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  1. I've uploaded a sample file and a crash log (which has full specs on my Mac - but in short a 2018 2.9 i9 MBP with 560X graphics running 10.14.1). To be even more specific on how to get it to crash, you click through to the embedded graphic, then select it, click on the color in the inspector, and then you need to click into the color selector and then drag. It doesn't crash until you try to change the color by dragging.
  2. To be more specific, it crashes when I click into the color selector, but not if I adjust the sliders.
  3. I have an Affinity Designer file which is simply colored text, which is a logo for a company. I embedded that file into another Designer file which is for a business card. I clicked on the embedded file to adjust the color, and when I try to adjust the color of embedded text, it crashes Designer. I've done it twice in a row, and the same thing happens.
  4. Interesting, I didn't realise you could apply multiple masters. I did think it made sense to be able to apply masters to other masters, but it doesn't seem that is possible. I'd still like a way to paste something in the same position it was in when copied. It seems a big omission that this isn't possible in a page layout program.
  5. He means you're leaving out half the world.
  6. I have a series of master pages, that are the same except they have different background images. The thing that is the same is the location of the page numbers, which are two text objects grouped together. However, if I copy the group, or the layer itself, and paste it into a different master page, the text objects move to the middle of the spread. How do I get it to stay in the same place? It seems odd that if I copy a layer that it would change the location of the text objects in it when moved to a spread of exactly the same size.
  7. Definitely want this, especially a way to import flowing text, i.e. not just filling in business card templates, but filling in flowing text that formats each entry and then continues in a single text flow throughout the document. This could be used for building catalogs, directories, dictionaries, etc.
  8. Interesting. It seems there is some tint in the final image, but because of the higher resolution and the fact that most of the image is black and white, the tint is barely noticeable. Previously I only used this image for the web, and the color showed quite clearly. When at the higher resolution for print the color fades away so much that it's not noticeable unless you zoom in really far and look for the bits of it. Not sure if this is a bug, but it is odd that exporting for web and exporting for print get some different results. dictionary-header-affinity-text.afphoto
  9. I'm running 1.6.1 and there still seems to be a problem here. I posted another bug report before finding this post, but I have a recolor adjustment that is not making it to export.
  10. I tried removing the recolor adjustment layer from the embedded file, and adding it as a sub-layer above the embedded file in the Designer file itself, but I got the same result.
  11. I have a file I created in Affinity Photo that has a B&W white pixel illustration and some text, with a Recolor Adjustment layer that gives it a kind of Sepia tint (Hue 38.9, Sat 50%, Blend Mode: Color). I then dragged that image directly into an Affinity Designer file I was working on, and it showed up tinted. I was even able to adjust the color a bit as an 'embedded' file. When I export the Designer file to a PDF, however, the tint is missing.
  12. Any update on support for 1-bit B&W? This would be useful for lots of things.
  13. Is there an update on vector patterns? Is it available, or in the works? Thanks.
  14. Is there a way to apply a fill pattern along with a color? I'm printing something that only allows one color, so to differentiate something I wanted to fill the objects with a checkerboard pattern so it would show up differently. Is there a way to do this? Thanks.
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