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  1. Thank you. i will do this next time. i wonder how i did it the first time? scratches head.. i managed to get it done, i put it in a new document and it worked fine. I saw in a video that the guy only had one image he was working with. But really, that was just a workaround
  2. I dont know whats happening. I used it earlier today to delete the white backgrounds from the holly image and am just trying to do the same for the branch image. But every time i hit the delete key it deletes everything, instead of only deleting the selection? im sure its a simple fix, thanks
  3. lol, oh i see. I meant it this way ' β€œWhen somebody in a group makes a good suggestion, but somehow nobody hears it.”' Its funny though. πŸ˜ƒ have a great day!
  4. He is a she! then tell the other to stop! i mean really, the answer was given above yet 'trolls' like you still keep commenting. Shoo!
  5. what? i dont have time to go through all the vids? you go through them. The cropping issue? is mute. Look up the definition of 'crop' and its relation to images. Its pretty simple in every one's world but serif, and dont you think its interesting that you can crop in design and not crop the canvas, and not in photo? yeah, after the coins, lol. whatever, i have the software. Nothing i can do now except tell everyone i meet or who asks me what i think the truth. Large followings on Fb, instagram etc. I should have googled it first and read others comments but, having purchase serif software for years, and trusting them, i did not. shrugs. enough said. πŸ˜ƒ
  6. lmao, photo is not sold as primarily for photographers. wow, so you cant agree to disagree, thats why the world is suffering. I dont know many photographers that paint and make patterns on their photos for posterity. I do know some that sell their wares and want to change the lighting, crop parts out, maybe add in some drama, none of which use the brushes and artistic tools in photo. You really need to expand, open up your world. Although since you cant agree to disagree, i suspect you will never do that. Sad. so much more out there than you see.
  7. lol, yes i figured it out, I didnt realize that this idiot software, made a mask to crop the image.. image being the layer that is showing. I thought design actually croped the image and that was it. but no it has to leave a mask there for eternity! Yes, what you said about saving the cropped image and loading it to use, yes that is what i realized i would have to do to get rid of the mask. Oh, the size of the image, yes i understand. Thank you. I do not mean to confuse you. πŸ˜ƒ thank you again for your help, i love your explanations.
  8. Ok, printed it out using affininty design itself, and its very close to the correct size. So what is happening in the saved image when it prints, where is that info kept in the file? if you undertand? hmm its apparently too small a pic to upload, computers, lol.
  9. lol, agree to disagree! I understand, but watch the videos that market this product.. its not just for photographers, lol. what a small world that would be. Not saying there are not a lot of photographers.
  10. You should upload this to youtube. Title: Affininty design How to stroke a cropped image. Easy.
  11. This is the printed image: sorry about the pencil marks, lol, i draw on my rulers all the time
  12. How do you get that small panel at the top on the left? it looks like its the asset panel and has another tab named appearance? I do not have that. oh wait. I found it in my panels on the right side. Thank you, never saw it before lol. ok. OK tried it, perfect and THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!! WOW. LOL
  13. lol i saw the magic happen but ... ill watch again, wish i could slow it down, im old, lol πŸ˜‚ oh i can download it, then i can watch it and slow it down easier. thank you! Do you know the image that shows the coding flow and has a box only labeled as 'the magic happens here'?
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