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  1. One of the first things I missed when I first started using Affinity Designer In hindsight though, the auto-trace feature on Illustrator was never that good anyway: - for complicated traces it always looked garbage, and - for simple traces you might as well just do it yourself? I recently figured out that to trace objects using the Pen Tool - just set the nodes to Sharp and then change them all to Smooth at the end (and adjust) I'm planning on upgrading tomorrow, but as far as this feature is concerned I'm really not that bothered anymore
  2. Right - that’s not so encouraging as I’m hoping that while not too obvious all four of the Beatles are recognisable? I’ve tested it on one friend without telling her and she recognised them but I had to ask her what she thought they looked like. Most folk get the link through the chickens anyway mind so I’m relying on that. Did you spot the Easter egg though - that they are all wearing shoes apart from Macca who was the only one barefoot in the original? Black feet white feet anyway - I think Macca’s feet should be a bit smaller actually. I seem to always default to blank faces when I try to draw cartoon caricatures - which is because I’m not that good an artist to draw faces (yet) and the minimowlist/blank works quite well in an slightly dark way. If I put faces in it’ll just either not look like them anymore or just look crap I think. And all the people standing on the road are now dead, whereas the ones in the tractor are still alive - I also placed them all in the design without thinking about the order they appear on the real Abbey Road cover and then later thought I should put them in the same order left to right and it turned out I’d put them that way anyway without thinking or knowing off the top of my head what the order was Oh and since you are such a big fan from the old days it sounds like - I also had the pleasure of sharing an art exhibition with Peter Blake (who designed the Sgt Peppers Sleeve) and also Yoko Ono - and hundreds of other well-known artists in 2015 for the Secret 7” Charity Exhibition/Sale where I designed a hand made Sleeve for St Vincent. 2020 was my third appearance more recently also when I designed a digital sleeve for Bob Dylan. I was there all three times as one of the normal people who got lucky enough to have their designs picked, sadly never made it down in person to visit the exhibitions either time. The wee white burdie silhouettes are also traced from small paintings that were sent me to by email by Phyllis King in 2013 when I asked her for copyright permission for a design I was working for a Talenthouse Competition about Ivor Cutler (she was his partner in art and life and features on some of his recordings - she offered to send me originals in the post as well and I declined saying email scans would be fine! How I regret that now - one of my favourite artists/poets offers to send me their original art in the post for free and I said no thanks lol Anyway, hope some of that background into is of interest or value to you - if you search for “chicken abbey road” you’ll find lots of websites and socials showing the original photo design along an old country road in the summer (don’t have a copy on this computer so can’t just add it here)
  3. Good question. Take a look at the feet of all The Beatles 😉 Did you figure out who the old man is supposed to be?
  4. Thanks iuli I think you are right sometimes it’s better just leaving things as they are if they seem to work. I think the grainy effect would work good on a T-shirt so see where that goes maybe. Going to do another one or two, maybe one in the day in summer or a winter one - it looks good with snow if you give it a circular aperture then it kind of looks just like a snow globe.
  5. I did this stupid photo design 8 years where I photoshopped 4 chickens walking across an old country road with zebra crossing lines and it went a it viral across the internet (so much that two musical artists stole it and put it on their album cover) and so I decided to redesign it better recently and ended up with this One morning in the Spring of 1972 - in a parallel universe somewhere - George, Paul, Ringo and John are on a road trip to a farm - to grow some wheat - when they bump into their old pal Buster Bloodvessel out walking his chickens Trying to get some nice dust brush effects going on but I don’t feel I’m 100% happy with the result so far so might rework bits of it - if anyone has any nice tips for me then I’m happy to take them
  6. If it doesn't work then it's not a delete key then, is it? (not on Affinity anyway - which is specifically what I was asking)
  7. Fine, whatever. Let's play the Maybe I'm misreading this statement which suggested there that there is a key for delete on the keyboard in V1 - and you really mean "it doesn't work so much because IT ISN'T THERE"? ---- I'll just go forward with that, rather than engaging in any more comedy banter from some folk who don't seem willing to just answer a simple question today for some reason.
  8. Yes, I get it. On the keyboard. A key - for deleting things on Affinity - on my bluetooth keyboard that I use with my iPad. A key on a real actual physical keyboard!🤨
  9. Would anyone else like to just tell me what or where the delete key is on the iPad?
  10. If I have a keyboard that has what - a key? Feel free to say which one it is at any time - I've been after one of those since I got this software and thought we just had to use the bin icon on the app
  11. I think it's because I'm applying the Eraser to a Group - I've gone and ended up with a complete mess of Pixel layers that I can no longer figure out - Pixel Spaghetti !
  12. I'm rubbing out some pixels on a design and rather than just deleting the pixels it keeps applying a mask I've tried this on a new file - lay down some pixels and rub some out and it just rubs them out without applying the mask Why is this happening!?
  13. I'd say the current price range is the sweet spot - be interested to know what the difference in sales between the full price and the 40% discount are? I mean it's a very good alternative to Adobe - but does it do all the things Adobe does? It's enough for me, but other more professional artists might want more professional features that are offered by Adobe but not Affinity. Get the price right - sell more - make more money Also more people using the software and identifying bugs Less is More 👍
  14. Interested to know what % of sales are on the discounted rate (which they seem to offer quite regularly)? Seems to be like games on Steam - everyone just waits until they're on sale (or most people)
  15. I guess they got some good sales? Fair play to them - I wish V2 all the success they deserve for offering a fairer alternative to Adobe But if I take the plunge with the suite then I want something for my money (other than basically the same software with a few minor new features and probably some new bugs to iron out) Happy using V1 for now but going forward I would like to support them and move over to V2 eventually - it's just a little too steep for me right now and so soon after buying V1
  16. There were some settings in Dust Stroke 1 and 2 and 3 in the dynamics section that indicated pressure was set to affect size. I unselected pressure and they stopped being pressure sensitive
  17. So if I change the brush settings in the edit menu for each individual brush then it will remain with those settings until I change them again or do a reset? (and does it save these settings for specific files or universally) And the settings on the toolbar don't change these settings? I've always been confused as to why there are two different settings for the brush width - I can only assume going forward that there is a logical reason why it's set up this way that I have yet to grasp.
  18. Got it now - hold tap on the brush and it's in the settings for the brush. I'm sure I was using this brush without pressure variation before? So some brushes are set to pressure variation by default then? Might help if the app reflected this on the toolbar thingy where you can set the brush settings - or turning the Force Pressure on and off actually had an effect? I don't understand why it wasn't - maybe a bug?
  19. I was wrongly directed towards a Factory Reset 😠 I see how to do a Brush Reset but it didn't make any difference - still getting Pressure Variance whether I want it or not
  20. I can't see where this setting is on the V1 version - I'm still not getting any control over Pressure Settings!
  21. Got it cheers - I was looking on the Home Screen but didn't think of clicking on the little icon on the top right taking me to that page which I remember seeing before Managed to download some other brushes from the website and import those but couldn't see these dust brushes - got them now - thanks DM1 you saved my life!
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