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  1. Thanks Callum The file for your kind attention. John contents set up.afpub
  2. Can anyone please tell me how to format the table of contents in Publisher on Windows? The headings should be align left, the page numbers align right the separators are non existent I would like to use En space. If I select numbers before heading it is better but not what I want. My headings on the pages are align centre. Not sure what I am missing Thanks
  3. Many thanks Walt, you were right "My guess is that you used scenarioi 2, but did not apply the Master Page(s" I went back to the master page and selected "Apply Master> add to all pages". Now sorted.
  4. Beta version I have imported a text file bigger than my total number of pages. I added extra pages but have noticed that the new pages have no page numbers. Section manager is showing I have in section 2 - Pages 3 - 34. with page numbers 88 - 119. Any ideas please.
  5. Hi Jon PI tried to replicate the issue in a new table with dummy content. I tried to resize a column width 3 times using the arrow at the top of the column. Publisher crashed 3 times. So I highlighted the whole table and was able to resize the columns, it was a bit of a fiddle. Is this the way columns must be resized? Thanks
  6. OK being a bit thick here Jon P. Where can I find the file you need to look at, is it my saved copy of my pages? Also is there a private area I can send the file to as it contains names, address and telephone details. GDPR etc. Thanks
  7. Hi Jon P. It is a 3 column table with 10 lines. It is a list of committee members. The first column is position, Chairman etc. -The second column is Name and phone number, this is the one I am trying to resize.The name is on the first line and the phone number on the next. I have sent the phone number to the next line using the space bar as tab makes the cell too deep. Column 3 is postal and e-mail address this also has been formatted using the space bar. . I am using Times Roman 12pt so nothing special. All rather frustrating. I do hope Serif see this post and can do something about it. Still using Page Plus X2 also Open Office Writer which is not ideal but hey.
  8. Sorry Chris_K, I have only just seen your reply as I have been busy with the magazine using OOwriter. I have tried replicating the error but, the latest Beta version seems to have rectified the problem. I have posted another problem resize table column. Thanks
  9. Affinity Publisher Windows 8 64 bit. Trying to resize a table column width. Highlighted all the rows in the column and selected Auto fit column to contents. Publisher just froze (not responding) This has now happened 6 times. Any ideas please.
  10. I have the same issue. I sent a post yesterday at 2.21 Text flow error, but as yet had no comments. My issue
  11. When I try to import text to a frame on page 7 of my publication the file gets sent to page 13. See pic error #1 If I only have one text frame I am not given to option to flow to the next page so, I created text fames for the next 3 pages (had to guess the number of pages) I imported my text but then it was also sent to previous pages see pic error 2. It made no difference selecting Text Body for the frames in the options.