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  1. Export Persona also doesn't save export option settings, although you can save a preset, but it will resets back to PNG after every export, so even if you have a preset, you are not one step ahead. And you have to enter export persona with every single file, no option to open directly in export persona, so it is one more step. But if you have multiple objects to export from one file then using slices and export persona is the better way indeed.
  2. click + right mouse drag just doesn't work with wacom pen. It is not the first time I find a click+right click function what doesn't take graphic tablet users into account and it doesn't work or even totally impossible to perform using wacom pen. I really don't understand.
  3. The ui of Affinity softwares go totally mad under Windows 11. Is Windows 11 supported, or will be supported in the near future? Dell G15 notebook, rtx 2060, intel i7-10870H
  4. Zoom snapping is annoying and skips (sabotages) 20% of zooming values. In Affinity Designer there is no face value of 100%, because it is vector graphics. It won't be 'pixel perfect' or anything similar, it is just mere stupid!
  5. I pasted it, because it is related to the document resizing vs artboard resizing topic, but these are on totally different places in the UI and very hard to see the connection. (I don't really understand why lock children isn't also an option of the artboard tool. I don't understand the logic behind using the move tool to transform artboards, there is a dedicated tool for artboard tasks.
  6. because you are using DTP text frame, I think it is by design default in every dtp related softwares not to resize the written content with images. you have to use artistic text tool, if you want to work with as-image resizable artistic texts. (I know it is 2020, but maybe others have the same dilemma)
  7. omg, it is just a simple auto-parenting kind of thing. at least now I understand what happens, and I can avoid it. Thank you !
  8. no, it is not a new object, and not about the original 'place of birth'. it happens with every object on the last layer, it jumps to the top of the artboard if I drag it and move it.
  9. I've bought Tattoo Art Brushes by The Artifex Forge from Affinity store to create svg icons. There is no information about these brushes being pixel brushes. So when I created my icons, I had to realize it, because I couldn't expand my drawings. The sad thing about this missleading product is that it is available for Illustrator too as real vector format. The description of the brushset in the Affinity store claims these are vector brushes. But not. I really don't know who needs pixel brushes in the vector persona. If I want to draw with pixel brushes, I change for the pixel persona.
  10. thank you !!!!!!! I didn't see this option is already there in the preferences/tools, my bad.
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