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  1. Without your link I wouldn't have the Dan C video tutorial: Doc setup>change points to pixels. How do I find his tutorial in the forum? Any thoughts on how so many ADs went back to points from pixels? Kat
  2. In design, I clicked Force Pixel Alignment and the decimals in pixels didn't go away. What should I do to make decimals disappear
  3. I'm concerned about getting x and/or y percent pixel in slices. AD-ers guided me thru this before but can't find the thread. I can change -.05 px to 0 px but then it reverts back to .05 when I click and export another slice. Sometimes it changes my 4500 px to 4501 px. Sometimes I have difficulty uploading files and thought this .05 might be the problem
  4. With slice tool selected, I did "Revert to Auto selected." Yipee that worked. Thanks for the help.
  5. The exported slice saves blank. It should be 15 mg and is 98 k
  6. Thanks you telepathically solved the problem - totally expected : )
  7. Possibly could you help with with a mac problem? When installing brushes into AD, my dialog box comes up with the 1st column label set to size. I can not get the label to set by name or date.
  8. My problem was that I had my 2nd monitor slightly behind my main one, so I didn't see the open boxes. And of course the magically appeared after reading your post-chuckle
  9. What's with the .part? I bought nature pack brushes and can't install. Help please
  10. It was alpha protection. Anon2 had it immediately. Thanks so much for the patience.
  11. Mine works with the selection brush, but not the regular black or white paint brush. Seems funny. Only way to make a mask I can paint on to add a mask toa layer?
  12. Quick mask doesn't paint either black or white. What am I doing wrong?
  13. The history panel is a life saver. No text paste since I started using the history panel. Still can't do mixer brush really well and can't find AP videos for painting, just adjusting photos. I'll switch to Painter but I have gotten much father in AP than in the past. Thanks so much for all the help, everyone!
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