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  1. larsbre

    Lensfun Fun

    Same for me. Editing the exif-data manually has no effect for pictures taken with my Samyang 12mm.
  2. Seems to be wokring for me now, great job guys!!!
  3. Same problem remains for me under 32-bit either.
  4. Still remains an issue under version .188, so I bring up the topic in the forum list again by replying. Not to bother you but to ensure it's not forgotten.....
  5. Same for me, both shadows and highlights increase brightness.
  6. I have performed further tests (using also several other raw files from https://rawsamples.ch/index.php/en/): If 32-Bit (HDR) is chosen within the assistant nothing happens for me. For 16-Bit there is a change in saturation...... Without: Assistant 16-Bit Assistant 32-Bit (HDR) DSC03928.ARW
  7. As I have mentioned for version, the saturation slider within the develop persona still has no effect (tested on PC with Win 7 and Win 10). However, you guys did a great job on improving the raw developement!!! Kind regards
  8. On both of my computers, nothing happens at all when I us the saturation slider within the develop persona (RAW)!