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  1. Hi MEB, I need several attempts to solve this problem, have tried 3-4 times with the ctrl key and than it works. I had to reenter the configuration of the plugins. Now its working, without problems.
  2. Yes, I tried it several times and sometimes it works. All settings for the nik plugins are lost but no problem to activate them again.
  3. So easy, shame on me. Many Thanks!
  4. It is possible to switch the correction off for the text input in Affinity Photo? I'am using Macosx.
  5. I have the same Problem, hold the ctrl-key on start does not help. :-( Log attached Affinity Photo_2017-11-03-171527_Wolf-Rudigers-MacBook-Pro.crash
  6. Press ctrl and click the app helps for me. I had the same problem.
  7. I have two screens, my macbook and the eizo cs240. After moving the App from Eizo to the macbook screen the edited picture disappear and I have found no way to get it back except with a new start of the app. Affinity 1.6.6 Beta 7, MacOS High Sierra. PS: In 1.6.6 Beta 8 the same problem. Solved in 1.6.6 GM!!! Thanks.
  8. When l use other colorsystem then srgb eg adobergb, the using of nik filter gives extreme oversaturated colors after return in AP. This happens with all version of affinity photo.
  9. Well done! It looks nice and run on my 2 years old iPad Air 2. J3rry
  10. I know but I'd like to have the filter as a live filter in AP.
  11. I think a filter thats works like viveza from google would be very helpfull in Affinity Photo. j3rry
  12. -

    And in release of Affinity Photo 1.5.2 the bug is NOT gone. :(
  13. -

    In Affinity Photo 1.5.2 Beta 5 the problem with the panel still exist. Its really annoying....
  14. My name is Wolf, living in Germany. I am 62 years old, enthusiastic photoamateur, used DxO and AffinityPhoto on MacBookPro for my photos. Will retire this year and hope that I have then much more time for the hobby. In addition, I just learn about Affinity Designer.
  15. Ich hab mein Exemplar heute bekommen, es wäre toll ein solches qualitiv hochwertiges Buch auch für Affinity Photo zu bekommen.