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  1. Not sure what your point is other than you like corel and you know when a new version will drop? glad you have that kind of time. at 73, i dont have time like that to play games. whatever. Had serif said they had a new version coming out, i would have waited for it, but they did not, that says a lot about reputation. I used to love Serif and have many of their other products, they never were so cut throat as this.
  2. Actually, i think affinity is a copycat. Only challenge is the designer/coder isnt up to par with the designers of the free software. It is nice the three codes play with each other, except of course how they rename the files to themselves instead of keeping them the same, lol. er the extension of the files.
  3. I am! Its amazing how people take opinions on this forum. I stated a simple fact, i paid the 100 bucks for the set in june, and believe i should get v2 free, since v1 is riddled with crap that doesnt work, or completely missing altogether. and all these posts are complaining that im wrong, omao at every one of you!
  4. I purchased mine in June, not fair, not fair, especially considering all the failures that you have yet to fix in v1!
  5. Again, gimp and inkscape keep up with all windows updates easily, why cant this company? I mean why is the ipad version better than the windows version? Thats just laziness because they use an ipad instead of a computer, mac or windows os. Think about that. Gimp has everything the the new v2 has added, and its had it for years! lol. I didnt see anything bottoming out in v1 from the last update? I get the tester updates for win.
  6. lmao, no i wouldnt spend that having a meal! too funny, glad you can afford spending that for your meals, but not helpful, and id actually like them to stand behind what they already made, and fix all the crap in it before bringing out a new version and charging again for it! I mean really.
  7. I understand, yet everything in V1 is available free in gimp and inkscape. Actually the free software is much better as it is fully functioning, instead of having so many non-functioning attributes. Its had the measuring tool for years, lol. Also, saved files print at the correct dimensions, unlike in affinity. I was very disappointed in this software. The only thing i really like about it is its fast loading.
  8. Dont care, im not buying it again. Perhaps in a few years, im tired of the lack of support on the V1 version. Cant imagine it will be different on V2. We ask for fixes and suggestions, and they do what? put them in a new version and then charge us again for it?
  9. I purchased the set in june i believe and now informed you have a new version, costing the same price. And you dont offer us a discount for people that just purchased it, why?
  10. Ive tried all my printer settings. Even zoom to 100% still printed it too small by 3/16 iirc. My workaround is to create boxes and then print and size, print and size till its the correct size. This is not a good solution, waste paper and takes forever if you are trying to print something for a specific size. The real world is full of things that need printing to the correct size. Hope this helps?
  11. Im not a mathematician, and dont have a clue how to set my printer settings to upscale or downscale the saved images from designer to print at the correct size. In this one example it is 8 x 4.25, and always prints out loosing 3/16 of inch in each of the 3.75 inch squares. It also lacks in height. Im very tired of working around this, creating a box, printing it out till i finally get the correct printed size and then conforming my illustrations to that box, then doing it again for the next illustration. When will this be fixed? Print test 1.afdesign
  12. Thank you. i will do this next time. i wonder how i did it the first time? scratches head.. i managed to get it done, i put it in a new document and it worked fine. I saw in a video that the guy only had one image he was working with. But really, that was just a workaround
  13. I dont know whats happening. I used it earlier today to delete the white backgrounds from the holly image and am just trying to do the same for the branch image. But every time i hit the delete key it deletes everything, instead of only deleting the selection? im sure its a simple fix, thanks
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