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  1. A Publisher workbook will need to be a very different beast to the other two guides IMO. I bought the Designer book and read it but it didn’t in any way reflect how I used the application. I tend not to use the applications to create “arty” designs so am probably not the typical Affinity user.
  2. I can recommend Microsoft Expression Web which is free.
  3. Since I posted my workaround I now tend to use the Ghostscript method for converting fonts to curves.
  4. Context is everything. In my situation pdf pass through is essential as I receive copy in pdf format from third parties and I simply cannot risk them not looking as intended. The lack of pdf pass through is one of the the most asked for features of the suite. A search of the forums will confirm this.
  5. I use the Affinity Suite and also Serif DrawPlus X8 for legacy documents and Serif PhotoPlus for Twain import and Trace functionality.
  6. Copy object > Paste style The closest to format painter
  7. The Affinity suite does not support pdf pass though.
  8. There are many threads and posts on here requesting pdf pass through.
  9. I was pleased to see my simple vector file made with ADes was featured on Dr John Campbell's video channel. Tue 21 April, International Update - 19 minutes in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlVU8XTLICI&t=76s His Covid-19 daily updates are very popular (650K subscribers) and highly recommended.
  10. The original question has been resolved by an application upgrade so no need to use a workaround @Graham H Mods - Can you lock this thread?
  11. I can recommend Microsoft Sharepoint Designer as a free html editor
  12. My workaround would be to use pdf2png or the GhostScript method to convert the pdf that has embedded fonts
  13. I’ve never really go on with the persona approach and like you increasingly favour the File...Edit in method
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