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  1. Have there been any solutions with this? My program is currently unusable.
  2. I've not heard of suitcase fusion 7, so I don't think it is the same issue in my case.
  3. Hello. Thanks for the help. I tried these steps, but I'm afraid I am still getting the same behavior. The only difference was that this time it brought up a dialog asking for my acceptance to the terms and conditions, then once i clicked OK it goes to the blank UI (the shell with no info in it,,,like its still loading) and then direct crash to desktop.
  4. I downloaded the recent version of the program from my accounts page, and installed it on my Windows 10 operating system. The program tries to open, but when it gets to the main UI screen it fails and drops out to desktop. How can I fix this? I tried uninstalling the software, restarting the machine and installing as admin. This had no effect, the program still crashes the moment it first appears on screen. Straight to desktop, no message, no program. Affinity support team, how do I approach fixing this?
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