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  1. Hue 0% none fixed the problem. Plus I learned what hue does ; ) Thank you so much!!!
  2. Definitely seems to be a value issue. red all the way down is black, but as soon as lighter I get an opposite hi saturation green that mutates to gradients.
  3. You're probably right about the AP OS Wacom issue. I just upgraded my wacom driver in hopes that it would stop which required a restart. Didn't stop the issue. Now my wacom settings won't work in psd cs6. I suspect this is because I'm on os sierra which is not photoshop cs6 friendly. The only thing that is working ok is Painter 2019 which has it's onset of not friendly stuff but at least Waccom is ok
  4. color works ok with mouse, but does this weird color with wacom. Seems to have something to do with color value. The last color mixing would be cool if I knew what was happening.
  5. I use option with brush to select a color, blue, to paint with. The brush uses another color, beige. This happens often. How to get the paint I select, blue?
  6. So if I set my waccom to l for freehand selection it would also work for Load brush?
  7. I'm now trying out AP paint mixer brush which does have a softer feel. Is there a keyboard shortcut for LOAD brush or possible to make one?
  8. Possible to set up a Load shortcut for paint mixer brush?
  9. Tried to get make better sketching brushes but finally realized I couldn't match corel painter 2019. I love so many things about AP, but sketching and painting doesn't cut it. Anyway I can make better brushes? Dynamics doesn't help.
  10. Definitely need a better lock!!!
  11. Very sad. I have a locked background white layer. When on top layer, somehow white locked layer is often selected. I don't notice and continue making changes which often deletes small areas. It's a really pain, especially as I can not select layer & unlock and fill the deleted little holes. I have to toss the layer then create a new layer to fill with white.
  12. What is layer lock for? It doesn't affect my deleting areas or filling when I accidentally select a locked layer. Thanks for your help. Kat

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