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  1. Once again artboard export yellow triangle issue. I have 2 with the same photo. 1 ok and 1 not. Both shown have a yellow triangle. I made sure all sizes are whole pixels. Didn't help. What to do please?
  2. Going back and forth from layers panel, wacom and mouse regularly inserts leftover text from other programs like browser or text editor. How to I clear clipboard to stop AP from adding text layers?
  3. The window doesn't pop up because I clicked don't show at startup. Now I miss it and can't figure out how to get it back.
  4. How do I recover the nifty intro promo page that shows before AD & ap open?
  5. It also lets me cycle threw brush panel. wonder what else?
  6. In AP doesn't work. What does is with brush selected, or anything else I imagine, click the current layer which Wacom allows me to do the command up arrow or down arrow. I have to be on a layer though.
  7. Doesn't work for me with wacom or mouse or both.
  8. Any cool new stuff in AD and AP 1.7.3 update? Also 1.7.3 in Publisher?
  9. Thanks so much this is fabulous! I set your shortcuts up on wacom touch pad, a bit of a pain because it cycles through 4 items. Maybe I could use 2 for brush size and 2 for cycling thru layers–brilliant ; ) On imac same as AD In Designer... Select > Select Next Cmd+ALT+] Select > Select Previous Cmd+ALT+[
  10. Is there a keyboard shortcut to move up and down from a layer? My wacom table rarely allows me to click on a layer to switch layers. Most of the time I have to switch to using a mouse to change layers.
  11. I'm getting used to it slowly. I had lots of Astute Graphics tools for ai. Frankly, AD works better, despite no offset which was kind of hard to understand anyway.
  12. found your opt. I missed that you have to opt drag from brush for a temp color picker. Thanks
  13. This is great! Any more tips, send 'em my way. I just learned about the appearance panel this weekend watching Affinity Designer Quick Start
  14. Anyway to offset, outline strokes in AD? ai nameplace stroke at very bottom in image.

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