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  1. Fokusstack and then several textures to make it a bit painterly, all done in Affinity Photo
  2. I have used the Olympus EM1 mkii for shooting the stack. The width for each focus step was the smallest (1), that's the reason why I have used 99 steps. With a bigger width maybe I could have a reduced count of steps.
  3. 99 jpeg shots stacked with Affinity Photo
  4. Thank you very much, i tried it and and your advise for the highpass was very helpfull.
  5. Focus stack from 180 jpg shots, all post done with Affinity Photo
  6. The HSL adjustment is only available outside of the development mode.
  7. Again after a few weeks the Color Profile settings for ROMM RGB (linear) vanished :-( This is with the latest version from serif store. There must be a bug!
  8. Affinity Photo 1.8.3 Affinity store version 1. loading a one layer image 2. duplicate the layer 3. add a mask on the duplicated layer ( looks like a vignette 30% size in the middle ) 4. rasterize the layer with the mask 5. try an fx border with 4 px radius (inner, white, color) you see the mask not the fx 😞
  9. what is your preferred method of image resizing? My pictures often have to be reduced from 5000 ... 3000px to 1500... 1000px, is there an optimal method to keep the sharpness or do you have to handle this differently from picture to picture? I mostly use the bicubic algorithm.
  10. Without a LR like DAM the Affinity Suite is incomplete.
  11. The dialog "Convert Format/ICC Profile" has no translation into German. Using the Serif Store Variant of Photo.
  12. I just bought the "Covid" version of AP, for this price it is a bargain. Also I was not satisfied with the problems of the MAS version. Thanks Serif and stay healthy...
  13. It's probably just habit, the grid confuses me when aligning. But I'll try again... Thanks Miguel
  14. It is helpful for architecture photos, I missed it there.
  15. I have reported this bug always but in the latest AP GM 1.8.2 there is no guide manager in the develop persona. So the retail and the Beta have this bug.
  16. Even in AP 1.8.2 GM this function is missing ☹️
  17. Es wäre großartig wenn man die DxO/Nikfilter als Livefilter benutzen könnte.
  18. With the new version AP 1.8.1 (MAS), from this morning, Nik(DxO) Filter working again. Problem solved ....
  19. Hi MEB, why is there a difference between this 2 versions ? One is working the other not? Maybe it's better to convert to the serif variant? So for me it's a showstopper...
  20. After new release of AP 1.8. (MAS) the DxO Nik Plugins not working anymore, they still do nothing, no beach ball no crash. I am very disappointed because it still worked in the beta. :-(
  21. Thanks Walt, I will use ProPhoto RGB instead until this is fixed (maybe with the 1.8.)
  22. Since a few days the ROMM RGB: ISO 22028-2:2013 (linear) is missing. This is true for the MAS version Affinity Photo 1.7.3, in the newest Beta from today all is ok. How can I get the profile back ? This is the MAS version 1.7.3: This the beta
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