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  1. Besides the wish for a DAM I would be very happy about an editable graduated filter.
  2. I personally no longer believe in a DAM from Serif. For 5 years now, customers have wanted a DAM without any reaction from Serif except very vague statements here in the forum. I think I'll stick with the Adobe solution for photographers and am a little disappointed with Serif.
  3. Rainy sunday so time to play with Affinity. Dreaming is the Sunday of thinking.
  4. Just received my first Huion tablet (1060p new). Very easy to install and use, much better than my old Wacom Pen & Touch I had before. Works in the serifs suite and in Adobe PS/LR. Thanks for mentioned the Huion produkt.
  5. Fokusstack and then several textures to make it a bit painterly, all done in Affinity Photo
  6. I have used the Olympus EM1 mkii for shooting the stack. The width for each focus step was the smallest (1), that's the reason why I have used 99 steps. With a bigger width maybe I could have a reduced count of steps.
  7. 99 jpeg shots stacked with Affinity Photo
  8. Thank you very much, i tried it and and your advise for the highpass was very helpfull.
  9. Focus stack from 180 jpg shots, all post done with Affinity Photo
  10. The HSL adjustment is only available outside of the development mode.
  11. Again after a few weeks the Color Profile settings for ROMM RGB (linear) vanished :-( This is with the latest version from serif store. There must be a bug!
  12. Affinity Photo 1.8.3 Affinity store version 1. loading a one layer image 2. duplicate the layer 3. add a mask on the duplicated layer ( looks like a vignette 30% size in the middle ) 4. rasterize the layer with the mask 5. try an fx border with 4 px radius (inner, white, color) you see the mask not the fx 😞
  13. what is your preferred method of image resizing? My pictures often have to be reduced from 5000 ... 3000px to 1500... 1000px, is there an optimal method to keep the sharpness or do you have to handle this differently from picture to picture? I mostly use the bicubic algorithm.
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