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  1. Thanks Hilltop, I must have not scrolled down enough. Alfred just been reading your post, Thanks.
  2. Any news on updated 'how to' tutorials please as there is no sign of a work book?
  3. Jon P My TOC has its own style but as you have said it has not been preserved. Should I just use No Style?
  4. Yes that's what I have been doing Jim but surely this is a bug? Also after formatting the tab and character settings it shows as tab left align and hovering over the character it says character none even though it clearly shows that I have selected a period. Have you or anyone else noticed this?
  5. Still having problems with the format of my table of contents when exporting to PDF. When I go to export an error message says one or more table of contents need updating. If I select Fix and continue all the formatting is lost, selecting ignore and continue all is fine. Windows version Thanks in advance.
  6. John T

    Feature Request: Export Preset

    Hi Mark you are able to select the pages to export.. For the free version export pages 1-139 and save this file as Free. For the paid version separate the two page blocks with a comma as in the below image. and save as Paid. It is possibly not what you want but it is a workaround.
  7. Thanks walt.farrell I am going to continue with the production version unless as you say I hit a problem. Your input is as usual a great help.
  8. Well I got that wrong walt.farrell I meant to have put I don't really want to use two different versions, I think I will just stick with the paid for version and wait for the updates.
  9. Probably a dumb question but I have both the purchased version and the Beta version. My question is which should I be using for production purposes? Prior to the paid for version being released Serif said NOT to use the Beta for production work. I am confused.
  10. John T

    Baseline grid bug?

    GarryP I have to thank you again for your valuable help. Also giving me working examples has been a real bonus. Coming from OpenOffice Writer where every thing just worked for my printed magazine is a bit of a learning curve. I now feel a bit more confident in being able to send a print ready file to my printer. You responded to my post where my printed magazine had text alignment errors; could this have been caused because I had 'show Grid' selected? How do you find time to reply to all these posts?
  11. John T

    Baseline grid bug?

    @GarryP Thank you for your help again. I will remove the Grid as I don't think I will ever use it. Your second suggestion regarding the use of the Baseline Grid, As you saw I use 14 pt for my headings and 12 pt for the text; Going to pick your brains here: If I have my heading in its own text frame and the body text in another frame hard up to the heading frame (grouped?) will this work?. If so when I have a new article starting say in the middle of a page and I do the same thing again – title frame then body text frame all grouped will this still work. I will not select display special characters as it will only be used for the copyright symbol. The page 4 indent, no idea how that got there, I just added the text frame in and pasted filler text, don't ask me why but I thought I would use Lorem Ipsum. Did not realise the opacity for the Baseline Grid was set to 0% An answer to the deleted question regarding the version, it is I did not dare use anything from the Beta versions. Once again many thanks for your help and the fixed version. Regards.
  12. There seems to be a glitch in baseline grid in my copy of. Publisher version 1. 7. 1. 404 Windows 8 64 bit. In the attached file the grid is only showing on pages 1 and 2, this is the same throughout a 44 page publication. which this example is extracted from. If I create a new publication using default settings it seems to be ok. Also on page 4 it will not show filler text as expected. 4 pages Vol 34 1 Aug 2019.afpub
  13. Thanks for all the suggestions. Palatino The text is aligned left so is hard on the edge of the text frame. The text frame is snapping to the margins of the page. Wosven as the magazine has been printed I have overwritten the file trying to resolve the issues prior to posting this thread but ,thanks for the input. Garry P don't know how the small line appeared, I did not put it there. The margins difference could be down to my printers? The typesetting difference – I don't know how this has happened but the text is justified left on page 19, I have only ever used Align left. Some times Publisher seems to change things for no reason. Baseline grid is something I have never come across prior to Publisher so it has been guess work. It does not always show up on my pages. I have tried different thresholds. Is there a view that will show page 1 and 44, 2 and 43, 3 and 42 etc? This is just my thought and may not be needed by the professionals who know what they are doing. It is a shame Serif have not produced a manual yet, I realise this is the first edition and they may not be ready yet. They only published basic videos, these are fine for the professionals but for the novice they need to produce more in depth ones. I think I need to go and see my printer to see if he can shed some light on this. Thanks guys for all your help.