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  1. Thank you MikeW, I had been looking at this for a while and just did not see the problem. It is true what they say about a 'fresh pair of eyes' Many thanks for your help. Regards John.
  2. That is what I have been doing previously MikeW but this time it all went pear shaped. If I add paragraph symbols from the Glyph browser it is still wrong.
  3. I have an issue when adding a new article to an existing page. (ver I am trying to change the selected text (image #1) to a 'Heading' but the previous article text also changes to the new text style (image #2) This is also happening in the Beta version This is a new issue, I have not changed anything on my computer. Thanks for any ideas.
  4. Thanks Hilltop, I must have not scrolled down enough. Alfred just been reading your post, Thanks.
  5. Any news on updated 'how to' tutorials please as there is no sign of a work book?
  6. Jon P My TOC has its own style but as you have said it has not been preserved. Should I just use No Style?
  7. Yes that's what I have been doing Jim but surely this is a bug? Also after formatting the tab and character settings it shows as tab left align and hovering over the character it says character none even though it clearly shows that I have selected a period. Have you or anyone else noticed this?
  8. Still having problems with the format of my table of contents when exporting to PDF. When I go to export an error message says one or more table of contents need updating. If I select Fix and continue all the formatting is lost, selecting ignore and continue all is fine. Windows version Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi Mark you are able to select the pages to export.. For the free version export pages 1-139 and save this file as Free. For the paid version separate the two page blocks with a comma as in the below image. and save as Paid. It is possibly not what you want but it is a workaround.
  10. Thanks walt.farrell I am going to continue with the production version unless as you say I hit a problem. Your input is as usual a great help.
  11. Well I got that wrong walt.farrell I meant to have put I don't really want to use two different versions, I think I will just stick with the paid for version and wait for the updates.
  12. Probably a dumb question but I have both the purchased version and the Beta version. My question is which should I be using for production purposes? Prior to the paid for version being released Serif said NOT to use the Beta for production work. I am confused.
  13. GarryP I have to thank you again for your valuable help. Also giving me working examples has been a real bonus. Coming from OpenOffice Writer where every thing just worked for my printed magazine is a bit of a learning curve. I now feel a bit more confident in being able to send a print ready file to my printer. You responded to my post where my printed magazine had text alignment errors; could this have been caused because I had 'show Grid' selected? How do you find time to reply to all these posts?
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