wrong? APhoto Beta I attach sample screenshots when I'm trying to inpaint building on the top right.
  8. I don't think it's possible, and it's a bit weird requirement, because your printer should be able to set the gutter when imposing pages and get rid of bleed on spine. Maybe you should change the printer?
  9. I've been using Dark Theme myself for some time, but recently I switched to Light Theme, because it's too black and the controls don't make a big difference. Tutorials, especially when watched in lower resolutions, definitely need to be in Light Theme. +1 from me.
  10. As a printer, I would advise to check with your printer. I bet it will be enough to send a file without imposition. They may advise you on margins, but it should be enough. :-) Personally, I hate when customers impose documents themselves, because it's almost never correct, and for example, I need to correct gutter on one of my priners (the only more annoying thing is when they make 8mm bleed “just to be on the safe side” when I said it needs to be 2mm). :-)
  11. I print and design booklets that have landscape layout. I don't see a problem here.
  12. Przemysław

    Resources Differentiation

    Maybe we can encourage using keywords on posts instead of making subcategories? Some projects contain brushes and macros, or brushes and textures? Same wirh free / to buy resources?
  13. +1 to data merge Just want to say that data merge is something I use on daily basis and it's a must for me. I mostly use it for personalised letters, brochures or numbered tickets, so nothing complicated. I wonder if it would be possible to data merge pictures too, for example to create IDs.