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  1. @smadell After removing the additional layers, especially the layers that were created by using 2 macros by James Ritson (Sharpen v3), the macro works. Thank you for your help. PS : Only the macro "Enhance Depth & Contrast" from Sharpen v3 creates the failure.
  2. @smadell, I removed the extra layers and zipped the rest. Thanks for help. Z62_WInterinLangendreer_00026_test_Vignette.afphoto.zip
  3. Today I wanted to try the macros for the Luma vignette. Unfortunately, they do not work. The Highlight layer is transparent/empty, it should show a white ellipse. What am I doing wrong? APh 2.0.3 on an M1 Mac 24"
  4. I made a little Collage with APh this morning. I would be even more excited about Affinity Photo if I could do the placing of files directly from APh not by loading and placing. If the file is already open, it would be much easier for a collage but also for Panorama, HDR or FocusStacking. In the cemetery you can find gravestones from the 17th to the 20th century.
  5. @v_kyr: I found your card very inspiring and have tried to "recreate" it. This was my first time with Affinity Designer, so don't hit me too hard ....
  6. The bug exist even in the new beta
  7. I don't understand the fuss, I have enjoyed the convenience of Affinity Photo v1 for over 6 years and have been able to work well with it (despite bugs which have more or less been fixed). In the same time I would have paid many times more with the other company and certainly had the same amount of bugs. It was clear for a few years that with a new main version a payment would be due again, which was also communicated very often by Serif. Now there were even 6 programmes, and the price is lower than the subscription of the other company. So what's the point of complaining?
  8. Log out and again log in should cure this problem if you have if with all files. I have never seen this failure only with .aphoto files.
  9. What happens if I create a document with 72dpi and then add layers with 300dpi? So nothing is visible but I would like to know if side effects can occur. This refers to Affinity Photo where I can create a document under "New" and this usually has 72dpi. When I add photos for a collage they are usually 300dpi.
  10. In the Assistant window is a overlap of the UI elements which disturbs the functionality, see attached screenshot from my iPad 8.
  11. @Chris B, I press the yellow button and the program goes in the dock. But restore the program window does not work with a single click.I use Ventura, but the problem was also seen before Ventura. See my screen recording. PS: I forgot to mention that this error only occurs with the programmes of the Affinity Suite since version 2. Bildschirmaufnahme 2022-11-14 um 16.49.56.mov
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