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  1. Sorry, I can't send this file. Next to this; I also tried reproducing these problems in a new file and it was crashing on that file too. But I couldn't figure out exactly when it is crashing, because it felt pretty random. At the point when I was about to upload that file to this issue thread 'suddenly' that file wasn't crashing anymore for some reason. So I decided not to upload that file. But it seems like there are some situations where it crashes almost instantly in the other file; mostly it happened when being zoomed in and after setting the pin to a characterposition in the text. The UI freezes after that when doing a save, or zoom out of whatever, so probably it was already crashed before that last action. So my guess is it crashes after setting the pin to a characterposition or in combination with the action that follows after that, while being zoomed in. Maybe a strange question, but is there a way I can un-corrupt a file? Or perhaps recreate a new file and paste these designs in or something like that to create a fresh filestructure without perhaps a corrupted thing in it? Sorry I can't help you with the file. If I can reproduce the issue in a new file and understand a little better when it happens I'll let you know. I'll keep an eye on it.
  2. Working a lot with Photo, Designer and Publisher I can't remember it crashed, so that must have been a long time ago. But today I'm working with pinned textframes and it crashes a lot. In say half an hour I already had 5 crashes when working with this pinning. [edit] It's crashing for example... if I move an object closer to it's pinned location. Than suddenly the software just hangs and can only be killed via task manager if I (use mousewheel to) zoom out after setting the pin If I save the file (with ctrl+s) after setting the pin <<<< THIS IS HAPPING A LOOOOOOT AND SEEMS TO ALWAYS CRASH THE SOFTWARE It might also have to do that the pinlocation is inside a textframe spanning over multiple pages
  3. I think the issue I was facing was that I tried to replicate the original layout as created inside other software and imported as pdf. I put those text frames transparent in the background to make the new layout the exact same, but the right way in Publisher. But then, when I was hitting the 'float'-button in the labelpinning panel, the label scaled and moved in a strange way (to me). When hiding the original texts underneath and trying it again it works without problems. Obviously Publisher couldn't handle two text frames on top of each other, eventhough the bottom-one was disabled for snapping and also locked (don't know what I could do more to prevent this strange behaviour from happening other than hide the whole thing).
  4. Thanks @walt.farrell and @GarryP . That sound like a nice workflow indeed to use here, so I am trying that out at the moment. Only thing I don't really understand is why you advise to use a textframe with an inset to reserve for the labels. Isn't it possible to let the label float outside? Or is there another reason you guys do it this way? (I just tried pinning a label that's outside of the text frame to to the textframe, and while pinning it's moving and scaling the label... so no succes with that so far, but I see indeed it's working fine when on top of the textframe and having an inset. Is that the reason why you guys do it like this?) Also, just so I understand it a little better; is there a difference in this case between artistic text and using a textframe for the labels? Is the artistic text better in this case / treated differently?
  5. Setting multiple tablecells to value doesn't work if focussed item already has that value in the value input box. So if we select a bunch of table-cells to change, let's say, the inset right value for all those cells, and the focussed cell already has that value, than it doesn't work. See video below problem-multi-select-apply-values.mp4
  6. Hi, I'd like to create something like the image blow: so there are labeltexts aligned to the right on the left column and content on the right columns, aligned to the left and could have different styling. The important thing here is that I want the labels and text to align with each other vertically. So it is in fact a two column layout. I tried columns, but can't figure out how to tab from the left to the right column. Can I use columns for this somehow? That would be my prefered option (rather than tables). So What's the best way to achieve this in Affinity Publisher with just one textframe and how can I do this with columns?
  7. Thanks for your response. Yes, I understand there are different workarounds. But @Phil_rose didn't put his request in the questions-forum here, but in the Feedback & Suggestions (= wanted features) forum. That's why I responded to your post that what you say is indeed a workaround, but not the same thing he asks for (and a lot of us would like to see in the software).
  8. What you describe here is not a guide. A guide is a permanent shape to snap objects to.
  9. Please no!! SVG is an output format, made especially to show in a browser/website. Originally not even meant to use as a distribution format to keep all your layers and so on, but as a final end result. Although it may be handy sometimes if no other format at hand. I'd rather not have Affinity associate ANY files with the software other than Affinity files (and maybe brushes or swatches etc). Me for instance like to open a fast viewer (like even a browser) to view the SVG files instead. But as a developer most of the time I immediately open them inside a code-editor to edit them. Also; how could Serif know in which of the three Affinity programs you would like to open the SVG files? If you like to associate SVG files to an Affinity program; you can rightclick on the svg file, choose 'open with'... and choose the Affinity program of your choice (and check the checkbox to always use that program). Also, WIndows can preview SVG files in all browsers you have. So you could also associate a browser to svg-files if you only like to have a quick vierw. Also displaying SVG-files as thumbnails in Windows Explorer is possible. Search in Google for SVG Explorer Plugin and install that. Than Explorer shows svg-previews of all your svg files in Windows.
  10. It may be clear that it's not my choice to show transparancy in the COLOR-preview. So I'm surprised and a little dissapointed by this. There's also a big difference between premultiplied alpha vs straight alpha. When using premultiplied alpha, like how it looks now in the UI, the color-previews don't show the right colors, because they are all multiplied by the alpha (for opacity). So what's the use of having a preview of COLORS when the colors aren't right? I just don't get why anyone would like to see transparancy in a COLOR-preview so badly. Transparancy has nothing to do with color. To me this is a very bad design choice that just doesn't make any sense in pro software. I hope some developer or designer at Serif with real knowledge of colorsystems will decide otherwise and understand why I ask this.
  11. Great that you could find what was causing this!
  12. Thanks for your response @Sean P. It's not happening to a specific document.
  13. It's no problem to make it smaller. That's just a design choice. Just a quick tryout and I wouldn't miss anything in a panel like this: all the same information is still there. And it could even be smaller if we replace the placements with icons (we only need two: embedded and linked). And if we make the panel wider, more of the filename would be visible, so it also works with long filenames. Meet responsive design
  14. Thanks for your response @haakoo You're right, we can make it larger, but not smaller. I want to make it way smaller, because it's already huge. Practically speaking: this window should be able to size down a lot to be able to keep it open. Like me there are more people on this forum wanting to keep this thing open at all times. I've read some others commenting about it too. Leaving it open while still working is just impossible with a size like this and it floating around. While there's plenty of room to at least responsively scale this panel down. I don't see any reason why there would be this large minimum size. But again, I'd rather see this one to be able to fit in the studio area instead.