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  1. Thanks for the additional hints. This is another annoying issue in Version 2. Zooming is no option as I'm using the grid when adjusting the perspective and need an overview of the complete image then. The developers implemented some sophisticated features in version 2 but the basics are not working!
  2. Thanks for the quick response. Mode "Automatic" was selected. When I change it to "Simple" the grid is showing up as before. Very fine so far. However when I open another photo the mode is reset to "Automatic" again. How can this be fixed? I didn't find any setting to change the default value.
  3. Hi there, I'm used to switch on the grid frequently. Unfortunately in V2 the grid is no longer showing up. I tried both shortcuts, Ctrl+' and Ctrl+Shift+' but no success. How can I get it working? Best regards - Ulrich
  4. Hi there, I have an 8BF plugin that was working fine in Affinity Photo V1. (Pro Digital Software, Starfilter Pro). Unfortunately this plugin doesn't work anymore in V2. I added the folder where the 8BF file is located in the setting for Photoshop plugins but the plugin is not showing up in the Filters. What can I do? Every advice is welcome. Best regards - Ulrich
  5. I vote for this feature too! After having edited a bunch of photos it's very annoying to perform the export procedure for each one separately. Is this available in V2?
  6. Many thanks, @NathanC Applying "Merge down" sorted it indeed. Saved several hours of editing! Best regards - Ulrich
  7. Dear Affinity Photo Experts, I've edited the nadir of a 360 image in the live view. Now I've a bunch of layers and I'm not able to switch back to the original image. When I try to apply "Live projection" - "Remove live projection" for each layer, the image is messed up completely. Any advice is welcome. I read about "Merge down" but don't know how to apply this. If required I can provide the image in question Best regards - Ulrich
  8. Hi @AlanP, indeed there is a plugin folder inside this path and it works fine after I had added this path. Many thanks, have a nice day!
  9. Hi there, after my computer crashed I had to setup Affinity Photo again. Unfortunately I'm not successful in adding Topaz Denoise AI as a plugin. I added the path C:\ProgramData\Topaz Labs LLC to the plugin paths in the settings and restarted AP but no success, no Topaz plugin showing up in the filters. What am I doing wrong, any hints? Best regards - Ulrich
  10. Hi, I did some research regarding my camera and found out why the clipping ("der Ausschnitt" - is this term correct?) in horizontal direction differs: Digital stabilizing was turned on for the video, this requires some extra space. After turning it off the clipping is the same. This will make aligning video and image a lot easier. Many thanks to all contributors and best regards - Ulrich
  11. Hi thomaso and many thanks for this hint. That reads very promising, I'm gonna try it when the final images are ready.
  12. Thanks for this hint, however I don't understand "use new stack and let Affinity try to align the images". Can Affinity do this task automatically? That would be perfekt.
  13. Hi Dan, yes, that's true. Left and right were just an example, I have to align top and bottom too and in the end, when the photo is matching the still exactly the aspect ratio will be the same. I'm going to the location this evening and record photos and a video. Afterwards I'm gonna provide the images. Currently I have some samples but the quality is fairly poor. Best regards - Ulrich
  14. Dear Affinity experts, I have to do the following: I have two images, camera location and scene is the same. One is a photo and the other one is a still image from a video. Unfortunately size and cropping are not the same. Therefore I have to align the photo so that it matches the still exactly. I did this by placing both in two different layers, make the upper one semi transparent and then adjust size and position of the photo by dragging the handles. This does work, however it's fairly tricky: When I drag the left handle and adjust a detail at the left and then drag the right handle and adjust at the right, the left detail is affected either and I have to perform the procedure recursively until everything is matching. My question is: Is there a procedure or trick to make this easier? Best regards - Ulrich
  15. Hi David, so many thanks for this hint, it's working fine. Didn't know about this adjustment till now, maybe it will be useful in future. Thanks again - Ulrich
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