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  1. Well thanks anyway. I'm just really logging my issue with the forum so the developers are aware. I came on to see if anyone else was having similar issues and it seems a lot of people are having issues with crashing these days? That's not good. And this is the second time for me since I started using an iPad. It's not a bug that I can keep working around. I suffered bugs galore before but now I just bought brand new high spec computer equipment and software. Apple are supposed to be reliable - or at least that's what their marketing and price range would suggest anyway. I know this is third party software but it's just not something I can persistently tolerate. Hopefully it won't happen again though - but if it does I'll try and make a note of what I was doing at the time and create a new thread.
  2. Is this something to do with the latest iOS update? I remember this happened one time before after an update. Sorry I just can't work with constantly unstable software! Going to carry on and hope it doesn't crash on me again..
  3. Here we go again.. I just picked up my iPad Air to try and get into some new work after a while - and it crashed on me! Didn't lose a lot of work, but before I do anymore I thought I'd better come on here and see if anyone else is experiencing similar issues and guess what.. Is this going to be a recurring problem every time there's an iOS update? There's a big one coming in a few weeks again, so if this issue gets fixed does that mean it'll happen again? Sorry Affinity team I know you guys are working really hard to keep this software running, and it's a good budget alternative to Adobe but Crashing is a serious bug issue that can potentially cause me to lose a lot of work so I'm afraid if this issue keeps persisting then I'm just going to have to look into alternatives. This is no good.
  4. Layman's terms please! I've got some gaps to fill.. For now though I'm happy with the result of basic operations on the software I actually had the opportunity to study this stuff in detail and get really "under the hood" as they say once - as part of my Masters at UMIST in 95/96. I was good at Fourier Transforms and all that, but I decided to instead shaft my entire career by going into LASERs instead - which are far more difficult and boring. This course I didn't take was all about digital manipulation of images and stuff
  5. Does it make much/any difference if I: -drop a design jpg scaled to the size I need onto a larger canvas (print size) and then export it to jpg again, or -go straight from the .sfdesign file to this? I'm sort of exporting to jpg twice there really - is that bad? It doesn't seem to make much difference to the end result from what I can see..
  6. Thanks I'll make a note of all that. I used to use GIMP about ten years ago actually - it's not a bad piece of free software but I mostly used it for photoshop-esque stuff. The design I'm talking about here is actually a rework of a something I did on GIMP around ten years ago.
  7. Sounds like a useful tool - I think for my purposes just now maybe the basic operations available within the software are enough - but I will look into that. I ran a quick sample of the different upscaling operations through Document Setup for compare and there isn't much difference between them all really and think this should be enough for what I want to do here - it's a detailed design but in terms of colours it's quite minimal and most of the detail is greyscale really, in fact a lot of it is almost pure white. Can see here samples of the four upscaled images compared to the original (first) - I did notice that I was resampling back to jpg in bilinear so not sure what different this makes - I really don't understand what these terms mean in the context of what I'm doing. But anyway - I think the results look fine and better than the original terrible effort I wasted money getting printed out because I was in a hurry (last image).
  8. You haven't seen how untidy my layers can become. Keeping the cogs moving on any upscaling operations is my main reason for merging pixel layers - I don't see what the issue is with that specifically. It's done (because I forgot I already did it before). It's done. Remind me please, I'm a bit rusty do I do this through Document Setup - I can't remember? Edit: I figured it out - didn't see I have to select Rescale so I'm playing around with that - seemed to worked really quickly on all the layers and looks alright? I'm looking to upscale a design from 3000x2000px to 4500x3000px - basically a 50% increase so I'm figuring this should probably be suffice for my purposes and hopefully print out better than adding the 3000x2000px image to a 4500x3000px canvas and just enlarging it to fit using the Transform tool?
  9. No just to minimise the number of layers I have to perform whatever operation on - ended up with a lot of pixel layers on top of each other on this design.
  10. Well it's not going to be all vector is it? Vector and Pixel. I've been meaning to merge all the pixel layers in this design actually, tidy it up a bit - unless I don't need to and there's a simple way to achieve good results.
  11. Think I asked this before but can't find the thread. I have a design I want to enlarge to get printed out - previous run of prints came out well but the enlarged one didn't seem as sharp and well defined. I understand there are different ways to achieve this but what I wanted to ask initially was: Is it better to enlarge different elements separately or just the whole image in one go?
  12. That's a bit disappointing. Trying to create a light effect eg. and can get it fairly close enough by eye but I'm a perfectionist + I'd like to have some functionality to be able to easily move all of the bottom circles around and resize (and they comprise two layers) lights.afdesign
  13. Is there a tangiential snap feature yet? I just looked at the drop down menu and couldn't fund any of these options.
  14. And a key for selecting multiple layers easily (without having to swipe them all individually)
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