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  1. I seemed to have solved this issue for me. Problem was Suitcase Fusion 7 (old unsupported version). I noticed that it would activate fonts and then de-activate them after a second or so, after a search I found an article form Extensis that that was titled something along the lines of 'Suitcase no longer activates fonts after upgrade to Windows 10'. Whilst the article itself was no longer on thier server, I went ahead and uninstalled Sutcase and now all 3 programs open, font previews are good, font selection is correct, so essentially no problems. I guess I'll need to upgrade to a current version of Suicase (assuming that works correctly with Affinity apps - can anybody confirm?). I'll also need to do this to my desktop PC as it was exibiting the exact same problems. Mike
  2. Further to my above post. When I can get Publisher to open, all fonts are screwed up - Selected font appears with incorrect one (if at all), previews are wrong. I wonder if it something to do with Suitcase Fusion installed on this machine? Mike
  3. Hi I'm having the same problem, Renamed the folders but am getting the licence agreement screens, apps then start to load but crash out to desktop before loading any panels. Strange thing is that I can occasionally load Publisher (say 10% of the time) but it appears random. Crash reports attached. Thanks Mike 83770440-abb4-4793-a958-ca1205c9ccfc.dmp bf533d24-cace-4284-93b9-1a8f223b4ad3.dmp 98202ae6-9aab-485a-9758-e6cf0e539b15.dmp
  4. Hi Jon Thanks for the reply, I was just copying a magazine layout as an exercise for laying out tables etc. The linked Affinity Photo files did not have text within them, however, it may be my misconstruing what was happening when the affinity file was replaced with another file format. as you can see from the attached files, the pdf has rasterised some tables and not others, now I'm not sure if it is my error or a bug. Thanks for the help. Mike Rasterised PDF Files.zip
  5. It seems that if a an Affinity photo file placed into a publisher document causes all text to be rasterised in an exported PDF file, however, if the file(s) placed are say tif or png files the rasterisation doesn't take place. Is this a known bug? Mike
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