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  1. Thank you for this, you've answered my question. I downloaded the sample raw image and successfully edited it with AP2 so it looks like I'll be going iPhone shopping tomorrow. 😁
  2. Happy Thanksgiving all! Question: Has anyone used AP2 to process Apple iPhone 14 raw files? I don't see 14 on the list of supported cameras at https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/167741-list-of-supported-raw-formats-cameras-for-lens-correction-list-in-affinity-20x/#comment-958781
  3. Thanks for your responses all, My dad always used to say the most embarrassing problems will leave you with a red face. In this situation he was sure right because something in my previous workflow has been deleting all of the pixels in the DNG file. Which would explain why it causes AP2 to crash. The only thing is right now I don't know what I've been doing that deletes all of the pixels. So I need to re-examine my workflow step by step, something is way wrong with the way I've been doing it if it's deleting pixels. Anyway, thanks for the help and suggestions I'll figure this out.
  4. Thanks for responding Walt. The DNG raw files were created by the ProCamera app in my iPhone XR. I've attached a zipped DNG from that app, I can open it and edit it but after saving as an afphoto file it crashes every time I try to re-edit the DNG in the Develop Persona.2020_0913_133755_148.zip2020_0913_133755_148.zip 2020_0913_133755_148.zip
  5. Greetings all, I've noticed that whenever I open a DNG for raw editing with Affinity Photo 2 in Linked mode that if, after editing and exporting/saving, I go back into the Develop persona later on to make some adjustment changes to the Linked DNG that AP2 immediately crashes hard every time. Which of course means I cannot do any further editing to the Linked DNG in the Develop Persona which defeats the purpose of having a linked raw. So I've changed from Linked to Embedded now because at least I can re-edit the raw DNG when AP2 is in embedded mode. Has anyone else noticed this?
  6. It opens the CR3 files from my Canon EOS M50 Mark II all right.
  7. Everything works for me in Nik 5 and Affinity Photo 1.10.5. However I did copy all of the new plug-ins to a different folder as you can see below. I doubt if I would have had to do that but because I did things not only work now but they should still work when the next update to Nik 5 is released. In my windows machine here is the folder the plug-ins are in after the latest Nik 5 update. C:\Program Files\DxO\Nik Collection\bin\plugins
  8. I've been exporting 16 bit TIFFs from DxO PhotoLab to Affinity Photo for 3 years and I have never seen this problem.
  9. For years I have had excellent results following the guidelines in the following tutorial about using the unsharp filter in Photoshop, the procedure is essentially the same for Affinity Photo. https://www.photoshopessentials.com/photo-editing/how-to-sharpen-images-in-photoshop-with-unsharp-mask/
  10. My previous answer up above from last night wasn't quite right. After modifying a file if I do a File Save As, you're right, I can only save the file in .afphoto format and the folder defaults to the original folder, just like you said. However I actually never do that. Instead I always do a File > Export and choose one of the many image formats (but .afphoto is not one of them) and the folder is always the same folder I had last exported to whether it's the original folder or a different one. Then I'll save the original image back to its original folder. Apologies for the misleading info last night.
  11. I'm on Windows 10 and it works the same way for me as Old Bruce said.
  12. If you first select the hand tool (h) and next you select the move tool (v) then afterwards repeatedly pressing either h or v will toggle between the hand and move tools. At least that's the way it works on my Windows computer.
  13. Rich this is just a follow up comment regarding what you said up above about only being able to find a DAM (Bridge for you) that will automatically stack image sets together. I've been using IMatch for years, and if you configure it to use file relations it will also automatically stack image sets too. You have to confirm the stacking to do it but it works great. IMatch is not free however but it has top notch support and I've been very happy with it as my DAM since 2006.
  14. Another is the Save History with Document option only works with the .afphoto format, not the TIF format.
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