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  1. I did Finder > cmd-i = Finder Info window > Open with… > Change All Can't find the Beta to delete it. Suggestions
  2. Anybody using Affinity v2 with Mac OS 10.14.6? I just bought it, but system requirements say it starts at OS 10.15 Am not looking forward to getting a refund.
  3. I just bought Affinity v2 from the Affinity Store. I'm on Mojave OS 10.14.6. System requirements say v2 won't work on my Mac. How do I get a refund to my card? So Sad.
  4. Just bought v2 but I'm on 10.14.6. How do I get a refund. So sad.
  5. Last time I bought AD & AP from app store and APub from the store. Affinity store notification never let me know to upgrade like the app store did within AD & AP.
  6. Is it better for me to to buy affinity v2 in app store or in Affinity Store? Are V2 $99 new apps, and I can not allow upgrade from my 1.10.5 AP AD & AP?
  7. Unfortunately I don't know how to link to the topics. This is from Staff, another Q. Hi PeterB, Enabling the Secondary click in the System Preferences fixes the issue as you already discovered. I believe we already have this logged - i'm checking/confirming if that's the case and will fill a bug report if not. Unfortunately I'm not aware of any other way to make it work reliably without enabling the secondary click in System Preferences (or clicking the exact spot(s) where it works: there's actually another one almost near the trash icon on the right). Thanks for your feedback/report.
  8. Right clicking b red, green or blue channel rarely works, and then I can't catch it fast enough to use. Any suggestions?
  9. From to time to time my AP brush stroke skips, or stroke starts transparent and then suddenly begins the stroke color. Protect alpha is not on. Layer is set to 100 normal. brush opacity 100, flow 52. Changing flow to 100 doesn't help.The brush is one I use regularly. This started a couple weeks ago. I reset studio and turned AP off and on. Any suggestions?
  10. It's when I switch brush, dropper, @thomaso. I'm having a lot of trouble keeping my Intuos 6 in sync, too, with AP. So maybe it has something to do with my waccom. Just upgraded from Intuos 4 a couple months ago.
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