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  1. I agree with the comments above, the selector should give me full control in case of manual selection. Maybe for the automatic detection more data is required, but manual settings have to be independent from exif. I just used exiftool to give you some information to work with. Nevertheless, it seems to make progress. Good job guys, thank you for taking care!
  2. First of all, thanks for including the lens selector option in the develop persona. I really appreciate this tool and also like that you consider customer suggestions (not self-evident for every software company). However, I don't get the correct functionality for manual lenses like the Samyang 12mm f/2.0: When I load my image, I can select the lens but no corrections are performed and there appears a yellow sign in the dialog box. Updating the settings does not lead to any action, as well. I also included the name of the lens via exif-tool but this has no effect either. I have attached the raw files that I used (...-Exif is the one with the lens added by exif-tool) DSC08540.ARW DSC08540-Exif.ARW
  3. Yeah definitively a great feature that may also allow batch processing of RAW files!
  4. Is there a possibility for assigning a keyboard shortcut to apply a desired macro? This could speed up workflow significantly compared to clicking in the library panel...
  5. Yeah definitively a great idea! For now, a workaround is the possibility of using macros to reuse settings.
  6. larsbre

    Lensfun Fun

    Any news on this yet?
  7. larsbre

    Lensfun Fun

    Same for me. Editing the exif-data manually has no effect for pictures taken with my Samyang 12mm.

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