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  1. Since we have tga now would be nice to have Alpha in them too , as well as a way to pack channels at export . Something like Layer comps in Photoshop and a script to pack them into RGBA channels at export. tga is stilll pretty useless for me without alpha
  2. Would be nice if we have transform links in links panel. Working same way chain links work in Photoshop. I mean the way we could scale and move linked layers in sync
  3. So we could export shapshots for each slice. maybe pack snapshots into single exr layered export or pack snapshots as RGBA channels
  4. Would allow to get rid of lots of complicated and tedious masking , make life a lot easier
  5. Would be super helpful if snapshots could remember/save what layers in embedded documents are on and off. Plus a button to update/re-save a selected snapshot with a current document state instead of doing gazillion new snapshots each time you edited something
  6. Like in Photoshop when you drag a layer over + button
  7. Could be a perfect replacement for Photoshop chain-links. Easy and simple .
  8. Replace button is nice but wouldn't it be much more convenient to just drop a new image over to replace previous resource. I am so tired of scrolling through terrible windows open/save dialogs. Perhaps would be even easier to just drop anew image over embedded/linked doc in main document window with come Alt+Ctrl+ Shift or something
  9. 1. height to normal map 2. height to cavity / curvature map hipass based 3. height to ambient occlusion 4. normal map vector to pixel shift /distortion with loop iterations /fading trails 5. some basic pattern generators in procedural filter like bricks
  10. Does anyone know any nice AI selecting soft /plugin. I am not that impressed with Photoshop AI subject select. It kind of works for a few subjects like people and hairs but never works for things I try to mask properly. like selecting brown fallen leaves on brown dirt etc. Usually pretty useless for what I typically do . Is there any other better solution currently? I tried Topaz AI mask. it's not that great either other than sky replacement which I also never needed
  11. Could somebody explain please what's the purpose and how it works.
  12. I am a texture artist for CG and thus work on multi image/channel materials. I love "content aware" "inpainting" or whatever you call it. it's so refreshing from a tedious manual job. There is only one problem. In current state it's 100% useless for my job. Would be so much better if we could record a macro of inpainting on color rgb "channel" and then re-play it on "height" and "roughness" channels. Different images representing other material properties . So once "inpaint" copy and fuse fragments to fill a selected area I could copy the same fragments into same order and positions on height image. Adobe Alchemist and Artomatix Art engine already work that way . I pretty much hate both of them. They do have cool stuff indeed but nevertheless so inconvenient in every feature and so un-intuitive to work with I can't tolerate them. Just make macro panel to record how the soft does the inpaint on first image please to recreate in sync on other one . Like it can with patch tool. And BTW add mirroring to patch tool please. it already so much better than Photoshop one. Make it the absolute best please.
  13. Thanks Serif for making "select by color tag" , Could you please make a '"layercomp" or "tags" panel based on those tags working through embedded docs too. A global thing where I could click " red" and the document shows only red tagged layers including embedded docs too. With a way to export those documents states automatically as a separate files from a same slice in export persona. I am missing this thing from Photoshop so much.
  14. We have scale opportunity , a very nice upgrade over what Photoshop offers. Would be super helpful to have a flip x/y option and also an ability to make a seamless tillable image offsetting the patch t opposite side of a document. Also would be nice to have patch tool working as live affect on layers making floating things blend into background automatically, gpu accelerated maybe. I can do so in Substance Designer. Works slow as hell there so some optimization would indeed be necessary.
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