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  1. Cool! So with that reasoning in mind: Windows leading the way by far with 75%... Could we get the Designer and Photo Tablet version apps (now available on iOS only) ported to Windows so we can use it on pen tablets? That would be very nice! 😀
  2. Just to stir things up: Why would anybody still want to create animated gifs anyways? It's having bad performance, the format is older than the internet and it doesn't even has semi transparency... There's APNG now which is supported in all modern major browsers (https://caniuse.com/apng)! 😎 To add to this: if Affinity would decide to add a timeline, then there will be people asking: why is there no support for AVI, MP4 etc... Why is there no support for Lottie files? Why is there no support for filters... plugins...? I think it's wise that Affinity (hopefully) sticks to the core of the software programs. It's not an animation program. And they have their hands full already on creating features and fixes for these. Be good at what you do best; stick to the core. There are animation programs enough already. Even free ones with a timeline, like Krita.
  3. Yes, that's what I do now. So basically the only thing changed compared to what I tried in the first place was the way I add the mask to the layer 🙂
  4. @Dan C Cool! That works! 😀 Thanks a lot for your quick and clear response Dan, even with video, wow! Very much appreciated. And I'm very happy now I don't need to rasterize these masks now!
  5. I'm mostly using Designer, but now I need to cutout parts from a photo so I'm using Affinity Photo for this. I'd like to do this with a curve (already have created these), but it's too sharp to use for masking parts of the photo, so I'd like to feather the cutout mask. This is how I mask now: I tried to do this with layer effects by using gaussian blur, but then it blurs the fill as well and I want to only blur/feather the mask. Is there a way to blur only the mask, or another way to feather the mask without bluring the image and without rasterizing the vector first?
  6. Really like your style! Keep doing what you do!
  7. Thanks @GarryP and @MEB, I just did a quick test with using shift and it kind of keeps the angle, but still moves the angle in increments of like 45 degrees. That's still not a very nice workflow. Isn't there anything that can just slide the node without moving the angle, even not these 45 degrees increments? Or perhaps can we turn these increments off somewhere? I haven't had much time to really try this out yet. Have to do that later. But so far I'm not really convinced this is what I'm looking for. Also because it seems we always have to switch to the node tool while drawing with the pen tool to shorten the handle. It would be a lot faster and convenient to be able to do this while using the pen tool. But I'll try to test and try it in a normal workflow.
  8. I'm often shortening the length between a node and its handle dot by moving the handle dot. However, so far I never managed to find a way to do this without changing the angle between node and handle and without removing the angle sync with the other handle. What I need in these situations is to simply 'slide' the anchor over its visual line to or from the node. Is there currently a shortcut that makes this possible?
  9. Hi @Leigh, Thanks for looking into this. I'm not using AdBlockers other than perhaps something which is build in. If an AdBlocker would cause the forum to stop working tho than there's something wrong in the forum as adBlockers have no reason to block traffic to the same domain. If they did that 99% of the website wouldn't function anymore so that would make no sense and adblockers useless. The issue is also there when not using a VPN. Perhaps you could re-read my opening post; I did put a screenshot of the error message of the console.log in there. There you can also see that a catch isn't handled of a Promise. That's not causing this error, but not an indication of great programming per se as the catch should be there. In the near future leaving catches behind would probably even make the forum to completely stop working as using Promises without a catch is deprecated for quite a while in browsers now so won't be tolerated in the near future. Having that won't solve this issue tho. For the record: ms Edge is just Chromium, so pretty much exactly the same as Chrome. I never had any issues with other sites and neither did I with the Affinity forum before. The following time I'll try if using Firefox has the same issues and/or look if I can see something in the developer tools. It looks like the frontend is requesting something from the backend, but the backend sends something empty or in the wrong format. Hope to be able to use Ms Edge again soon! Thanks again [edit] Sending this now from firefox worked directly. But that's also the case with ms edge sometimes, while other times it's taking me a thousand tries to make it actually send. [edit2] At the moment I'm behind a VPN, so that isn't an issue either. Also Firefox is automatically blocking things like Google Analytics, so that's way more strict than ms edge, which doesn't do that.
  10. @carl123 I'm using Ms Edge latest, which is basically Chrome. No weird settings, no plugins. After trying yet another thousand times to react to your post with and without cookies enabled: The forum just won't let me react to others on my own thread or others. Also tried to open another thread, but it didn't work either. Now trying it from Firefox. But if this doesn't work I just cannot react to you. This should obviously not be browser dependent, espectially because I'm using a Chromium based browser which is #1 in world usage and so the first browser to test on.
  11. After trying it a thousand times again with and without cookies: The forum won't let me react to others on the issue, so I try it now with opening another issue here just to answer to my own post. 😪 https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/158919-bug-on-forum-cant-submit-topic-because-of-error-on-forum/&tab=comments#comment-900059 @carl123 I'm using Ms Edge latest, which is basically Chrome.
  12. Bump. I can't be the only one having this issue. Nobody knows how to solve this?
  13. There seem to be no forum here to post bugs of this forum, so by lack of another forum I had to post it here. Last months it happens about 90% of the time the forum doesn't allow to Submit a topic / react to a post because of this error on the forum: Most of the time this error means that a data object, for example received from the backend, isn't in the right format or a json stream is not valid JSON. Also Promises should always have a `catch()` to catch errors, which obviously are missing here. I'm surprised this still isn't fixed. It's pretty annoying to not being able to post on the forum after taking the time to write a post, most of the time with video too. It would be helpful if somebody of Serif or it's external forum supplier could finally dive into this issue and fix this. A forum doesn't make much sense if posting is impossible 90% of the time. Thanks in advance!
  14. For some strange reason the isometric grid in a project I'm working on is unusable; when switching between front, top and side the anchors of the grids don't match. When starting a new project with isometric grid enabled this problem is not there. At least it seems like when 'Uniform' is unchecked. It's also a problem when 'Uniform' is checked. However, when unchecking the same switch in the project I'm working in it doesn't fix the issue. Anybody here that perhaps could tell me how it is possible that the isometric grid gets 'out of sync' between its planes? Please see video below: These are the grid settings: iso-issue.mp4
  15. No, I was using the ' Edit in plane'. I never knew that 'Fit in plane' actually did just what I needed (thought before it was only using some fitting or whatever, didn't think this would also rotate and shear). This is exactly what I needed. Thanks for the quick response! 😀
  16. I'd like to transform an existing bunch of layers, grouped together, to be isometric. I was hoping I could copy the group and paste it on an isometric plane when 'Edit in plane' was selected, but it doesn't work. I believe making it isometric is more than just slanting it. Anybody has any idea how to convert 'flat graphics' to an isometric top plane?
  17. @Dan C Thanks for the update. Glad to see it was still helpful. Hope it helps you find it. Keep it up!
  18. Hello @Dan C, I am pretty sure I didn't duplicate an artboard. Also these slices didn't correspond with actual parts in the layout because when switching back to the normal Designer view I only had one of it there, no duplicates nor copies. That's what I think points to the reason of the crash. I should have saved the file at that state for testing, but I didn't so can't see what exactly what's going on right now. What I can tell you: In your video I see a rectangular box around 'artboard' in the slices panel, but I've never seen that UI piece here, only exclamation mark icons. There is a dmp-file in the location you mentioned, but it's from long time ago, so nothing of last days nor weeks.
  19. Hi, So far since the launch of Affinity I've never had real crashes in the software. But in this version there's an issue that causes the application to crash. It looks like this is being caused by having two slices with the same name. It shows an exclamation mark next to the duplicate name, but when scrolling through the list the application crashes. This is consistent. I've tried re-opening the application and do it again several times in a row and everytime Designer crashed. I managed to check out the boxes for the duplicate slices and re-save the file and that seems to have 'solved' the crashing issue. But it's obviously not right that Designer crashes at that point. I also wonder how these duplicate entries ended up there in the first place. I'm not sure I've created these myself, but as well might have. I'm just not 100% sure. Unfortunately I don't have the errornous file anymore as it's restored, but hope this explanation is enough to test and fix it.
  20. Fine if you'd like to post translations here, but I don't like people changing my words in quotes as if it was me writing them
  21. This issue is confirmed here. Linking the new issue thread here for future reference:
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