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  1. Hallo toltec, that's perfect, many thanks for this hint. I looked this up in Wikipedia and understand it when viewing the cylinder models: When lightness is 1 in HSL, the color is white and when increasing the saturation it remains white. This was very helpful, thanks again!
  2. I don't think so as reducing the brightness works fine. Enclosed please find the original photo.
  3. Hallo, from other software I'm used to enhance the sky when it's overexposed and the color has been shifted to turquoise. Select the sky, use HSL, shift color until it's blue, decrease brightness and increase saturation. This works fine in JPG-Iluminator and Photoshop Elements 14. However when applying the corresponding settings in Affinity Photo, increasing the saturatin has no effect. Enclosed please find two screenshots demonstrating this issue. Best regards - Ulrich
  4. Thanks, indeed I searched in the wrong place, these effects are located in the layers window. And I agree, "Gl├╝hen" would describe this effect in a better way.
  5. Hallo, I want to add an outer glow to a text. Found a few resources saying that there is an outer and inner glow layer effect. However I cannot find these effects in the software. I searched in Layer - Live Filter Layers (german: "Neue Live-Filterebene") but could not find these filters. Where can I find these. Thanks in advance and regards - Ulrich
  6. It should be possible to apply the same settings of the develop persona when importing a set of RAW images. Saving the settings, loading the photos one-by-one and loading the settings every time is too time consuming. In Photoshop Elements this is no problem! Please refer to this thread:
  7. When using RAW images as a source for HDR, Panorama, Focus Merging, it shoud be possible to adjust the settings of Develop Persona. Currently the photos are imported without being able to do this. Please also refer to the threads above.
  8. Hallo MEB, thanks for this info. Do you mean the ability to save the settings of the raw importer and load them when importing a new photo? This would require loading the images one-by-one manually. Or is there a way to automate this?
  9. I'm disappointed of this lack of feature too. In Photoshop Elements it's no problem to apply the settings of Camera Raw to a set of raw images and save this set for use in other software.
  10. Hallo, I tested the focus merging feature today and one question arose: I used RAW images as a source (orf). I didn't find a way to set the parameters of the raw importer when loading these images. This issue is mentioned here: and the result is, that it is not possible. However that thread is of Nov. 16. Are there any new aspects today regarding this issue?