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  1. Beginners Look At How Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo - Select and Cut Out Objects A quick look at how in Affinity Designer you can use Photo’s selection tools to, select an object cut it out and replace its background. https://www.dropbox.com/s/dvda1h1fu6trewe/Affinity%20Designer%20-%20issue%2046%20-%20Beginners%20Guide%20-%20Select%20and%20Cutout.pdf?dl=0
  2. Depth Of Field Filter A quick look at the Depth of Field filter in Affinity Photo. https://www.dropbox.com/s/n7jmepytbzfllxm/Affinity%20Photo%20-%20issue%2045%20-%20Beginners%20Guide%2017%20-%20A%20look%20at%20the%20Depth%20of%20Field%20filter.pdf?dl=0
  3. Affinity Photo Working with the Topaz DeNoise AI Plug-in The Topaz program/app DeNoise AI, works as standalone program but will also work as plug-in within Affinity Photo. This is a fairly basic look at how it works as a plug-in. With another quick look at Topaz Sharpen AI also, just to see how well they work together. https://youtu.be/Oztnt9mDRLY
  4. Affinity Software – Beginners Guide Photo - Designer - Publisher Finding The Tools You Need If you are following an online tutorial for any of the three Affinity programs and they use in the tutorial a tool you cannot see on your set up. Then this tutorial will hopefully help you find the Tool or Studio tab you need to follow the other tutorial. As Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher look and act pretty much the same, the info here should work in all 3 programs the same way. This is done on a PC but should be the same for the Mac version. Not sure about iPad versions as I do not own them, but I guess they too are built in much the same way. https://youtu.be/U7mKyKYTXf4
  5. Short But Sweet - Issue 05 Affinity Photo Make A Different Black and White Macro A different way to make a Black and White image Macro. From the one shown in issue 4 https://www.dropbox.com/s/nakflr2h7jhm30d/Affinity%20Photo%20-%20Short%20But%20Sweet%20issue%205%20-%20Make%20A%20Different%20BnW%20Macro.pdf?dl=0
  6. Hi Nancy, Not 100% sure why you are having problems with the 'Styles'. The main difference as far as I can see is the Layer types. An image added via the Place command will be an (image) layer and an image opened as a jpg will be a (pixel) layer. In theory though, both layer types should be affected by a Style. If placing an image works best use that method. I did try the same thing on the owl image I posted above. The Style I used did affect the 'Placed, Image layer' much more than the 'Opened jpg, Pixel Layer'. But if I rasterised the 'image' layer making it a 'pixel' layer the style I used didn't affect it as much. So, I have to surmise that Styles don't work too well with pixel layers, they need vector traits to work on, rather than flat pixel layers. I guess some Styles will work the same on both types of layers. But in truth I really don't know the answer. Sorry
  7. Activ8 – Written Tutorial – Issue 44 Affinity Photo – Using Guide Lines to make a Squared Background for an image This is an adaptation of a magazines Photoshop tutorial. Where I show how to recreate the magazines ‘free giveaway’ background squared images. Then follow their tutorial to add an image to that squared background to create an arty image. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ouip8ncpak7ir3c/Affinity%20Photo%20-%20issue%2044%20-%20Guide%20Lines%20and%20Squared%20Backgrounds.pdf?dl=0
  8. Affinity Photo & Designer Beginners Look at Working with different file types A look at knowing which file type you are working with and if they are Raster or Vector images. To then know which program is best suited to work with that file type. If you are going to resize an image or alter it in some way, knowing which program works best with what file type could be vital. Looking at .JPG, .PNG, .SVG, .AI and .EPS files https://youtu.be/YDVMm4_AvmY
  9. Affinity Photo Backing Up Your Presets At the time of recording, there is no in-built way to export and save your Photo Persona Presets. Hopefully Serif will add this feature at some point in the future. Partly so we can share our pre-made Presets easily but mainly because, if your Affinity Photo needs to be re-installed at some point, you can get back all your Presets that would have been lost otherwise. It is a lot of work and the more Presets you have will make it a slow process, but you will have a saved file with all your Presets within it. So, when you re-install Affinity Photo or like me get a new computer. You can can open your saved file and one at a time add your Presets back into Affinity Photo. https://youtu.be/cWsrvnTYOU8
  10. Affinity Software Copy and Paste Vs Place A follow up tutorial to the Mystical Lights Overlay tutorial. It just covers a bit I missed about the instructions on how to use the overlays with your images. To use Drag and Drop or as I prefer to use Copy and Paste or import the image via the Place Command. https://youtu.be/fyvzvto6FUc
  11. Affinity Software – Copy/Cut and Paste A video tutorial for beginners to Affinity Software and almost all software. A look at Copy/Cut and Paste in general terms and then a look at how they are used in Affinity Photo and will work the same in Affinity Designer and Publisher if they have the same features. A look at some of the features of the Edit menu. https://youtu.be/wX4ezQJag8A
  12. Activ8 – Issue 43 – A Written Tutorial Affinity Software Answering Some Text Questions Can you have two different coloured text outlines? How to get a Glitter Stroke Effect Can you remove the red squiggly lines under words spelt incorrectly? How do you stop correct words being highlighted as a miss spelt word? https://www.dropbox.com/s/84ynm66cnnk0wsk/Affinity%20Photo%20-%20issue%2043%20-%20Answering%20Some%20Text%20Questions.pdf?dl=0
  13. Make A Black and White Macro from Olivio’s video tutorial Olivio Sarikas made a video tutorial recently showing 5 different ways to make some black and white images I am using one of those methods to make a Macro, so it will be easier to remember what to do to get the results like Olivio has shown. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mb8e6hniupwc034/Affinity%20Photo%20-%20Short%20But%20Sweet%20issue%204%20-%20Make%20Black%20and%20White%20macro%20from%20Olivios%20video.pdf?dl=0
  14. Affinity Photo – Written Tutorial Layer Opacity Vs Fill Opacity https://www.dropbox.com/s/e13vzzcdrh2kq1b/Affinity%20Photo%20-%20Activ8%20issue%2042%20-%20Opacity%20vs%20Fill.pdf?dl=0
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