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  1. Hi Carl, thanks for this info. Thus it seems to be a bug in Affinity Photo. Fine that Faststone does it without issues, I will need this in future.
  2. PS: Faststone does it perfectly, no falsification of the images.
  3. Both, I've posted the thumbnails only for demonstration, the fullsize images look the same. I have used the batch processing, didn't develop the images manually.
  4. Hi there, I've converted some images from Olympus Raw (orf) to png format by batch processing (File - New Batch Processing). Unfortunately the brightness of the png images is reduced a lot compared to the original ones. How can I fix this? Best regards - Ulrich
  5. Sempervivum

    Remove sun flairs

    That's really stunning, works like magic! Thanks for posting!
  6. Hi summersara, I tested your brushes too and it's very fine either. Many thanks for sharing!
  7. Hi carl123, no need to download, it was a handling error indeed: In the toolbar at the left I had choosen "Pixel Tool". I changed this to "Paintbrush" and now the brush is fine, exactly identical to the preview. Many thanks for your hint, it saved my day!
  8. Hi carl123, many thanks for this reply. This reads promising, maybe there is only a handling error on my side? This is the project file: http://ulrichbangert.de/div/affinity/2019-02-27_Rhumequelle_03.afphoto My version is
  9. Thanks @summersara, obviously that means that I cannot use these brushes in AP. I'm gonna try to follow your instructions and create my own one. Best regards - Ulrich
  10. Hi there, when searching for a star effect brush I found this thread: I downloaded and installed the brushes from deviantart.com. Unfortunately I'm not able to use them properly. What I get is what is visible in the screenshot: The star that is visible in my image (the upper one, the lower one is the sun in the original image) is not as beautiful as in the preview. I tried all sliders but didn't get a proper result. Any hints are welcome. Best regards - Ulrich
  11. Hallo and thanks for the replies and advice so far. In the meantime I looked at the memory usage and when several photos are open it's close to it's limit. Therefore I consider upgrading to 16GB. This is an additional aspect and I consider upgrading to a more powerful CPU. Does AP benefit from Multicore CPUs? Currently there is AMD A8-6600K which has 4 Cores AFAIK. Can I expect that upgrading to a AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 8× 3700 MHz would increase the performance significantly? Best regards - Ulrich
  12. Hi there, Affinity Photo is fairly slow on my current computer - e. g. there is a significant lag when changing a setting in an adjustment layer. Which compoments of the hardware affect Affinity's performance? Is it supported by the graphics device and can I expect an improvement when buying a more powerful one? Currently there is onboard graphis AMD Radeon HD 8570D. Or is upgrading the memory more promising? Currently there are 8GB. My OS is Win 7 Home Premium. System and Software on SSD. Best regards - Ulrich
  13. Just updated to Version 1.6.5 and look, the white balance by use of the picker works much better! Well done!
  14. Thanks for this information. That's pitty! I've got a notation that the development is very alive as expensive features like focus stacking and HDR were implemented in the course of time.
  15. Would anyone of the mods/admins be so kind and move this to the bugs section?