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  1. This request has been around for quite some time, but doesn’t seem to be very high on the list for some reason??
  2. Hi, I’m not sure which category this post should be in as its a general question. Is anyone running Photo or Designer on a 2020 Mac mini? I’m thinking of purchasing one, but am worried that it will stutter with a large Photo or designer file - therefore was wondering if anyone here had experience with a Mac mini and the Affinity products. Thank you all in advance.
  3. Thanks, but I’m simply referring to the hundred plus .afpalette colour swatches I have made, and now have sitting in my iCloud. I have no access to any other devices, apart from the iPad I am using, so have absolutely no way of getting them into photo on iPad. Having to resort to a long winded workaround requiring 2 different devices (iPad and Desktop) and 2 copies of Affinity Photo (one for each platform), just to get access to palettes is unacceptable for a professional software application.
  4. I simply cannot understand why it is still not possible to import colour palettes in either photo or designer on iPad. Getting really frustrated now, what is the point in introducing new features, when an absolute basic function is completely absent. I love Affinity products and want so much to swap over completely to Affinity, but glaring omissions like this prevent me 🙁
  5. I can’t understand why something as simple as a swatch file would need to be propriety? Surely it would be better if people could easily find out how to write to a .afpalette format - this would mean that more colour app related developers would be able to inlcude affinity products, as opposed to exclude it?
  6. Ahh, Ok, Your second point just mentioned a develop tool, so wasn't sure what exactly you were looking to do. Just thought I would try and help.
  7. Hi KC Honie. Regarding your second point - Do you know there is an actual "Develop Persona" in Affinity Photo (it's located at the top left). Please excuse me if you already knew this, but due to your point 2, I thought I would point it out Hope this helps.
  8. Has this resource been updated to make it suitable for iOS 13, as I think the shape changed slightly (from a squircle to a rounded rectangle) - or was that just the macOS icons which changed ever so slightly?
  9. 1) Ability to import swatches in Affinity Photo for iPad 2) Case-Insensitive library search in Affinity Photo for Desktop 3) Automatic popup asking for name of category when creating a new brush category - as opposed to it automatically being called brush, thus making the user go back into the options just to name it in Affinity Photo for Desktop 4) Bigger swatch previews in the swatch palette in Affinity Photo for Desktop 5) LUT previewer in Affinity Photo for Desktop and iPad
  10. When searching for a particular macro in the library panel, the search function currently looks for an "exact" match of the search phrase (case-sensitive). Is it possible to change this, so that the search function is case-insensitive. Otherwise unless you know exactly what case the macro's name is in, the search function may not find the macro you are looking for. Thanks.
  11. Could a future version please include some kind of LUT viewer, so the user can see a preview of the effect the LUT will have on the image. Thanks.
  12. When creating a new brush category - could a future version please present the "rename category" popup automatically, as opposed to calling it "brush", causing the user to then have to click on the options again, to name the newly created category? Thanks.
  13. I need to create a contact sheet of images, in jpg or pdf format - to include in a download. I will shortly be going back to macOS, so I will use automator to do the trick. Maybe one day Affinity Photo might include the ability to create contact sheets natively. I will look into XnViewMP in the meantime. Thank you both.
  14. Hi, Is it possible to automate the making of a contact sheet in Affinity Photo? I have looked around the UI, but cannot seem to find the option. I'm guessing it's not possible, but just thought I would check in case the option existed and I couldn't find it. Thanks.
  15. Thanks anon - I thought I was going mad for a moment
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