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  1. Przemysław

    Combined Brush Sets or The Crazy Brush Library

    Thank you, Stuart. That makes life much easier!
  2. Przemysław

    Spine Width Calculator

    Thank you!
  3. Przemysław

    Tea cup illustration

    Amazing work @befehr! Just wow.
  4. Przemysław

    Photo - Nature Design ... (Worthy of admiration)

    Superb @Pattou! The fungi remind me of Samorost, the game from Amanita Design.
  5. Przemysław

    Affinity Designer for Windows - 1.6.5

    Numbers within RTL text may be written LTR, for example.
  6. Hi All, I'd like to set up default paragraph styles, so when I create a new document my styles (Body, Heading 1 etc.) will be ready to use with my favourite typefaces and measurements. Am I missing something or it's no implemented yet? (Publisher
  7. Fair enough. Where the 146mm comes from then?
  8. I've made A4 portrait document with 2mm bleed. When I pull down a horizontal guideline from upper ruler it snaps (gets marked red) on 146mm and 148.5mm, but not in the centre of page (148mm where it should). It works OK when pull vertical guideline from left (105mm). I think it's a bug, because it works OK in APhoto and ADesigner. Publisher
  9. Hi @Pix I can look into colour difference. If you can send me InDesign and Affinity Publisher files, I'm happy to look into it and print some tests.
  10. I'd like to see ISO B paper sizes as a part of new document presets. I don't think currently included A8, A9, A10 are necessary. I use B sizes for some posters, book-like brochures and passport-size documents.
  11. As a printer, I prefer when customers don't impose documents. Just saying.
  12. Przemysław

    Affinity Photo for iPad - 1.6.5

    Is there any plan to introduce Affinity software for Android devices? Android devices are much more popular than Apple's.