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  1. This would be very very nice to have the stable diffusion in Affinity available. Here is a sample from today, it was a grey day, so best weather to sit in front of the Mac and try new things....
  2. The Nik Collection is version 5.1, the individual components, i.e. Color Efex, Viveza etc. are version 5.0.5. I don't know the reason for this, you'll have to ask DxO.
  3. Thanks, That's what I did, a rectangular selection on the lower half of the image and applied the distortion " waves" there ( subtle).
  4. If the food sources for insects become smaller and smaller ... let's think about what the global impact will be! Affinity Photo from Raw until the final Jpg Water is from Pixabay
  5. A tangle of pipes, steel girders and ladders around the decommissioned blast furnaces, with nature resurgent in between. Duisburg Landscape Park around a disused ironworks in Duisburg-Meiderich, popularly known as LaPaDu. Developed from Raw with DxO Photolab and Postprocessing done with Affinity Photo 1.10.5 PS: On Monday morning, filming of the Hollywood production "The Tributes of Panem - The Song of the Bird and the Serpent" started in Duisburg's Landschaftspark.
  6. A bit a surreal work with affinity photo. The Nuts are from unsplash.com.
  7. Thanks Walt, I will follow your advice and sign out on the old imac.
  8. Do I have to log off my Affinity Photo on the old computer (imac intel) if I want to install it on a new computer (imac M1)?
  9. I deleted my previous image because I was unsure if it violated the rights of Gingerly Press. And I thought up my own motif and tried to "paint" it in the style of Gingerly Press with Affinity Photo. I called it "Abstract Landscape".
  10. Cathedral of Modernity Blast Furnace 5 in the Duisburg Landscape Park HDR from one shot, developed from RAW with DxO Photolab and processed with Affinity Photo.
  11. The two points at the end of https://support.dxo.com/hc/en-us/articles/5091760579869-How-do-I-install-Nik-Collection-for-use-with-Affinity-Photo- are important, "During the “Compatible Host” step, click on + to create a custom plugins folder in your preferred directory (use the combination shift+Cmd+n if necessary), then click Open. We suggest creating an empty folder beforehand. At this step, just select this folder on your computer."
  12. I think I understood the principle well and tried to implement it in my picture. So thanks a lot to the experts @AffinityJules and @dannyg9 What I noticed is that the light direction of the bushes is different from that of the Buddha and the sheep. But I do not have a simple and quick solution for this. I have to consider this fact much earlier in the process.
  13. The shadow looks very realistic .
  14. @AffinityJules, many thanks for your tutorial. I will try to make it part of my toolbox for shadows. 👍
  15. Thanks @AffinityJules and @dannyg9. Why didn't I think of that?
  16. Thank you for the wise words, you are probably right and I will edit and change the image a few more times....
  17. Refined the shadows as @dannyg9 suggested, many thanks for the hints.
  18. @dannyg9 thanks for the tips, I will try to apply them.
  19. Also today AP run in this issue again. But because of the tip here in the forum it was only I opened the file and added a level adjustment, immediately tried to save … beach ball
  20. Composing on theme „stones“, all done with AP.
  21. Small composing on the theme "Peace" with AP. Pictures from Pixabay and from my archive. Have a nice weekend...
  22. After one week working without this problem, today it occurs again 😞 So its not a problem with waiting for external drive, as far as I can see
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