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  1. I just tried it with the iPad if I rest my hand and double tap really quick it works so maybe just some settings that need tweeked
  2. I’m “tapping” on the iPad app - not windows - I don’t have access to windows at the moment
  3. Double tapping on an Object in the Node Tool takes me to the Move Tool But not the other way about?
  4. Thanks - more useful than the page explaining new updates - just spend a few minutes looking all over the app on my iPad to find where these options are located as it doesn’t explain this very well on the web page (for people like me who are not fully learned of the apps functions) I’m also using the CMD+. To “cycle” and instead it just takes me back from regular bounds I’ve placed on an object which I placed at an angle from the menu back to the base box - rather than cycling back and forward it’s just taking me back to the base box and leaving me there - if you get what I mean?
  5. I was working on a large file with lots of layers that might also be corrupted - I'll be more careful about taking old files and repurposing them (better to start each time with a fresh canvas)
  6. It's really laggy on the iPad too - I mean this bug where it leaves splodges of deleted brush all over things on V1 is still there ? and seems to have got worse like when I go to the main page (whatever it's called - where you choose what file you are working on) there's a terrible lag sometimes while it just shows a blank thumbnail (using the latest iPad Air (2022))
  7. Wet Edges right - didn't notice that was on - I usually have it turned off I think That produces a better effect now cheers
  8. Multiple bugs to describe here I was trying to create a stars and/or snow effect with Noise Brush 6 and noticed they look like crap/this (it's supposed to be plain white) When I tried to edit the brush it wouldn't let me - seems like some brush folders are locked? Never noticed that before And twice there are strange colours in the brush menu - eg. First thought when I opened the app there were cool new brushes as the menu had red splashed over some of the brush strokes and some of them looked quite/more interesting Was getting a good flow going there and here I am again trying to figure out bugs
  9. I'm going to write down all these irritating design features/oversights/bugs as I find them and get back Like this one: Every time I open a file it opens with a default layer selected Normally at this point when I open a file I'll hold the space bar and move the design canvas around with the left mouse button to position it correctly but the app doesn't recognise the space bar yet/at that point and moves the selected layer instead so I end up going through this same bollox every time I open a file There are other examples like this that are really doing my head in
  10. I'm having no end of issues with both the Windows and iPad versions Terrible lag sometimes on both - like on the iPad when I go to the home screen it's blank for a few seconds On Windows I'm pressing A A A A and it's highlighting the nodes and then immediately unhighlighting them again All the time I'm going through these irritating procedures to get the software to work Could be something to do with my new RAM cards that don't seem to be working well with my set up I also haven't updated to 2.3 on Windows yet because I'm worried it might cause issues when I have a deadline to meet I hope 2.4 addresses some of these issues because right now I'm not impressed with V2 I'll try to elucidate further when I have time but I'm busy trying to finish a design for a deadline while working and (now) recovering from a bout of flu
  11. I'll see what I can do - just feels like before CTRL+Z was a useful shortcut that was used heavily so not sure why I'm hitting dead ends with it sometimes - maybe something I'm doing but still I feel it should just overrule everything
  12. So why doesn't it just undo the previous step then? Maybe I want to undo several steps too
  13. Too many times I'm clicking CTRL+Z - clicking clicking clicking and nothing is happening because I'm stuck in a text box for the opacity or something VERY frustrating ! Why doesn't CTRL+Z just override anything I'm doing and just go back a step - that's what CTRL+Z is for - if I mistakenly CTRL+Z then I can just Shift+CTRL+Z A few little things with the V2 I'm finding seem to have introduced some frustration Another one is CTRL+J when I want to copy a parent group but somehow I always seem to end up duplicating a layer within the group because things don't seem to be registering sometimes when I click on them I'm on 2.2.1 because I don't want to update to 2.3 until I finish this design project I am on - too scared of new bugs being introduced now
  14. I'll keep an eye out for what might be causing it and get back I have set the Snapping Options to what you said - see how that affects things but it should matter if Snapping is turned off
  15. Yes I realised after I posted here and edited it - I figured it would just get moved - which it has
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