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  1. Editable gradients, also afterwards for each application (filter, fill, mask)
  2. This is a DXO Bug, its written in their FAQ about version 3.3 of Nikcollection.
  3. Composing about THE topic of this time - pandemic Using some material from unsplash.com
  4. I use AdobeRGB as default profile in AP and convert to SRGB during export for the web. Never use the monitor profile, this is only for correct display of the color.
  5. In the last Lightroom update Adobe has released the color grading tool for Lightroom and Camera Raw. It would be very nice to be able to use a similar tool in the Affinity suite.
  6. Panorama made with Affinity Photo und nik filter
  7. Made with Affinity Photo
  8. Mit der ...199 ß tritt der Fehler bei mir nicht mehr auf, Danke.
  9. Made with Affinity Photo using ideas and Inspiration from inAffinity
  10. I open a photo and try to change it with split-toning. Moving the shadow/highlight (Saturation) slider leads to an immediate crash. Affinity Photo Beta on Catalina (latest) Affinity Photo Beta_2020-09-17-190121_Wolf-Rudigers-iMac.crash.zip
  11. Thanks Bruce, I thought it was a comparison to the Unsharp mask filter in photoshop.
  12. Hi @Gabe, I tried a few times, it works . I will inform you if I can replicate the problem.
  13. I have ongoing problems with the collaboration between Affinity Photo and Viveza (2) When I quit editing in Viveza and press the Save button, Viveza quits and Affinity Photo crashes. Viveza and Affinity Photo are the last versions on Mac OS Catalina. Affinity Photo_2020-09-03-164850_Wolf-Rudigers-iMac.crash.zip
  14. Some textures and layer fx for a painterly finish
  15. Besides the wish for a DAM I would be very happy about an editable graduated filter.
  16. I personally no longer believe in a DAM from Serif. For 5 years now, customers have wanted a DAM without any reaction from Serif except very vague statements here in the forum. I think I'll stick with the Adobe solution for photographers and am a little disappointed with Serif.
  17. Rainy sunday so time to play with Affinity. Dreaming is the Sunday of thinking.
  18. Just received my first Huion tablet (1060p new). Very easy to install and use, much better than my old Wacom Pen & Touch I had before. Works in the serifs suite and in Adobe PS/LR. Thanks for mentioned the Huion produkt.
  19. Fokusstack and then several textures to make it a bit painterly, all done in Affinity Photo
  20. I have used the Olympus EM1 mkii for shooting the stack. The width for each focus step was the smallest (1), that's the reason why I have used 99 steps. With a bigger width maybe I could have a reduced count of steps.
  21. 99 jpeg shots stacked with Affinity Photo
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