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  1. Like patch tool just working like live effect on layers and working with layer alpha same way it does with RGB (as an option) So we could put a layer over something and it would blend in automatically and do same with Alpha too . Just adapting each of RGBA to what's beneath putting channels in same tonal range. More around edges. Doing in-painting outside edges to connect things when necessary as an option. So we could put several pieces together and they all adapt to each other on their own. No AI necessary. Could be done pretty easily in evry thing supporting blur and nodes. I just want it as a simple layer live filter with a few sliders. I am so frustrated with Photoshop. New beta just added one more useless fancy AI toy. Please Serif lets make Affinity ahead of Photoshop in usability and convenience. So we we would do what we actually want instead of what that stupid AI tries to do.
  2. Just find crypto-matte source code of Blender compositing nodes in archives they regularly publish and do the same. But rather like a procedural mask filter where you could pick something from multilayered exr is split screen preview and get a mask for any layer on top of it . Don't do it EXR-IO style please . Its pretty inconvenient there. We don't need gazillions of layers in our layer stacks.
  3. Can you upload an example please. I meant not general brush strokes but rather vector strokes around shapes in Designer or outline/ inner glow FX. I see no erase blending mode there. I can do it in a separate layer and then group together but it's a tremendous extra pain in my ... and never saveable as a style
  4. I loved how I could make a randomly feathered border with "erase" stroke blending mode and random stroke width at the same time In Creative House Expression couple decades ago . Designer is still so much behind . Why not have the "erase" blending mode in here too if the soft is already supportin it for layers.
  5. It's impossible to do physically accurate as GarryP said but you can use displace live effect to fake it . It's not especially "live" and still looks like ortho view although.
  6. Totally agree with OP. Why not array on curves at least? Current usage of symbols with text on path is so much pain in your .... but it says it's totally possible and need just an interface as a "tool" or as a "modifier". The image brush in Designer could have been not just start/end and body segments but up to 10alternating segments like in old " Creative house Expression" Ironically all this is perfectly possible in Blender in real time and it's gradually replacing all the 2d image tools for me.
  7. Now that Substance Designer get it I have lesser and lesser need of Affinity Designer . I would still prefer Affinity one . It's so much more artist friendly in general . Why not just have it here. It's a pain in your a.. in Adobe products.
  8. Where we could put a spline over an image and make it deform underlying image . Its just a few clicks in Blender for example . Simple like 2x2 . Why not do it here . It doesn't require 3d axis really . Like projecting image on Spline generated UV/mesh and deform it in sync of spline editing gradually within set distance. Would be better that Photoshops puppet wrap which always been a toy not a tool really .
  9. Like displace in couple pixels distance repeated along underlying vector/flow map number of time gradually fading out or not . aka "Slope blur"
  10. Photoshop does it so right . why not here.
  11. Since Photoshop introduced it I can't do it in Affinity anymore. Those options even when look weird provide so much less repeating, copy/paste from neighboring place look.
  12. and ability to make it work in layers alpha too same as with rgb as an option . Better color adaptation of edges with a sliders . Meaning how much blur it applies to channels intensity from original layer and in what distance from edges. Could be so much better that Photoshop both patch and content aware move . No need to fill the previous place with blurry something .
  13. I tried that Generative fill and it always does something low res and never what you actually asked it to do . Still feels like a toy mostly . For cool instagram pictures. I would be more interested in more clever content aware fill better recognizing patterns and less repeating but it's all the same as before . Ai selection is still same annoying selecting random things around that you need manually clean after anyway.
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