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  1. Imo this Apply image is totally useless and monstrously inconvenient to use. It should be node based image processing window allowing inputs from several layers and working as savable live effect. I would love to see Substance Designer or Filter forge integration able to stay live and read from layer stack .
  2. Using this through obscure bitmap parameter is so monstrously inconvenient . Why not every bitmap in a document behave like a bitmap fill that we could drop and edit instantly. Or replace in many shapes at once just by re-linking the path. Like in Xara for example. ADesigner is so full of tedious routine work
  3. An effect that could adapt layer colors to underlying content automatically. Like when you want to make a collage of clouds in a sky and new clouds fuses smoothly into your sky . Something I can do In Substance Designer and Affinity photo too through layer blending and frequency separation. Still it's tedious and complicated thing making your layer stack a mess. Wouldn't it be great as working just as live effect with a slider. Would make something in AP better than in Photoshop and would allows to make great collages with a speed of light
  4. Nowdays It should be "live" effect really converting depth into normal map with intensity adjuster and allowing to compose things on the fly starting form height info only. The same way Gradient is used by everyone for converting height maps into roughness or color channels . It's not that calculative expensive at all.
  5. The layer colors in layer panel are already tags by its nature and perfectly importable from Photoshop at least . My guess from Illustrator too probably. It's of course not a finial solution to what this thread is about but still provide something we could work with . Serif just need to add something like Alt+click in layer panel to select all similarly "colored" layers at once or make "color filter" in layer panel like in Photoshop . I would prefer Alt+click . Surely it shouldn't be lots of coding or interface change. With a such feature we could get something close to 'later compositions" too when we could switch a document appearance without relying to snapshots which are not suited well for that really.
  6. Photoshop style The way we could hide all things except chosen color. But better thing would be just Alt+click to select all layers sharing same color tag at once
  7. That tag feature exists in Xara since ancient time for example and had always been my favorite. IMO we already have kind of tags in Afinity products. It's layer colors in layer panel . They just need to add a couple functions: 1.Make layer color inheritable when you duplicate a layer 2. Make a checkbox or Alt-click to select all layers having same color at once
  8. I love how I can appoint a tag to every object in XAra . They call it "names" and then with special names pane I can click a name and have all objects sharing same "name" tag selected. You can appoint same tag to unrelated objects too , bitmaps etc. It's a very flixible system allowing to recreate Layer compositions for Photoshop for example and all the features this tread asking too. And in fact Affinity is very close to that if do just two things: Make layer appointed color (in layers panel) be inherited by every new duplicate automatically and making a checkbox for selecting all layers sharing same color in layer panel or at least making those layers only showing through color filter Photoshop style
  9. Snapshots are nice but they are not even close to flexibility Photoshop layer comps provide. Any edition , any further touch to your document and shapshots are outdated and you have to manually update all of them
  10. Would be super helpful if we could appoint tags to layers. Something more then just color. And then with some checkbox in top panel checked in could select all similarly tagged/colored layers at once to be then on/off , scaled or moved in sync. With such a checkbox we could recreate both layercomps and chain links from Photoshop I personally lacking so much when working in both Photo and Designer. Moreover it could be some simplified version of simbols for Photo , If we could select one layer of similar ones to then re-scale them , apply effects , change transparency all at once instead of tediously scrolling through layer panel and select them one by one.
  11. Would love to see brushes that would scatter randomly selected simbols with a settings we could tweak . It's a a feature that exists in many other vector softs and is lacking so much in Designer
  12. The way any bitmap image could adapt its both intensity and colors to underlying content . Same way patch tool does in Photo only working as live effect for layers . I can easily do such effect in Substance Designer for example and would love to see same in Affinity soft. It should basically apply background image down scaled or blurred x times by a slider and another slider for effect intensity . Would love to see it both in Designer and Photo it could make any image composition a swift and super simple job. Would free us from so much of tedious routine. Same way Frequency separation did. I love it and always do it in Photo now instead of Photoshop.
  13. it's very helpful feature in Photoshop. Would love to see it in Photo and Designer. It's one of reasons I still pay for Photoshop subscription
  14. I love how I could feather edges of a vector shape with bitmap fill in Xara with a slider and copy/paste it as a parameter In both Photo and Designer it's a tedious job of making shape >mask to bellow>blur the shape. Why wouldn't we have just an effect with the slider we could copy paste , make style etc.
  15. Is there a chance we see them in Photo and Designer too ?
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