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  1. As I hope you can see, the white document is displayed as white, but the white colour panel colour is displayed as a creamy colour, which I assume corresponds with the numbers displayed for that colour.
  2. I am using Windows 10 and the issue is only with Publisher (and its studio linked versions of Photo and Designer). In the stand alone versions of Photo and Designer I have no colour problems, as such. The white displayed can be a bit creamy at times but the numbers for white, black and 50% grey are all correct. I will add 3 screen shots. 1 new document with white selected, 2 same document with black selected and I hope the screen you preference panel you want.
  3. I like to set up keyboard shortcuts to reset the colours back to black and white. So I did that in all the Affinity programs in Publisher. When I start a new document default (white) is set is set to R=231 G=232 B=233 and Default (black) is set at R=35 G=31 B=32. If I use my keyboard shortcut to make the actual Black and White (not sure why they are not by default) White will be R=255 G=255 B=255 as it should be. But Black is still as it was R=35 G=31 B=32. If I change both colours and use the keyboard shortcut, they return to actual white and not black numbers as stated above. Is there a way to set the colours by default to white and black and is there a way to edit the colours got via the keyboard shortcut? On a side note, I have also set up a keyboard shortcut to get 50% grey, when I use my shortcut the colour I get is R=147 G=149 B=152 surely 50% grey is R,G,B=128?
  4. Blueprint

    Affinity Designer Free Resource Pack

    Thanks for the pack, looks good what I've seen so far. Added link to it on 2 Facebook groups.
  5. Ok worked it out by watching this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWMrjVpdbKA Thanks .
  6. Are there certain objects that just won't be made into a style? Like a file type, Jpg, PNG etc?
  7. Ok, I re-started Designer to get screen shots, and the Add Style from Selection wasn't greyed out and I was able to get the drop down menu from the 'None' fill options to work and that had Bitmap option on that. But like AP when I tried them no new style was made. Same goes for using the Create Style option from the Right click menu when I tried that. I tried this in the Default Styles folder and the new folder I had made ready to make the new styles.
  8. I also have AP version I can access Add Style from selection (not greyed out) and Bitmap option from Fill options but nothing happens when I click on Add Style option and although the Bitmap opens up I can still not make a style from it.
  9. Like Simon S, I too have Windows 10 but version I can not use Add Style from Selection, nor is there a Bitmap option in the Fill/Gradient options. Are these options actually available in the Windows Version of Designer? Have Serif, transported over the Mac version but forgotten to set up all the features and options?
  10. Thanks, shame there is not a way in the menus to do this without loosing much data. Any idea what I did to lose this feature, so I don't do it again?
  11. In past Serif products, in the Affinity Photo (windows) Beta and I am pretty sure the beta version of Designer. There is/was a status bar running along bottom of the screen that when you had a tool selected, it displayed the various options you could use with that tool. Like using Ctrl, Shift or Alt to get certain results. Now I have the full Windows version of Designer, I no longer seem to have this status bar, even though it is listed as a feature in the Help file under the 'at a glance' heading. Maybe I have some how turned off this feature, but I can't find how to turn it back on again. As a newbie to this program (and even if I wasn't) I find this status bar helpful. I can't remember all the keyboard shortcuts so a helpful reminder on the status bar is a must for me.
  12. Thanks for the help (both of you). It didn't help just pressing the apostrophe on its own, nothing happened. So I went to preferences and removed the shortcut for cycling through the planes and then re-entered it as apostrophe and it now works ok. So all's well now, not sure why it didn't work from the outset.
  13. I have just brought the Windows version of Affinity Designer and the seems to be a problem with accessing the '3rd plane' of an isometric (and others) grid. When I try and cycle through the various planes with Ctrl+' all it does is turn the grid on and off. I can not seem to access the up grid view, like I saw in one of the Mac version videos tutorials. Am I doing something very badly wrong or is it a bug that is due to be sorted out?

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