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  1. Thank you,RC-R, for a very clear explanation of the icc question.   One more question: if I choose a [articular icc under the color sync-alternative panel, what should I do under the Print Dialogue-Quality and Media where that particul icc is not listed?  Thanks again!

  2. Thanks, Walt, but I use a Mac. My problem is , not how to import icc,s into the System via ColorSync, but how to get the icc to show p in the "Quality and Meia" panel of the Print Dialogue. I am aware of the Color Management in the Print Panel and that you can select icc,s there, but they do not show up in the Quality media panel.
  3. How do I import new paper icc's onto the print dialogue box of AP?
  4. jfw222

    Scanning from Epson scanner not working with Mac OS X 10.14

    I can scan fine using Image Capture or Preview. In 1.7, crash occurs wgen I modify scan image "Manuely"
  5. jfw222

    Scanning from Epson scanner not working with Mac OS X 10.14

    Mac running 10.14.2. Using Acquire image with my Epson 2400 scanner, the overview and scan occurs, but when the scan is finished, 1.7 crashes. This occurs when I modify the image "manual" adjusting the Levels slider. If I do ndot modify the image at all, there is no crash
  6. In PS there is a function called the Fill Mode. It is different fro Opacity. What is comparable in AF?