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  1. Editable gradients, also afterwards for each application (filter, fill, mask)
  2. This is a DXO Bug, its written in their FAQ about version 3.3 of Nikcollection.
  3. Composing about THE topic of this time - pandemic Using some material from unsplash.com
  4. I use AdobeRGB as default profile in AP and convert to SRGB during export for the web. Never use the monitor profile, this is only for correct display of the color.
  5. In the last Lightroom update Adobe has released the color grading tool for Lightroom and Camera Raw. It would be very nice to be able to use a similar tool in the Affinity suite.
  6. Panorama made with Affinity Photo und nik filter
  7. Made with Affinity Photo
  8. Mit der ...199 ß tritt der Fehler bei mir nicht mehr auf, Danke.
  9. Made with Affinity Photo using ideas and Inspiration from inAffinity
  10. I open a photo and try to change it with split-toning. Moving the shadow/highlight (Saturation) slider leads to an immediate crash. Affinity Photo Beta on Catalina (latest) Affinity Photo Beta_2020-09-17-190121_Wolf-Rudigers-iMac.crash.zip
  11. Thanks Bruce, I thought it was a comparison to the Unsharp mask filter in photoshop.
  12. Hi @Gabe, I tried a few times, it works . I will inform you if I can replicate the problem.
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