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  1. Thanks for the info, i was not aware that i have to select the complete field. greetings Wolf
  2. The described method in the help manual "remove selected sample point" doesn't work, Affinity Photo 1.6.7 on Mac. Greetings Wolf
  3. j3rry

    New NIK Collection Released by DXO

    I have tried the new version with affinity photo but they did not work, I tried with color fx filter AP hangs for ever..
  4. j3rry

    Overlapping Buttons in German

    No more ideas...
  5. j3rry

    Overlapping Buttons in German

    Is the font size to set to standard ? I get the overlapping failure if I set to "big".
  6. j3rry

    Overlapping Buttons in German

    Maybe the wrong or a missing font? But I dont know which font is necessary or which font is used...
  7. j3rry

    Overlapping Buttons in German

    No problems here on a Mac.
  8. j3rry

    Protocol Brush Bug?

    Many thanks, i will try that.
  9. I tried the protocol brush and got the failure message that i should select a protocol item, what I have done as you see in the screenshot. RC1 of the Affinity Photo App. Maybe i made something wrong but in the past it has worked for me.
  10. j3rry

    Chromatic Abberation problem

    On the RC 1of Affinity Photo 1.6.7 the problem does not exist anymore. Many Thanks.
  11. j3rry

    Chromatic Abberation problem

    Here are the requested files. 1801_JanuarabendamUndank_00120.ORF
  12. It looks that the beta deactivate the Chromatic Abb. in Develop persona if activate the checkbox. This happens to Olympus Raw files from my EM-1 Mark II.
  13. I have i7 cpu with 4 cores and 4 hyperthreading channels. The processmonitor calculates according this informations.
  14. The Filter use up to 700% CPU and never stops. I have to kill Affinity Photo.