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  1. I have a number of facing master pages set up. I can apply these to either of facing pages as I require.
  2. I moved from static handcrafted html sites to WordPress some years ago. Highly recommended but you do have to look around for templates that meet your needs. They always need tweaking and a few plugins to get the desired look and feel but I always use the free templates. The only thing I have issues with is the Gutenberg block editor and have turned it off on many of my sites.
  3. Can you give a couple of examples of serious publications that would not be suitable for designing with Affinity Publisher.
  4. How does it compare to Inkscape rendering of fonts?
  5. I wasn’t aware that the developers had committed to this?
  6. I have never come across a print publishing application that made a decent HTML editor. I would avoid this approach at all costs and use a CMS approach to ensure your code is fast, easy to edit and viewable across a wide range of devices such as tablets and mobile devices.
  7. I agree that this would indeed be of help to us users. However the developers are reluctant to adopt such an approach other than to acknowledge (which is appreciated), awareness of shortcomings on here. I totally respect that business decision but it would be useful to know the reasoning. It may be down to a number of factors... Limited resources, other priorities (eg bugs, app development rather than dealing with endless customer requests), change of strategy, under promise and over deliver approach, not being a slave to customer increasing demands (ref we need a movie editor/animator/presenter). Workarounds are great but they have to be found by searching the forums and YouTube. Maybe the excellent presenters like Olivio Sarikas and Affinity Revolution can be persuaded to create some of these?
  8. Apply a Gaussian blur to the part to be hidden?
  9. Definitely not 2 . I have lots of paragraph and character styles set up but would accept that I need to see more examples of how they can help workflow. Would you care to share your experience of them and why you couldn’t do without group styles?
  10. Thank you that helps. I cannot see me using group styles.
  11. I came to the conclusion that detatching took more time than creating new body text frames on my pages. I do use heading boxes and of course page numbers on master pages however .
  12. Make a copy Delete all but the relevant page Upload here Also have you tried using picture frames? It sounds to me as though you have the move object with text option set. It causes me grief too which is why I never use it.
  13. The ability to change their colour would be appreciated too.
  14. I only use character and paragraphs styles. I do not use or understand group styles despite reading this thread. Can someone be so kind to give an example of why they could be used?

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