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  1. “the rule is always, close any file before you attempt to open on any other system.” Unfortunately this completely negates the entire point of handoff.
  2. OMG!! - I’m actually speechless. Thanks Alfred.
  3. Is is still not possible to import swatches into AD on iPad??? I have just tried again after not using AD for over a year, and there still seems to be no option to import swatches? Surely I must be mistaken, so could someone please advise me how to achieve this. Thank you all in advance.
  4. Hi Vienna, I obviously have no idea how much you know about resolution etc. so please excuse me if I'm advising you on matters which you already know about. Example: If you have a 1000px X 1000px image @ 72dpi, and then simply increase the resolution to 300 dpi - the image will shrink in size but become sharper. HOWEVER - if you increase the dpi to 300 but still want the image to be the same dimensions (1000 x 1000) the image will pixelate badly. With regards to resolution (dpi) - an image can always be downscaled (resulting in a sharper but smaller image) - but not upscaled, without degradation. This is obviously a simplified answer, as there are multiple factors with regards to resolution, but I hope this helped somehow.
  5. Hi everyone. Not sure where to post this, so I will ask it here - does anyone know of a free Big Sur icon template which can be used to create the main icon for a macOS Big Sur app? Thank you all in advance.
  6. Just tried Photoscape X and have absolutely no idea how to wrap an image to a sphere - even after looking at your screenshots. I will have to try the "Distort > Spherical" way in Affinity Photo. Thanks.
  7. Hi, - is the Pro version of Photoscape X required to map onto a sphere, and can you map your own images, or just create lines as per in your example? Thanks.
  8. Hi, can anyone advise me how I map an image around a sphere in Affinity Photo. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thank you both - I just tried both of your solutions and both worked perfectly. Thank You!
  10. Hi, I had an image consisting of 2 layers - a layer of white handwritten text, and a black background layer. Somewhere along the line I accidentally flattened the image and lost my original. I now need to extract just the white text. Can someone advise me how to either get just the white text onto a new layer, OR, change the black background into specific RGB values. I can't just type the text onto a new layer as it is handmade text, and not a font. I have tried to select the handwritten text and put it onto a new layer, but the text appears very jagged and is unusable. Any help appreciated. Thank you.
  11. Hi everyone - does Affinity Photo / Designer contain any kind of stylus smoothing similar to Hej Stylus? I am considering purchasing it, but just thought that maybe Photo / Designer has this as a hidden feature. Thank you all in advance.
  12. I personally thought exactly the same thing - I would love to see a release where NO new features are added, but LOTS of little things are improved. Kind of a "major maintenance release". I'm guessing this would make a lot of existing customers very happy. I still love Affinity Photo and Designer, but still can't get my head around why new features are continually added, whilst some basic glaring omissions are passed by..
  13. Hi, The save dialogue I see has no file extension added - it just displays the name. When I add .afpalette and then save the file - it saves as DarkMode.afpalette.clr I just did a test - irrelevant of wether I load in a .afpalette swatch, or a .clr swatch - the export option only saves as .clr???
  14. Hi everyone, I have imported a "DarkMode.clr" palette/swatch into affinity photo and would like to export / save it as 'DarkMode.afpalette". Whenever I export the palette/swatch, it automatically exports it as a .clr file, as opposed to .afpalette. Could someone please explain how I save it as an Affinity specific palette/swatch file. (macOS Catalina) Thank you all in advance.
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