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  1. I found a workaround, rasterise the layer before clarity remove the frame.
  2. The filter clarity makes a bright "frame" around the picture.
  3. If I select a color eg. Yellow and try the change the luminocity the saturation was changed. This behavior is totally different from what I expect and totally different from PS,LR or CO.
  4. If I set it to 32bit all is fine with the clipping indicator, but than the saturation slider is without function.
  5. j3rry

    Lost Sharpness

    Hi Chris, I tried again but could not see the effect anymore. Sorry, but I will inform you if I see it again.
  6. Hi MEB, It's set to 16Bit.
  7. The highlights became transparent instead of red in AP .107
  8. j3rry

    Lost Sharpness

    If i develop a file in the AP beta .107 sharpness is lost. You can see this on the mushroom in the screenshots below.
  9. j3rry

    Text color in dialogs bug

    All problems are gone with the new Colormanager 7.02 from Eizo.
  10. It's working correkt now in the 105 Beta. Good Job!
  11. If I have a Shadow/Lights Live filter activ before cropping the Filter is not working anymore after cropping. All with beta 104.
  12. Hi Chris, I can also get the same effect with the Live filter after setting the range to 100%, but then using the Adjustment Layer makes it much more worse.
  13. I was aware of the changes and they are fine in the develop persona but not in the photo persona. Live filter has no or near no effect with the lights slider.
  14. lights setting is not working, shadows shows bad result. APhoto
  15. With version HSL dont crash anymore and my short test shows that HSL is working. Congrats and thanks.