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  1. Is the locked background layer image or pixel layer. Anything that notes which is which in the interface
  2. Why are my layer artboard & slice are different sizes? Layer slice shows 4500x5400, but transform shows much larger.
  3. Are there any other times I'll run into this "image" layer or just with place images?
  4. Wow I rasterized and that allowed me access to the invert selection. What is an image vs raster layer?
  5. i thought clicking the invert box at the top would have some affect on the select, but nothing.
  6. I placed a photo, the girl from a screen shot and make a selection using the free selection tool. Don't know what the difference is between and image and rasterized layer?
  7. Why can't I copy selected layer area or invert and delete layer area? I've tried clicking the invert selection circle. I've tried command shift i. Selection remains the same. I've tried switching to area tool and trying duplicate from layer selection. Duplicate ignores the selection and duplicates the entire area. I've watched selection tutorials. Can't find anything that addresses this. Possibly in the book?
  8. "Hold the options (alt) key pressed and move your mouse. See also the shortcuts at the bottom left if the Brush tool has been selected." This works much better, but still wonder why the switching before
  9. I color pick a color then which back to my brush b and the front swatch circle switches to the back circle. So I'm painting with the wrong color and have to go back and manually change front to back color. Help please. Also is there a way to short cut front to back colors?
  10. Solution is to create slices in Export from the layers panel selecting all artboards. Hooray
  11. I thought there was a way to automatically set slices from artboards and use their names. I can manually make slices, but then I also have to rename slices. Manually doesn't give me sizes matching the exact artboard size, either
  12. I imported this from ai. Previously AD showed artboards as slices; not so this time. What am I not doing? Help please
  13. Red goes away when I check printable area. You're saying red is a bug, but my oversize image will print ok?
  14. Yes is over the printer size. I need the entire image. In .psd I can, downsize or upsize or just drag to select which part of the image I want to print.