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  1. Hi, It's quite old thread, but is there any news on importing multi-page PDF into Publisher? At the moment I need to extract pages as separate files in Acrobat and then import them into Publisher same way as multiple images. We use it quite often at work (i.e. to add crop marks to artwork).
  2. Can we please have a differentiation in look of Beta software icons on all systems? Only Designer has a different icon and only on iPad. Thank you!
  3. Thank you @Lee D. I'll try it tomorrow. It's a pity that Affinity doesn't remove all files and folders when uninstalled.
  4. Hello I've created assets in Photo (I use light mode) and names of my assets are trimmed when displayed as a list.
  5. Hi, I was testing Affinity products at work with my personal licenses. I have now purchased licenses for work hoping we will be able to replace Adobe CC in near future for more users. I have uninstalled software and installed again hoping to register software with my new work account and new codes. However, after uninstalling and installing software again, it remembers my old credentials and don't ask for new keys. I removed leftover Affinity folders from C:\Program Files and from C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming but it didn't help. So how can I reinstall Affinity products to be prompted to enter a new license key?
  6. It's a minor visual thing when editing name of master page.
  7. Przemysław

    Support for HKS colours

    Hello Serif Team! Is there any update on adding HKS N and HKS K spot colour palettes to Affinity software? It's doing my heading now. I've got HKS N & HKS K palettes in Photoshop and Illustrator using HKS 3000+ software. Is there any way I can move them to Affinity Photo and Designer so print-ready PDF will have them marked as spot colours? It's a popular standard in Europe - it's cheaper for printers and designers than monopoly-driven Pantone. PS I have also emailed HKS Farben to consider adding Affinity to their HKS 3000+ app. PPS RAL system would be welcomed as well.
  8. I might be wrong, but I don’t think AP allows to overwrite raw files. You can save your developed document as .aphoto and go back to develop persona when needed. In principle raw files should be always raw as they come from camera, no?
  9. Just a little request. Can you please make sure that your top menu bar is always visible and not dropping down? It will make easier to record what’s happening on the screen when watching.
  10. Przemysław

    How to sign up for beta testing?

    @Patrick Connor Can I please be added to Beta testers as well? I’ve sent the request by email a long time ago with my Beta request for Photo. iPad 2018 Thanks.
  11. Przemysław

    Stock panel - "connection failed"

    It works OK in the most recent Betas. I have this problem on both my PCs, on work PC I can't edit registry anyway.
  12. Przemysław

    Stocks-Tab: Unsplash not working

    Hi, Just wanted to add, that Stock doesn't work on Windows 10 since final release of Publisher and Photo (it worked great in recent betas). I have two PCs with W10 and both show "connection failed".
  13. I use light mode in Publisher. Text in Index panel appears white on light grey. It makes it very difficult to read.
  14. Hi, The Stock panel worked for me in Beta of Photo, but with release of the final version I get "connection failed". I'm working on W10. Any ideas?