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  1. It takes around one second on my iMac to develop a Z6 image.
  2. With my brand new iMac the problem is resolved.
  3. @Chris: I bought an Imac now and many of the problems like this problem with the Clarity is now history and not more present.
  4. j3rry


    creative work with Affinity Photo. Using some textures from unsplash...
  5. Yes, of course. Here it comes ... 1510_Herbstspaziergang_014_openWith.afphoto
  6. Or nearly no effect. Affinity Photo 1.7.2 latest.
  7. j3rry

    Affinity Photo for macOS - 1.7.2

    Good Job, thanks!
  8. and this was not the case in the latest beta versions or in the GM. There must be something different in the MAS version!!! Affinity Photo_2019-08-16-171828_Wolf-Rudigers-MacBook-Pro.crash.zip PS: Exchanging the adjustments.propcol with the version from the beta will resolve the problem!!! So the MAS version is not the the problem, only the data from the application (since v1.5.x ?) itself.
  9. Thanks MEB, it would be really helpful to use this indicator during development.
  10. The problem with the transparent Highlight warning, instead of red or other good visible color, inside the develop persona is visible even in the .151rc3 beta.
  11. j3rry

    Crop problem still not fixed!

    Same problem on Mac, very annoying...
  12. With the newest Beta - RC2 the problem is always present. but with the setting of the dialog to 1.6 all is fine.
  13. Howto copy a mask from an adjustment layer to another adjustment layer?
  14. j3rry


    It is now a museum. PS: The image is a screenshot from FastRawViewer, which shows the embedded jpg.