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  1. Ignore the No Style. Create a base paragraph style will all the parameters set as required. Import text as unformatted.
  2. There are a number of threads about this issue. I’ve come across it myself when using linked text frames. Invariably, I delete the offending frame and create a new one to solve the issue. Lazy but I don’t have he time or inclination finding where the problem lies or even if it is fixable by tweaking the frame parameters.
  3. We use GoogleDocs to create text content. These can be shared and edited across multiple authors and copied and pasted info APu when complete.
  4. I use a 10+ year old i5 2500 processor with 16gb running W10 and I too don’t suffer crashes with v2.
  5. Have you checked that they are not buried under a series of sub categories?
  6. The example you sent above has a separate paragraph style defined for each level which is what I referred to earlier. The other key point is to define the Next level defined so that when you enter TAB (like MS Word) it automatically creates an indented bullet/number
  7. I’ve had a couple of occasions when one of a series of linked text frames has resulted in text being a lighter shade. Rather than attempting to locate the issue in the affected frame, I delete it and add a new one. I suppose I could try the new “format painter” tool to see if that would fix the faulty frame?
  8. I am wondering if there is difference between operating systems? I use all three apps on a regular basis and have had just once crash using V2 on Windows since it was released.
  9. The default bullet styles use separate styles for each label and I replicated that. I was unable to alter indents independently. Changing level 1 affected level 2 etc and visa versa. If you have an example of multi level bullets using a single style, can you upload it as I would like to see it?
  10. The lightbulb moment for me when using multi level bullets was realising each level was a different style.
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