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  1. I have AP 1.9 from the Apple store. The new Luts in the Adjustment panel do not work. I just downloaded the new AP beta and tried the Luts, and they work fine. 2017 iMac running Big Sur with lots of RAM
  2. Mine is configured to Automatically. So that's not it.
  3. It worked the first time, but when I shut down the scanner and Affinity Photo and tried again, I got the same ,old error message. The scanner failed to open. Perhaps, you have to go through the same procedure each time you want to use the scanner.
  4. To all those who helped solve my THREE DOT problem, I send my thanks. I found out how this originally happened. Some how, I had checked the menu item "Separated Mode" in the Window Memu. I unchecked is and all returned to normal.
  5. It was under Dock and Menu. Followed you direction and it worked! Thank you very much!
  6. Smedell, That menus items not present in my General Preference, see screen shot. I'm on Big Sur.
  7. Thanks, V_kyr. Putting in Full Screen Mode doesn't restore the three dots on upper left.
  8. double-click on the window title doesn't work/. Screen shot attached.
  9. The three colored dots at the top .left corner of AP 1.8.6 have disappeared. iMac. Big Sur/ Any ideas? Can't minimize or maximize.
  10. Bruce, I, also, get this crash in ap1.8.6. I reported it a long time ago, ad was told the this was a known bug and wold be addressed in the future. my scanner will open in 1.8.6 and I can save the scan, but the scan cannot be edited before saving. 1.9 Beta refused to recognize the scanner at all.
  11. I have the Affinity store verso of the beta.
  12. Sam , Yes, the scanner works in other programs, as well as AP 1.8.6, but not in the Beta 1.9.
  13. Epsom Perfection 2400 will not open I. Beta Attached is screen shot. Error -21345. Mac, Big Sur. Scanner will open in 1.8.6. Checked System Preferences, and is OK.
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