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  1. It's when I switch brush, dropper, @thomaso. I'm having a lot of trouble keeping my Intuos 6 in sync, too, with AP. So maybe it has something to do with my waccom. Just upgraded from Intuos 4 a couple months ago.
  2. I get a loud beep changing between brush & dropper, sometimes. I'm using a waccom 6. The sound is irritating. Anybody know what the cause of the sound is and how to stop it?
  3. How do I know they're AD brushes, look the same as the others. Any way to convert them to AP?
  4. I've imported my rope chains.afbrushes repeatedly. Get the alert that 7 are imported, but they don't show in my AP brush panel. Thoughts? Feel free to use them. rope chains.afbrushes
  5. PureRef, which is totally free to download and use! http://www.pureref.com Anybody tired this? It's an image reference palette. Works on windows & Mac
  6. I think strength % is the level that the brush mixes, smudges, the color pixels below the brush. I'm on a mac, too.
  7. The images are for my 2BTshirts on Amazon. Appreciate that you noticed the hands. I still struggle over them, sometimes successfully, sometimes not so much.
  8. I've sent years dealing with AP mixer brush not working. And finally the WHY - yippee.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lc5sSt293eI - mixer brush tutorial. Wes mention a reference image plug-in. Anybody know what the name of it is? I didn't even know you could get AP plugin ; )
  10. I was working in psd with mixer brush, then back to AP I tried reducing Paint Mixer Brush Strength below 100%. No idea why 100% Strength doesn't work or what the best #s to set strength are. PSD has those presets for moist, heavy, dry… Any thoughts? Hopefully this will last. Back to watching all the youtube Paint Mixer Brush tutorials.
  11. I've had this problem for years. Watched every AP Painter Mixer Brush on tutorial on youtube. No help. I reset my brushes yesterday. No change. From now on I'll stick to regular AP brushes and if I really need a mixer brush go back to painter or photoshop. Thanks for giving it a shot.
  12. Early May 2022 it worked for awhile then went belly up again. Used the Paint Mixer Brush on the hair.
  13. This is exactly what I want to happen without auto-load.
  14. Please make AP Paint Mixer Brush work in next version. It works with auto load but when cleaned nothing happens on a rasterized image.
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