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  1. Hi All, I have a question about editing PDFs in Designer. I have a document (for example this one). I want to open it in Designer as a "flatten" document or with outlined letters without altering fonts, but when I open it, I have a window asking to replace or not the missing font. Is there any way that I can open it as it is? I don't want to edit existing text, but leave it as it is. Acrobat opens it OK, but Designer always makes some changes to the existing document. Or maybe it is something that upcoming Publisher will do? Screenshots: View in Acrobat (I can delete some text or add to the line using different font) View in Designer without font replacement View in Designer with font replacement Designer's dialog box when opening PDF
  2. Przemysław

    Change of artboard's colour

    Thank you @Aammppaa
  3. Thank you guys!
  4. Przemysław

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Why not? I'll pay for ADesigner and you'll pay for APhoto, then we can go testing beta version of APublisher afterwards. 100 quid spent in the pub and all sorted. :-)
  5. Przemysław


    In vino veritas :-D Cuivis dolori remedium est patientia* - it should be a motto for beta's splash screen. -- * Patience is the cure for all suffer
  6. Przemysław

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    £49 is only ~12 pints in the pub. Worth it!
  7. Przemysław

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    At my work we have mostly Nuance and Nitro for PDFs (~400 employees). There are only few Adobe CC subscriptions (we will probably need to keep some as files from external contractors are made in Adobe). When Affinity Publisher (does Serif consider changing the name, please?) is in the final version, there will be possibility to get rid of some CC subscriptions and move people to Affinity products. I wish it will happen, as Photo and Designer are a great piece of software. The big plus is for customer engagement on this forum. :-)
  8. Przemysław


    Everyone is. It's better to get a working product than some random snapshot full of bugs. :-)
  9. Przemysław

    Forum software bug?

    It must be a bug at Invision Community that this forum runs on.
  10. I'd like to see the option to change a colour of an artboard when working in Designer. At the moment I'm using extra colour-filled layer to work on design when artwork is in white. It works, but it's not ideal. Thanks.
  11. Oh well, it will do for a moment. Can it be added to feature request, please?
  12. I have some design to be done in white. How do I change colour of the artboard? I was looking for half an hour and can't find it. I know, I can add a coloured layer beneath everything, but I would prefer to do it without adding the extra layer.
  13. Przemysław

    Introducing... Affinity Spotlight

    Is there any chance to get some kind of website similar to Bēhance where we could post our creations made in Serif's software? It would be good advertisement for Affinity products, if people could keep their portfolios there. It could be made as a section on Affinity Spotlight page. Just an idea.
  14. Przemysław

    Introducing... Affinity Spotlight

    Thank you @retrograde for the tutorial. It's great! And I like Spotlight – it's a good idea and I'm looking for more content there.
  15. Przemysław

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    I know, I just bought it few days ago. I simply can't afford Adobe subscription anymore and PPX9, even being old, is doing a great job for what I need. I'm so looking forward for a new APublisher. I only need Photo, Designer and Publisher - then I'm all set.