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  1. I solved the problem below. For some reason, changing CMYK 0,0,0,100 to 0,0,0,50 changed opacity in HSL to 50%. Once I put it back to 100% it works OK. I think it may be a bug as it does with every newly created document on iPad, but works OK on desktop. — original question: Hi, I've got a document made in Affinity Designer on iPad Pro 2018. The document is in CMYK. I started to create shapes on different layers using black, and when I make grey fill CMYK 0,0,0,50 it seems to be transparent 50%. When I use exactly same colour from the same palette in the same document on PC, then it's opaque. How can I knock-out colours on iPad so they behave as they do on PC? I must have some settings wrong on iPad, but can't find what. I attach: 1. screenshot of how right arm cover is semi-transparent on iPad and left is opaque 2. original document 3. screenshot of my colour settings on iPad Your help will be much appreciated! mr_1.afdesign
  2. Przemysław

    HKS colour systems

    Hello my Friends, I hope that HKS will be included in future in Affinity software alongside Pantone. For time being, I've prepared CMYK versions of HKS colour systems for coated (K) and uncoated (N) papers (download attached *.afpalette files). HKS 98 & HKS 99 are gold and silver (same in both). Why? Lots of printers in Europe are using HKS, i.e. Saxoprint and others. :*) HKS N.afpalette HKS K.afpalette Post Scriptum Official Website: https://www.hks-farben.de On Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HKS_(colour_system)
  3. Hi, I’ve noticed that in Photo there’s Euroscale Coated v2, but there’s no Uncoated version of the colour profile. Designer doesn’t have any of them.
  4. Hi, I’ve noticed that in Photo there’s Euroscale Coated v2, but there’s no Uncoated version of the colour profile. Designer doesn’t have any of them.
  5. Przemysław

    Colour palette export

    That’s a pity. Thanks for the info.
  6. Hi, I have two HKS (K & N) colour systems as application palettes in A Photo on iPad. I can’ find the option to export them. If it’s not possible, what would be the easiest way to get them to desktop version? Can I transfer swatches from application palette to document palette in some easy way? I would open document on PC and then get the palletes. I hope, I don’t have to type in almost 170 colour values again. Thx.
  7. Przemysław

    CMYK colour palettes

    I've created several colour palettes for printing with CMYK values. I use them in my work. So far, most of colours reproduce quite well in CMYK printing. I haven't tested all of them, so there may be some dull outcomes. They may also look different when reproduced on other printers. My palettes are sorted in few groups: blacks, blues, greens, reds, violets and purples, yellows and oranges. Each colour is individually named with CMYK values. I have used colour cördinates provided on Wikipedia (i.e. Shades of green) and few other sources. To import palettes, go to: Swatches tab (or activate it in View -> Studio -> Swatches) -> click a little menu icon top right of the window -> Import Palette I hope you will find them useful. Enjoy! PilcrowPalettes.zip
  8. Przemysław

    Inpainting after rasterising layer

    It looks like this bug / unwanted feature has not been fixed in Beta Any update on it?
  9. Przemysław

    Importing brushes

    I usually drag and drop files into AP and AD - much quicker than going through menus.
  10. Hi, I'm trying to find out how to place a multiple-page PDF into document, but I can't find an option where I can change which pages to place. It places only the first page and I want to place first and second (or all). Any thoughts? Thanks
  11. Przemysław

    Inpainting after rasterising layer

    Thank you for looking into it. It just behaves differently than in other programs (or in and not as it's mentioned in one or two tutorials made by James. I'm afraid it may cause problems with other tools such as Create Colour Palete from Document. Also, option in Menu>Edit>Inpainting is always greyed out.
  12. Przemysław


    I use IWLTBAP made by Benjamin Lambinet. They are not free, but really good, and there's a simple previewer available too.
  13. Przemysław

    Inpainting after rasterising layer

    For some reason the inpaint function in Menu>Edit is always greyed-out (it's the same tool anyway?) and the keyboard shortcut Alt+Backspace doesn't work. The way around is to inpaint on a new pixel layer with Current Layer & Below function turned on. That works OK (but still the function in Menu is greyed-out and shortcut doesn't work). Still, I think it's a bug and it's not how inpaint tool should work (according to James' tutorials), because it doesn't recognise that a current layer has been rasterised - keeps getting information from outside the canvas. Also inpaint option in Menu>Edit is always greyed out and shortcut Alt+Backspace doesn't work.
  14. Przemysław

    Inpainting after rasterising layer

    So you think the area is too big? I have completely erased the area after rasterising and then tried to inpaint, but it brings back the data from outside anyway (which should not exist in the document anymore as it's been rasterised). I'm confused.
  15. Hi, I have cropped a photo to size. I have rasterised the layer, but when I'm using inpainting brush, it keeps taking data from outside the canvas, but as far as I know, it shouldn't, as the layer has been rasterised. The inpainting tool behaves as the layer has not been rasterised. Am I doing something wrong? APhoto Beta I attach sample screenshots when I'm trying to inpaint building on the top right.