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  1. You could use the "Send to" option in On1. Right click on image.
  2. Or, you could just put all of your jpgs in a folder on the desktop and then drag the folder onto the Asset Panel in the appropriate category.
  3. Why not just open in Affinity Photo, select with move tool and drag into Asset Panel in appropriate category?
  4. After applying the Flood Selection tool, invert the selection and then jump (j) to a new layer. You can then put a colored layer or other beneath the jumped layer.
  5. Before switching to AP, I did quite a bit of work using LAB in PS. Frequently, I used the command "Equalization" to intensify colors. Is there such a command in AffinityPhoto?
  6. Thanks to both of you. In my original post, I should have said px rather than mm. My work flow most often is simply to drag and drop the image onto AP. Then it's px every time.
  7. I agree! I use inches for everything and have to change from mm. to in. every time.
  8. Is there a size difference in storing a layered file as an Asset vs. an aphoto file?
  9. When I hover over items on the list, there is no preview on the image. When I click on the default or any other list item, no dialogue appears, and no change occurs on the image. As far as I can tell, it just doesn't work for me. If I choose LUTS from the Layer , new adjustment layer menu list, I get the dialogue and can apply a LUTS chosen from outside source to the image. Clicking on other adjustment categories displays the dialogue as usual.
  10. Yes! I have the Apple store version of 1.9.19 and am running Bir Sur. Lots of ram.
  11. I have AP 1.9 from the Apple store. The new Luts in the Adjustment panel do not work. I just downloaded the new AP beta and tried the Luts, and they work fine. 2017 iMac running Big Sur with lots of RAM
  12. To all those who helped solve my THREE DOT problem, I send my thanks. I found out how this originally happened. Some how, I had checked the menu item "Separated Mode" in the Window Memu. I unchecked is and all returned to normal.
  13. It was under Dock and Menu. Followed you direction and it worked! Thank you very much!
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