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  1. I'd like to see ISO B paper sizes as a part of new document presets. I don't think currently included A8, A9, A10 are necessary. I use B sizes for some posters, book-like brochures and passport-size documents.
  2. As a printer, I prefer when customers don't impose documents. Just saying.
  3. Przemysław

    Affinity Photo for iPad - 1.6.5

    Is there any plan to introduce Affinity software for Android devices? Android devices are much more popular than Apple's.
  4. @Wojciech Krakowiak you should join typography.guru. I'm translating terms in a dictionary and need some help. :o)
  5. Woo-hoo! :-) I'm asking, because once Publisher is in stable release, I will try to move my company from Adobe to Serif software and your video is very helpful.
  6. I think, @Wosven means putting your name in all caps using a decorative font is not a good idea, which I agree with. Additionally, I wouldn't use colours in the logo (such as blue circle in first example) if you're going to use it as a watermark. It may be too distracting when looking at the actual photo. In my opinion, it should be always white or black (with some transparency applied). If you have a pen tablet (or you can borrow one) then the better idea would be to draw the signature by hand and not use a specific font. It would make it much more personal. If you don't have access to the pen tablet, you can scan your signature and trace it in Designer using a pen tool.
  7. I second @MaryLou's question. When I open a new document in Designer 1.6.5, the list of available templates cover a wide range of Apple devices and only one Android (now few years old Nexus 5). I'm aware that in the age of responsive design these templates are only for some mock-ups, but it feels wrong prioritising one company over others. I think the whole idea of templates should be re-thought and maybe, instead of listing specific devices, the list of dimensions should be made with ability to adjust them manually, i.e. "2160×1080 (Huawei 10 Mate Pro, Ratio 18:9)". It's impossible to make a list of all available dimensions (mentioned Huawei 10 Mate Pro can change resolution to save battery), but at least popular ones would be helpful. Maybe with each update the list of top 10 currently used devices could be made? Keep in mind that Android devices are more popular than Apple. I don't know if there is any research on it, but I expect that Apple devices are mostly used by individuals (freelancers). I work for local government, and all our software is Windows and Android based. Serif should do some research on targeting customers to make more money, and I think, Apple devices would be left behind. Adobe prioritises Apple users, but I hope, Serif will change their approach.
  8. It's a great video. Thank you @affinicasts! Is there one for Photoshop vs Affinity Photo?
  9. Przemysław

    Affinity Photo 1.6.5 crashes on load !!!

    If you haven't already, I would try to use Revo Uninstaller or similar software to uninstall. It will clear all remaining leftover files and registry items. That should make a new installation completely clean.
  10. Przemysław

    Asset Library Inktober Vectors

    Amazing! Thank you @StuartRc
  11. Maybe it will be better to convert to mm? If the artwork is for printing then 200 mm × 263 mm should be accurate enough (200.025 × 263.525).
  12. I've tested on W10 x64, Intel i5 2.40GHz, 8GB RAM and can't reproduce the bug. It seems to be working OK.
  13. After a deeper investigation the issue of not accepting commas appears in Beta, but it's working OK in stable I should have checked it earlier.