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  1. It would definitely help a lot for webdesign to be able to have pages displayed on the same place to flip throught them. So we could compare different pages, layouts, steps, use a grid system on one place on the screen (instead of artboards being everywhere witch we can't really compare if they are beside each other) and don't need to do all that with the layering system (which is great, but doesn't suit this usecase). Being able to use a master-page here would be very efficient for this workflow, like having the default weblayout, like header, menu and all on the masterpage so we can flip through pages as being web-pages. I agree this would help a lot to speed up the workflow a lot and would be a huge timesaver and help designing websites. Definitely a +100 for me on having a feature to have pages in Designer like this for webdesign! I am looking for this workflow a long time, but didn't know how, and this is exactly what I was looking for. Especially now Designer has the page-navigation build in and in the codebase everything is there for pages (for Publisher) opefully Affinity will listen and implement this page feature for webdesigners!
  2. Thanks for this. I've read the top explanation part of the topic you posted and some of the first reactions to it. Now I understand your needs better. Actually I'm working in web-development and -design too and I understand better what you want and why. I wasn't aware that I'm often looking for just a simular workflow (to be able to flip from one to the other view in the same place to see differences easily and to use a grid system and the same rulers and all that while still working on different pages/views). So basically the features missing in designer now to do that are to add and delete masterpages and pages and perhaps have some dedicated pages panel with bigger buttons and more advanced navigation to navigate between them. So actually the pages panel of Publisher, but then build into Designer. So we still have all tools to design in Designer, but also have pages on the same position. That would indeed be a huge timesaver, cause using the layering system inside Designer for this is definitely not enough for this usecase. I totally agree. It would indeed be crazy if we first needed to go to Publisher, just to create some empty pages and masterpages, just to have these pages in Designer to put our layouts to them. And if we would like to add or delete a page, we have to go back to Publisher again and so on and so forth... that would be pretty inefficient and spoils the fun of working in one software program and be productive. I agree. There should be a way to add and delete pages in Designer too and have a panel for pages in Designer with a way to add and delete pages (although I like the navigator on the bottom too, just have both ).
  3. I never used Fireworks. So I don't have a clue on what you might be missing about pages. I can't find something I would do with pages that I couldn't do better in Publisher to be honoust and I think it's great we can even edit both the pages AND the masterpages of an *.apub file inside Designer. That's more than I would expect and actually pretty nice. Serif obviously doesn't want to create another Publisher (neither do I 'cause I like the fact that those programs serve different usescases). What would you like to see in Designer according to pages that belongs to a vector design program and you could not do or expect to be in a program like Publisher?
  4. This is actually pretty crazy! Thanks for the tip! Never new pasting on the cursor was possible like this!
  5. No, neither of those. I read the post you linked to and it stated: So that looks like to me the presets are stored inside that file. But still there's not much I will do with it, because who knows what other (related) settings are in there and they are probably not compatible between versions. Hope Serif will make an export though. That would be much appreciated!
  6. You're absolutely right and your previous explanation was already pretty well said. That's exactly what I see happening here too. Sitenote: Please upload MP4s... than we can view the videos on the website instead of needing to download them. (Free software like OBS let you record the screen directly to mp4 so you don't need to convert .mov or whatever format)
  7. Yes, I just notice the same, so I striped through my previous post, because I cannot delete stuff here. It's obviously a crazy bug in Designer that shouldn't be hard to solve, but needs to be solved. In the meantime; why don't you just start a new file, start with the one on the left and copy all of them 'till the last one on the right; distribution then works fine. from-left-to-right.mp4
  8. Alright, I see you're right... Damn... that's a nasty bug that should be so easy to solve... (and shouldn't be there in the first place...)
  9. @Gear maker I see the problem/bug here: Alright, I was too soon. The first shape you have in each group is an OPEN shape. If you close it Affinity has no problem anymore distributing your groups vertically. Still this is obviously a bug in Designer, but to overcome this this moment you could close the shape of the first one, get rid of the other once, copy the first one again and distribution should work now.
  10. Huh? What do you mean? Are we using the same software? In Designer vertical distribution works fine too. Also with groups and masked objects. Just put some objects next to each other in designer, place the first high and e last one low and press distribute-vertical: no problem at all. But for some reason something in the file of @Gear maker just seems to be a weird case scenario where something is off. I tried it with paths, groups and masked paths, but everything works here when creating from scratch. But when I load in the file of Gear maker that file is a disaster. Not sure how it got that way though. Everything working fine here: vertical-distribution-test.mp4
  11. For future reference: Just created a suggestion on the other forum to load and save export presets to file:
  12. I have several file export settings defined in my own presets. I'd like to move these export presets around per preset to other systems and other Affinity software on the same machine and make copies and backups of them. I've noticed there's a file_export_options.dat file in the user-folder somewhere within AppData, but that doesn't seem to be made for (compatible) distribution and exchanging. Also with this file it's obviously impossible to export a single filepreset alone to move that to a different system or another Affinity application. Also because that *.dat-file is a binary without some Affinity recognisable extension, like pallets have for example, it's clear these are not made to exchange and we never know if using them on a different system (or newer version of Designer/Photo/Publisher with maybe more settings added to the program) have them running without problems or crashing the system. If these were xml's or json's that would be a lot easier for us to have faith in compatibility and we would be able to edit them at least, but they are not so it's on our own risk now to move these files around, which I don't really like and we're obviously not meant to do that. So I would like to see a way to export a preset to a file, like *.afFilepreset or json or xml. And to be able to import this preset from file in another Affinity application. That way we can create our preset once and copy them to other systems and Affinity products on the same machine. So we have the same presets everywhere and don't need to toggle on those settings on and off on all machines and software. I put this in the Affinity Designer forum, but the same goes for Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher. It would be great if we could also move these presets around from Designer to Photo and Publisher (on the supported file-types ofcoarse)
  13. Thanks for this @R C-R. That's a nice list to have, to know what resets really reset. I already found that location on disc. Good to know for sure now though the file presets are stored in file_export_options.dat. Although I was hoping for something with an Affinity extension or xml or json. Because than we would know we could rely on moving and backup these kind of files and don't contain other information. Now we just know it's a binary file with at least our file-export-presets in it, but don't know if these files will stay compatible with newer versions and we are not able to move presets as single files, so we have to overwrite everything at once on a different computer (and don't know for sure if it's only presets inside). And what happens to the internal bytestructure of these files when Serif adds another file-setting to the program? They are probably incompatible than. But we don't know. That's not the case if it was a json-file or xml. Or if Serif decided to make these files exchangable, like palets for example. Anyway, at least for this version I'm pretty sure with this I can copy the presets now without problems. So thanks! I'll make a feature request to make these presets exportable. On Windows there are two folders inside AppData, a '1.0'-folder and a '1.0 (Beta)'-folder, so on Windows it's obvious which contains the files for the beta. Maybe Mac has some similar construction or maybe just a little different? Did you make export presets? In the post from Leigh he says that if you don't have any export presets the file doesn't exist. It only is there if you have export presets.
  14. Hi, In the export-dialog I created my own presets to use for some fileformats. Now I'd like to use those settings on multiple machines without having to set them manually on each machine. Also I'd like to backup these presets. So I want to copy and paste the settingsfiles with these file-export-options-presets to do this. Affinity (Designer/Photo/Publisher) don't seem to have something in the interface to save these to files, so I was looking for the actual preset-files on disc inside ~\AppData\Affinity (and program files), but so far couldn't find them. Anybody has an idea where these export-presets are stored on disc?