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    Scanned Photos

    No Twain functionality in Affinity. I import into Serif PhotoPlus 8 and copy and paste into APho.
  2. Lots of postings on this and a major issue from me as i get content sent to me in PDF that I am unable to use. No one solution works every time but my current workarounds are: Export to PDF in third party programme (FoxIt PDF, Inkscape or Microsoft PDF writer) and convert fonts to curves. I have downloaded PDF to PNG from freepdfsolutions.com and will give that a try if the above does not work. It was suggested that fonts from the PDF using a third party tool as an option but this did not work at all for me. I look forward to hearing about other workarounds or even better a fix in the application!
  3. Hopefully this will be a thing of the past when Affinity has the ability to import embedded fonts.
  4. Thanks for the first tip. Re second point... Yes. I need separate files to send customers exports for approval and I will be using some of them in future editions of the magazine.
  5. I am getting in a bit of a mix in terms of which Affinity app (I have all three) to use when creating adverts (made up of bitmaps and vector text). Ultimately, all my files will end up in Publisher (using the photo frame and place option) but because historically I have a mindset of using Serif Draw X8 combined with Serif PhotoPlus X8 alongside a DTP application this is what I currently do: Open and edit bitmaps in APho - copy and paste into ADes Create adverts in ADes combining vector text and bitmaps and save as separate (important) files. I have mixed results using the Pixel persona in ADes - it doesn't replicate the APho functionality and doesn't seem to include all the option such as live filters. I am wondering if it makes more sense to do ALL my advert design in APub rather than ADes, save these as separate files and then import them into my main publication? Advice welcome!
  6. It makes sense to me for styles to be associated with documents rather than globally as with assets.
  7. Place the file in a compressed folder and password protect that?
  8. Probably the definitive guide to layers and masks. Essential viewing. ***** Thank you.
  9. After have a number of different pdf files sent to me I am finding that there is no magic bullet solution. Today my Foxit pdf solution failed whereas the Microsoft Pdf creator produced a pdf that displayed correctly. YMMV!
  10. There are are a number of tutorials made by presenters with different teaching styles. I would “plug in” to the ones that are to your style. I am personally happy with listening to different presenters.
  11. Not ideal but my workaround is to remove all text and “single use” images and save the APub file as DocnameTemplate
  12. I used a paragraph style and set the font colour there.
  13. I believe this video from Affinity Revolution demonstrates the bug and how to work around it. Watch from 7m.30s in: How to Create Perfect Selections in Affinity Photo
  14. It was an issue I had with the Serif applications as well. I got used to having to re find my PDFs exported from DrawX8! A 'fix' would be good.
  15. Could it be the lack of support in APub for embedded fonts that is causing the problem? There are many threads on the subject here. My work around is to open the PDF (NOT in an Affinity App) and print to a PDF but going to advanced settings to ensure that NO fonts are embedded. I use the Foxit Reader PDF Printer driver and do the following from the print dialogue: Properties- Default settings (High Quality Print) Image Resolution 300 - Click Edit Select Fonts > Select Don't Embed any fonts (you can choose to save this profile) Save as - Use original file name+ NOT EMBEDDED Import THIS pdf into Affinity publisher. I've also tried doing the above using Inkscape (which has an export PDF feature) but I found that it was more fiddly some of the graphics were missing and I needed to edit the result.