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  1. Just break the diagram down into components and work through a number of the online ADe tutorials. It won’t be difficult but it will take time.
  2. You will need to back up your linked images as well as your APu files. I can recommend Veeam Free Agent for doing this on Windows.
  3. I’d create your own empty template/document using master pages, linked text frames and a base text style with sub styles for headings etc. Copy all the source text into this new template, using paste as plain text. Finally apply your text styles as required. It sounds a longer way round but in my experience starting with clean text is much quicker than trying to find and fix the cause of broken bits of formatting.
  4. I’d be happy if that were the case but a number of my linked pdf images in picture frames only display around a quarter of their content in my documents. If I reload the image, I get 100% frame display again but then I the display issue returns. 64Gb ram and Windows.
  5. For commercial printing you will almost certainly want cmyk, crop marks, 300dpi and most importantly remember to set export as pages rather than spreads which despite creating and setting a preset (something I recommend you do) it always defaults/reverts to.
  6. It’s was not meant in a derogatory way. I genuinely work that way as using different strength reading glasses means I can see a lot more of my project and also focus in on specific items as required.
  7. Thanks for the replies and apologies if I was not being clear. I've corrected my OP when I referenced the RGB rather than the CMYK value. First of all the text style is set to CMYK 0-0-0-100K As I said earlier my printers are now happy with the PDF I am sending them as text is 0-0-0-K100. However, I still do not know what factor(s) in the PDF export profile affect the conversion of CMYK set text to other CMYK values as shown below. These screenshots show the original PDF showing incorrect CMYK value and the current PDF showing the correct CMYK value. Note that the only difference in the source APu file were the export settings used - I just can't work out what setting(s) are making the change. CMYK b.mp4 CMYK a.mp4
  8. Could be as simple as having opened an earlier copy of the same pdf? It happens to me all the time.
  9. Hi @Hangman Check what? I already know what the output is. I want to identify the factor in the export profile that changes the text colour.
  10. I want to check that the black text in my press-ready PDF is actually black. The document profile is set as CMYK Text colour is showing in the document as CMYK 0-0-0-100 I'm using the following export profile: Text colour in the PDF produced shows RGB 20-29-27 CMYK 69-66-67-77 A previous profile showed RGB 30-27-27 which my commercial printer flagged as an issue and I want to find out which setting I set actually corrected the issue. I've read the following threads but I am none the wiser:
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