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  1. It wouldn't be much of a problem if artboard would be a snap object, but it isn't. It is not capable of snapping to insinde objects, so there are really no other option to adjust it to the bounding box of inner contents. Illustrator in otherways can't create artboard right around selected objects, so you should select objects, create an artboard switch to artboard tool, select the artboard you want to use if it is not the one already selected, then you can get it jump to the selection. it is also a pain, and it can be also unintuitive, so it is not about illustrator being an intuitive software, it is miles from being intuitive. The other problem with creating new artboard when you change the size of inner contents is that artboards are slices in the export persona with a lot of export settings and sizes set up for it. So you can't really just delete it, you have to create the export settings and path commands again from ground zero.
  2. designer artboard tool creates padding around selection when I set Size to selection and create an artboard. I cannot find any artboard margin option, the document has no margin. So I don't understand. I want my artboard to fit the selection, I don't need a frame. also, it is 10,4 px. totally random padding size. no stroke size setup with this size, totally random.
  3. locking pixel layer (in designer) has absolutely no effect, clicking on the content of the pixel layer navigates me to the pixel layer itself, hitting delete deletes pixel layer. the only thing the lock affects that I cannot move the content of the layer. it is really bad, because pixel layer often contains reference images. so I don't want to navigate to it by accident.
  4. is there a way to disable it? because it is annoying and skips 20% of zooming values.
  5. Thank you. I think that's the case, sorry for the false alert! The origin of the rounded rectangle was a box from the asset library and had constraints on it.
  6. Hi! How can I add layers in Designer into normal default average group? Every time I try to group layers Designer adds those automatically to Constraint group, so it creates an invisible trimming mask on the actual bounding box edges. It means I cannot move containing objects freely after creating the group Sometimes I have to delete shapes and create new ones to create simple group, but I can't find out, what is the cause of Designer creating Constraint group
  7. alt click on layer to isolate, click on the canvas, and it quits. 2019-01-30_16h12_46.mp4
  8. Is there any progress with this issue? Affinity Designer 1.7 beta have this issue too. Can't do anything in isolation mode. it breaks and quits to default mode with one click.
  9. affinity designer set zoom to fit canvas everytime I drag file from outside of application it is annoyance, and also the zoom to fit doesn't count with the newly dropped item, so I can't see it if I didn't drag it into the bounding box of the sum of existing elements. so it's a double fail.
  10. open multiple svgs first file: create an artboard in the lower section of the file and voila !

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