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  1. Thanks Gabe for your effort. Any news regarding this?
  2. Thanks for your response, this gives a workaround for the moment. This concret example may be a rare special case that does not seem to be very relevant to many but in general: shouldn't the effect of a blend mode be independent from color depth? (And as far as I can tell, it did not matter up to now, at least I didn't experience this before version 1.8.2). So there might be a general issue in the code for blend modes that can have also other effects. Not sure, just a suggestion to have a closer look at....
  3. Yeah, I know the other techniques for "high pass". Nevertheless, this was working properly in Affinity Photo without artefacts before, it is working properly in other software like GIMP or Darktable and is still working properly for jpeg files in Photo 1.8.2. Even if these "bizarre results", as you call it, are desired by Serif (I have high doubts that this is the case...), there should be the same artefacts for jpeg files directly in photo persona and raw files coming from develop persona....
  4. To increase the local contrast of an image, I apply the following approach in the photo persona: 1. Duplicate the layer 2. Set the blend mode of the upper layer to "vivid light" and the opacity to 20% - 30% 3. Apply "high pass" live filter to the upper layer with radius 100 px and monochrom checked This was working fine for both jpeg files and raw files coming from the develop persona for all versions before 1.8.2. For version 1.8.2 however, this leads to strange artefacts when using raw files from develop persona: Jpeg RAW I also tried a workaround by using only one layer (no duplicate) and applying the "high pass" directly to the lower layer using "vivid light" as blend mode for the "high pass" with the other settings (radius, opacity) as above. This works fine for the jpeg file but same unsatisfying result for the raw file. I have tested this for numerous jpeg-raw combinations and you can find 3 pairs attached. Images.rar
  5. Yeah definitively a great feature that may also allow batch processing of RAW files!
  6. Is there a possibility for assigning a keyboard shortcut to apply a desired macro? This could speed up workflow significantly compared to clicking in the library panel...
  7. Yeah definitively a great idea! For now, a workaround is the possibility of using macros to reuse settings.
  8. Same for me. Editing the exif-data manually has no effect for pictures taken with my Samyang 12mm.
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