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  1. For some "good" reason I have a text I imported that had trailing spaces and when I used tabs I discovered what might be a bug ? If I hit a space after (for example) the word "four" it destroys my tab work. Screen one leads to screen two and I think it should not : Above, I just typed space after the word "four". Here is the file : strange tab behaviour.afpub
  2. You could work with favorites (click on the little heart next to the font, far right) to have a smaller list…
  3. Maybe (if possible) you can try to change the cursor look (in the system) and see if you get it to work as it should ? If it is the same wrong behavior then it is probably an Affinity problem ?
  4. I don't know if this helps, but on macOS system one can change the pointer's look… I guess there is the same possibility on Windows ? Maybe you can reset it in your system prefs ?
  5. Very often the problem comes from "spaces" present in the hyperlinks… You might check your hyperlinks to be sure…
  6. Hi @v_kyr, wouldn't it be nice to have the option to copy the found list ?
  7. OK, i understand what you mean. True, it could be interesting to have an option to make that shadow stick 📌 to the object.
  8. Strange… I tried it in the 3 Affinity v2 apps and for me the shadows are following the objects without any special action… Am I the only one or am I missing something ?
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