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  1. I stand corrected! Would be interesting if there was some sort of bench mark file to test for those with the M1.
  2. I would say there will eventually be optimization and native support for M1, unless of course they plan to stop developing for Mac OS, which I doubt. You are an early adopter to a new CPU from Apple, you are going to have to expect some draw backs for the moment I think. I believe Affinity like other apps are running in a sort of emulation, though I could be wrong about that. That being said I am not sure what you are describing is normal with the new chip. Hopefully someone else with an M1 chip can confirm similar performance, and if not then I would probably try a clean install, wiping everything away and reinstalling the app and see if that helps.
  3. What do you mean Macs are notoriously short on real estate? Or are you just referring to the exorbitant prices for hard drives 512 gigs and up?
  4. Not sure if this will help but most likely it should be something like this MacintoshHD>Users>your username>Documents>
  5. market potential for a free application? As you have said Acrobat Reader is free, and there are other options on top of that. I also do not think Affinity is big enough at the moment to need a reader to see Affinity files without editing them, not sure why you would even want that or what the purpose would be.
  6. I am not saying the community is judged by the size of a forum thread, just that it might be an indication when you can only get 70 posts in about 4 days. And those 70 posts each person can vote 3 times. I remember when Steve Jobs turned Apple around, the community was vibrant and passionate and something like this would have taken minutes to get 70 votes on something that is seemingly needed and demanded for Linux. I am assuming people just do not know about this option to vote on Wine and most people are content with how things they are working as is. Why then are people still asking and looking for solutions when Serif said they would not be releasing a Linux version anytime soon? You have your answer and people still want to make it work. Good on them and I hope they can get something sorted for Wine that will be usable. I don't think it makes sense on Serifs end to drop a lot of time or resources into this but if people want to make it work I say best of luck!
  7. Go this route. Create your document in Photo (do not open your image in photo, make a blank document), make it the dimension you want. Now drop your image onto that blank document and drag it to fit the size of the document. Export in whatever format you need.
  8. Nothing against getting this to work with Wine, but is the community that small or does it just not reach that many people? 400 votes seems like it should be easy if there really was a large group of people wanting Affinity on Linux. The 400+ number is even smaller when you consider you can vote 3 times. So really like 140 people voting for something. With the amount of posts and threads on Linux I would think you would blow everything else out of the water with votes.
  9. what PDF settings are you using? I really wish they would simplify this, not sure why Affinity apps have these issues. You should be able to setup in CMYK in Publisher, or any Affinity app and output the PDF with the same results. I never have this issue with Indesign or Illustrator, I think they have over complicated something that should be very simple.
  10. are you sure they are saved as PDF's and not Affinity files?
  11. Lots of video editing options out there, would not hold my breath for Serif to jump into a completely new field of video editing while they are still working and developing Publisher, Designer, and Photo.
  12. Word and Publisher are completely different programs. Expecting a page layout program like Publisher to act like Word and vice versa is a bit crazy in my opinion. So many things can go wrong with a file when exporting for Word, you are just asking for headaches.
  13. It could, but that is a business decision on their end. They still have to put time into it and time is money. So if they don't see the return value based on the time/money put into it then they would not pursue it. I still question how large the potential user base is on Linux. They are not a standard in print, never dealt with anyone who uses Linux. Reason I am sure is there is no software, at least not the standard that the majority use. I think them going forward as well to try and make Affinity work in CrossOver/Wine would put them on the hook for support. If it were the other way around and CrossOver/Wine/Others decide to pursue and contacts Serif who then in turns gives them a hand they are not really on the hook to support as they are not pursuing it.
  14. I have never worked this way with fonts and Adobe. I have thousands of fonts that I use and manage with Font Explorer Pro. Is this a feature that is really only useful for those creating fonts? I just don't see or can think of a benefit for work in print and design. I do like how Adobe handles fonts in packaged Indesign files. Indesign sees the font in the folder in the package and can use it without being activated system wide. This is helpful and functional when working with clients native Indesign files and not needing to use my font management software. Would love to have the same thing with Publisher when packaging files.
  15. I really don't know why it is so difficult in Publisher and getting PDF's correctly. I took the test square.ai file that HYR uploaded. I checked first in Illustrator it is made up of 100% K and document colour mode is CMYK, all correct. I drop that .ai file into Publisher and then simply export as a PDF for print and look at the separations which are now a CMYK mixture. Why do I need to be playing around with profiles in order to do something so simple? If the file is 100% K then leave it be unless I choose to change and alter. This is over complex and not something I ever have to deal with in Indesign.
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