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  1. Arte

    object scrolling bug

    Actually, scrolling does work but slightly different than in Illustrator. You have to "hover" the cursor at the top/left edge of the horizontal/vertical scrollbar instead of dragging it past the scrollbar. Then the page will scroll as well.
  2. Yes, no, maybe I've experienced that sometimes people/companies do modify "official versions" of files (including fonts, API files etc.) to meet their own or a client's requirements or to "fix" something so it could be that the font on the "problem computer" may be a modified font that was used for something and then forgotten to replace it back with the official version. The "official" files being identical across versions could indicate an issue with the installed fonts after all as in theory there should be no difference if the installed fonts are the "official" versions. The only way to find out is to put the same font on both computers and if the problem goes away, i.e. they look the same, then it is one of the two versions of the installed fonts that is the culprit after all. If the problem remains then it could be a settings issue or a bug.
  3. Yes, the same here for CorelDraw, it opens a bit faster than in Designer Beta. I can edit Designer Beta but it is definitely less responsive than CorelDraw. However after saving the opened PDF as an Affinity file it becomes more responsive. Disabling snapping further increases responsiveness.
  4. This is an AutoCAD drawing and when the PDF was made all text was converted to lines and the same for the hatches, hence the large number of objects. Had they used TrueType fonts the drawing might actually have been manageable for Publisher or Designer as there would have been quite a bit less objects to handle. Because basically every letter is a polyline there is little you can do with regard to text in this PDF other than use it as a placed document. Designer Beta can open the original PDF without issue but chokes when you want to select them all. If you want to extract parts of the drawing you may want to crop it in PDF software first before opening it with Designer or Publisher. I'd prefer to use Designer in this case.
  5. I can confirm this bug, had it happen earlier today with the corner tool as well in the latest beta. It first freezes for a while then then crashes when using ctrl-mousewheel to zoom in or out while the corner tool is active.
  6. Totally agree. Even better would be, if the style aready exists in file to which the asset is added then it should ask whether you want to use the existing style, update the existing style with the one from the asset or keep both (and add a suffix to the style of the asset).
  7. It would be nice to have for plan navigation such as pan and zoom, but it isn't high on my priority list but will support the request anyway. One never knows. :-)
  8. As others already mentioned, vector software is trying to create closed areas when merging shapes and as such will close e.g. open curves that intersect closed areas. If you want to avoid this you may want to select open curves first and expand them so that they basically become closed areas with a fill that still look like it is an open curve. That should avoid your problem as shown in your illustration in most cases.
  9. I ran into this issue in the past, it had to do with some kind of bug that has been solved. Perhaps there is still some remnant of that bug somewhere that causes it to happen in combination with your images. What images are you using?
  10. Or do as I did, just turn off notification sounds. No more bloop/bleep/disco style or whatever sounds. Oh the soothing silence it creates (also known as no more distracting sounds).
  11. If you are drawing at scale in the program then the dialogs (e.g. the transform tab) should always show real world dimensions and not paper scale dimensions. So if it would really show what you write above then in my opinion it is not the proper way of how the program should handle drawing at scale. FWIW, I use drawing at scale the way you are asking for a lot in software that supports it properly (e.g. Vectorworks, CorelDRAW, Canvas X etc.)
  12. There are a few options on the Mac platform that can do what you want, Canvas Draw is one of them that you might want to take a look at though do realise that its user interface may take some getting used to. Originally it was based on Canvas from Deneba (I had that in the early 1990's) but the Mac version has been completely rewritten a few years ago. Canvas is aimed at technical illustrations so it does have tools like drawing at scale, dimensioning etc. More info can be found at: https://www.canvasgfx.com/en/products/canvas-draw-5-for-mac/
  13. Oh yes, I agree, though I have used it in the past when it was still Deneba Canvas in the early 1990's and the interface is not really that different. It does take (quite) a bit of getting used to but it is also missing some tools, or the equivalent tools are more limitied etc. . It is not that bad as it does have a combination of features that can be useful if you need it but it just isn't as smooth as Affinity Designer, CorelDRAW, Illustrator in quite a few ways. If you are familiar with CorelDRAW, the rotate etc. works similar. Cropping works slightly different. It is a really old code base and user interface so that is why they are reportedly working on a complete rewrite with updated tools, user interface etc. similar as what Serif did with their Affinity range vs the old xxPlus software range (thought even the xxPlus was better in more than just a few ways than Canvas X). Canvas Draw (their Mac version) seems to be better though as that one does e.g. supporte unicode and is supposed to have a better user interface, but that too is a recent complete rewrite of an older version that had a bad reputation for usability. So there is hope.
  14. Arte

    Beta versie - crop tool

    Het is wel mogelijk maar niet direct duidelijk. Als je op het tandwiel klikt dan komt de lijst met voorgedefiniƫerde formaten tevoorschijn. In de rechterbovenhoek van die lijst is een hamburger icoon, als je daarop klikt dan komen de opties om presets te definiƫren en te beheren tevoorschijn. Zie schermafdruk hieronder. \ It is possible to add/manage presets. When one clicks on the cogwheel the list of presets shows up. In the upper right corner of that presets dialog there is a "hamburger" icon, clicking on that icon will reveal the options to add/manages presets in the current beta.
  15. Yes, I don't expect other software to open Affinity's native files anytime soon. So it is up to Affinity to support the major proprietary file formats in an at least decent way to import them as good as possible and in some cases also export to those formats. Canvas is aimed at a different kind of user than Affinity, so there is not really a competetion between the two, not to mention that the current Canvas implementation is severely outdated in some aspects compared to the Affinity trio of programs. That being said, it is nice to be able to use a single program for all this stuff if implemented well. So I really hope the integration between the Affinity programs is working as advertised as that will make quite a difference.