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  1. I would like the option to have the light ui on my iPad AD. If this is a redundant ask then please close. I searched and did not find any requests for this—which makes me fear my request puts me in the minority (or my search skills are rusty)
  2. I am migrating over to affinity designer from Procreate and I do ability to mix vector and raster in a single doc. A couple of things I would like to request for the paint brush tool in the Pixel persona. 1. I would love to be able to use the single finger modifier key with the paint brush tool. This would let me quickly draw a straight line. 2. The second (which I guess is more on the brushes them selves and not the paint brush tool per se) is the allow for the stroke stabilizer to be an aspect of the brush and not a glow all toggle. I use the stabilizer on pencil/charcoal brushes but do not need it on fill brushes like grain or watercolors.
  3. After using AD:ipad for a few days now I am noticing a few things that would help me keep a smooth workflow. The first is to be able to reorder brushes. On AD on the mac I can just drag and put the ones i want at the top (invariably the brushes I use frequently seem to be at the bottom of the list) My workaround has been reorder not the desktop and export/import into AD:ipad–but my second request would to be able to sync brushes between the desktop and iPad versions.

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