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  1. The A2, A1 and A0 formats are not there when you start V2 and the new file dialog comes up. However... if you select document setup after creating a document then these formats are available for selection to change the document size.
  2. You may want to try the solution in this topic below, in case it might be the cause of your crashes. It seems it may also apply to other crash types than the specific ones described in this topic. If it does not solve your issue then please contact Affinity support to have them take a look at it.
  3. There is also Viva Designer that is aiming at InDesign users though it does not have graphics design and photo editing siblings like Publisher, so the Affinity team definitely is my preferred choice especially if those few missing things (at least few to me) are added in V2. The Affinity trio at full price also costs just a little more than the one-purpose personal non-commercial license of Viva which makes Affinity more cost effective. Hopefully V2 will be released in the next few weeks, this "Is Affinity dead?" thread is starting to feel like a zombie walking around in circles chasing itself for lunch. ๐Ÿ˜
  4. Did you try restarting your computer? Just reopening Publisher after a crash may not always solve the problem if there is some memory issue that is the cause. Restarting the computer may solve that. Otherwise the information in the topic below might be of use in case one of the mentioned things apply, it is not just about fonts but also other things that may crash Publisher:
  5. Over here we have an imaginary holiday with an unknown date called "sint-juttemis", so we'd say "Between now and sint-juttemis" as release date, i.e. between now and never. Maybe that is is better indication of the upcoming release date for you? ๐Ÿ˜ The closest things to "sint-juttemis" would be Saint Glinlin according to Wikipedia.
  6. This works well for relatively simple files, for complex files with Affinity specific features that don't translate to an Illustrator equivalent it may be a hit or miss experience. His (the video maker) statement that .ai is basically a glorified .pdf format is a bit too simplistic because there are some caveats, but that is a whole different discussion.
  7. I'm using Clip Studio Paint as well, like Affinity they didn't charge for updates for years (10 years according to CSP), to be realistic that is not a sustainable commercial business model in the long run so I can understand that want a more reliable income stream from that perspective. I don't like the subscription only model for software unless it is (relatively) low cost and not business critical software (i.e. I can stop using it without too much trouble and switch to an alternative). Like someone else mentioned on this forum, having a perpetual license that you can use to open old(er) files if you are no longer using subscription or using it at all from some point in the future because you switched to another software program (for whatever reason) is essential for me. Corel went from semi-subscription (upgrade protection and then maintenance plan) where you would get to keep the then latest versions if you stopped the maintenance subscription to subscription only at 2.5-3 times the cost of maintenance for a perpetual version. No way, bye bye Corel, welcome alternatives (i.e. Affinity). Clip Studio Paint still offers a perpetual license, though you would need an update subscription to get the feature updates instead of only bug fixes until the first feature update. If it takes them several year before the next major upgrade I can see why they want to do that, even though I am having some reservations for now but it will depend on the pricing whether paying for a new full license (upgrade to perpetual version) plus update subscription as I will call it for now will be acceptable compared to subscription only. If it is then I will continue using Clip Studio with perpetual license and get update subscription for a year if the new feature updates are worth it to me. For me there should somehow always be an option to keep the then current version as a perpetual license when you quit subscription, though understandably without further updates/upgrades, would I be willing to consider subscription for any major/essential software program unless there really is no alternative for it and I really need to use that software. So yes Affinity does have an opportunity to attract/lure new customers now that more software is going subscription based. As long as they will offer perpetual licenses, either directly or indirectly because you get to keep the then current version when quitting subscription, I'll keep using Affinity. It still needs to add a few things to the various programs but overall it is quite usable for me. Sooooo.... to stay on-topic.... when can we expect V2? ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. I agree with Walt on this, however... on a very very rare occasion I have seen footnotes spill over to the next facing page where at the bottom of the first page of the two it was stated that the footnotes continued on that next facing page. I've never seen footnotes pushed back to the preceding page or having to turn a page to continue with the footnotes. In case it is not possible to continue on the next facing page then the body text will have to be redistributed to make the footnotes fit. Otherwise endnotes should be used in my opinion.
  9. To be clear, I want both footnotes and endnotes, but for the kind of publications I do footnotes can have a negative impact on lay-out because of the space they may occupy on the page depending on number and length of the footnotes, so endotes are more convenient in that case. In case only footnotes or only endotes can be implemented upon release, then I would prefer endnotes to be implemented first. Others may prefer footnotes to be implemented first in that case, so maybe a poll might be useful in that case. Though it would make sense to implement them both when they are made available, but you never know how things may go.
  10. Ditto here, we got a few years of updates (sometimes big updates) without having to pay additional money, there are few commercial companies who do this at this price level.
  11. @Ren De nice work, though I wouldn't hang the second one on my wall. Don't want to scare the visitors. ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. The Wendigo is a kind of boogieman/evil spirit creature of the native American/FirstNations people. Other cultures have their own versions of this kind of creature as well, sometimes cannibalistic, sometimes not. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wendigo
  13. +1 for non-printable (global) layers too I may not need them in each publication, but when I need them they're really needed. An alternative might be to create a draft layer type, Clip Studio Paint has this and it will never be exported when publishing to several file format (in this case image formats like TIFF, JPEG etc.). The intent for this layer is to keep draft sketches, lines, mockups etc. visible but never publish them. Basically this is the same as setting a global layer to non-printable but it does this automatically because of its layer type.
  14. And those who expected it will be included in V2 would then pay half if it is not included? ๐Ÿ˜‰ If only one of them could be included I hope it will be endnotes because for me they're a bit more convenient lay-out wise than footnotes.
  15. There was mention of an article earlier in this thread and/or another thread about how Affinity (Designer) was making inroads into the AEC world, in that article it was said that dwg/dxf import was being tested and that V2 is supposed to come out later this year. Maybe it is better to replace supposed with assumed but I'd be a bit surprised if V2 would not come out this year given that V1 has been released some 5 years ago and new releases/beta versions are really slow to appear at the moment which makes me think they are focusing on getting V2 ready for release.
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