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  1. I can second that, I can't load any tiff file anymore with beta. Same from the finder and open with ... :-( Steps: Open a raw file in the APbeta develop the raw file export it as tiff/16bit try to open the same file with the APBeta - > nothings happen ( open with.. in finder or open from inside the App - not loading) try to open with the AP 1.7. voila the file will open 1510_Goldener_Herbst_Weinbergsgrund_229.tiff
  2. Same problem here but with DxO Photolab. Export in Application doesn't work with the beta 1.8. I send Tif files, as I have done with AP <=1.7
  3. j3rry

    Happy New Year 2020

    I habe used the Bodoni 72 font with Affinity Photo on an iPad.
  4. I wish you all the best for 2020.
  5. j3rry

    Crash on iPad ...

    Thanks Gabe, i tried it and after restart all is fine. But I dont like those bugs...
  6. j3rry

    Crash on iPad ...

    Its the MR7J2FD/A , how can I check the RAM size ?
  7. j3rry

    Crash on iPad ...

    On Desktop all is fine. And other Raw files eg. from my Nikon camera are also fine.
  8. Whenever I try to open a RAW file (ORF) from my Olympus camera ( OMD E-M1 II ) Affinity Photo crashes. Independent from the place I try to open the file, iCloud or direct from a folder on the iPad. Sometimes it will open in the develop persona but it crashes when I try to modify a value. (brightness, contrast or sharpness e.g.) iPad and Affinity Photo are on the latest version, iPad is 6.Gen. 1912_Bodeeichen_0139.ORF
  9. j3rry

    Crash after inpainting

    This is what I have done to get this failure.
  10. j3rry

    Crash after inpainting

    Hey Chris, yes Metal is enabled and I can reproduce it.
  11. I select half transparency, increase by 3px and select painting, inpainting. Immediately crash of Affinity Photo 1.7.3. OS Catalina 10.15.1. I have attached the file and the crash report. 1811_Novemberabend_Löderburg_0080_openWith-1.afphoto Affinity Photo_2019-11-28-100749_Wolf-Rudigers-iMac.crash.zip
  12. I cant enable the guides inside the develop persona. Latest version of macOS Catalina and Affinity Photo. Bug ?
  13. j3rry


    Yes , a single tap does the job. Thanks Alfred.
  14. j3rry


    Many thanks Dan C . This was very helpful.

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