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  1. Hmmm, where can I find those "modifier key tool tips? (ALT, SHIFT, STRG dont do anything while clicking)
  2. Well I get your point, but I can start a selection with the Lasso Tool in "add mode" too, so that should be possible with the Flood Select Tool as well dont you think? Its such a little tiny thing, that I wish was improved in the near future... Or lets say if I hold shift or strg it adds to the selection automaticly, that would be such a quality of life improvement... Anyways thanks for taking a look at my problem.
  3. Sure, no problem, here is a video of it... So V2 was a downgrade in this regard i guess? 2023-11-04 12-55-19.mp4
  4. So I have noticed when I chose a selection mode with the lasso tool (for example "add") it stays in that mode when switching tools. BUT when I chose the selection mode "add" in the magic wand and then switch tools it allways jumps back to the default selection mode "new". Is there anything I can do about that. Little things like that drive my nuts... Thanks in advance!
  5. Okay, ctrl+alt+drag left/right works, Thanks! About the square brackets []... I guess I have a "German keyboard" (what even is that ^^?), and they never worked for me, which is why I had to change the shortcut..., guess I will have to work with the default shortcut now, thanks for clarifying!
  6. i just noticed there is a button for "bake appearence" inside the contour tool. i think i just have to include that into my workflow?
  7. hm well, i wanted to experiment with the Contour Tool a bit and beside the export it was working perfectly fine. So i guess in order to keep using the Contour Tool i have to convert the shapes into curves at some point? That kinda sucks but ok... thanks for helping out
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