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  1. This helped, Lee!! I have tried for a while now in different docs and on the mac with the Huion the issue did not reoccur!! Thanks so much for explaining! By the way I fear a few things in this forum item are mixed now. So I want to stipulate the Mac issue I posted is fixed using your solution. And with regards to the ipad issue we will patiently await a new update. Best, Frederiek!
  2. I hear you, It is immensely frustrating. I must admit I have cried a few times. And now it is a lot of extra work. But I also think to be able to fix these things right away the software needs to be a great deal more expensive. And I am so so grateful it isn't 😅 I feel ambivalent at the moment. If I were a professional it wouldn't do. Have a smooth week! and fingers crossed indeed!
  3. Hi Vosje! Thank you so much! I have developed a kind of safety net/work around... Maybe it is of help to you too: I work for one drawing in different docs now... I have 1 collecting doc, in which I do not draw. and I draw different elements in different documents, making sure to flatten all other elements in the one I am working on. (If that makes sense 😅) and I work with duplicating docs (they can be deleted when no longer relevant). I really hope they will be able to fix it, because I absolutely love Affinity. Anyway... Have a good one! Frederiek
  4. I don't think the issues have to do with the size of the document... because they happened when the documents were large, but also when starting them up and when they were still little documents. Unfortunately as I mention above, I do not have the files anymore as they were deleted with the App when I tried to reinstall it. iPad Pro (11-inch) from 2018 (Model number MTXQ2NF/A) IpadOS 15.5 and the app is up to date (no updates available). The setting of the layers and brush are visible in the video. I use a brush of True Grit Texture Supply. The screen recording and the information you ask for is here: I would be very grateful if you could have a look 🙏 Best regards, Frederiek
  5. Thank you, Lee. I placed a screen recording in the other topic, but I haven't received a reply on this item since the beginning of June. The problem is all files were deleted when I reinstalled the app. (truly I thought only the ones opened and not saved would be deleted. to be honest I was devastated by this) So I have lost the files and I haven't worked in the app since. (Because unfortunately on top of the layer-corruption-issue it was just not workable anymore). The problem is that the issues are not constant. So I would have to start working on a file and wait until it happens and then send it to you. Only the other issue might occur first (layer corruption thing) This makes it all a very time consuming and frustrating endeavor. So for now I hope you have enough information with the screen recording. It is really hard not being able to work on my ipad. And I have been such a fan of your otherwise amasing software! Finally finding my style and all. Anyway I hope you can help! Thank you for your time in advance!!
  6. Thank you, @LeeThorpe 🙏😊 I am sorry I didn't find this on my own. It is in multiple documents. I will try with this setting disabled and I have lowered the RAM usage limit to the above as well. I have a similar question open about the ipad apps. Is there a similar way to change the settings like this on the ipad as well? Will let you know if the issue persists. Have a smooth week! Best, Frederiek
  7. Hi @LeeThorpe, Thank you for picking this up! I noticed it is in different documents and also with normal brushes, but not all the time. I have the same issue on my ipad (on top of an earlier issue, both are reported, but not solved yet) I have looked for the GPU settings, but I cannot find them on this mac. iMac (24-inch, M1, 2021) 16 GB 8-core GPU Hope this helps! Best, Frederiek
  8. Good day @stokerg, I have confirmed the iPad model, as you asked, See message above. Could you please have a look at it? Thank you in advance. Best regards,
  9. Dear reader, I have had problems with my ipad for over half a year now. Can't use the app anymore because of 2 major issues already reported). To be able to draw digitally I recently bought a drawing tablet to use with Affinity Photo desktop. I tried a Wacom, but didn't work at all (Affinity Photo crashes after 3 second brushstrokes) So I exchanged it for a Huian drawing tablet. Yesterday I was working quite contently with it, but today clone tool brushstrokes gave an error... (see attached video). Affinity Photo, iMac 24inch, macOS Monterey 12.4, huion H1162 (RTP-700) Clone tool, (one of the standard) Masking Brushes Please, oh please tell me there is a simple solution for this. I would so very much like to use your apps though I can't believe how many issues they have lately. Thank you for your time. Best regards, Frederiek Screen Recording 2022-07-08 at 13.54.18.mov
  10. Hi @stokerg, I am using the iPad Pro (11-inch) from 2018 (Model number MTXQ2NF/A) Hope this helps! Thank you for your time!
  11. Good day Paul, @Paul Mudditt Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately restart does not fix the issues. IpadOS 15.5 and the app is up to date (no updates available). The setting of the layers and brush are visible in the video. I use a brush of True Grit Texture Supply. Hope this helps. I have no facebook.
  12. Dear reader, Whilst drawing my lines (partially) disappear. sometimes they switch back into view when starting the next line. (video included) Firstly for months now brush layers corrupt very often whilst drawing in affinity photo on the ipad (deleting hours of work irrecoverably) and now this new issue has popped up. On top of that I have reinstalled the app (to see whether that would help) and lost all the files created in the app. I remember seeing a warning, but had no clue it involved every single file I had ever made in Affinity Photo...) I would very much like to know when the corrupted layer issue will be fixed. This issue I saw was already reported in February. and I hope someone can help with this new issue. I would so very much draw in your app, but at the moment it is impossible 😢 Forgive me I am really rather frustrated by it all. Thank you in advance for your time. Beste regards, Frederiek RPReplay_Final1654609339.mp4
  13. Good day @Dan C, I have been having similar problems as discussed above (though in Affinity Photo). and you referred me a couple of weeks ago to this topic. I am very happy to hear you are working on it. I wonder how it is coming along. I would so very much want to use the app care free again; without fear of loosing precious work. To be sure I'll add a picture (just in case it might be something different) I often loose data when using different brushstrokes (or brush and eraser) or when undo-ing. In this case I lost a all white brush lines in a particular layer, whilst working on a completely different layer zoomed in somewhere else in the document. (I didn't notice it at first) When trying to undo I got some lines back (some turned black and other square fields kept empty... Do you have any idea when this will be fixed? Thank you in advance for your time! Best, Frederiek
  14. Thank you and thank you for replying so quickly, @Dan C I probably didn't use the correct search terms to find this thread. I am happy to hear you're working on it! Could you maybe share a link to this thread, so I can follow the topic and know when it is solved? I hope that is no inconvenience! Best, Frederiek
  15. Good day @Callum, Unfortunately I am experiencing similar problems to Blue Noses, but the link you provided does no longer lead anywhere (at least it didn't for me). I have an ipad pro, but the model just before the M1 chip. I saw many announcements that Affinity Photo was made ready for this chip and everything would be super fast. But since that update for me Affinity Photo often has been slow... So slow, that pixel brush strokes are interrupted or jerked (Like you see a movie with too little frames for the speed at which you play it. If that makes sense?) Same with zooming in and out, or changing visibility of layers. I hope you know ways to better the performance of your great app on my ipad. Thank you for your time in advance! Best, Frederiek
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