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  1. Useful advice, thanks. In my case however perhaps a (perfectly functional) i5 2500K processor is pushing it. Or maybe not.
  2. I sympathise with many of the comments about intuitiveness of Affinity Photo. My path was Acorn (Draw vector and Impression DTP) then Windows with Paint Shop Pro then Serif Photoplus and DrawPlus. Affinity Publisher is the most intuitive of the trio for me, closely followed by Designer. When it comes to Photo I do far more referring back to support to re-remind me what I was supposed to have done.
  3. I am struggling to see the business case for this. If I want a non affinity user to see and comment on my work I recommend Foxit reader.
  4. Watching with interest. Sadly searching sites, there is an assumption that the only people interested in upgrading graphic cards are gamers.
  5. I am sorry but as a visual stargazer with a Dobsonian, I can’t offer any further advice. Did the recent upgrade help? After reading posts on Star Gazers Lounge and Cloudy Nights I suspect more Astrophotographers posting here.
  6. MS Word adopts what I would view as the sensible methodology so I would recommend following that.
  7. There are a number of people having problems with version 1.9. if I were you, I would try turning off hardware acceleration in settings or downloading the latest beta.
  8. I suspect the user is looking fo an equivalent of Microsoft Word’s very useful Shift F3... https://ericsilva.me/microsoft/word/shift-f3-change-case-in-ms-word/
  9. I will not be buying additional hardware to allow HA until I know that the suite is stable and like you, will make a meaningful difference.
  10. Reviews from “paid” reviewers lose independence and impartiality. I am happy to champion products and services I like without remuneration. I benefit from others who do the same.
  11. The GPU world is aimed at gaming rather than imaging which makes it challenging to identify suitable cards. My system is a ten year old i5 2500 with SDD HD but is still fast so unsure about the right (if any) upgrade route.
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