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  1. Are you able to upload a file they had issues with? Do you know what version of Illustrator they are using? I have never had issues with transparent files of any normal format in Illustrator or Indesign.
  2. Do you really need to run the installer again just to enter the license key? Would think there would simply be an option to authorize and de-authorize
  3. I would not jump away from Adobe or Quark so quickly. Do extensive tests, run and prep jobs in Affinity and make sure it works. There is no way I could replace Indesign with Publisher in its current state. I am thinking V2 will bring about a lot of much needed features like PDF passthrough. The apps are cheap and worth having, but you will save yourself a lot of headaches by running it side by side your current apps. Do extensive testing!!!!!
  4. I am curious for those who bought and it will not load, did you try the demo out? Did that install fine?
  5. To expect any application outside of the one that originally created the file to open that file without issues is dreaming. Apple Pages does not even open docx files with formatting issues and that is an application in the exact same market, being a word processor. When customers supply Word files for their print work I warn them that it will possibly open different on my computer (which it always does). If they want to keep the formatting and how they set it up in Word then they need to save as a PDF. If you want to use Publisher then I would suggest you either put in the time of converting your Word files and adjusting as needed or simply start over in Publisher as that is sometimes easier. Publisher is not a Word processor replacement, it is a page layout program. It is a very light version of Indesign in its current state.
  6. it could be a sensitivity thing with the track pad. I believe there is an option in Mac OS system preferences to adjust the sensitivity.
  7. You seeing a lot of users is anecdotal evidence, it really means nothing in terms of hard numbers and how many actual users there could potentially be. You would certainly not be using it when developing strategies for expanding a product line into a new market. And more anecdotal evidence about users first experience. I am not afraid of Linux growing or even becoming the biggest OS in the world, I would learn to use it and continue on. When the arguments for Linux go beyond reason then they are fuelled by something else. There are Apple people like this and Windows users. They are passionate about the OS of choice and like to preach the virtues of it. I would say I was like that to a lesser degree with Apple products in the past. I am not worried at all about Affinity on Linux. I think it would be great to have options for Linux users. I just do not see it being a smart move at this time. As it was said "nothing personal, it's just business". I am not emotionally attached to my computer, OS, or software. I like when they work and let me accomplish the work I need to get done.
  8. In another post in this thread, or the other Linux thread, one person mentioned Adobe had started looking into this. It was an older link. It sounded like Adobe had began exploring bringing their apps to Linux. They then halted the project with no real explanation. My guess would be they did not see the value in it at the moment otherwise why would anyone not develop for Linux if there is money to be made? Regarding idml files and Publisher, I have tried a few test files with very basic linked files (.ai, .eps, .psd). Surprisingly the .psd file was a mess and it was a simple instagram logo. This was a business card that was done and good to go with Indesign. Migrating to Publisher would have me either need to recreate the logo or find a new version of an outdated instagram logo they were using. Not a huge deal but it is time adjusting and fixing a file. Now this will happen anyways if you do choose to migrate, that should be factored in the conversion and fixing of all your files as needed. People went through the same thing when moving from Quark to Indesign. I took a different approach (which was easier because of perpetual licenses) and just had all new files preparing in Indesign. Use Quark for older files and slowly recreate as needed in Indesign. Publisher has major issues with placed PDF's, so if you are working on any pieces that have PDF's in them you are going to have issues if you do not have the fonts on your computer. These things are easy to miss as it could be small text and it could be in all sorts of places of the design that if you are not looking for you may miss. I do think it is great if you can get away with replacing Adobe with Affinity, there is massive cost savings obviously. I do not think the cost is all that prohibitive for Adobe though if you are making your living with the software as you should be making much more than $75 a month in profits. I think time will tell though how Affinity is received as it is version 1. What happens when we are 4 versions down the line and someone is still using V2, there will eventually be compatibility issues which there was with Adobe. The CC solved this.
  9. I would say it is Linux job to grow the OS. Though not sure what sort of structure there is as it is not a traditional OS being all open. If this were Apple they would need to create incentives for developers to develop for their product if they want it to grow. Apple has a much smaller market share than Microsoft and had an even smaller marketshare in the past pre OS X. Now I have no idea what that looks like, but I do not believe the OS just puts it out and leaves it be. They need to do something to make people want to develop for their platform. I am not saying Linux users as a whole do not understand business, it is more a comment on the seemingly countless posts in this thread regarding kick starters, buying 10 copies each and other reasons they think this is a no brainer. On a side note, it is would be much easier if you could quote my post as I am notified that way. Would be nice if the @usernmae worked that way as well, but does not seem too.
  10. If you only want people who agree with your opinions maybe a forum is not for you. I am offering an opposing viewpoint, sorry you disagree with me. With the number of likes and agreements on getting a kick starter campaign going, or people who say things like if everyone who posted in this thread bought a copy it would equal XXX dollars. For some specific people Affinity may be an option, I would say for most it is not one... yet. Numerous reasons that have been detailed on this forum. I think many will be dealt with in V2 of the apps. opening and editing idml files sounds like a headache as no idml file is going to open up 100% correct and will thus need the time to check over files, fix issues and double check all content. If you want to put in the time that is fine. Not something I would be interested in nor would many others as you are now spending more time searching and correcting mistakes on jobs that were correct in Indesign. Out of curiosity, what type of work are you in and what were you using Adobe CC for? Also the "Advanced member" is simply a tag that comes with the number of posts. I am not an advanced Affinity user. I try to keep up on Affinity (I own all 3 apps) as I would like a viable Adobe alternative in the future.
  11. I would be curious as well. I am sure there are a bunch of photographers who do family portraits and things like which can be sporadic and not a full time thing, just something to bring in a little extra cash. My sister in law is one of those, she has a great eye and takes great pictures but does not do enough to warrant a subscription. She has CS6 and is not upgrading anytime soon, but if she asked me I would recommend her checking out Affinity Photo as it is very affordable.
  12. Why would any business want to make go into development, marketing, support, amongst other things for a very small market? It is not Serifs job to make Linux grow to a point where it would be worthwhile for them. Linux may have a smaller marketshare because not everyone shares the almost rabid loyalty many Linux users have towards their OS of choice. This whole thread is filled with posts from die hard Linux users who want it without understanding the reality of business. It is not as simple as make a kick starter campaign, these campaigns do not solve everything. Linux is a small market that is a bit fragmented with various distros. Of that small market is an even smaller market of people who would use graphical programs. Serif is not Adobe or any other company of that size that has the money and resources to start a product on a new OS with cash to burn if necessary. There are many issues and features missing from Affinity at the moment, features that keep it from being an Adobe competitor. I would rather they focus on improving the product to bring it to a place where professionals could actually look at it as a replacement for Adobe CC.
  13. Are these pictures taken with a modern camera? If so I would not bother doing this as I think you are over thinking it. Create your document size as you mentioned. All text and vector images will be fine no matter how large you blow it up. I never look at DPI when printing to my Epson 9900 44" wide format printer. If the images look fine (not pixelated) on my screen they print out fine on my printer. View actual size in whatever program you are using and you will see how pixelated it looks when looking at it really close. Again if it is a modern camera and the photo has not been reduced to make it easier to email then you should have no concerns.
  14. It looks like Publisher has sent the file for print, it is the print driver that is hanging. I would restart your printer as well as your iMac and give it another shot. Also try printing anything from another program just to see if it is indeed related to Publisher or it is the printer itself.
  15. I really think this is getting overly complicated for something very simple. If all your artwork is 1 colour black already, just leave the document colour mode in CMYK. I am not sure if there are issues with the colour profiles Affinity uses or what, but it should never be this complicated. Really all there should be is CMYK, RGB and Spot. Leave the document colour mode as CMYK, when you export as a PDF you will get a 1 colour black (grey tints
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