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    [AD] bug-list (split)

    BTW, somehow I didn't get any notification on your last message which you posted 23 hours ago. It's not notified under the 'alarm'-icon on the forum itself either. Looks like something went wrong there?
  2. Friksel

    [AD] bug-list (split)

    Hi @Sean P SVG 2: I don't believe that would be a great solution, because that only shifts the problem. If we fill in decimals we always would want a way to view the FULL value. I would advise a solution like this that in my opinion would suit all worlds: leave the textbox without showing decimals, but add a little icon on the right after the textbox, like a red and yellow '!'-symbol to indicate there are decimals that are not being shown. When you hover with your mouse over that '!'-icon a tooltip wil show the REAL value, so including all decimals filled in by the user. That way there's no much change to the interface, but everone wanting to use decimals can do that without unnecesary and unwanted limitations. And it also tackles the problem that we don't know there are decimals, because we can see that now with the icon lit up! SVG 3: I don't know how developers build this, but normally only triggering on Saving a file is way more easy to implement and is preventing a lot of problems. Because there doesn't even need to be a 'watcher' but just do the updates on saving the file. It also prevents others issues, like your output files are suddenly changed to a state that is not even saved in the Affinity Designer file. Maybe you don't want the last changes (which aren't saved for a reason in the affinity file) to be updated in the output files! Export 2: I understand what you write here and if that would be the case that would be fine, but I had some times where it was saving several times, way more than the amount of files in the export persona, so it went through some history steps or did something else strange, but it was triggering way too much directly after each other. This is why I think an update only while saving the affinity file would prevent a lot of these kind of problems and would make more sense as a trigger-point for changes. It would also prevent the other issue you are discribing. Because when the output only updates when saving the affinity file (with continues checked) then these problems would not occur and we have way more influence on when updates happen. Export 3: I'm not doing this on a network. I'm developing in javascript locally and use the svg outputs for interactive graphics. This is a very common workflow webdevelopers use with very famous tools being used all over the world. If the continues option would not be for us than I can't think of any target audience who this is for. People designing for print for example can't do anything with the continues option. It only makes sense to use this option when you change your designs and everytime you make a change you want to immediately use the resulting files and view them inside your website, webapplication or whatever. If you leave out this audience you're missing the point of the continues option I'd say. Especially this usage is the full potential of the continues option.
  3. Friksel

    [AD] bug-list (split)

    @Sean P This time I skip the quotes for better typing experience (don't want to get stuck with my cursor again, didn't like the feeling ) and keep your numbering as a reference Export persona 2. You write that if something (somehow) gets out of sync Designer is trying to reproduce the steps again... I don't know anything about how the 'watcher' is build, but let's say the watcher missed 10 steps, do you mean it is saving the file 10 times, so a save for each change in the design it has missed and reproduces? I hope not. Because every new save of the file here triggers another wachter keeping track of the svg being changed to compress it with a tool and compile it on a live development server. So when Designer saves the file ten times directly after eachother that also triggers ten times the full system here, and thus makes everything pretty slow. Therefore, It would be great if there would be a switch in the settings to make the 'wachter' only output new files if the Affinity Designer file is saved. With that we can also prevent that output files get overwritten when we only make a little change in the layout to try things, without saving the Affinity File. With this there would be way less chance for the watcher to go out of sync, and we have more control over when we trigger the watcher: only when we confirm the changes by saving the Affinity file. 3. Maybe this could also be avoided by having the watcher only execute the output 'renders' on a file save? 4. Great. looking forward to the fix! 5. Ah, I understand. Great it has been logged with development too. That's a very important one, because this behaviour is pretty annoying. But at least now I know why so have some workaround for now. Looking forward to the fix! Boolean operators 1. I'm sorry, I have not. I work on several projects now and I recently did a project with a lot of different illustrations (about a hundred) which are all in different files. So I don't know which file had this problem anymore and had to quickly find another way to do it / work around that at the time. If I see this happening I take a closer look on when and why and how to reproduce to send you a file where it happens. I can tell you now that this happened to me a few times in different situations and I got a strong feeling that this has something to do with the latest update (.123), because before that update I didn't have that issue. But I'm not sure about that. Thanks again!
  4. Thanks a lot for responding guys. Yesterday I was pretty busy and just couldn't have this on top of that, so that was the reason I opened this thread because I figured I am probably not the only one facing this issue and I'd rather ask about it instead of being annoyed about it everytime But in no means I thought Affinity is programming this forum and put time to fix something in the forum. I agree completely all the time should go to the products instead (especially Designer I'd say). That said, I'm glad @GabrielM responded that they informed the forum-creator about it. Would be great to work with quotes and stuff without this enters-aren't-working-anymore issue. I feel pretty stuck in a small room when that happens @SrPx Thanks for the tip about shift+enter. I use it a lot on websites and in software like Word and I believe in Designer too. So I probably tried shift+enter to avoid the problem. But next time it happens I'll try again @Wosven Yes, I think it happens with me when quoting. I also move quotes around with the move-icon on the top left. Maybe that has something to do with it. I didn't use smilies on the last post where it happened, so I don't believe that was 'my' issue. @GabrielM The 'source' button is indeed only visible for you moderators, not for us. It mostly isn't such a great idea to let visitors enter code. Although I agree that I would have it open everytime to see what's going on to fix my own post
  5. Hi @Sean P Thanks for your quick response. Export Persona: Most of the time I use enter or click away from an input-box to confirm. When I use 'enter' to confirm I see the newe value is being confirmed by Designer, because the inputbox disappears and makes it a plain label again. But the filenames aren't changing in the UI. So what you say corresponds with what I am seeing. Tool dependent options bar: I just wanted to record this, but I can't reproduce this here so far and I don't know which file I saw this in and when this happened. I'm working on a number of different projects at the moment. Sorry for this. If I see this happening again I try to make a recording. BTW this is not about the button changing, but the round indicator where the new rotation anchor is on the viewport. I've seen several times that although the button to show this center was still checked, by switching to another graphical element wasn't showing its center, so I had to toggle the button again twice to refresh that state. Artboard: Great that you have seen this too. This is the most important one.
  6. Friksel

    [AD] bug-list (split)

    Thanks for your response @Sean P. SVG Yes, I'm talking about the opacity slider indeed. This is also about the opacity-slider on the layers panel. I'm sorry, I thought I mentioned opacity, but guess I did not. Yes, this is in the App UI, nothing to do with svg export. I accidentally posted it under svg, but it's a UI thing. I don't have an example file for this, but it already happened to me quite some times. To be honoust I don't believe developers can find something in the file causing this, it seems more like a temporary wrong state of the UI where something isn't refreshing. But if I bump into this again and understand when this happens I'll let you know and try to send you the file or a way I'm not sure I understand this. I'm not sure about rectangles, there you might be right, but when you have a circle, where do lines join? Great! Looking forward to the fix! Great! Looking forward to the fix! ----- The rest I will answer later. I thought to just answer you in between jobs, but there's something off with the editor on this forum making it impossible for me to add edit my own comment. It's taking forever now, because simple things like pasting and entering for new lines are not working in the editor. Crazy. So I'll continue my answer another moment when I have more time.
  7. Damn... even ctrl-V for pasting is not even working on some spots in the editor. crazy
  8. Hi, Last week and now I noticed it is taking forever to write a post with quotes in it: I don't know why, but everytime it happens I am not allowed to use line-feeds (enters) in the text, which is pretty annoying and makes it almost impossible to post something with quotes in it. This wasn't happening before and nothing changed on my system (all other websites and software are working great and there's nothing wrong with my keyboard. When this happens (linefeeds/enters not working) it's pretty impossible to post on the forum. Anybody having the same problems? Something changed on the forum? Any advise on what to avoid to stop the 'enters' to stop functioning? Thanks!
  9. There are several times the Designer interface isn't refreshing, although the values seems to been changed 'underwater': EXPORT PERSONA When changing the name of a slice the filename(s) under that slice don't get refreshed in the interface. The filenames show their new names only if you do things like adding a new file. Then they pop to their new state. TOOL DEPENDENT OPTIONS-BAR Eventhough the 'Show Rotation Center' button is selected to always show rotation centers of objects, when switching to a new element Designer doesn't show the rotation center of the new selection in the viewport. In the viewport it's turned off, but it should be visible 'cause the button is still enabled. You have to toggle the 'Show Rotation Center' button twice to make it visible again everytime when you select another object. ARTBOARD When moving elements positions from artboard A to within the bounds of artboard B inside the viewport, the translated layers automatically got moved to the new artboard in the layerspanel. And obviously the coordinate-system for the element are being translated to the coordinate-system when it drops on artboard B. So the x an y positions of the element adjust to their new artboard-'parent'. But that's not visible in the interface; the interface still shows the coordinates as if artboard A is still a reference. So if artboard A is on the right of the screen and artboard B is on the left (so the element moves to the left to go to artboard B), suddenly the elements get a negative position, eventhough they are within the bounds of Artboard B and within the layergroup of artboard B. It looks like it is changed underwater, but the interface isn't updating, which is confusing. As a user you have to do things to make it update now, like clicking on a corner of the squared icon with corneranchors in the transform panel, just to refresh the values in the panel to their new coordinates.
  10. If you select the artboard tool you can draw the artboard wherever you want by clicking and dragging. If you already have an artboard and want to change the size: select the artboard tool, select the artboard in the layers panel and than you can move/scale the boundaries of the artboard (blue lines with blue dots on the corners) in the viewport.
  11. You can use svgo yourself to optimize the outputs of Affinity; by commandline or by adding an svgo-loader to webpack. That's actually a lot better than if Affinity would include it in the software, because there are an enormous amount of settings and (everyday changing) plugins available for svgo and you would like to set all the settings the way you want it. There is no setting that fits all/everybody. So if Affinity would like to add it to the export, which I doubt, they should at least make it possible to use the svgo config file where you can make all settings yourself, otherwise they would have to change the exporter forever everytime svgo changes and a new plugin comes out. I would advise you to use (or learn) webpack, search for the svgo-package and the svgo-loader. Webpack even has a watcher which allowes you to keep track of svg-changes yourself. So everytime your svg changes (got saved) webpack automatically compresses it via svgo. And together with the 'continues' mode in Affinity Designer Export Persona everything is completely automated. Every change you make in your design will automatically 'rendered' to svg and webpack will automatically compress your svg directly. What else can you whish for! But I'm afraid that's a bit technical and you need other tools, like npm too. So if you're not that into that maybe that's not the way to go for you. Then the alternative is to use the link you provided. That's actually not SVGO, but a website that is using the svgo commandline-tool under the hood for you to give you some graphical interface. But svgo is a 'commandline'tool, running in npm and got a lot more settings. About compatibility: I don't know what you mean by 'compatibility' with svgo tool, but svg is svg. Most svg out there is version 1.1, so they are (or should be) all compatible. There's nothing more to it than that for compatibility. Affinity's svg is completely compatible with svg, so the tool youo refer to can open the Affinity svg's perfectly fine. If you don't get what you want or svgo is destorying your layout, then you have set the wrong compression settings in svgo. Not all settings are right for every job. Those compression settings are changing your svg and sometimes that brakes your layout. To use the settings you have to know a little more about the technical format of svg I'm afraid, or just try out all settings per file and see what works for you per layout.
  12. Bumping thisone, because this happens to me all the time during illustrating which is pretty annoying!!
  13. Hi @MEB, thanks for your reaction. The method you're suggesting I already tried (see above in this thread) but is not what I am after. Although it is a nice feature to know.
  14. For future reference: the post is splitted in two, some of it is refering to this post: