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  1. I have Publisher from the Affinity Store, Designer and Photo from MAS. Launching Photo or Designer from Publisher works, but Photo has not my Brushes and Adjustments. Why is this so? It makes no sense for me not having the same tools and setting in a Publisher session launching Photo .
  2. j3rry

    HSL Layer Adjustment CRASH

    @Chris B The failure occurs in my cases only after a save Operation, and than open the HSL dialog, fwiw.
  3. I have 8 tif files developed with DXO PL2, they have the srgb profile. After Focus merging the icc profile of the resulting file is the profile from my screen :-(
  4. j3rry

    HSL crash

    I move the whole app to the MBP screen and return, this fixes the problem for me.
  5. j3rry

    HSL crash

    Even with the Release the problem exist here, only the does not crash. But with new .141 sometimes , under the same conditions which creates the crash in the older versions, the HSL dialog is distorted. Moving the app to the retina screen and moving the app back to the EIZO (non retina) „repairs“ the HSL dialog. The problem occurs with Metal or OpenGL. Screenshot from .141 shows the problem
  6. j3rry

    HSL Layer Adjustment CRASH

    I have the same problem with a two screen setup here. One Screen MBP (late 2014) with Retina display and second screen with Eizo CS240. If the failure happens I close the dialog, move the App window to the MBP (Retina) screen and open the HSL dialog again and immediately close the dialog without changing . Moving the App back to the "Eizo" screen and open the HSL dialog again shows the HSL dialog correct. Its a workaound for me, better than a HSL dialog crash as the 1.7.0.
  7. j3rry

    White Balance bug

    With the beta this problem solved. Thanks!
  8. j3rry

    White Balance bug

    This leads me to the question maybe there is different code in the MAS version?
  9. j3rry

    White Balance bug

    Hi Meb, I have the crash report attched. Affinity Photo_2019-06-06-110438_Wolf-Rudigers-MacBook-Pro.crash.zip
  10. Using the Layer->New Adjustement Layer-> White Balance works ok. Adjustment - White Balance crash the 1.7
  11. I can only speak for my Setup, macos Mojave, nik coll. 2 and AP 1.7 works fine here.
  12. With the new Nik Collection 2, Affinity Photo 1.7 work fine.
  13. I can confirm that the new NikCollection V 2 works with no problem together with AP 1.7. Just bought Nik V2 today.
  14. j3rry

    HSL crash

    Hi Chris, Ich habe den Crash beim HSL reproduzieren können. 1. öffne ein beliebiges File, dupliziere das File, Alles nachfolgende immer auf der Kopie, (siehe Screenshot) 2. Füge einen HSL-Dialog hinzu, -> Abwärts maskieren 3. konfiguriere HSL nach Belieben 4. Füge z.b. eine Tonwertkorrektur-Dialog hinzu, ebenfalls Abwärts maskieren 5. Speichere das File als afphoto 6. Öffne den HSL-Dialog wieder durch Doppelklick - Bumm CRASH crashlog.txt.zip
  15. I made some test with different files, developed with the develop persona and several external Raw tools. The bug was always visible.