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  1. Awesome @carl123, thanks for the suggestion! Keyboard shortcut change made. Guess I'll just use the Esc key to deselect selections.
  2. Thanks for the info @Gabe. So I take it there's no Photo keyboard shortcut to deselect the layer in the layers panel? I've only been using Affinity apps a few weeks after 20 years with Adobe -- so it's going to take me some time to adjust. But not having a keyboard shortcut to deselect a layer is a source of frustration. It takes more effort to deselect layers in the layers panel. I miss not being able to deselect layers via the keyboard -- especially when working with text or before opening the Color Chooser. I often inadvertently enter text in a text layer with a keyboard shortcut, not
  3. Do you have Scrubby Zoom enabled? Preferences > Tools, enable Use 'scrubby' zoom. I'm not sure if that's the issue, but something to check.
  4. v1.9.2.1035 Windows 10 The Ctrl+D keyboard shortcut to deselect a layer doesn't do anything -- the layer stays selected. The keyboard shortcut works in Designer, but not in Photo. I changed the keyboard shortcut to different keystrokes but that didn't fix the issue.
  5. Agree. I really miss having the ability (available in Photoshop and Illustrator) to Alt-click (Mac Option-click) a group to open it and all the nested groups within it.
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