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  1. Not sure how this could be a feature. As a user I would rather like to know the exact output size instead of guessing if Affinity would save this to 3397 or 3398 px height. My 2cts
  2. Guys, I appreciate your enthousiasm and it's great to see on your systems it's working and it's probably valuable information for devs to know this issue doesn't occur on all systems out there, but I mentioned this thing in the BETA forum. This is BETA testing, I bumped into an odd issue that shouldn't be there and posted this on the beta-forum. I am not trying to find a workaround (like I would when using the stable version for real work), I am mentioning this issue here so devs know about it and can fix this.
  3. Just for people whos Chinese is a little rusty, like mine is, here's a google translate
  4. No, that's not the right conclusion. Please read my posts again and watch the video
  5. Yes I did. It's wrong in the preset. To indicate this further; these are my color preferences in the beta (nowhere it says Wide Gamut): And this is showing when creating a new document by preset (all presets show Wide Gamut and I never ever switched to WIde Gamut myself): wrong-colorspace-preset.mp4
  6. In the stroke panel there are four linestylebuttons starting with the 'no linestyle' button, following by the solid, dash and texture line style buttons. They are not only buttons but indicators as well to tell the user which type is currently selected in the selected object. When an object don't have a stroke and we change the width to say 1px, the 'solid Line Style' automatically gets selected to indicate the user there is now a stroke active. Which makes sense, as the stroke has gone from 0px to 1px. But when we now change the stroke back to 0px, the buttons don't get updated. It should have gone back to the 'no linestyle' instead, but it doesn't. This is a problem, because strokewidths may be below zero, like 0.0001px and decimals might not be visible (as they need to show enough decimals to show the change, as set in the preferences) and when the line style buttons don't get updated there's no way to see as a user if there is no stroke active or such a small stroke value that gets rounded to the bottom when there aren't enough decimals to show the value. So 0px could be: no stroke - zero width, but could also be 0.1px or 0.006339px or whatever. But as a user that's not always possible to see now. linestyle-not-updated.mp4
  7. That's not true. Try putting the strokewidth to 1px: you see the stroke buttons are automatically switched to the line-icon to indicate there is a stroke now. But when setting the stroke back to 0px after that, it never switches back to the non-stroke iconbutton. So there's no way to tell than if the stroke is 0px or 0.00001px. If this would work as you described and therefor as expected, that would indeed be a nice addition to the interface to be able to tell if there is a border or no border width. But it's obviously not working at the moment. So just filed a bug:
  8. @walt.farrell Yes, I had checked the preferences, as I wrote in my post; it's on sRGB. Still the document profile is set to Wide Gamut. And that's not the case with the current stable version. This is only wrong in the beta and I never switched it.
  9. Yes, I know that. But as I wrote above it shouldn't be on Wide Gamut per default in my humble opinion, but on sRGB. I believe setting this to Wide Gamut in default document profiles is not as intended and not desired behaviour for most people and is causing confusion and problems, so something to be mentioned to devs for this beta.
  10. They are back now. Thanks for letting me know @haakoo
  11. This works in the latest Designer beta now (
  12. I initially started this post with the below about weird colors in the color palette on the Color Chooser dialogs. But looking further I see now that the document color space in the beta is set to 'Wide Gamut' instead of sRGB. Not sure why that is, but it's causing color problems as most people don't use Wide Gamut screens to view their work and a lot of people are working for the web, which normally only shows sRGB anyway. People using a bigger/different color space for their work will switch the space to their needs anyway. So I'm sure setting the document colorspace to Wide Gamut is not intentional. Looks like the wrong index is set in the Color Profile dropdownbox in the document settings. (BTW the Working profile settings in preferences are still on sRGB) My guess is there is an offset problem with the dropdown-index (zero vs one-based?) or a new space is added without changing the default index or something?, as the sRGB itemindex is 1 higher then Wide Gamut: ---- Below was my initial post. I leave it just to indicate confusion I believe more people would/could have with a default to Wide Gamut: When using the color chooser the colors in the color field seem to be off and are different to the current stable version. Looks like they are clipping or something or using the wrong curves or something. This is for example the Hue field as it is now in this beta. As you can see the transitions are pretty harsh and even show artifacts: This is the same field in the current stable version. So as you can see it looked way better and right in the current stable version and didn't show any artifacts: Looks like the same goes with all color modelfields, like rgb. This is the rgb field on the current beta and you can see it's the same problem again: artifacts and looks oversaturated and clipped (shows transitionlines): While the current stable Designer version shows this as expected and the right way:
  13. @Sean P Looks like this one is fixed in one of the latest betas as I see it working in the latest beta if I do exactly the same as I did in the video before. Nice! Thanks
  14. @walt.farrell Thanks for your response. Yes, that's exactly what I've saw. I got a dialog asking me to close 'COM'. I didn't know what application 'COM' was, so I closed the currently open Affinity Designer (non beta), because that was the only logic thing to me to be closed. When I clicked the dialog button the computer started to restart. But there was no message at all to indicate that that was going to happen. I was glad I didn't have any project open in other software at that moment! If it is really meant to restart the computer, I would at least expect some confirmation box with that info showing up so we know it's going to restart, so we can save our work on other programs or maybe restart later. Still I wonder if this restart is really nececary and on purpose.
  15. Thanks @walt.farrell. Never knew about that setting. That helps a lot indeed! @carl123 Obviously the way the software is build now we should. It would be nice if we didn't need to, because 0.2 doesn't have to be written as 0.200, but I understand the precision float number problem and I think the solution to make users pick the precision themselves is not bad at all. The only thing I still think is strange is that when a value is rounded to zero the textbox doesn't give users any clue that the value isn't zero. In my opinion zero is a special case, because when setting a border to zero that implicates that there is NO border at all and having no borderwidth would result in no border export either. So if I were Affinity I would handle the zero differently and add some indication in the UI that the value is not exactly zero, but rounded to zero in the display only. Like showing an asterix after the value textbox or something, to indicate that the value is not exactly zero, but a small number, rounded to zero. '0 px' * But we can't have everything and being able to set the decimals ourselfs helps a lot. Thanks again @walt.farrell ! Great tip!

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