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  1. Hi, @thatGuy, thanks for your response! I do always use the two upper scaling options, but if I change the scaling % by hand afterwards (as in, zoom in or out to adjust the placing of the image in a frame), it will be messed up if I alter a picture frame's proportions on master page.
  2. Dear fellow Affinity Publisher users, I'm wondering if you think that what I'm experiencing is a bug, or is that intented to be that way? Scenario: I create a master page with a picture frame, apply it to a certain page, populate that picture frame with a photo and then rescale the photo as desired (thus NOT using a default setting, but choosing my own scale and position). Then, for whatever reason I deside to edit my master page and resize my original picture frame and alter it's proportions. Say, it was vertical and I want to make a square out of it. Now, going back to my page where this picture frame is populated with an actual photo... it messes up all the proportions and my photo is now all streched. I have to completely reset all the settings and scale it again. Do you think this is intented or wrong? Why I think that this shouldn't behave the way it does: I understand that after rescaling a picture frame on a master page, I cannot expect the photo I placed somewhere in that frame to look perfect. If I change the proportions of a frame maybe I need to re-scale it because the photo won't cover the whole frame anymore. I do have to check it, but I think it's wrong that Affinity automatically streches the picture to cover the frame because if you change the proportions only a little bit (say, make it just a few pixes smaller or one side), you don't notice it that the proportions are wrong! Just because the photo is stretched just by a tiny bit... And if you have populated a lot of frames already and have a lot of different master pages and then change something, you have to click on all of them to see whether vertical and horizontal scaling have the same percentages. Very inconvenient! In my opinion, it would have been better if the photo would retain its proportions and the scale you gave it when you scaled it in the first place. Then, if it doesn't fit in the picture frame anymore, you can spot it more easily, I think... (Easier than spotting that its vertical and horizontal scale is off by just a tiny bit).
  3. Hallo, by accident I have found out that if you're woking on a page in detached mode which has some master applied to it, and then you DELETE that certain master while staying it detached more, the orange bar on top alerting you that you're editing in detached mode will never go away, even if you click of "finish" (that button just stops working whatsoever). I guess it would be logical if that bar disappeared as soon as you delete that master.
  4. Hello, there seems to be a bug in Publisher which results in a master page being affected if you make changes to a page with this master applied to it in detached mode. It happens when you want to change a position of a picture frame and use align buttons (moving it by hand, however, does not affect the master page). More info and confirmation in this thread:
  5. Thanks a lot for the confirmation! I will report it, then, it's much more convenient to use the buttons so I hope they will fix it.
  6. Okay, I think I figured out when the master changes despite using detached mode, and when it doesn't. If I move the picture frame in detached mode BY HAND, the master doesn't seem to be affected. But if I use aligh buttons on top - then the master will change as well.
  7. Hi, @Old Bruce, it's actually happening again. 😣 Recreating a page doesn't seem to work at this moment... I have filmed it, check it out. I really don't get why it's happening. VID_20201231_214952.mp4
  8. Hi, thank you very much for your reply! I used edit detached, that's absolutely sure, tested it again just now and it showed the same behaviour. I was really afraid that my template file somehow got corrupted since you said that it should have worked the other way, so I deleted that certain page and recreated everything from start, and now it works! As in, it works as expected, when I use edit detached my master is not affected anymore! Phew! I'm not sure what went wrong, I really have a lot of master pages, but this is the first time that this happened to me and if it happens again I will be sure to make a video. I didn't now, and since it behaves the way it should currently, I cannot recreate this behaviour anymore... Anyway, thanks for your help, I just wasn't sure anymore whether what I was doing was supposed the work the way I wanted it to, but now I know that the answer is yes. Happy new year, by the way!
  9. Hello, I hope that someone can explain me what I'm doing wrong, or maybe I chose a totally wrong way of achieving something, but I don't know how to do it better. Anyway, I decided to create different master pages for a picture album layout (including only picture frames, no text). The master pages include different combinations of picture frame(s) so that when I'm creating an album, I can choose between different pre-created layouts and mix them as I like. Sometimes, however, I want a very small change to a layout, but I don't want to create a whole new master page for that. Like, if I have a single picture frame on a master page that's centered on that page, and now I just want to align it to the right, I don't want a new master page (else I'll end up having too many), but instead I try to edit my page with a master applied to it (I choose edit detached). That works, HOWEVER if I move that picture frame to the right, this change affects the master page as well! And also all the other pages where I applied the same master... And I just don't understand where it goes wrong. I am *not* editing my master page, I am editing a page, say, number 15 that has master B applied to it. I edit it in detached mode, but after I am done my page 15 has changed, my master B has ALSO changed, and also my pages 6 and 9 (which also have master B applied to them). So, how do I *only* change that picture frame's position on page 15, and keep the other pages the way they were before? Is that even possible? Thanks a lot for your time reading this!
  10. Hello, excuse me if this has been answered already, I coudn't find the answer (maybe I didn't use the right keywords for my search). But anyway, I'm struggling with something in Publisher: when I use a picture frame tool and then populate it with an image, I am allowed to scale my image within the frame if I want to zoom in or out. I can use a slider below the picture frame to do that, but the slider jumps to certain percentages. Like, 36.4% and the next option I'm getting is 40%. But what if I want to scale my image at 38%? How can I do that and is that even possible at all?
  11. Did you update to the new version 1.8.4? It doesn't support older tablets, but there is a fix for this:
  12. Hi @Patrick Connor, thanks for letting me know! It's good to hear that this issue seems to be fixed, however I unfortunately cannot test it because I cannot use my tablet with the new update so I have to stick with the previous version...
  13. Well, I wonder how many customers using an older tablet will now feel like the apps are "broken" because they cannot use it at all anymore VS other customers who had problems when they had "Mouse Mode" on (which I don't even know what it is). Maybe the first group will even be larger than the latter, so this will actually create more problems... However it's good to hear that you can revert the settings back, I haven't tried it yet and I hope that it works as intended. Unfortunately I'm one of those who cannot use the new update because of tablet issues.
  14. Others are having issues as well. I couldn't even use the beta version because of tablet problems, so not even attempting to download this update. Seems like I have to stick with the 1.8.3, I hope not for forever!
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