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  1. Probably colour blend mode. After selecting the clone brush change the blend mode. Because of the blending mode, you cannot perform this operation on a blank layer as with normal cloning. I suggest making a copy of all visible layers first (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E)
  2. If I had to guess, I'd say they copied the top two pages onto a separate layer and duplicated that copy multiple times. I used the pen tool to make a selection of the top two pages. Image: Mediamodifier
  3. Im unable to assign a shortcut for brush size in Liquify Persona. Even checking "Apply to all" as suggested. On Windows, I can't assign a shortcut but the default keys work pretty well: Ctrl + Alt + Drag_Mouse_Left/Right = Increase/Decrease brush size Ctrl + Alt + Drag_Mouse_Up/Down = Increase/Decrease brush hardness Not my shortcuts but someone's shortcuts. Close enough 😀
  4. Hi Tim I don't know if it helps but I found this video on Youtube that might be useful. Just click on the following link. Kim Skaugvoll: How To Make StarTrails With Affinity Photo He didn't change the opacity or blending mode of the layers. Just the stack mode to Maximum. Pay close attention to the settings he used to create the stack. Just for testing purposes, try to use just a few random photos. This will allow you to experiment without pushing your machine to hard. When you find the correct technique, then use the 100 photos. Hope it helps.
  5. I can confirm this (A.Photo 2.03 MSI / Win 10) No histogram on Levels with the following steps: 1) Open image 2) Add a rectangular marquee 3) Levels adjustment At this point the levels adj. has no histogram and the built-in mask is filled with black 4) Deselect (Ctrl+D) The histogram becomes visible and the buit-in mask updates (Everything OK) 5) Add a new rectangular marquee and new levels ajustment Histogram visible but the built-in mask remains black 6) Deselect (Ctrl+D) Built-in mask updates (Everything OK)
  6. It's probably hidden. The same thing happens on my laptop. After selecting the Clone Brush Tool [S] look a the top right corner of your screen for something like ">>"
  7. Hi @Steve_1010 You can use the clone brush tool [S]. But if you start to clone right away you will have two left shoulders so you need a flipped source. 1) Set your clone tool to use a flipped horizontal source. 2) Define a point, on the left shoulder, that you want to clone (Alt+Mouse_Click). 3) Paint over the right shoulder Dont forget to reset the clone brush to "Flip: none"
  8. Hi @Webbie07 Not always. At least on my case (Win 10). You can have the exact dimensions, 2px higher, 2px wider or both 2px higher/wider. It all depends on how you transform your initial selection. Instead of using the "Rectangular Marquee Tool [M]" draw a rectangle first (Rectangle tool [U]) and then load the rectangle as a selection (Ctrl+Mouse_Click on the Rectangle thumbnail in the layers tab). Do not modify the selection. Modify the rectangle first and then load the rectangle as a selection. I advise you to use the transform panel for accuracy. Hope this helps.
  9. Your welcome. You must be using a lot of blend modes. Sometimes when i do Dodge & Burn on 2 new Pixel Layers i group them. It looks a lot less messy if you group your layers. Just a suggestion.
  10. Image layers confusing? Try sampling a color from an image layer with the Colour Picker Tool 😀
  11. It's not easy to point out the equivalent of smart objects in A.Photo. Even Pixel Layers in A. Photo have similarities with smart objects. Here's what happens in Photoshop when you scale a layer without having previously converted to a smart object. In A.Photo, if you scale a Pixel Layer, you will not see this loss of quality. Basically behaving like a smart object.
  12. To be honest, I don't really know what you're refering but Its working fine here (A.Photo v1). Hope this helps.
  13. I think he is using A. Photo version 1. Thats it @3d illusions! Your screenshot shows the correct position to drag the mask. Drag to the right of the Exposure thumbnail and you will get a little blue vertical rectangle. Thats the masking position.
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