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  1. keiichi77

    affinity designer unable to edit in isolation mode

    alt click on layer to isolate, click on the canvas, and it quits. 2019-01-30_16h12_46.mp4
  2. keiichi77

    affinity designer unable to edit in isolation mode

    Is there any progress with this issue? Affinity Designer 1.7 beta have this issue too. Can't do anything in isolation mode. it breaks and quits to default mode with one click.
  3. affinity designer set zoom to fit canvas everytime I drag file from outside of application it is annoyance, and also the zoom to fit doesn't count with the newly dropped item, so I can't see it if I didn't drag it into the bounding box of the sum of existing elements. so it's a double fail.
  4. open multiple svgs first file: create an artboard in the lower section of the file and voila !
  5. If I crop an image (create artboard around selection) and save and close it, the very next image and every other after that will be out of screen, scrolled totally down, even if I start with centering first all opened document. It is very annoying.
  6. Thank you for your response! Arrange>Move Back One and Arrange>Move Forward One --> yes Actually there was a conflict, because the viewport zoom conflicted with the new keys: ctrl+0 , ctrl+1 But strangely Designer doesn't show up the yellow alert icon next to the shortcut I changed to ctrl+0 and ctrl+1! I saw the problem, when I started using it, but it started change the zooming level of the viewport, so I realized that isn't what I am looking for. And it doesn't work. I changed the Pixel persona settings too, and also nothing. And it also doesn't work with ctrl + keyboard numbers . I changed it to ctrl + pg up/down - it works. it works also with numpad / and * so it's only a problem with numbers.
  7. I created shortcuts for moving (arranging) layers up/down ctrl+numpad0 and ctrl+numpad1 because I use it for years now in different applications. First problem: the preferences / keyboard shortcuts pane doesn't show if it conflicts with zoom shortcuts !! Second problem: the shortcuts doesn't work at all.
  8. it is a good idea for creating iconsets with base icons and different overlays eg.
  9. keiichi77

    Auto Select Layer

    plus one vote for disable the autoselect, because it is irritating.