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  1. That might help others… I think it has to do with the video card… I re-started my Mac and everything is back in order… Anyone with that same "rare" problem ? Video card conflict ?
  2. Now what happened to my doc ? All is gone wild !! Have you seen this before ? Thanks for your ideas…
  3. I wonder right now if one can search text for some specific horizontal scale values… I'll have to look after that…
  4. hi @Dan C here you go for the file : test.afpub here you go for the video : screen 2023-12-14 à 18.39.13.mp4
  5. Thanks you both @GarryP & @Murfee for answering. While we're at it, I discovered that when I copy a grey block and paste it, I get an annoying space before or after the block (a space that I did not copy at first) and also if I copy the block with some text before or after it, and then I paste the whole thing, the block is not pasted… 2 tricky behaviors… are you aware of those ? I would call that a bug…
  6. Hi all, Maybe a dumb question… I might be a little tired these days… Here is an example (the real doc has many many blocks)… In this case, I want to select all the grey boxes that are 15mm long and make them 20mm long… If I use select, I can select them all but then how can I change their length in one go ? My third grey block in line one seem to be annoying me… I can't use the transformer tab… Thanks for your help… Here is the test file : test.afpub
  7. Great job @R C-R !! You identified the problem with my blue file ! And also I did some tuning on my Python3 code and everything seems to be back in order now ! Thanks all for your knowledge.
  8. That's what I do, tried again, still have the problem so I guess I have to have a closer look at Python3 and Pillow… Both of them have been updated not long ago… Pillow might not be great in png manipulation ? But then why is it good with my green file… a mystery… If I find an answer I'll post it here… Thanks @NotMyFault and all.
  9. I'm not sure, and I don't know if it could have an incidence… But I think… — I initially selected pixels and erased them to build my transparency for the problematic blue file. — I initially used vector tool to build my transparency for the green working file. I searched my disks and found my original blue file (jpg that I turned into a png with transparency) : Can you turn that jpg file into a png with transparency ? Maybe I'm doing something wrong ? Maybe your png will work ok ?
  10. Nice idea @NotMyFault, but… I tried twice, the routine is still ok with the green one and NOT OK with the blue one… There must be something different in that blue file… or in that green file ??? I mean other than what you just found (which is nice).
  11. Thanks for the idea @NotMyFault. The problem is that I did not use the palletized option, I export with the standard png profile : BUT your answer made me remember that i do use ImageOptim to get more compact files. Here are my ImageOptim prefs : ImageOptim could cause the problem then… ? So… how could I work on the files that have the problem to revert back to a "normal" png file ? Exporting a new png file, with "palettisé" untick does not correct the problem. Thanks again for your help.
  12. This png file gives the problem : While this one doesn't : They both are png files with transparencies. I really wonder why they are not treated the same way by my Python routine using the Pillow package for a simple resize ? Can anyone tell me if there is a difference in the way those 2 files are built ?
  13. Yes @GarryP, the problem might come from one of the packages I use in my .py routine (PIL)… First I wanted to check if I was missing something evident in Affinity photo 2. I'll send part of my routine in an upcoming post.
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