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  1. Hi there, Affinity Photo is fairly slow on my current computer - e. g. there is a significant lag when changing a setting in an adjustment layer. Which compoments of the hardware affect Affinity's performance? Is it supported by the graphics device and can I expect an improvement when buying a more powerful one? Currently there is onboard graphis AMD Radeon HD 8570D. Or is upgrading the memory more promising? Currently there are 8GB. My OS is Win 7 Home Premium. System and Software on SSD. Best regards - Ulrich
  2. Just updated to Version 1.6.5 and look, the white balance by use of the picker works much better! Well done!
  3. Thanks for this information. That's pitty! I've got a notation that the development is very alive as expensive features like focus stacking and HDR were implemented in the course of time.
  4. Would anyone of the mods/admins be so kind and move this to the bugs section?
  5. Unfortunately I have a german version and therefore my translations of the terms are not always correct. In the meantime I figured out how to switch the language; in future posts I will switch to english so that I'm able to use the correct terms. Thanks @toltec for clarification. @R C-R Picking the highlight doesn't improve the result:
  6. Unfortunately the white balance doesn't work for me. This is the original image: There is a significant color fault. I tried the white balance and used the pipette. This is the result: The photo is still somewhat reddish. I had to correct the remaining color fault by reducing red by use of color balance: In Photoshop Elements 14 the white balance works fine whithout further measure: Is this a bug of Affinity Photo or did I do something wrong?
  7. Have a look at this thread: As posted there I would appreciate that it is possible to warp an object or layer by pressing control and dragging the handles. Alternatively it would be fine if the perspective tool had handles in the middle of the edges to allow for easy shrinking or expanding. I like this feature in Photoshop Elements and would appreciate to have it in Affinity Photo too.
  8. Hallo Toltec, many thanks for these hints. I know the perspective tool well but it didn't come across my mind to use it for warping a layer containing a pasted selection. Will try the mesh warp tool next. Best regards - Ulrich
  9. Hallo, in Photoshop Elements I was used to do the following: Make a selection Copy selection Paste selection Hold Ctrl and draw a corner - see attachment In this way it was easy to warp the object or layer. However this doesn't work in Affinity - holding Ctrl has no effect. Is there an alternative way to do the same? Best regards - Ulrich
  10. Sempervivum

    Cut out selection

    Hallo Walt, thanks for this hint. Obviously it's much easier than I assumed: Simply make the selection and press "Delete"; no need for converting the BG to a layer as is necessary in PSE. How to do this? It seems to me that this is the case by default?
  11. Sempervivum

    Cut out selection

    Sorry should have researched a bit more before asking: What I was after I found at "Layer - Create New Mask Layer". Problem solved.
  12. Dear Affinity experts, probobly a simple problem but I can't get it done: I selected a region in my image and want to cut it out, so that it get's transparent. In Photoshop Elements I do it like this: Create layer from background Press "Delete" How can I get this done in affinity? I found no way to make a layer from the background. Watched this tutorial: but can't find the meny item that puts the selection onto a new layer. Any help is appreciated. Best regards - Ulrich
  13. You misunderstood me: I do not want AP to modify the RAW image nor save in that format. I wish that it saves information about modifications in a sidecar file like the RAW importer of Photoshop or JPG-Illuminator do. Then, when the file is opened again, read the original source file and apply the changes being stored in the sidecar file. No need to save the data of the original image in the afPhoto file.
  14. I have the same problem: An afphoto file is five times larger than the RAW file. Would appreciate if there was an option to save the data without the original RAW file.
  15. Hallo toltec, that's perfect, many thanks for this hint. I looked this up in Wikipedia and understand it when viewing the cylinder models: When lightness is 1 in HSL, the color is white and when increasing the saturation it remains white. This was very helpful, thanks again!