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  1. To show the Context Toolbar, in the Menu Bar: View > Show Context Toolbar.
  2. @George Moulos In your original post, the Curve layer (donut shape) is clipped to the Text layer. Clipping produces the result that you got — the donut Curve layer is only visible in the area of the text. A Layer Mask is different than clipping. To add a vector mask, in the Layers panel, drag the mask shape onto the thumbnail of the target layer. Layer masking https://affinity.help/designer2/en-US.lproj/pages/Layers/LayerMasks.html Layer clipping https://affinity.help/designer2/en-US.lproj/pages/Layers/layerClip.html A Layer Mask will produce results opposite of what you want to achieve — the text layer will only be visible in the donut shape. One option is to create a pixel selection of the donut vector shape and create a pixel mask on the text layer to hide it.
  3. V2.2, currently in beta. Edit: After posting, I looked more closely at the OP. I don’t know if the HSL picker is different than the standard color picker.
  4. The Image layer must be rasterized in order for Merge Selected to be enabled. Right-click the Image layer and select Rasterize — the Image layer becomes a Pixel layer, and now when the two layers are selected you will have the option to Merge Selected.
  5. I agree. I created my post in the Bugs forum because I couldn’t imagine it being intended behavior. Evidently, I should have posted it as a feature request.
  6. @bbrother I posted about a related issue almost a year ago. The way Table of Contents links are created in Publisher produces the same results that you described… clicking a TOC link may take you to the wrong location on the destination page. I didn’t understand the root cause in my original post, but user kenmcd explained that TOC links use X/Y position of the current view instead of Named Destination. The issue creates a poor user experience in PDFs created with Publisher. I hope Serif considers addressing this.
  7. For me (on Windows 10), the Swatches panel highlights a swatch if it is applied to the selected object, but color pickers in other areas — like the Context Toolbar, Text Styles, etc. — do not indicate the swatch that is applied. Can you see a highlighted swatch in the Swatches panel? I’ve been meaning to post a feature request… I would like all color pickers to indicate the applied swatch.
  8. @v_kyr You beat me to it. 🙂 Maybe the Aliases aren’t relevant… I haven’t set up another app to open Affinity files.
  9. It sounds like you used the MSIX installers. This post provides the location of the App Execution Alias: Alternatively, if you want to install the MSI/EXE:
  10. If I start editing the document/canvas size but forgot to disable Lock Aspect Ratio, I have to cancel and start over. This issue effects the following: Document Setup (Designer) Resize Canvas (Photo) Resize Document (Photo) Steps to observe the issue: Bring up the dialog to edit the dimensions of the document or canvas. With the Aspect Ratio locked (which it is be default), change the value of the width or height. Click the Aspect Ratio icon to disable it. The edit made in the previous step is committed. If the Aspect Ratio is unlocked to begin with, clicking the Aspect Ratio icon does not commit edits made to the dimensions. In the Transform panel, clicking the Lock Aspect Ratio icon does not commit edits made to the width or height — it doesn’t matter if Lock Aspect Ratio is enabled or disabled. Windows 10 22H2 Affinity Affinity_Edit_Document_or_Canvas_Size.mp4
  11. @crownfield The people who have commented would like to help, but the information you've provided is confusing and vague, and you're not providing the information that people have requested that will enable them to understand the issue.
  12. To add to what Oufti mentioned, I use Text Styles in any file that has text. I find it much easier to manage the appearance of text with Text Styles.
  13. Are you using Text Styles or the Paragraph panel to style your text? I don’t understand what you mean by… Can you advise which features/panels you’re using and provide clearer detains about the issue you’re having. A screenshot showing the entire Affinity UI, including the Layers panel and the panel you’re using to style the text would be helpful.
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