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  1. In AP is there a command equivalent to the PS command "Equilize"?
  2. Thank you for your quick reply. In the mean time, I'll use Image Capture on the Mac.


  3. Mac, Catalina. When I try to scan (Epson 2400) to Acquire Image, overview works fine, and no correction,Scan works fine, However, when I use Manuel Correction, and hit Scan, The scan appears in momentarily in Affinity Photo , but then Photo immediately crashes. The same thing happens in 1.8 Beta. Using Mac Image capture or Silverfast Scan ware, there is no problem,
  4. Firstdefence, Thank you very much! I had no idea.
  5. What actually do the commands"Remove black or Remove white nat"do?
  6. Thanks, I'll try the radial blur used as a mask. .
  7. In Lightroom there is a tool called "Radial Filter". Is there a comparable tool in Affinity Photo?
  8. Thank you all for the Nik fix!


  9. Thanks to those who replied. John, you said that Nik plugins work fine. I'm on a Mac , and the only one that works on it is Viveza. I assume that you are on a Windows machine.
  10. When I dowmload and install the released version of AP 1.7, Can I retain 1.6 as I use Nik plugins a lot?
  11. Thank you,RC-R, for a very clear explanation of the icc question.   One more question: if I choose a [articular icc under the color sync-alternative panel, what should I do under the Print Dialogue-Quality and Media where that particul icc is not listed?  Thanks again!

  12. Thanks, Walt, but I use a Mac. My problem is , not how to import icc,s into the System via ColorSync, but how to get the icc to show p in the "Quality and Meia" panel of the Print Dialogue. I am aware of the Color Management in the Print Panel and that you can select icc,s there, but they do not show up in the Quality media panel.
  13. In PS there is a function called the Fill Mode. It is different fro Opacity. What is comparable in AF?
  14. On te Mac, how do I delete a folder from the Media Browser? I've tried control + rt. and lf. clicking, but all I get is "Reload".
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